Teaching in the Territory: Downing the dumps? Don’t worry Hylton Hayes will save the day.

Edit 4: Ride-sharing company Uber will start operating in Darwin next month.

NT Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Minister Eva Lawler says the introduction of the service delivers on an election promise and is a win for Territorians and the economy.

We listened to what Territorians wanted and we delivered,” Ms Lawler said.


Wot Territorians wanted?!!!!

Dey wanted their kids to be protected in NT schools from predatory grooming paedophile teachers.

Dey wanted their kids to NOT be sexually assaulted in NT schools.

Dey wanted those teachers to be investigated properly: Not ur usual bullshit: Roger “I’ll write whatever DoE wants me to write so I keep getting employed” Newman.

Dey wanted those paedophile teachers to NOT be protected by Eva’s friends in her electorate.

Dey wanted protection for families who reported them, not death threats.

Dey wanted NT Police to protect them, not threaten them with Defamation Act.

Dey wanted basic duty of care, Eva Lawler.

Dey wanted their kids to be safe in NT Education Department schools.

Dey wanted to be acknowledged, not ignored over & over same as ur doing now. & wot Ken Dav-L-ies did. & wot Phil Brennan did. & wot Hylton Hayes did. & wot Catherine Weber did. & wot Peter Chandler did. & wot Vicki Cluelis with her silence is still doing.

Eva Lawler ur a woman who cares more abt Uber than saying sorry for NOT protecting kids.

Thank fuck ur not in charge of Education anymore.

Maybe u get Vicki Cluelis a free one way Uber taxi back to Townsville.

She banned cartwheels “for the safety of kids” but her Education Department allows paedophiles to run riot in NT Schools.

& she doesn’t say sorry either:



Edit 3: Look at definition for grooming in dis new guy targeting young kids. 

Same as BCD read abt it>>>>>>> HERE.  

Ask little girls & boys if de have boyfriend or girlfriend is GROOMING. 

Private messaging dem & hiding it from parents & DEN LYING TO POLICE ABT IT is GROOMING!!! 




Edit 2: Another Soccer coach in PommieLand just found guilty of years sexual abuse of young boys.  Read dis & see if u see anything same as BD, BCD & Shane Pendlebury:

“Former players, returning as men to give evidence, recalled Ormond turning up regularly, taking them out, bringing them pizzas – making himself “almost indispensable”, according to the prosecution barrister, Sharon Beattie. She told the jury Ormondhad a talent for ingratiating himself with the young boys and their parents, describing him as aclassic groomer and manipulator”.

“One recalled waking up to find Ormond in his bed performing a sex act on him.”

(Dis one same as slimey teacher BD in dis post: here >>> A female student waked up to find teacher BD suddenly lying next to her stroking her thigh ON A SCHOOL EXCURSION!!!!.  Wot did NT Ed Dept do when somebody tell dem?  NOTHING.  Then BD continued his pedo behavior to more girls later.  THANX VERY MUCH EDUC DEPT……looking after our kids YOUR MATES)

Oh & thanx Education Union & (JD) Julie Danvers for giving slimey old man teacher BD our money for expensive barrister to fight his case in Court…..u too looking after your mates instead of our kids!!!!!

“Many victims said shame had contributed to them not telling anybody for years. One, who said he “completely froze”, said he had always struggled with it – that he did not fight Ormond off – as a tough lad from his working class background would have been expected to.”

“All the victims who testified in the trial had told nobody for years; they said they had buried their memories and, to differing degrees, been traumatised by them.

One repeated victim said he had been “like a rabbit in the headlights”. Explaining why he had not reported the crimes, he cited feelings common to many victims: he felt shame, that it may somehow have been his fault, intimidated by Ormond’s position of authority, and that he would be disbelieved and “ridiculed”.

Just like Hannah Curran was by very quiet now Palmerston keyboard army & NT GOV.

Hannah u hold ur head up high girl!  Not like all dey pathetic bullies who try to silence u.


Edit 1: A little game of join de dots for everybody…….ready?

Q: Who is Shayne Pendlebury?

Q: Which recently jailed person is friends wit Shayne Pendlebury?


Q: Whose electorate is DAT SCHOOL in?

Q: Who was Regional Director for DAT SCHOOL?

Q: Does Regional Director have any relationship wit Minister Lawler?

Q: Wot is dat ex-Regional Director doing now for dat Minister?

Q: Has Susie Hayes wet herself in dat photo underneath (like sum commenter said)?

Answers soon….& more qus too!


While u wait…..enjoy sick pedo coverup-er convicted for hiding sex abuse he knew abt.  NT ICAC & real Police dis time (McRoberts is just tip of iceberg) r coming for u, NT abuse in schools coverup-ers.

rot in Hell sicko


Saving the day?  Can’t wait….


No unfortunately its not a joke 😦


Facebook Palmerston keyboard army , where r u now?

Not one comment on CardFightBack abt ur favorite kissing, touching & cuddling little girls big peadophile teadybear now in jail. (& we publish all & block nobody).

Hello? R u there?


We cant hear u?



Another person whose silence is deafening:


Eva Lawler, ex-Education Minister.


Kalamity Ken Dav-L-ies kept his job longer than u. Soooooooo funny. 

U mob just like CLP.

Vicki Cluelis will segway us into de final bit,,,


Lest we forget


Thought u’d waved byebye to Hylton Hayes?


Well….XMas has cum early here on CardFightBack


Presents r under Santa’s little red house


More presents to cum?  OOOooooohhhhhh yes…….



Yes CFB LUVS U TOO :heart


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67 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: Downing the dumps? Don’t worry Hylton Hayes will save the day.

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  2. AEU Supports Labor Rorts says:

    I figured my union would have made comment. It concerns me that the AEU is not independent and is run by cabal. Given that Hylton Hayes was a great help to Eva Lawler in her election and she says so in her first speech, then it follows that everyone who benefited from Eva’s role as Education Minister owes Hayes. There is one person who made a rapid rise and that is Vicki Baylis, Ken Davies lost the job he liked and that was payback from Lawler and from Hayes. Hayes has been a policy shadow (ghoul) since Labor was elected. It is a fact that he is connected to the Chief Minister and the Member for Solomon. Luke Gosling enjoyed the services of Hayes in the last federal election. Lucky Labor is not in power in the Commonwealth.

  3. Use FOI To Assess Value For Money says:

    After watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off our expert from HHC sets off to conduct some really important research. This important research that could completely change attendance in the NT will have to produce a report. A government record. I encourage readers to request a copy through Freedom of Information. You be the judge because Michael Gunner is going to do nothing about this dodgy business.

  4. Codes for Some says:

    Ken Parish wrote an interesting blurb on the code of conduct.
    Well worth reading in this present climate.
    I wonder what the lady who carried water for Eva has been given or the old lady who made those great scones? Food for thought when mates of ministers get jobs that do not need to be done. $19,000 of your dollars, no doubt borrowed money that is digging a bigger deficit is being wasted. If I was a mining company I would be very worried about who Eva will get to inspect mines, Hylton Hayes?

    • Blame Vicki Baylis and Marion Guppy says:

      Hylton Hayes the $19, 000 dollar man. Vicki Baylis and Marion Guppy trying to re-build him without correct tender processes. So if Eva is not to blame then the blame rests with Vicki Baylis and her No2 Marion Guppy. The arrogance of these has no bounds.

      • Should ICAC get involved says:

        Re-engaging an employee who was dismissed by the previous CEO of Ed Ken Davies, raises questions relating to how and why Hayes was awarded this cushy little contract under his friend Eva Lawler’s watch.
        It seems that before Davies got the CEO gig at education Eva had her eye on that gig.
        Eva missed out on that spot, but subsequently became the minister for Ed and Hayes just happens to be a wonderful friend.
        Hayes in his red Labor shirt helps Eva get elected and is also later photographed in Gunner’s red tent.
        People would rightly start to question whether there is a conflict of interest.
        At this point there is also an important point to remember, the dept of ED and the NT govt denied the allegations against Hayes and fought hard by opposing FOI requests and spent a lot of taxpayer funds defending the court actions against Hayes. YET THEY LOST THIS FIGHT IN THE COURTS.
        Also what of Marion Guppy’ involvement? The current ED deputy CEO successfully nominated Hayes for an educational excellence award.
        Not only do we need to question the appearence of Lawler and Gunner’s relationship with Hayes, but the question has to be asked, did Marion Guppy have any involvement in awarding Hayes this contract?

        • Cowards at Cardfightback says:

          This site is akin to a coward’s punch. Pathetic accusations against people who have not committed any wrongdoing. Marion Guppy was once the Principal of Darwin High and was excellent in her role. Although I must admit I was not aware that Hylton Hayes had ever been a school principal in the NT so am unsure why he would have got an award. I would agree about clearing the air through ICAC to bury these false allegations.

  5. “There is no more important responsibility for community and church leaders than the protection of children.” Except there is: confessing about fucking kids to your priest beats that easily says the Catholic Church. says:


    “There is no more important responsibility for community and church leaders than the protection of children.”

    Except there is: confessing about fucking kids to your priest beats that easily says the Catholic Church.

  6. Yesterdays Guru says:

    Ken Davies getting a big failure in Territory Families, speaking of failures newby Education Minister is talking attendance without Hylton Hayes in the script; looks like Eva forgot to tell Selena. Seems the new Minister actually has a good idea about attendance and does not need yesterdays guru. New song for Hayes…..Take a look at me, I’m yesterday’s guru…………
    Yesterday’s guru, that’s all I’ll be…….

    • Read the Lyrics says:

      Lyrics can be very telling

      “When you walk down the streets
      If you know me, then pass me by
      If you wonder what I’m doing
      Don’t ask me why I don’t read the news
      When you walk down the streets
      If you’re sorry then don’t feel bad
      If you followed my story
      Then just be glad you ain’t in my shoes”

    • Latte's for Contracts says:

      Mr Hayes is certainly in the news. The ABC has caught up with him. Remains to be seen what the NT Government does. I note that the Senior Director School Improvement and Leadership favors to quote her words “fresh eyes”. Interesting in relation to the “stale eyes” approach by others in the agency by engaging Mr Hayes.
      How did it go Vicki? Dinner party tattle with Hylton and Eva about being him being used as a consultant? Quick get an ABN and business name and you will be right. I can see Eva wanting this whole matter resolved in Court, clear your name Eva in the interest of transparency.

    • Gerry Wood says:

      Gerry Wood sums it up well when he points out Mr Gunner came into power stating he would end the game of mates practise of giving mates jobs like the Giles govt behaved.
      The ABC has reported Hylton Hayes great friend Eva Lawler claims she had nothing to do with Hayes getting his cushy little contract. It looks like Eva has been caught out and is now blaming Baylis and Guppy. Look out you two there is nothing as dangerous as a poitician trying to save their own hide.
      Has anyone noticed the drop off in facebook posts from Lawler since leaving the education portfolio. Come on Eva tell us what you think about the PFAS scandal.

      • No Fracking No Eva Lawler says:

        The whole contract thing is on the nose. It stinks, it is wrong and yet it is done anyway. Is Minister Lawler any better than former Minister Chandler? To be honest Chandler is looking a lot better. There are 19,000 reasons to get rid of Lawler at the next election. How can we trust Eva with fracking?

  7. Jim Prideaux says:

    Governments that ban blogs are frightened of public comment and transparency. The NT Government is such a government. Michael Gunner what have you done to make government transparent? And no the answer is not establishing an ICAC although a positive move. Too many things are secret in the NT. The more secrets the more corruption.

  8. Ralph Malph says:

    How can parents have confidence that their children will be safe in a school environment riddled with predators and their protectors? It is just shocking that so-called teachers engage in this cover-up culture and then go unpunished. It seems the NT Police have a hand in covering-up as well. This corruption is like a cancer. This blog acts as laser treatment to excise and expose that cancer.

    • The real independent schools says:

      Yes, for those free thinking families who see the risk of sending their children into this system they also have to fight the NT education department when they want to home school their own children. Indigenous communities who also want to take back control of their childrens education by establishing their own community school are blocked at every point by this department. WHY? Because their system is failing our children, and they know it, yet they will fight to stop another school model from succeding.

  9. Patricia Butler & Marnie Dillon - Paula Schubert's blood is on your hands says:


    The Northern Territory Coroner has released damning findings in relation to the suicide death of a 53-year-old worker at the Department of Children and Families.
    Key points

    Paula Schubert worked for an NT Government Department before she died by suicide
    The NT Coroner has found the Department bullied and concocted a plan to demote her
    The coroner described his findings as a “damming indictment” on the organisation

    Paula Schubert, described by friends and family as a kind and quiet person who was eager to please, had worked for the department for 32 years, before she died by suicide in November 2016.

    She had reached out to mental health services after developing anxiety and schizophrenia late in her career.

    Following a three-day coronial inquest into Ms Schubert’s death, coroner Greg Cavanagh found that while she was supported during a period of ill-health in 2014, when her symptoms returned in 2016 her managers bullied her and concocted a plan to demote her — conduct he labelled “shocking”.

    “There might be a tendency to wonder how a scheme to demote an employee because of mental health issues could operate in a modern government department,” he said.

    “The HR unit should operate to prevent such actions.

    “However, far from counselling against the scheme to demote Paula, HR supported the managers in that endeavour.

    If you or anyone you know needs help:

    Lifeline on 13 11 14
    Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800
    MensLine Australia on 1300 789 978
    Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467
    Beyond Blue on 1300 22 46 36
    Headspace on 1800 650 890
    QLife on 1800 184 527

    “That is a damning indictment on the organisation.”

    Mr Cavanagh also found the Department showed no empathy and no awareness of appropriate managerial practice.

    Ahead of meetings to discuss Ms Schubert’s demotion, she was not advised of her right to bring a support person.

    Ms Schubert’s manager, Patricia Butler led the plan to demote her, and sought assistance from her own manager, Marnie Dillon and HR to make it happen.

    The pair also decided not to give Ms Schubert advanced warning of meetings they scheduled to discuss her work plan, because they believed it would invite anxiety.

    The coroner noted that Ms Schubert had spoken to her psychiatrist, GP and psychologist about the suggested transfer to the lower position, and that they were all in agreement that it may help reduce her anxiety levels.

    In her evidence, Ms Butler said she had not been “aware” that under the department’s own guidelines, Ms Schubert could have put on lighter duties without a reduction in pay.

    “It seems that the department thought it appropriate because they gained the consent of Paula,” Mr Cavanagh said.

    “It was clear that the financial impact would cause anxiety — however, her employer proceeded in a manner that took advantage of Paula’s meekness, willingness to please and fear of being pushed out of her workplace.

    “To do that to any employee would have been insensitive and inappropriate. Doing so to an employee with 32 years of service and suffering a health episode magnified the inappropriateness of the conduct.”

    Mr Cavanagh said that beside the fact the department staff “must have known their conduct was inappropriate”, it also contravened the anti-discrimination act which bound them to accommodate a person’s psychiatric needs.

    Prior to commencement of the inquest it was recognised by the Department of Territory Families that seeking to demote Ms Schubert was inappropriate.

    Coroner outlines instances of bullying

    After Ms Schubert had agreed to the demotion, Ms Butler “joked” that she wouldn’t be able to afford take-away coffees.

    “Ms Butler, referring to Paula’s impending change of roles (and less pay), said to her that she would have to bring a plunger to work,” Mr Cavanagh noted.

    Just days before Ms Schubert died, she had been observed being in a “zombie-like state” and had experienced an anxiety episode at work.

    Mr Cavanagh described the conduct of Ms Butler at a team meeting on the 15 November 2016 as “shocking” and “extraordinary”.

    “On Tuesday 15 November 2016 she [Ms Schubert] sat in a team meeting and apparently did little else other than draw a picture,” Mr Cavanagh said.

    “At the end of the meeting Ms Butler said ‘Paula will share her minutes with everyone’. Paula looked surprised. Ms Butler said it was a good drawing and she should share it with everybody.”

    Two days later Ms Schubert died by suicide.

    Ms Schubert’s psychiatrist, Dr David Chapman described the incident as a “critical event”.

    “To expose somebody who was already under a degree of stress … to then have a public, effectively a public humiliation in the workplace, given the fear that she would lose her job, that’s critical,” Dr Chapman is quoted in the findings.

    Mr Cavanagh agreed the incident had been humiliating, and that Ms Schubert’s treatment at the hands of her manager amounted to bullying.

    Mental health services ‘made no real effort’

    The coroner also found that the mental health services Ms Schubert engaged with took poor notes, and didn’t seek to work with each other on her care plan.

    Shortly before death, the Territory’s Mental Health Service informed Ms Schubert that her case had been closed.

    She called them back a short time later.

    “Paula said she thought that she needed ongoing mental health management. The call-taker told Paula she should go to her GP. Paula is said to have ‘begrudgingly terminated the call’,” Mr Cavanagh found.

    “She said she was feeling abandoned by her psychiatrist and that her case was being closed by Mental Health.

    “There were no further notes on the Mental Health file from that date until she killed herself three or four days later.”

    ABC has approached NT Health for comment.

    • Will You Get the Message Ken Davies? says:

      Who runs Territory Families? When will they call it like it is? Many so-called managers cannot manage so resort to bullying and intimidation that can end in tragic circumstances. There is an answer just place liability on the managers personally and see the change.

      • What have you to say Ken? says:

        Ken Davies previous role with the education department involved senior staff bullying employees, in particular the case of Hylton Hayes and Phil Bennan, both were sued and sacked.
        Now Ken is managing another govt dept where senior staff bullied an employee to the point this lady took her own life. Ken what do you do for your money? Now that a coroner has exposed this bullying what are you going to do about it Ken? We hope the family of that lady seek legal help in holding those involved to account.

  10. Truth and Justice for All says:

    What absolute libel and slander is on this site. Whoever publishes this material should be taken to a court then the truth will come out. To think in this day in the 21st Century honest people like Hylton Hayes, Eva Lawler, Michael Gunner, and Vicki Baylis whom I have known for years have to suffer from this vile filth. Let the courts shine a big light on the accusations made by this site.

    • Hannah Curran says:

      The children at that school had to suffer for years the vile filth of their paedophile teacher molesting them at recess and lunch in the classroom, and keeping other girls alone with him after school that I warned senior management about him and others at this school since 2013 and they refused to do a proper investigation. Absolutely appalling and if they had worked in the private sector theyd probably have been fired instead of being transfered to other departments like they do in the government. You should rethink your friends list

      • Vote None Eva Lawler says:

        My skin crawls thinking about these people. I voted for Eva and I hate to think she is mixed up in all of this. I feel cheated.

    • Another Job Creating Project says:

      You twat! Most of what I read here appears to be based on fact. As for going to a court that would interesting because court is not a one sided affair. The only thing vile are the politicians and their minions. Sounds like that NT Government “Another Job Creating Project” motto with a job being created for a mate. Crawl back under the rock you came from.

  11. Predators know where they're going to be safe......yeah in NT Schools! says:
  12. AEU Has Fart Thought says:

    Welcome to the new 38 NT teachers. Jarvis suggests a boycott of Air North because flights are cancelled. Why not boycott Hylton Hayes?

  13. Psychopaths Amongst Us says:

    Warning psychopathic traits ahead. There is no doubt that many of the managers throughout government are psychopaths. Managers includes school principals, directors etc. Ever wondered why they like making your life hell? They get off on it, cheating, being callous, having no empathy and being all round arse-holes. Analyse your boss using one of those psychopathic trait tests. Now you know and be warned.

    • Tick the Boxes and Puke says:

      1. Disregard for right and wrong
      2. Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others
      3. Being callous, cynical and disrespectful of others
      4. Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or personal pleasure
      5. Arrogance, a sense of superiority and being extremely opinionated
      6. Repeatedly violating the rights of others through intimidation and dishonesty
      7. Significant irritability, resorts to retaliation and must win
      8. Lack of empathy for others and lack of remorse about harming others
      9. Failure to consider the negative consequences of behaviour or learn from them
      Sound like someone that manages you? A director or manager? Start to assess using a set of criteria like the 9 above. The NT Government thrives on employing these sorts of people and will re-employ them above anyone else.

      • Cowards at Cardfightback says:

        It works both ways. Some managers have to put up subordinates who display the traits on your list. Running to unions or claiming they are being bullied because we have a photocopier budget and they are wasting resources. Toughen up sweetheart!

  14. More Jobs for Our Mates @ NT Gov says:

    Just heard about the More Jobs for Our Mates Policy launched Michael Gunner. Heard that Hylton Hayes is to be the poster boy complete with coffee. Good on you Michael.

    • Cowards at Cardfightback says:

      Michael Gunner is useless just like all the rest. We need a Paul Everingham as opposed to the dishrags we now have and that includes Gary Higgins. Whole lot a waste of oxygen.

  15. More quality NT Public Service. Thanks again Craig Allen says:
  16. SP Bookie says:

    A few years ago I was in Nhulunbuy and I remember a send off party that I attended in joy. I never heard “I’ll be back” but just like the terminator that little turd is being inflicted on us again. The education of indigenous kids never improves because of poor management. In my opinion the ex director out there Hayes is totally useless leaving a path of destruction, I believe he was removed rather than actually being transferred.

  17. Boundless Possible says:

    A possible new phrase for marketing the NT is ‘boundless possible’. A pretty stupid phrase but it does fit in with Eva and the gang. Boundless possible, we do not give a fuck about what is right or wrong we do what we like and fuck everyone else but our mates. Our antics are boundless and our power makes it possible.

  18. Go Back to WA says:

    Eva’s conflict of interest aka Hylton “coffee boy” Richard Hayes. Labor Party just the same as the CLP, downright dodgy. Prove us wrong MIchael Gunner and step up then just end this contracts for coffee deal. I’m calling this Hyltongate .

  19. Eva's on the Nose says:

    Advance Australia Fair! We run around the world spouting out about values yet at home we bully, have under the table deals, favour our mates, cover up for our cronies…. this vomit goes on and on. I am talking to you Eva Lawler, you have more hide than “Jessie the Elephant” but then again you do not know any better, you have been doing all your life. Guess the Party got sick of crap in Education and you got moved to a place where you have no mates!

  20. Eva's Big Red Tent says:

    Michael “Mates Rates” Gunner approves of helping party comrades out with a contract here and there. Nothing wrong with that it is perfectly legal. But is it wise to do so as a politician? In the NT given that most inhabitants who bother to vote do not give a rat’s then you get away with it. And so the cycle continues. That is how blogs like this one come into existence.
    An even better way is to take direct action and simple place a “black ban” on people who receive these Labor Party goodies given at tax payer expense. Simple do not engage with these stooges and cronies. Yes readers that includes Hylton Hayes seen under the Labor tent.

  21. ????????? says:

    So eva has been moved away from her beloved dept of education
    Not much seems to be happening in the enviroment portfolio yet, well nothing of note that would warrant a facebook photo opportunity anyway
    Lets see if she can do better than fyles handling of the katherine water pollution scandal
    anyone remember how fyles claimed that water was safe to drink
    Maybe eva’s husband can explain to her and fyles the health risks firefighters now face from exposure to these chemicals

  22. Shirly says:

    Is that a cowboy hat hayes is wearing?
    Maybe he is loooking to renew his gun ownership and go hunting again for other employees who stand up to his bullying!

  23. Was he playing up says:

    Im confused can someone explain what the connection hayes had with these two women?

  24. Andy I Want That One says:

    Where did Hylton get that red hat? I wonder what was on his other cheek?

  25. Keith and Val says:

    Who is doing Susie when Hylton is away doing the NT public? Like a knight off to the crusades he can never be sure………….

  26. Who Needs Viagra When We Have Susie Hayes says:

    HRH says it all! The audacity, the sense of entitlement, the NT’s Faux Royalty make me sick.

  27. Labor Wastes Your Taxes says:

    Nepotism is alive and well in the Territory! Just have to be friends with Eva and give her a coffee and you can get your snout in the public purse.

    • Same old same old says:

      So Hayes gets caught out bullying employees, gets sued and loses his job, now he is back working as a consultant with the same govt dept he was removed from!
      So all that work assisting EVA LAWLER get elected looks like Eva has rewarded him with a consultant position, that sounds like corruption in my book. Same old nt govt at work, it dosn’t matter which party is in control it is just more of the same again.
      Next thing these folk will be seeking to become a state again.

  28. Hannah Curran says:

    It’s shocking that after he was convicted last month that Eva Lawler who was then education minister, and ceo Vicki Baylis did not even publicly acknowledge what happened, not even to apologise to the girls and their families that this sexual abuse happened to them and others for years at this school, when these children were supposed to be safe at school. They would be able to do this and still abide by court suppression orders!. That their department could hope to wipe what happened away. They have left me and many other parents zero confidence in knowing our children are safe at school from staff who have serious misconduct or who are paedophiles. This is not an isolated incident. When I spoke out in 2013, there were other players, who now have since left or were transferred to other govt. departments, except for Vicki who was then manager of the IT department, but policies and procedures have not changed obviously when the senior management will not even publicly apologise or acknowledge this happened under their watch, and their predecessors watch. Thank you to CFB and all the great teachers here for your support. When we were at that school, I would see name suppressed hug certain year 5/6 girls all the time for years in front of us parents, teachers and the principals at the school assemblies. I never saw any of them looking like they disapproved of him doing that, it was like it was normal, and he was the golden teacher at that school then, could do no wrong. He makes me sick. How one who was there in 2013 can still remain assistant principal there leaves me in disgust.

    • Dont let them scare you away says:

      Yes Hannah the silence is deafening.
      Just like all the other complaints these people have received, they deflect, defer and deny.

  29. Hannah Curran supporter says:

    Everyone should watch again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BDNilzuh0E

  30. Andy says:

    Tony Sievers for Phil Brennan? Eva Lawler for Hylton Hayes? Michael Gunner for Kalamity Ken Davies? Holy Fuck its a Madhouse up there!!!

  31. Something Fishy Again? says:

    yeah, Susie Hayes has cum early on CFB

    • happyhippy says:

      Leaky incontinence panties? Or maybe the wings fell off her fanny pad?

      • Its Not What You Know but Who You Do says:

        The wings have fallen off of something and it seems like Michael Gunner’s dream team. Appears some people have been having CLP moments. Ever felt like not following policy, skipping some regulations, turning a blind eye, helping an old mate out, employing unqualified people, covering up some dirt just CLP it and move on. Our friends Faux Royalty products have a very special offer for some of our very special cronies…the deluxe no merit skip all the regulations help a mate contract. So go out get an ABN and register a name then contact our consultant Eva on 61 (08) 8936 5566.

        • Disappinted Caller says:

          I tried that number and it was at the NT Parliament House, when I asked about the offer the person said I had to apply by tender. Talk about a disappointment. Guess there is a code word to get in on the offer. I will complain to the Chief Minister and see if he has any complementary contracts. The Territory is a great place because of the transparency, the equality, the equity and the nepotism.

  32. Brother Gregory says:

    The star is rising on Labor favorite son. Perhaps he stand for erection in 2020 and gets us all in Labor with Eva. Maybe he do greats things for NT and receive big award for solving indigenous education issues. He big man that Hylton R. Hayes he work miracle as consultant now he got ABN just like he did when regional director. NT tax payer not enjoy pay him like Mrs Baylis enjoy pay Hylton for his service. If it make you sick you tell Eva Lawler on +61 (08) 8999 5397 ,minister.lawler@nt.gov.au also now he boss boy of selena.uibo@nt.gov.au. Post them email and tell what he do.

  33. Simon Cox says:

    Hi CFB,

    Simon Cox here, the same Simon Cox that was stitched up by Hilton Hayes and Lorraine Evans a few years back. Question can you please confirm Hylton Hayes has been charged and or locked up for child sex offences? Is there anything in the Press to confirm this?

    I am happy to tell my side of the story that saw me leave Teaching and the NT years ago. Which will have many listed on CFB quivering and ducking for cover.

    Kind regards,


  34. Val and Keith says:

    We love the pictures. Malcolm Fraser once said “there would be no more jobs for the boys”. As we know the game of cronies continues. Michael Gunner asleep at the wheel while Eva and Vicki hire the man with golden gun. Has he got his license yet? The resurerection of our old friend.

  35. Succulent Susie we luv u too says:

    Looks like Susie Hayes has wet herself in that photo….or is leaking…..no wonder Hylton went after other skirt…..and subsequently lost his previous NT Education Dept job because of that. But with friends in NT GOV like Eva Dementia that won’t stop you getting re-employed. Right Susie?

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