Teaching in the Territory: Hylton Hayes: ‘Coffees for Contracts’ Eva Lawler & Michael Gunner jobs for their mates – Part 1

More parts later.  Dis story has sooooo many parts! 🙂 

Congrats Chris Walsh.  Where is NT News story?  Protecting NT GOVT again maybe?

Hylton Hayes is Director for help enable pedo teacher to work in Eva Lawler’s electorate school – see underneath post.  More cumming on dat too!



NT Education Department contract handed to Hylton Hayes friend of minister without undergoing tender process

By Christopher Walsh


A former Northern Territory Education Department bureaucrat who cost taxpayers thousands in a payout for engaging in derogatory emails about a bullied teacher has been handed a consultancy contract that did not go through a competitive process.

Former Palmerston Regional School director Hylton Hayes was awarded the $19,000 contract two weeks before then-education minister Eva Lawler left the portfolio during a Cabinet reshuffle last month. Mr Hayes is a friend and campaign volunteer of Ms Lawler’s.

the new Labor party is the old CLP party

Education Department sources told the ABC that Mr Hayes’ employment was ended in 2016, *(because of the rumors on Facebook that he was rooting a principal in one his schools called Lorraine Evans – Hayes lost his job after Ken Dav-L-ies had a tantrum about it.  Right after Hayes got the boot Lorraine Evans was moved from Rosebery Middle School to Malak Primary School)*

Here’s Lorraine talking about knowing when your community is ready for the Collective Impact of Hylton Hayes:

collective impact

…..and Hayes was also reprimanded in 2012 for engaging in disparaging emails about a teacher in East Arnhem Land that resulted in an undisclosed payout by the department.

Independent MLA Gerry Wood told ABC Radio Darwin on Monday that the lack of a competitive process made it look like “jobs for the boys and girls” — a practice Labor pledged to end when elected in August 2016.

“Jobs should be given on merit, not on party loyalty or friendship,” Mr Wood said.

“That merit needs to be seen in an open and transparent manner, and if they can’t do that, they can only blame themselves when people start to ask questions about how people get these jobs.”

Ms Lawler declined to answer questions about her friendship with Mr Hayes, but said in a statement to the ABC that she is not involved in awarding contracts.

“As Minister I do not have a say in employment or in the procurement of contracted officers by the public service,” she said.

“These are matters for the chief executive and their delegates, and questions relating to those arrangements should be directed to the department.”

Hylton Hayes ‘a wonderful person’, Lawler says

*reported here on CFB in 2016: https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/2016/12/29/teaching-in-the-territory-nt-educ-minister-eva-lawler-gives-her-support-to-cardfightback/

An Education Department spokeswoman said that although the consultancy contract to investigate student enrolment in East Arnhem Land was classified as a Tier 2 contract, which typically requires three quotes, Mr Hayes’ company was given the contract directly.

“An exemption was approved in accordance with the Northern Territory Government’s procurement rules to obtain one quotation only, from [Hylton Hayes Consultancy],” the spokeswoman said.


“A request was issued to HHC for the quotation and upon its receipt, the quotation was assessed by the assessment panel against the prescribed criteria and weightings.”

The spokeswoman said the contract was not advertised and no competing quotes were sought because the assessment panel independently determined that Mr Hayes was suitably qualified based on his previous experience in East Arnhem Land schools.

She said the Minister was not involved in the decision to award the contract.
Ms Lawler worked with Mr Hayes when she was deputy chief executive of the Education Department in 2012 and praised him in her maiden speech to Parliament as a “wonderful person” who “assisted and encouraged” her during the 2016 election.

Mr Hayes was seen wearing a red shirt inside a Labor electorate tent at the Palmerston markets on June 8, just days before he was officially awarded the contract on June 13.

Mr Wood said exemptions from seeking competing quotes clouded the contract awarding process.

“If you believe in the concept of open and transparent government, you need to show that … by not giving exemptions to tenders,” he said.

Ms Lawler was moved out of the education portfolio on June 26, as part of a larger NT Government reshuffle, and is now Minister for the Infrastructure and Environment.

Payout to bullied teacher (posted on Cardfightback)

*read more of Hylton Hayes emails here>>> foifordummies

Mr Hayes was reprimanded in 2012 for an email he sent to another school official relating to a teacher who had filed bullying complaints.

*reported in NTNews here & read Eva’s punishment for Hayes >>> CFB post

In responding to an email about the teacher in 2011, Mr Hayes, who was the then-director of school performance in Arnhem, wrote:

“Ohhh! Mental health facilities are desperately needed and sends a shiver through me. On another matter, how do you get a gun licence in the Territory?”

The principal at the school (Coral O’Neill) where the teacher taught responded:

“Walk into a police station and tell them you have a varmitt [sic] problem. Have a happy day.”

Another email exchange, started by the principal, referred to the bullied teacher as a “tattoo monkey”.

The emails were referenced in legal action that resulted in an undisclosed payout by the department to the teacher in 2012.


Labor pledged to clean up ‘jobs for mates’

ASIC records indicate Mr Hayes established Hylton Hayes Consultancy in February.

Charles Darwin University was awarded a similar contract in January valued at $34,000 to look at student enrolment “pressure points” across the NT.

The department said the contracts were “completely different”, because Mr Hayes was focusing solely on why students in East Arnhem Land were not attending school.

Mr Hayes did not respond to a series of questions about his previous employment with the department, but said in an email that he volunteered for Ms Lawler’s election campaign because he was friends with her and thought she would be a strong community representative.

“The contract I have currently with the Department of Education was through appropriate processes and was negotiated with the department representatives only,” he said.

While in opposition, Labor heavily criticised the previous Country Liberal Party government for awarding jobs to mates and pledged to clean up the practice once in power.

In his 2016 budget reply speech, then-opposition leader Michael Gunner said: “Four years of the CLP’s dodgy deals, jobs for mates and an arrogant disdain for transparency and accountability has seen Territorians’ trust in Government hit rock bottom.”

The Gunner Government came under fire earlier this year for awarding high-paying jobs to some of its failed candidates and other insiders, and Mr Wood said the Government had lost credibility on the issue.

“You have to raise the bar higher when there is the possibility of accusations made that these jobs are given out because they’re friends with the Government,” he said.

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118 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: Hylton Hayes: ‘Coffees for Contracts’ Eva Lawler & Michael Gunner jobs for their mates – Part 1


    ABC TV used have a show called the Cook and the Chef
    NT GOV TV is making the Crook and the Thief
    Shows stars an old blonde and an old guy with mullet



    Some snippets from groundbreaking research from our NT Education Contractors has been:
    1. Absent school children are not actually at school.
    2. Aboriginal people in the Top End of the NT travel around in the dry season.
    3. Most students in remote schools in the NT are Aboriginals.
    4. Aboriginal people in the NT do not speak English as a First Language.

    Most people know this. Vicki Baylis hires Hylton Hayes to discover this and wastes the taxpayers money.

  3. IN MEMORY OF A RAT says:

    I CAME
    I SAW
    lie low keep out of sight; avoid attention

  4. NT SPACE CADETS says:

    Blow my hat off and kick me up the arse! This blog is pure platinum witha capital P. Sure must be putting a spanner in someone’s spokes and completely twisted the bike frame too.
    That Boundless Possible bullshite is just that, a great big pile of rocking horse shite.

    Independent think tank Grattan Institute believes regional Victorian towns need to keep the residents they have before trying to attract new ones.

    You people up in the NT have not a clue.


    Boundless perhaps, possible probably not. The Darwin centric new brand for the NT is bound to fail. Infrastructure for power and water is failing already without extra population in the Darwin and Palmerston Region. And those who go remote cannot stay long term in those communities so we come back to Darwin. Bottom line is that more sustainable electricity generation is needed and more water storage has to be built (DAMS).
    Who is in charge of this in the GUNNER LABOR GOVERNMENT? Oh yes, EVA LAWLER! That same EVA LAWLER who is friends with HYLTON HAYES.
    Perhaps HHC can build a few dams and a solar or wind farm or two.
    The rain of purple is really just a reign of DEFICIT.


    What a pathetic bunch. The Adams Family or the Munsters take your pick.
    Their epitaph “And the meek do no not always inherit”.
    The damnation of fools.


      All we can do is challenge this evil global phenomena. The rampant opportunism, individualism and hedonism that abounds has to examined for what it is. And yes Uncle Fester and Herman Munster do inhabit the 14th Floor of the Mitchell Center.


    Australian Political Disease Rife- Helping Friends
    Australian Politicians have a perception of being corrupt. It is their own fault. Stop doing favors for friends and those with lots of money.
    Eva Lawler and Hylton Hayes you have no excuses for your behavior.


      Corruption is corruption. You stop believing that, and we might as well not be fighting the war… because you end up like them.
      I mean, we’re living in such evil times, when the whole world seems to be sinking into some sort of mire. And we’ve got the likes of Hylton and Eva, who capitalize on other people’s misery, who hurt them, make things even worse for them when they’re at their weakest. And it’s some small consolation to know that this blog helped to clean up just a little bit of it.

  8. WHAT IS IN A NAME? says:

    Department in name mix up. Education Department with more than egg of face after a mix up with the name Hayes. Seems there is a Richard Hayes in Alice Springs working for DoE and he was mistaken for Hylton Richard Hayes. A simple enough mistake. Ordinarily not a problem.


    Oft, on a plat of rising ground,
    I hear the far-off curfew sound
    Over some wide-watered shore,
    Swinging low with sullen roar.
    Paradise Lost perhaps in the NT, certainly when it comes to teacher agency and self-efficacy. Death to responsive pedagogy.

    The cause is the deadwood in the Education Department.


    I have rah-ceived mah con-traaact. Susie, my little wet friend I’m heum. There is a minkey in the pheone.


    Very Small Business
    Make Bigger Things Happen
    Get a Minister as a Friend


      What is your business model?
      “I’m so excited about this new initiative, I want you to be a part of it”


    One of main causes of all this mess is drugs. Not coke or grass but booze. Many of the people mentioned here have drinking problems. Their behavior is a reflection of their addictive tendencies. Why are they moody? Why do they take things out on others? Why do they just forget things? Why the erratic and contradictory actions? They are alcoholics. Sure they function but at what cost?
    Recent studies find that many executives have drinking problems.
    If you have a problem with ALCOHOL then seek help.


    Eva Lawler has something in common with Peter Dutton. Favors for mates. Any suggestions that a Minister intervened are absolutely TRUE. DEPARTMENTS PROVIDED ADVICE TO THE CONTRARY. Australia is a humane country and we should be helping our friends or their friends.


    Historical allegations of rape, pedophilia and other wrong doing believed to be played down by Education Department officials. Serious allegations are made, the police are involved and yet Education Department officials go into damage control sometimes endangering the possibility of conviction.
    Teachers in the NT Government system simply are not safe in a system that turns victim into perpetrator and vice versa.

    In one incident the then Regional Director Hylton Hayes wanted to see everyone’s programs because a teacher complained she had been assaulted by a student. The victim was blamed.

    • Selina is a just a puppet says:

      Dont forget the role of the nt trb as another disciplinary arm of the department of education.
      Just look at the revolving door of the directors office and how acting directors move in and out of that position and positions in DoE.
      They wont be overturning decisions made by their mate guppy or baylis. Fisher just like pellizo and ryan will be wanting a promotion in doe later.
      Check the 2016/17 annual report of attendance at board meetings and you will get an idea of how this statutory body works.
      This board is just a rubber stamp committee for allegations against teachers.
      The employees of this body act in a manner that will please DoE senior staff and they screw teachers with false allegations and charges and protect DoE principals and senior staff.
      Just look at the case of the ‘cattle prod principal’ jeff parker. Mr parker seems to have initially lied to the trb about the cattle prod incident even though the trb found he acted contrary to accepted standards of behaviour towards this child.
      The NT TRB Act states that acting dishonestly in dealings with the trb is an offence with the penalty of having your registration cancelled.
      What happened to parker? Well it seems the trb had to take some action against parker, but not enough to stop him still being appointed as the principal of clyde fenton school in katherine. What a disgrace these govt employees are.
      Another important point to be considered is the involvement of the nt solicitors in partnership with both the trb and the doe.
      Teacers facing false allegations made by doe to the trb now have to fight three bodies to get access to documentation associated with the false allegations they face.
      The nt solicitors are not there to ensure justice takes place, they are there to ensure the nt govt is protected from truths that will damage it.
      Requesting assistance fron people like ministers only brings denials of them having any control or ability to intervene.
      Check at what CRIKEY had to say, “the nt is a failed state, a rotten borough, so corrupt and corrupted that it is beyond redemption.”


      This is standard. A scare tactic and then usually nothing happens. The guy is nothing but a big shadow puppet. Looks big on a wall but is just a tiny little cut out made of cheap paper. Besides where was your UNION? If you are a member. More importantly the PRINCIPAL SHOULD HAVE TOLD HAYES TO KEEP OUT.


  15. nerrbu says:

    Alll the usual suspects
    Check out this LINK:

    Does anyone know this guy???
    Sounds like he could do with hooking up to CFB.
    Poor bastard….

  16. Same support the bullying principal Bullshit different Bullshit NSW Education Dept says:


    Teachers ‘preparing to walk out’ as principal is accused of bullying
    Pallavi Singhal
    By Pallavi Singhal
    30 August 2018 — 4:45pm

    Share on Facebook
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    Talking points

    Eight teachers have left since the new principal joined Bondi Beach Public.
    More than 20 current and former teachers have complained about the principal.
    Five teachers said they are planning to leave at the end of the year.
    The NSW Department of Education is investigating the allegations.

    The principal at a primary school in Sydney’s eastern suburbs has been accused of bullying staff and students and causing eight senior teachers to leave, according to more than 20 staff members and the head of the P&C, who says more teachers are planning to quit at the end of the year.

    “We are in a toxic loop and [principal Debbie Evans] is breaking the school,” one teacher at Bondi Beach Public School wrote as part of a complaint to the NSW Department of Education compiled by P&C president Rob Keldoulis, who said he has also taken the matter to Education Minister Rob Stokes.
    Bondi Beach Public School principal Debbie Evans took on the role at the beginning of last year.

    Bondi Beach Public School principal Debbie Evans took on the role at the beginning of last year.

    “I’ve been bullied, verbally and non-verbally and [Ms Evans] bullies staff daily,” a teacher reported, according to Mr Keldoulis’ email to the department, which he said was sent after he met with teachers and got written statements from 21 current and former staff members.

    A spokesman for the department said it “is aware of the allegations raised about the principal of Bondi Beach Public School and is investigating the matter”.

    Ms Evans has been the school’s principal since the beginning of last year and eight “very senior staff” have left since then, Mr Keldoulis told the Herald.

    “There’s a whole group of teachers who I was told were planning to walk out at the end of the year.

    “I’ve gotten written complaints from 14 or 15 current teachers and about six former teachers, and the school only has a teaching staff of 27 so that’s more than half of all teachers.”
    P&C president Rob Keldoulis with his son Archie and other students at Bondi Beach Public School.

    P&C president Rob Keldoulis with his son Archie and other students at Bondi Beach Public School.
    Photo: Janie Barrett

    One teacher who left the school last year said she was bullied by Ms Evans at staff meetings and in front of students on a number of occasions.

    “She humiliated me in staff meetings, she would talk over the top of me and ignore what I was saying,” said the teacher, who did not want to be named.

    “She yelled at me in front of students and bullied me into doing particular things and then didn’t provide any support. I was over it, I just didn’t want to work in that sort of environment.”

    Mr Keldoulis said the department told him it won’t stand Ms Evans down while it investigates the allegations but sent a counsellor to the school on Thursday “to counsel staff who are distressed”.

    Mr Keldoulis said he spoke to teachers last week and “out came 18 months of stories of fear, frustration, humiliation and what they describe as intimidation at the hands of our new principal, Debbie Evans”.

    The complaints include allegations that Ms Evans has yelled at and humiliated teachers in front of other staff and students, threatened to fire teachers and sworn at staff.

    “[Ms Evans] commonly puts the palm of her hand in [teachers’] faces with words such as: ‘not my business’,” Mr Keldoulis told the department.

    “Sick leave can now only be taken if [teachers] phone Debbie [Evans] directly which has caused so much anxiety to some that their partners have had to phone in for them.

    “[Ms Evans] publicly humiliated a junior teacher in her office with the door open so that she was reduced to tears. Witnessed by passing parents and children.

    “Some teachers report that they no longer want to get out of bed in the morning.”

    Mr Keldoulis wrote to all parents, teachers, other staff and Ms Evans to tell them about the complaints on Thursday morning and said he received about 50 emails from parents in response.

    “About 48 were very supportive and saddened, some had had some similar experiences themselves,” Mr Keldoulis said.

    “One parent said the principal was trying to get her son to stand up in front of the assembly and read out an apology for something he said he hadn’t done.

    “Even if he had done it, that’s a pretty humiliating thing to make an 11-year-old do.”

    Ms Evans was previously the deputy principal at Wahroonga Public School between 2014 and 2016, assistant principal at Eleebana Public School between 2013 and 2014 and assistant principal at Glenorie Public School between 2003 and 2006.

    The department’s spokesman said: “The department has a zero tolerance policy towards bullying, violence or harassment of any kind.”



  18. EVA THE MUSICAL says:

    Gerry Wood loves a good musical
    A new one is EVA
    Don’t cry for me Hylton and Susie
    The truth is there is place in Holtze for me and you
    Don’t keep your distance
    I kept my promise
    Vicki and Marion will cover up


    Nothing Like Being Around Palmerston
    Time to see Hylton’s Fast Food at the markets and enjoy a Tenderless Combo Box, cannot wait to enjoy that succulent tenderless contract with sycophantic sauce
    And We’ll See You Around Palmerston


    No not that Lily Allen song The Fear, but the Fear-Based Environment. In a fear-based environment, managers talk about collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking but no one takes them seriously. You cannot get collaboration or new ideas from beaten-down employees.
    Hylton Hayes and Eva Lawler specialize in creating Fear-Based Environments.

    Now back to that Lily Allen song:

    I want to be rich and I want lots of money
    I don’t care about clever, I don’t care about funny
    I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of contracts
    With friends in high places I’m going tenderless

    And it’s not my fault, it’s how I’m programmed to function
    Forget about guns and forget ammunition
    Coz I could’nt get a gun licence in the Territory
    I’m on the right track, yeah, I’m on to a winner


    Poor NAPLAN results in NT a reflection of the work of Eva Lawler and Hylton Hayes.

    • Natasha Fyles just like Eva Lawler is a sick joke says:

      Isnt it amazing, people have short memories dont they?
      Was it not hayes who was regional director when maningrida school was audited and assessed as totally disfunctional in 2009?
      As a result the hayes stooly hepburn was moved to kalkarindji where parker was the senior teacher and hayes was also moved sideways.
      Watch out for how hayes will now attempt to blame others for the terrible state of student attendance in those schools.
      This is another stunt by doe to deflect blame for their failing policies and grand schemes.
      Ask lawler why that indigenous independent school in the stone country was knocked back on its application for funding.
      Apparently it has been so successful it is embarrasing DOE to the point they cant allow it to continue to embarress their failing govt schools.
      We understand court action will be taking place over this decision. It seems wealthy folk from other places in Australia see this as another example of NT govt failure to abide by protocols the rest of Australia see as ethical.
      Natasha Fyles, isnt it strange that a PE teacher is in charge of law & order in the NT? No, CRIKEY nailed it. A rotton borough to the core.

  22. Hylton Obeid and Eva MacDonald of NT says:

    Sorry Eva and Hylton, sometimes we have to consider the greater good rather than feathering our own nests. Have a look at yourselves using position and friendship to cheat ordinary people, legal or illegal does not matter there are standards and both of you fall below those standards. Next you will be obtaining mining leases on the cheap; stop to downward spiral to Obeid Land. Did Obeid lose his super?

    • Ask more questions Gerry says:

      We wonder if any of the 15 hundred or so folk who apparently like Eva Lawlers facebook propaganda page noticed the number of times Selia Ubio appeared with Lawler and Baylis before she became the minister for education.
      One cant but help think that if Lawler could not stay in this role then she could still influence what takes place at the DOE through this promotion.
      Promoting a person into the role of minister who is not only not up to the task but will be led by the nose by Guppy and Baylis will ensure the govt not only has a token black woman on board but will also ensure Baylis and Guppy can act as they please.
      You just have to read her reply to the parliement to Gerrys question about the Hayes contract. Definately Guppy/DoE Human resource speak. Does Vicki Baylis even have a voice anymore?

  23. Confusion Reins over HHC says:

    Bureaucrats confused after believing that HHC was a charity. Hylton Hayes Charity.


      They are all whitesplaining rednecks determined to destroy indigenous education


    Ex Education Directors are doing it tough. The Eva Lawler Foundation aims to alleviate the suffering of the ex directors. As one ex director recently stated “if it wasn’t for that contract Eva got me I would not have been able to buy that bullion I purchased, I was really struggling”. Are you an egotistical sycophant who thinks they are entitled then contact ELF today and help yourself to the taxpayer’s money.
    Perhaps you have seen an ex director eating at places most people eat at or drinking tap beer contact ELF immediately. The Eva Lawler Foundation When Friends Really Matter.

    • Mr Lawler should be minister says:

      So lets look ahead to Lawlers new role.
      Minister for the environment ay.
      Now Gina has been buying up the cattle stations and the labor govt has approved gas exploration and fracking, it is difficult to imagine Eva out there ensuring our environment will be protected.
      What the hell would she know about the natual environment? She cant even address the PFAS pollution scandal. She would be better putting her husband in the role after all as a firefighter he knows the truth about chemicals like the PFAS group. He would also be better equiped to manage the dangerous threat fracking will be to our water resources.
      CRIKEY has it right, the NT is a rotton borough right to the core.


    Has Michael Gunner referred Eva Lawler to ICAC? If he has not then GUNNER IS THE ARCHBISHOP PHILIP WILSON OF CORRUPTION IN THE NT?

    • Lenny the Lip says:

      Not a chance he is to busy helping out in the red tent with Hayes. Lawler sits on a small margin in her electorate and thats the reasoning behind all the publucity and self promotion. Cant wait for the next election campaign. Does anyone remember what happened to a previous labor minister better known as lenny the lip?
      The story goes that a security guard he offended door knocked every house in his electorate to advise his constituants how he had acted towards this woman. It was so successful lenny lost his seat at that election.


    Lawler and Hayes one of the great duos produced by the NT both have colds. Can you hear them sneezing……..ICAC……ICAC…..ICAC……….ICAC……

  27. Davo says:

    “he faces a misdemeanor charge of willful neglect in office.”

    My dream come true: https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/08/michigan-health-director-ordered-to-trial-for-deaths-linked-to-flint-water/

    Now its time to prosecute all those NT Dept of Education managers who knew but did nothing about Driver pedo teacher now in jail: Hylton Hayes, Rob Presswell, Marion Guppy, Vicki Baylis, best friend coffee lover of Hylton Hayes Eva Lawler, SFNT lawyers who assisted in the cover up, etc.

    “WILLFUL NEGLECT IN OFFICE” Has a lovely ring to it, like the sound of a jail cell door shutting quietly at night.

    And the NT Dept of Health bullying scum that drove a fellow worker to kill herself. Read coroner’s damning report: https://justice.nt.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/548075/D01782016-Paula-Schubert.pdf

    Boundless Possible? Boundless Bullying. Boundless Bullshit. Boundless ICAC. 😉


      The Territory is a great place with boundless possible opportunities. HHC is taking on those opportunities and meeting the needs of today’s 21st Century students. Picture an aging ex education director on a pogo stick singing
      Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above
      Don’t fence me in
      Let me ride through the wide open country that I love
      Don’t fence me in
      As he hops into the distance and we hear the brakes of a road train

    • Susie says:

      Fuck Yeah! What a bunch of idiots. Boundless idiots. Top quality work no worries. We’ll help you with your new attempt to polish the turd that is NT & its Public Service. As Marion Guppy said when giving Eva’s coffee morning ladyboy , ass licking lover Hylton Hayes a contract that wasn’t put out to tender according to the rules and wasn’t published on the NT GOV website according to the rules: “HHC Consultancy” – Nobel Prize for Intelligence here we come: its “Hylton Hayes Consultancy”, thats the “HHC” bit. Guppy you’re an asswipe, “HHC Consultancy” would be “Hylton Hayes Consultancy Consultancy”. This is exactly the reason after people get duped into coming to the NT they leave quickly because of the stupid, don’t have a clue, did I change my underpants today, old Thelma stole my cake out the fridge, pensioners like 70 year old Marion Guppy ‘leading’ the Education of others. HHC Consultancy. HAAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAAAA.

      Boundless? Sure is.


        This is the Territory no need for rules. We’re on a road to nowhere, come inside to the Education Department. Boundless Possible here we go here we go takin that ride to nowhere. There’s a city in my mind Come along and take that ride And it’s… THE NT!
        Marion “embalming fluid” Guppy anoints Hylton Hayes as Master Contractor.

    • Baylis-'Hayes Suicidal" While Hylton Sips G&T in Bali Hut and Crawls to Lawler says:

      I agree totally and then some more. Nail these mongrels!

  28. HHC Wants to Be Boundless Possible Ambassador says:

    Michael Gunner wants to bring people to the NT and keep them here. Michael wants people like Hylton Hayes to help him in this endeavour. Hylton is the retention king. Boundless Possible HHC will get you those people and keep them.

    • Our Man Taiwan - HHC No Longer Thought Bubble says:

      And it is speculated that Taiwan could be it. Taiwan is on the nose with China and Hylton is on the nose with the NT. A perfect match.

      • HHC to Heard Island as Hayes Gets Cold Shoulder from Gunner says:

        Better send him as the NT’s representative on Heard Island

  29. Susie Needs Help- With Business Name Ideas says:

    Saturday Brunch with Susie is a weekly get together where friends come over and enjoy finger food and the latest gossip. Regulars include Vicki and Marie, Marion pops over occasionally and adds a few words about shares and investments. Susie still in shock over Hylton’s failure to launch has decided to launch her own consulting firm. Susie needs help with a name for this business and SHC is not an option. Any suggestions?


    Boundless Possible says:
    2018/07/14 at 5:34 am

    A possible new phrase for marketing the NT is ‘boundless possible’. A pretty stupid phrase but it does fit in with Eva and the gang. Boundless possible, we do not give a fuck about what is right or wrong we do what we like and fuck everyone else but our mates. Our antics are boundless and our power makes it possible.

  31. Government Scandal Off The Starboard Bow says:

    Seems the man is missing in action, we seek him here, we seek him there. Funny, wonder where Swine has gone? I smell a government scandal so I do Jim me lad. One of those sick relative or I have been diagnosed with a terminal disease type of scandals. Reminds me that blaggard Captain Morgan who sailed off to Siam till things cooled off. These scurvy doggs should be keel hauled!


    But I never received any government money

  33. Department Hunts Leaker While Hayes Hires PI says:

    Sources inside the Education Department indicate Hayes has hired a private detective and is as mad as a bull ant. The Department has been investigating those who leaked the contract deal to the media. I would be interested if there are any further details on these matters.


    Remove attendance down insert attendance up! HHC Great work Comrade.
    ҢҰLҬФИ ҢДҰԐS anti:


    Madam Speaker it gives may great pleasure to introduce for the second time to the House the HYLTON RICHARD HAYES GRAVY TRAIN BILL 2018 . A bill for an act for the purposes of supporting a good friend without bothering with the formalities of tendering and other red tape……..

    • nerrbu says:

      I asked Gerry to pursue the NT News article on HHC and DoE contract in Question time. This is the transcript from 2.00pm 23 August 2018.
      BTW: Gerry would love to hear from you.

      East Arnhem Land – Consultancy
      Question Time


      On 13 June, a person was awarded a $19 000 contract by the department. The person had set up a company and the contract was to investigate student enrolment in East Arnhem. The person, who used to work for the department but was terminated in 2016, was reprimanded in 2012 for engaging in disparaging emails about a teacher in East Arnhem Land that resulted in an undisclosed payout by the department. Although the consultancy was classified as a Tier 2 contract which typically requires three quotes, the company was given the contract directly by the department. The department said the contract was not advertised and no competing quotes were sought because the assessment panel independently determined that he was suitably qualified based on his previous experience in East Arnhem Land schools.

      Did your independent assessment panel speak to any of the local teachers working in East Arnhem about whether they approved of the decision, especially when some of those teachers did not want the person working out there because of his previous behaviour? Did the assessment panel do its job properly? Who was on the panel? What will you do now?


      Madam Speaker, I thank the Member for Nelson for his question. The purpose of the project you are referring to and the contract that was given is about attendance. We know that our kids need to get to school every day to be able to get their educational benefits and outcomes to the best of their abilities to reach their potential and, of course, to achieve in our Territory education system.

      With regard to the Member for Nelson’s question, we are looking at the net decline in the Arnhem region of 300 students. It is a significant number of students. This project is extremely important in returns of the data collection and analysis of student patterns. The community is involved in ensuring that we know where these kids are, why they are not attending school and what we can do to get them to attend.

      Member for Nelson, the department has identified that the independent assessment of this project was required to look at the factors driving the decline of these student numbers I have mentioned across the Arnhem region especially.

      I am advised that this work fell within Tier 2 of Northern Territory Government procurement processes. I emphasise that ministers do not have decision‑making authority at all or involvement in the procurement of goods and services of government or department in Tier 2. There was no ministerial involvement in this work of the procurement process. I want to make that very clear to all members of the House.

      I am further advised that the process undertaken by the Department of Education to procure the consultant to undertake this work was in line with the Procurement Act and Regulations. That is the information that has been sent to me as Minister for Education.

      We know that attendance is a big issue, particularly in some of our bush schools. They struggle to have that consistency in attendance. We know it is extremely important to have all of our kids attending school every day. It makes a huge difference to our students in …

      Mr WOOD: A point of order, Madam Speaker! Relevance, Standing Order 110. I asked did the independent assessment panel talk to teachers in East Arnhem before they made the decision?

      Madam SPEAKER: Minister, if you could get to the point of the question.

      Ms UIBO: That is a question I cannot answer because I am not part of the independent panel, which is the process. I make it very clear that ministerial officers are not involved in that procurement process.

      The independent panel is just that, Member for Nelson—an independent panel. The questions you are asking of that detail would need to be directed to the department as the ministerial office does not have the detail and is not involved in any way, shape or form in the procurement process.

      Madam Speaker, again, getting our kids to school every single day is important. I notice we have some young people in our gallery. Welcome to parliament and enjoy Question Time.

      Gerry Wood MLA
      Independent Member for Nelson
      PO Box 120
      Northern Territory 0835

      PH: (08) 8999 6713
      M: 0428 698 037
      F: (08) 8983 1638


    I was once one of Hayes’s Henchmen, a school principal (acting) note I was acting. Hayes is very hands on but in the background, I had to fire his bullets and if you do not then you will be next. His typical operation is to white ant, create rumors and then put the person on a performance plan. I thought that by working with him my career would go ahead. In the end I never won the job I acted in for 2.5 years then was disposed of. I believe he used to love conferences and other meetings in Darwin when he was based in Nhulunbuy. Once he was in Darwin things got too hot.


      A very familiar story. But what is the motivation? Certainly not education outcomes. Having continuing upheaval in schools serves no purpose. There is one purpose that suits the likes of Hayes, there is less heat on his performance, he blames others. He is a managerialist monster.
      His former henchman would not be whinging if there was a nice promotion. It is these henchman who create the monster that is. If you had of said stop trying to bully my staff things may have been better but you crawled up his arse and he in turn crawled up the arse of Eva Lawler. Perhaps we can have Matryoshka Doll Eva, then Hylton, then Vicki, then Marion, then Marie, eventually reaching a minuscule Jarvis inside.

  37. Jealous Jerry says:

    Wow that Lorraine Evans is a stunner! No wonder Hylton Hayes rooted her instead of tired and boring and wet yourself Susie Hayes.

  38. Power Corrupts says:

    Once upon a time there were three little girls who went to the teacher’s college, now they work for me, my name is Hylton. Hylton’s Angels-Eva, Vicki and Marion.
    But I thought Eva was a Minister in the Government!


      Is it true that he is/was being considered for some plumb jobs on government boards? There is a hint that he may be appointed to a juicy job for the boys. STOP LABOR NEPOTISM NOW.


    What do Dale Wakefield and Hylton Hayes have in common? They both have failed NT children.
    Hylton Hayes did nothing to improve education here in the NT.


    Natasha Fyles talking about transparency on ABC TV News. Natasha how noble your sentiments are. How about shining a big light on Hylton Hayes! Oh yeh I forgot Hylton is a LABOR CRONY and Natasha is only interested in acting CLP cronies.


    Chief Minister Michael Gunner has dropped the ball on the contracts for coffee scandal that continues to haunt his Labor Government. When is the Chief Minister going to admit that Eva Lawler has failed to meet the standards expected of a minister of the crown?
    And whispers abound around Darwin indicating that Hylton Hayes is about to morph from HHC into a business probably a pty ltd with a name not associated with his, this move is aimed at going under the radar of scrutiny so that further contracts can be gained from mates.


    Kent Rowe from the Labor Party is believed to have supported the contract for Labor crony and public purse parasite HHC the business of Hylton Hayes. The suggestion was that he can re-image himself by creating a new business structure, new ABN and new business name less his on the nose name. So coming in the near future more of the same toxic public purse parasitism dressed up in another form.
    The last quote from HRH was “where do I get a name change in the Territory?”

  43. Hayes Costs Territory $25 Million says:

    A Message to the Boy Blunder and Blat Woman
    Let me riddle you a riddle
    What does Hylton Hayes not want but does not want to lose?

    • Hayes a Joke Not a Riddle says:

      Given all the teachers he forced out of the NT and compo cases he caused I would say $25 Million is conservative. Remember that often two people have to be employed to do one job when there is compo. All that relocation and transport cost.

      .”Holy contract, Blat Woman” says the Boy Blunder as the dynamic duo go into action against their arch nemesis, Truant. And contract seems to be the answer to the riddle.

      • DO NOT VOTE FOR LABOR says:

        Unfortunately the mental health costs are beyond financial calculation. The guy is a monster who destroys employees minds. The LABOR PARTY WILL NOT BE GETTING MY VOTE at the next NT Election. I VOTE AND I DO NOT LIKE CONTRACTS FOR FRIENDS.


      I have no sympathy at all for Hylton Hayes. He wrecked my career and the careers of many others. Hylton reaps what he sows. All he will get is a harvest of hate.


      Holy Sycophant. Yes the Sycophant is up to his old tricks yet again!

  44. Eva Lawler is a lying cow. says:

    In his 2016 budget reply speech, then-opposition leader Michael Gunner said: “Four years of the CLP’s dodgy deals, jobs for mates and an arrogant disdain for transparency and accountability has seen Territorians’ trust in Government hit rock bottom.”

    Gunner is Adam Giles wearing a Gunner mask.

    Attacking government to get into power then turning into the exact same thing you complained about. This is Animal Farm. You politician pig.

  45. I Feel So Vulnerable with the Possibility of Hylton Hayes Back in Schools says:

    A source from the AEU NT in East Arnhem who would only comment provided they remained anonymous has revealed that the Hylton Hayes contract has destroyed the faith of a number of teachers in the ability of Vicki Baylis to manage education in the NT. One teacher said “the whole thing was simply shocking how could they get him back”.


    Labor insiders suggest that Geoff Collins the member for Fong Lim is disgruntled with not getting a place in Cabinet. Apparently Eva Lawler has been one cause of his discontent with her recent contacts for coffee fiasco. Geoff has a right to feel a little peeved off at not getting the position of Attorney General given his extensive legal experience.

  47. Gunner Tells Cops To Cut Back-What About Hayes? says:

    MIX 104.9 Darwin 13 August 2018
    Chief Minister Michael Gunner according to MIX 104.9 says that government has to rein in spending and be accountable.
    Mr Gunner why does the Education Department give contracts to friends of Eva Lawler for research that is not necessary? Sounds like fraud to me.

  48. Play Thing says:

    Forget Barbie or GI Joe, I want a Hylton Hayes doll. The greatest play thing available in the NT, the endless fountain of fun. A string mounted in his arse when pulled makes the doll say where is my contract. Hayes like a mouse being played with by a cat.

    • Voodoo Hoodoo says:

      Labor Party sells those dolls now and they come with a pack of 1000 needles. There is also the “Eva” a blow up troll.

  49. I Like Smell of Burnt Contracts in the Morning says:

    Whole thing is wrong. Sounds like a sick Carry On film. Carry On Contract.

  50. káva chlapec - The Coffee Monkey says:

    At one of Vicki’s candlelight suppers complete with not so slimline Education Minister Eva Lawler and káva chlapec (coffee boy) Hylton Hayes discussions were held along with a few drinks about giving HH a helping hand, not charity mind you. Ibll givwe you a contraact, jfust sebe Mmmarion tomorraow.

  51. Margaret Banks -Blow Ins says:

    From memory Hayes is a Margaret Banks blow in,

  52. Scamming on Country says:

    I remember a Principal G Hewitson complaining about suspect attendance or enrollment then being removed. Was Hayes behind his removal?

    • Jarwon mob says:

      Well that was another Nt ed scandal wasn’t it? Again the well practised negative narrative strategy seems to have been utilised to discredit the whistleblowers.
      That Nt mentality of destroying anyone who dared/dares to speak up about how this “territory” operates. Oh yeah lets try for statehood again. Can’t wait for the federal minister for nothing (wazza) to start that campaign again. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

      • Joker says:

        Yeah statehood.
        Just witnessed Fyles complaining on the ABC news about southerners trying to influence NT policy.
        This coming from a PE teacher (sorry to all the PE teachers) who is currently responsible for law and regulation in the NT.
        What an absolute joke she is.
        Just why the NT govt needs to first demonstrate it can observe the the standards and laws it already has.
        Still havn’t heard much about the environment Eva, maybe Natasha has a view on PFAS pollution now she has educated herself before opening her mouth.

  53. Hayes Mullet Master says:

    They should arrest Hayes for his hairstyle. Master of the mullet.

  54. BD Let Them Eat Cake says:

    Attitude is the same with all these whatever we call them. They believe that they make the rules and in most cases they will get away with what they do. Have problems now simply re-write history to suit. Hylton is a mover and shaker not only under Eva’s or Tony’s red tents but at other events as well so we hear. Darwin Cup, V8s and other NTG corporate box arrangements. Nice touch Eva, hope that there was enough Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial.
    Even talk of an AO image the GG’s finding out the truth.

  55. I piss in your faces says:

    • Taking the piss.....in the faces! says:

      NT Department of un-Education is laughing at you all and pissing in your faces by employing Hayes like that. They know you’ll sit there and take it and say nothing. And you do, like good little employees. And so does your Education Union, because it’s a good little Union.

      Enjoy the golden shower.

      Enjoy knowing Hayes gets an easy $19000 of your tax dollars in his bank account for bringing Eva coffee in the morning to get her elected. Then watch him strutt around his old stomping ground of NE Arnhem Land like he’s King o’ the Hill.

      Enjoy having no job, whichever principals he’s going to report back on. We all know that’s the real reason he’s being sent out there. He’s the new hatchet man with old scores to settle.

  56. Cheating is OK -The Territory Way says:

    Big F Grade. Hayes failed on attendance and he gets a contract to investigate that problem. Hayes failed on pedophiles and had those who reported the issue attacked and also he failed on WHS. What a great record.
    And a recent article by Henry Gray in The Darwin Sun dated 3 July 2018 highlighted being a role model for school children. The message that Vicki Baylis is giving NT childrenis that cheating is ok

  57. We need more sites like this says:

    Gerry Wood knows a sham when he see’s one. He rightly calls out more of the same from NT politicians and their department managers. What a disgrace they are.
    Wouldn’t it be great if Gerry just called it as it is, the only problem then would be that instead of backdoor undermining him the labour party would openly declare war on him. Anyway Gerry the Nt needs more like you, just watch out for those unelected govt employees with so much power.

  58. Porkie says:

    Since the big reshuffle Eva seems to have been suffering seperation anxiety or withdrawl complications related to her addition to education facebook posts. The new school in her electorate gave a welcome fix though.
    Did anyone remember her recent rant over the new Catholic school and how it was pulling enrollments away from the local govt school? Funny now they can open another govt school despite a falling population!
    If this is how she manages taxpayer funds and new infastructure we cant wait to hear what she does with our environment.
    God help us!

    • Eva is a joke just like territory labour says:

      Check the NT media release 26th July Restoring Integrity, Reforming the Northern Territory planning System and have a lttle laugh folks.
      Who is in charge of this portflio? Yes you are Eva.
      Facebook photos of school speed signs and red tent events seem to be providing new facebook photo opportunities to satisfy her addiction to promoting herself. What enviromental issues will she seek to exploit for more facebook posts? Maybe she might question the federal governments use of firefighting chemicals at every Commonwealth owned (previously & presently) airport!
      What a joke, also cant wait for how she might include her coffee buddy in other areas of her portfolio.

  59. Hands OFF Back to School Vouchers says:

    Sounds like the Darwin chapter of Opaqueness International have been meeting again. Hylton seems to have won a door prize donated Vicki and Marion. Rumors abound that they are looking at doing something big with Back To School Vouchers.

    • Save School Vouchers says:

      Parents rely on these vouchers every year. Why would they be tampering with this scheme? Who is this Hylton Hayes? Another Kamitsis sounds like out to wreck things for ordinary people. What a shit bomb for Labor.

  60. Canis Omni Die Sua says:

    I have one message for Hayes, ‘canis omni die sua’. There is a great big blank as to why Hayes suddenly registers a business, does not advertise and then is able to get a contract. The NT Government will no doubt suggest that Hayes used telepathy to advertise and used this to contact Vicki and Marion. And because of this telepathy NTG is giving him a business grant.

  61. Sandra says:

    It’s Okay, the Education Union NT will have lots to say about letting old bully and nemesis Hylton Hayes back into their schools after the shit he caused gnaejkhaqihg ahhahaha hah ahahaa haha aa. hahahahaa aha aha aahahaah haaa.

    Sorry couldn’t finish that sentence without ROTFLMAO.

    Maybe Jarvis could tell the NT News again how much bullying is going on in NT schools? YAAAAAWN. That was really sticking it to the Ed Dept leadershit. Go Jarvis!

    They were so scared they worked with Eva Lawler to make sure campaign volunteer and personal friend Hylton Hayes got a dodgy no tender contract and then got Marion to announce it openly to everyone. For a ‘report on remote attendance’ that a 5 year old could do.

    AEUNT you are completely irrelevant. Well done Stephen Pelizzo, we see your self-serving friendship with Eva Lawler and Vicki Baylis is really protecting union members like me from bottom feeders like Hayes. NOT.

    • Wer're not that kind of union are we jarvis? says:

      Cant wait to hear the next step in Jarvis’ career.

      • anal plugs ahoy! https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/2017/03/31/teaching-in-the-territory-nt-education-union-aeunt-right-up-the-arse-of-nt-education-dept/ says:

        Jarvis will run straight back to the Education Department like Rod Smith, Peter Clisby and others did. Back to do the work of his Masters, like a good little employee. At least Matthew Cranitch resigned when he became President, not like any on the current AEUNT Executive.

        • How High Vicki? says:

          How true. Cranitch not being on leave was a positive. He could have been like the rest but he was not No doubt he paid the price but his name is clean.

    • Nadine says:

      It’s been a while since the PR/HR team put on a promotion out at Boroloola. Would that be because Max Aggro has disappeared?
      That doesn’t mean we have forgotten that bully nor how the dept of education team covered for him.
      Ask Jarvis how he knobbled Nadine when she tried to support victims of Agnew.

      • Steve P says:

        Max Aggro what a train wreck. Like cleaning out a chicken cage, the mess. Jarvis not much chop, makes Cranitch look like a saint. Saint Matthew of Blain.

  62. Wow says:

    Wow. Has the consulting business ever done any other work besides this contract? I tried a Google search and found no trace except a recent business name application. Appears to be very convenient.

  63. Great Work says:

    Great piece of journalism.

  64. Warren G says:

    “the quotation was assessed by the assessment panel against the prescribed criteria and weightings” – First: lets find out who was on that panel. Second: lets find out what the criteria and weightings were.

    Hayes was kicked out of NE Arnhem Land for being a dick, bullying and harassing people. He has no clue what brings kids to school or else they would have kept him working there.
    Total jobs for mates sham.

    Just when you thought NT un-Education Department couldn’t get any worse…..then they do by re-employing Hylton Hayes.

  65. Waiting says:

    Remember Mr Gunners attempts at rebranding the Nt.
    How is that going Mr Gunner?
    Coroner finds employee takes her own life after extensive bullying by senior staff.
    Silence from dept CEO Ken Davies and govt ministers.
    ABC reports dodgy dept of Education contract awarded to sacked employee.
    Silence from dept CEO Vicki Baylis and govt ministers.
    Cant wait for what public relations strategies are adopted.

    • still waiting says:

      You can add: Hylton Hayes, Rob Presswell and others allow pedo teacher to continue abusing young girls at their Palmerston Primary school after not investigating properly. Presswell and pedo pressure teachers and parents who made complaints.

      SILENCE from dept CEO Vicki Baylis, Hayes friend Marion Guppy and all of NTGOVT.

      There is no rebranding, its more of the same business as usual.

    • Create a New Business Profile says:

      Silence, do not engage, do not comment and the CLP cannot point fingers. It will blow over and besides there will bigger scandals. Ken will get the boys on the roof of Don Dale tonight or let culture be used as an excuse to allow rape. He should be called Ken Canola, for those not in the know Canola is another name for Rape Seed.
      So a pissy 19K contract for Hayes is nothing to sweep away. And he will get more contracts. All he has to do is use his pee brain and register a new business name and get a new ABN without using his name.

  66. Glad You Have Him in NT says:

    No surprises. The habit of a lifetime. The only news is the exposure. About time.

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