Teaching in the Territory: Hylton Hayes: ‘Coffees for Contracts’ Eva Lawler & Michael Gunner jobs for their mates – Part 2

Part 2 of Hylton Hayes & Eva Lawler ‘Coffees for Contracts’ scandal

Boundless Corruption & Incompetents

Boundless Incompetents



Thanks to people such as Hylton Hayes and Eva Lawler our country and especially the Northern Territory is being perceived as more corrupt. Sure we love a sunburnt country but one free of the stench of corruption. And it all boils down to values. Australia is supposedly a country that is built on something called mateship and the fair go but is this really true?

A few years ago we watched an interesting video about a World War Two digger who talks about his wartime experiences in Timor. It was an interesting story and one that we at Cardfightback found really touching. The story has the whole kit, the will to live, help from strangers and his survival. And as Australians with similar values to that digger we were proud that he had defended Australia and survived despite his ordeal.

In 1943 The Daily News in Perth Western Australia expressed a similar opinion.

The Daily News Friday 29 January 1943 page 7 (Perth)

Was Left For Dead In Timor

Ambushed by Japanese in Timor, fired on, bayoneted, left for dead, Private Keith Hayes, of Perth, is still alive to tell the tale.

And what a tale he has to tell-of Japanese ferocity; of native courage and loyalty; of comradely generosity.

Many of my team colleagues at CFB have been constantly holding me back from taking a more personal look into the morals and values of the people who constantly churn through the blog. I think morals and values are really important. They simply would not believe me it was the same Hayes, that is why I had to get photos.

Now back to our digger, a young man back in the days of WW2 fighting to defend Australia against the Empire of Japan and the other Tripartite Pact signatories. What was he fighting for? Usually there will answers like freedom, tyranny, a fair go or democracy. Not usually surprising answers. But the digger believes in a fair go not doing dodgy stuff.

To my shock I later discovered that this digger was the father of Hylton Hayes. I was gobsmacked, taken aback in disbelief, how could this be? But alas it is true.  Check out the same insipid rodent-like look on his face:


What happened to the fair go and other great Australian values? It is not the fair go but who you know. Something went wrong back in Perth during the 1950’s and 60’s during young Hylton Hayes’s formative years. Perhaps he was bullied at school or never got that good flogging he really deserved around the back of the toilet block. Whatever something really went wrong from the generation of the digger to young Hylton.

Taking short cuts, getting away with things and turning a blind eye were all part and parcel of the life of the remote teacher in mid- 1970’s Western Australia. Young Hylton was in his element eventually being his own boss and getting rapidly promoted even though he probably did not deserve to be and he had got away with a host of things. He was on the up, he was doing virtually what he wanted and to boot getting away with it all. His motto, fuck you I am alright and I will ensure that you are royally fucked. And what might seem a joke his initials are HRH. Certainly he was using those initials back in the 1960’s but a class mate from the era swears blind that he deliberately changed the order of his names to get those initials.

By the time he reached Ross Park he was up to every trick in the book. Was he really the great principal he is painted to be a few? It seem he was not. There were a string of complaints from parents and a couple of scandals. He really needed a change as things has started to develop cracks and it so happened that a Margaret Banks had become CEO of the NT Department of Education he knew Margaret from way back.

Like a lone horse in a million hectares he could run free but in reality ran amok.

And it boils down to the values that he does not have.

Just a few pointers:

A principal slaps a teacher. The teacher makes a complaint to Hayes. He does nothing. What should he have done was contacted the police.

A principal makes threats to her staff. A complaint was made to Hayes. He contacts his superior telling another story then places all of the staff complaining on performance plans. He should have suspended the principal immediately.

A teacher complains about misconduct by other teachers in a school. Hayes instructs the school principal to put the teacher who complains on a performance plan and tells the principal about a closed police investigation involving the teacher which the principal tries to open again.

A teacher applies for leave and it is granted she is 22 years old and not actually entitled to the leave but Hayes approves it but a week later denies a 54 year female leave she is entitled to.

A teacher is accused of sexual like conduct with students; a teacher is concerned about the behaviour of this teacher. Instead of making a mandatory report or suspending the teacher under investigation immediately Hayes gets the principal of the school to investigate.  Teacher goes on to abuse other kids.

Hayes based in two regions in the NT and at no time during his tenure did attendance ever increase because of anything he did. Why? Simple he does not have any skill with communities, families or children. He does not actually engage with people. He pretends to engage but only superficially and when it starts to go wrong he pretends to be a man of the people (mucking in, helping out but it is never genuine).

I guess back in the 1940’s there were also sherkers who profited from their cronies while others did the fighting.




‘An entitled, delusional and egotistical so-called contractor’

Hylton Hayes is a consultant only in name. His association with Eva Lawler is the driving force behind his business model. And it is a model that apparently works well. Mr Hayes like so many political sycophants is nothing but an entitled, delusional and egotistical so-called contractor.  But being friends with the Minister responsible means you don’t have to care about your obvious lack of ability or experience.

The Australian Government spends millions of dollars each year either fighting corruption or advising other countries about the virtues of good governance yet at home we are doing the exact opposite.

The Northern Territory has the highest rate of corruption per capita in Australia. The Gunner Government despite bringing in an ICAC continues the traditions of the previous Giles lead CLP Government. The pigs certainly have their noses in the public trough.

The situation with Hayes may be totally legal but corruption is all pervasive and whilst something may be strictly legal it does mean that it is right. There are always jokes about Masonic handshakes but the situation in the NT is no joke.

There must be transparency and there must be open tender processes, not let’s call a mate and hire them. What about other educational consultants? What about value for money? And our politicians either engage in this behaviour or turn a blind eye to it.

Mr Hayes is being called out because he apparently believes in taking shortcuts to get what he wants while others follow the rules. Yet this same Mr Hayes expects everyone else to play by the rules. Your silence is telling Hylton!  (And your wife’s pussy puddle is still funny!)  🙂 🙂 🙂

More coming very soon…….

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24 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: Hylton Hayes: ‘Coffees for Contracts’ Eva Lawler & Michael Gunner jobs for their mates – Part 2

  1. We Are Doing Fine says:

    Well things seem to be all good. Promotions are going great.www.hhcnt.wordpress.com
    ; http://www.hyltonhayes.wordpress.com and http://www.susieandhyltonhayes.wordpress.com


    Diggers wore the Rising Sun emblem. Yet the Sun may be Setting on our favorite son Hylton Hayes. The rumor mill is always rife will tales of this and that, on good authority it is said that Hayes misses the roar of the charter plane engine and the opportunity to pay fleeting visits as the visiting Maharaja to impoverished Aboriginal Communities.
    With no reputation and only the largesse of friends, Mr Hayes is Stuck in Fannie Bay. Ain’t that a kick in the head, how lucky can one guy be………
    As Eva said “look Hylton go on a long holiday to Bali”

    • blabnt says:

      By no means is this slimy practice – featuring lobbyists and corporate consultants to analyze the news without disclosing their glaring conflicts of interest – unique to Hylton Hayes or these named media outlets. Quite the contrary: it is a NT Education Department-wide practice that is as scummy, pervasive and unethical as it is ignored.


    Seems Maree Garrigan has got jealous of not being in the limelight and has made a few strategic leaks (And no Susie you don’s have copyright on the word leak). Secret board, elephant in the room Education Minister Selena Uibo and Maree Garrigan what a combo.
    Once again it is all about following rules, having standards and being decent people. On the flip side these same people do everything to wreck the lives of innocent teachers. Funny that.
    Message to Selena Uibo – enter politics be prepared to held responsible. And on another issue the TRB has never been independent it is a puppet of DoE, the star chamber.
    Why not put Hylton Hayes in charge of a review of the TRB!

    • Lies, lies and more lies. says:

      Yes the NT TRB is just another arm of the NT DoE.
      Just look at who has been in charge of the TRB and their connections with senior staff of DoE as well as Minister Lawler.
      It seems that when the NT govt is at risk its solicitors not only direct the DoE & the TRB to deny adverse reports, but also help to block FOI requests.
      There are plenty of examples where an employee has faced false allegations and bullying by senior staff, yet the DoE & TRB acted together in denying teachers natural & procedural justice.
      So why did the TRB not interview the DoE employees who witnessed Jeff Parker threaten that little boy with his cattle prod?
      What did the TRB & the Police do with the photograph of the little girl taped to her desk?
      Yes, when the NT govt/TRB/DoE want they convienently forget their own rules & community standards.
      Someone needs to ask the TRB what findings they made against Parker and why they did not interview the witnesses to the cattle prod incident?
      The fact is there were employees who witnessed Parker threaten that little boy with an electric cattle prod.
      When the National press came to town for the 50th ‘Walk Off’ celebrations he was finally removed so he couldnt embarrass DoE.
      He was transferred to the Katherine regional office and six months later promoted to principal at Clyde Fenton School in Katherine.
      During his 6 months in the Katherine office it seems his role was to use his time to write a 50 page malicious and defamatory complaint to the NT TRB about the teacher who reported him.
      Maybe the NT TRB would like to explain why that complaint was not acted on?
      Would that be because Parker not only lied, but in his malicious act of vengence he referenced to much documentation that the NT govt could not allow to be disclosed?
      Maybe the NT DoE would like to explain why this teacher’s complaint about Parker’s malicious complaint was rejected?
      Maybe Marion Guppy could explain why in a Fair Work Australia hearing, she and the NT govt claimed Parker’s bullying of this teacher was just reasonable performance management?
      Maybe Marion Guppy would like to explain how it was she found this teacher bullied Parker, yet some months later Parker quietly withdrew the false grievance that Guppy had relied on?
      Would that be because the evidence this teacher put foward demonstrated that Parker had lied to her?
      Maybe Guppy would like to explain why she has never withdrawn those findings?
      Maybe Guppy might also like to explain why she found this teacher had allegedly defamed Parker despite her being in possession of witness statements about Parker and his cattle prod?
      Maybe Marion Guppy would like to explain why she engaged a high profile legal firm to contend this teacher challanging her adverse findings at the Public Sector Appeals Board?
      Maybe Guppy would like to explain why she instructed this high profile legal firm to stop other witness statements being put before the PSAB that refute the false allegations made against this teacher?
      Oh my, and these people are responsible for the education of our children! Yes there is a definate lack of moral guidance in NT education and government.


    Meanwhile in his Fannie Bay “mansion” a certain lowlife lays low. Wonder if he knew of the classroom crims? Will he be joining their infamous ranks? I am sure that more adventures await and I hope that the bureacraps in DoE up to their necks in complaints.

  5. VALUES LOST says:

    I have a soft spot for diggers, enjoy a game of two up and have been to many ANZAC Marches. What really pisses me off are those who want to rip the system off and even then they cannot do that properly because they are so up themselves. No wonder that Government Coach mentioned those strange muscles and ligaments.


    I’M loving it. Couple of points: 1. Ever notice Ken Davies’s right eye, as things get worse in Territory Families his right eye gets smaller and 2. The NT is the corruption capital of Australia. I think a survey should be done of perceptions of corruption in the NT just to prove the point.
    There are lessons for those who think taking shortcuts, using mates, cheating or the odd backward handshake are the ways to go. It is great while it lasts but imagine being outed. To those outed on this blog my message is “tough titties”. Go and get some standards.

    • His Royal Lowness says:

      who needs stndards when you’re personal friends with Minister Eva Lawless

      • His Royal Lowness says:

        and who needs standards when you’re in a sitting Government, right Eva? Fuck the voters I’ll just do whatever I like and call on my little Education HQ helpers to announce it to everyone (Vicki Clueliss and Marion Grubby).


    Corrupt People are like household pests or parasites. They have to be eliminated from the system.
    When we have worms we take tablets and when have cockroaches we spray them.



    Yeh, so Haysey is out after trying to pull his big one. An yeh, Eva is find it tough going with a rupture of the bulbospongiosus. But yeh the team is as hopeless as usual.


    Look I mean our main boy, phoo, Hylton, he’s pulled his Fundiform Ligament and will out for most of the season possibly next year as well. Look he may never play again.


    Do you know an incompetent or irrational actor? (actor in a general sense) Such actors must be incapacitated. Lets regulate the likes of HHC out.


    I live in the NT. I have trust deficit syndrome. Public sector here is dodgy.

  12. Lineup of suspects says:

    What a line up of mugshots.
    Vicki from Qld, says bullying no way in her funny photo, but does the opposite to staff.
    The naughty chief of police.
    Eva who told parliament what a great help little Hylton was to her campaign and what a great friend he has been. Big mistake Eva.
    Hlyton, Hylton Hylton your nothing but a bully, time to hang up your boots and go away pal.
    Marion the ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ principal who nominated Hylton for an educators award while she knew about his email bullying of a teacher. Marion you are a disgrace to your profession.
    Good old Ken the good guy, remember that little speeding incident in a local school zone Ken.
    What’s her name? You know the naughty travel agent who hooked up with the naughty police chief.
    She defrauded NT taxpayers and he tried to make the investigation go way while he enjoyed a relationship with her.
    Selina who ???????
    And finally the king of the NT bureaucratic gene pool, good old Mick.
    Remember how he wants to change the image of the NT and make a treaty with indigenous folk, yet his govt fights Don Dale Royal Commission findings and disputes settlement with Timber Creek community after their land was stolen by the NT govt.

    • Boundless Laughing says:

      Selena…..whatshername. That famous……eh……famous……teacher of a few yrs. First yr out at Casuarina SC then to Numbulwar where she made a shop for secondary students. Wow-wee! What a political heavyweight!


      Can’t stop laughing at Eva Lawless, losing your Education portfolio to Selena whatshername the Numbulwar classroom puppet.


        Yet another educational expert! She should have Hylton Hayes as her advisor. The dream team. Another LABOR FAILURE.

  13. high beam says:

    What a great site this is.
    Shining a bright spotlight on these public sector officers and their behaviours.
    Come on folks keep on sharing your experiences and opinions.


    Our PM just stated that Tony Abbott is dealing with school attendance. So why do we need Hylton Hayes?

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