Teaching in the Territory: NT GOV knows paedophilia in NT schools is not new. SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

A Guest Opinion Post.

Look at this Dripstone High School briefing note from 1993:

Greg Knights

Sounds very similar to a situation involving a teacher ‘BD’ who was touching the thigh of a female student during a school excursion sleepover approximately 10 years after Mr Knights.

After a slap on the wrist ‘BD’ went on to keep touching and washing the legs of young girls in his class later in his NT teaching career. Protection of him in a criminal trial was financially assisted by the NT Education Union (and covered up by them)

What did NT Department of Un-Education learn from the Greg Knights paedophile situation? Nothing.

(‘BD’ was initially only given a letter telling him not to do it again) SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

What did NT Department of Un-Education do when they found out Leanyer Primary School principal Dr Anne Tonkin had installed a secret camera in a classroom which recorded all the children there? Nothing.

(after being found out Dr Anne Tonkin ran away very quickly to Victoria, Department of Un-Education covered it all up) SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

What did NT Department of Un-Education learn when dealing with paedophile teacher ‘BCD’? Nothing.

(after the shit hit the fan, principal, friend and supporter of ‘BCD’ Rob Presswell too ran away mid-school year Interstate very quickly) SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

What have NT Department of Un-Education learned with the latest school employee who raped little girls during school time? Nothing.

(read below after this post)


Cardfightback recommends everyone watch the new Michael Jackson doco called ‘Leaving Neverland’ to see a great example of child abuse and grooming hiding in plain sight.

MJ holding hands

Paedophiles, teachers, and the NT GOV Shuffle

For NT GOV, the Department of Un-Education paedophilia problem is nothing more than a plot to smear the good friends of those in power in the Northern Territory.

With their silence, NT GOV treats stories about pedophile teachers and education workers with dismissive aplomb, as little more than defamation directed against the NT GOV. That stance remains strong to this day.

More and more sexual abuse of children in NT schools is slowly surfacing. Even when teachers are put on trial and found guilty the public must reluctantly acknowledge that NT GOV is not prepared to really deal with such transgressions. The paedophile teacher defence clubs spring into action pretty quickly, right Ruth Billeter?

Paedophile protectors such as Ruth Billeter are just as dangerous and should not be allowed to work in schools either. There will be many more like her: enablers of paedophile friends, always looking the other way, assisting in attacking those who raise awareness, gaslighting the brave people who speak up, helping their friends continue the abuse of children unencumbered by any adverse attention.

While NT paedophiles still enjoy a relatively safe haven in NT schools things are starting to break open. Today we unearth revelations going back decades. When will NT GOV and the Un-Education Department hierarchy take some responsibility for the shocking history of paedophilia in their schools?

We will revisit the 1993/94 paedophile scandal that rocked Dripstone High School thanks to the words of revered ex-principal Vicki Stokes published in a 2014 book (page 7 & 8) and available online at:


Ironic that Ken Dav-L-ies wrote the foreword but his NT Department of Un-Education while he was in charge still did not protect children in his care.

Not ironic that Michael Gunner moved him to Territory Families to continue his pattern of incompetence there, resulting in more child abuse. Same as the Catholic Church. Same as the NT GOV.
Protecting the Predators

As everyone now knows, for decades school superiors repeatedly chose to ignore complaints about dodgy teachers or principals (Max Agnew and Jeff Parker spring to mind immediately). In many instances, accused employees were quietly ignored while the people who complained about them were targeted instead. Sometimes they were bundled off to other schools where they could prey anew upon unsuspecting employees and sometimes students. This practice of denial and concealment has been so consistently pursued as to leave the impression of being a deliberate policy set by NT GOV lawyers and bureaucraps.

And indeed it has been. Unofficial instructions coming directly from the upper echelons of NT GOV have required every principal and regional director to keep matters secret as long as they can so that NT GOV lawyers can come in and assess the liability of NT GOV before making the matter public, if indeed they ever do. These instructions were themselves kept secret; the cover-up was itself covered up.

Meanwhile, the brave teachers and families who raised the complaints were treated like lepers. They were bounced around from body to body being ignored at every turn. When they refused to keep quiet they were threatened, sometimes by the NT Police themselves, sometimes by angry supporters on Facebook (which NT Police also ignored) and sometimes by powerful people in the schools where the teachers worked, such as principals who were friends of the child abusers.

Department of Un-Education spokesmen and women employ a vocabulary of ignorance and distraction. They treat the child rapist as a ghostlike figure while repeating the tired and emotionless mantra of “we take the safety of students to be our highest priority” or some other equally empty platitude.

While this approach might bring comfort to some families, it proves to be of little therapeutic efficacy when dealing with the darker appetites of paedophiles. A far more effective deterrent is the danger of getting caught and sent to prison. Absent any threat of punishment, the paedophile is restrained only by the limits of his own appetite and the availability of opportunities in NT schools, which are many.

A Law Unto Itself

NT Department of Un-Education leaders seem to conveniently forget that paedophilia is a criminal offence most times. Better to shoot the messenger instead of having to try and deal with the fallout should their friend be arrested for sexual abuse under their watch, right Runaway Principal Rob Presswell?

Unfortunately this dangerous disease of the mind is not confined to the NT. This principal was the one in charge of paedophile teacher Greg Knights in QUEENSLAND before he came to the NT to continue his child abuse in schools here.

Principal says child abuse not criminal

Schools repeatedly have made themselves accessories to the crime, playing an active role in obstructing justice, as if raping little children were just a weird hobby.

NT GOV lawyers tell employees not to talk. They offer hardly any proper assistance to young victims and their shaken families. We’ve been told they do the bare minimum to investigate to see if other children have been victimized by the same teachers or workers in schools. This is a pattern repeated over and over again. Directed from the top by NT GOV lawyers.

Just a Few Bad Apples?

Years ago the NT GOV hierarchy would insist that paedophilia in NT schools involved only a few bad apples and was being blown completely out of proportion. In private, Department of Un-Education employees regularly and scornfully denounce the media for “sensationalizing” the issue. The guilty and their accessories often direct more fire at news outlets for publicizing the crimes than at their own teachers for committing them.

See Nathan Barrett’s attack on the NT News for a perfect example of such comical behaviour. Cardfightback is also routinely attacked by NT GOV in this way for exposing the truth.

Have NT GOV lawyers or Department of Un-Education executives ever met with victims to voice any apologies or regrets regarding sex crimes against their children and the cover-ups which kept it secret for years? Any public comments to reassure families and voters?

Not that we know of, quite the opposite in fact. MORE SILENCE. SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

Is this a new phenomenon in NT Schools?
Of course not and NT GOV have known about it for many years. Enter Vicki Stokes and the Dripstone paedophilia scandal of 1993/94. Here is just a taste:

During my leadership at Dripstone I had to address issues involving paedophilia. As the result of some harsh experiences, I would advocate that any aspiring Principal take the time to read about the manipulative power of paedophiles in order to protect children from monsters who may target schools; regardless of the colour of the cards staff need to carry.”


The Department and NT GOV seems determined to learn nothing from its transgressions, preoccupied as it is with avoiding legal action, bad publicity and victim blaming.

Really Not All that Serious

There are two ways we can think of child rape as being not a serious problem, and the NT GOV hierarchy seems to have embraced both these positions. First, paedophilia is not that serious if it involves only a few isolated and passing incidents. Second, an even more creepy way of downplaying the problem: child molestation is not all that damaging or that important. At worst, it is regrettable and unfortunate; it might greatly upset the child, but it certainly is not significant enough to cause unnecessary scandal and ruin the career of an otherwise great principal or regional director who claimed not to know at the time.

It is remarkable how thoroughly indifferent the NT GOV bigwigs have been toward the abused children and their families.

They claim it their duty to protect “every child” but offer little to no meaningful protection to the children in NT schools. It’s been this way for years and years as Vicki Stokes’s comments show us.

The damage done to sexual victims continues to go deliberately unnoticed by NT GOV bureaucraps: the ensuing years of depression, drug addiction, alcoholism, panic attacks, sexual dysfunction, and even mental breakdown and suicide-all these terrible aftereffects of child rape seem to leave principals, NT GOV lawyers and Education Ministers more or less unruffled, especially when SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING is the official response.

Circling the Wagons
NT GOV should cooperate fully in the first instance as soon as a complaint is made, with law enforcement authorities and stop obstructing justice by their SILENCE; it should ferret out abusive education workers and not wait until cases are publicized by others; and it should make available the NT GOV’s secret reports on suspected paedophile teachers in NT schools.

If we look back at what happened at Dripstone after Greg Knights was found guilty, we see a familiar pattern for NT GOV and the NT Department of Un-Education (usually Roger Newman does this job perfectly for them): investigate ourselves, find nothing wrong, it’s not out fault, unsubstantiated.


We guess there’s an exact same report for Driver Primary School kicking around somewhere.

The NT Teacher Registration Board which is just another arm of the Department of Un-Education must do more too. More secrecy is not helping anyone Maree Garrigan. But Maree is just there to help deflect any blame from her Un-Education friends, we all know that. Well nearly all of us, Jarvis Ryan is still playing catch up with that kind of stuff.

We must personally and collectively declare that we very much doubt the veracity of the Education Minister and her friends in the Department of Un-Education. It is beginning to become evident that for decades, if not longer, NT GOV leadership covered up the abuse of children and minors to protect its institutional image and the image of its Un-Education Department.

We here at Cardfightback have severe doubt about claims of innocent ignorance. If by any slimmest of chances Vicki Baylis or Eva Lawler or Ken Dav-L-ies or whoever was in charge at the time and all their underlings didn’t know–they all should resign on the basis of sheer and complete ignorance, incompetence, and irresponsibility.

Children are not safe in NT schools as this recent child rape case has once again shown us, it’s time we really did something about that.

Maybe we need a vocal parents organization to take the fight directly to the ballot box? We could do much better than our current crop of incompetent politicians. Let’s get active! Move off Facebook and into the real life world of protecting our children.

The Eva Lawlers, Vicki Baylis-es, Selena Uibos and Ken Dav-L-ies are not able or willing to do it for us and should lose their jobs. At the very least have some integrity and resign.


CFB Team

Refusing to keep quiet.

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34 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: NT GOV knows paedophilia in NT schools is not new. SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

  1. Daz says:

    It’s a long, long time ago. I was a student at Dripstone from 1990-92. Greg Knight was my
    (shit) music teacher and was at the time universally known as a kiddy fiddler amongst us students back then and it became something of a joke to be honest. And it sure wasn’t any surprise to hear a year on that he was accused and convicted as such. Various students before hand made accusations but they were told to go away by senior teachers. To be fair to Vicki Stokes, some apportion of responsibility should come down on the previous Principle of the school (R Bucknall) Because most of Knights extra curricular activities were going on before Stokes came along.

  2. Parker the fake says:

    Yes lets hear from Vicki and while she is at it she might like to explain how Jeff Parker got a promotion after the TRB found he acted unethically at Kalkarinji School in 2015.
    Check out his current stance on children leaving school without permission in the latest Clyde Fenton School newsletter.
    Funny he is now worried about children running away from school after he previously chased a young student away from school with his so called lookalike cattle prod. Parker you are a fake.

    • Cattle prod policy says:

      Parker’s (week four cfs newsletter) attempt to be seen as a caring principal is as fake as he is.
      How long will it be before the old Parker brings out another appliance/crowd control device to intimidate students and families to conform to his edicts?

  3. Enablers of abusers go to jail too! Yippee!!!! says:
  4. Where is jarvis says:

    Where oh where is Jarvis?
    If the PFAS pollution and Jeff Parker the Cattle Prod Principal were not enough to discourage teachers from living in the backwater of Katherine then Michael Gunners decision to remove teacher housing subsidies must be the final straw!
    Come on Jarvis a Labor govt removing this subsidy is akin to the Coalition removing weekend penalty rates.
    Jarvis you are a sham and so is your union.
    Ubio is also a sham just another token blackfella politician.

      • What has Vicki got to say says:

        Good try Jarvis, but lets see you in person standing up to your labor party mates like Lawler and Fyles.
        Before they entered politics wern’t they good union members?
        What about Eva who likes to be photographed with you and Ubio?
        What a bloody sham the NT Labor party and the NT AEU are.

      • Jarvis you are a fake says:

        Jarvis Ryan a teacher doing a job he is not qualified for nor is is he fit for.
        A union organiser is supposed to be a servant for his members not a servant for his masters.

  5. BlowTheWhistle says:

  6. BlowTheWhistle says:

  7. Your Right To Know says:

    We have a right to know what our government is doing in our name. We have a right to know whether the government is covering up crimes. We have a right to know when—and why—those government employees who commit employment crimes or crimes against our kids are not being prosecuted. The mainstream media doesn’t challenge those in power enough, with the exception of Chris Walsh and Craig Dunlop. But Cardfightback and TransparentNT does.

  8. Chally says:

    “Shaking up the status quo by challenging power relations and prosecuting those with total impunity is undeniably a first step towards justice.”

    *high five!

  9. Truth Teller says:

    We hold the NT Education Union, especially the lap dogs like Stephen Pelizzo, Adam Lampe and Jarvis Ryan, responsible for the NT Department of Education’s policies and behaviour.

    The NT Department of Education will continue to brazenly violate the rights of teachers and employment law for as long as the education community will continue to reward the Department and its worst bullies with impunity.

    Your Union is not fighting for your rights, teachers, they are just pretending, in order to ingratiate themselves with those muppets in power in the backwater that is the NT GOVT.

  10. BlowTheWhistle says:


    C-uNT E-nd O-roficer

    1. Clear Learning Intentions and Success Criteria:
    Students achieve better results when they understand what it is they are meant to be learning and what it looks like if they are successful. If they know where they are going it is more likely that they will end up there WHERE ! Visible learners see themselves, peers and teachers as co-teachers and co-learners.

    2. Descriptive Feedback:
    Feedback that moves student learning forward and helps students know what to do next to improve their learning.

    3. Formative Assessment:

    Formative assessment strategies are used to collect evidence of achievement to identify where our learners are, where they need to go and how to get them there.


    • Croc of shit says:

      What a croc of shit baylis is.
      Did she get a kickback for that shoe promotion ?
      What has she got to say about her department not providing for the needs of special needs students?

      • SHHHHHH NOTHING says:


        • Vicki Baylis: SILENT CU in the NT says:

          How about apologizing for the continued rape of school kids in your NT schools Vicki Baylis?

          • Parker the fake says:

            Yes lets hear from Vicki and while she is at it she might like to explain how Jeff Parker got a promotion after the TRB found he acted unethically at Kalkarinji School in 2015.
            Check out his current stance on children leaving school without permission in the latest Clyde Fenton School newsletter.
            Funny he is now worried about children running away from school after he previously chased a young student away from school with his so called lookalike cattle prod. Parker you are a fake.

    • Vicki Baylis supports Hylton Hayes Coffees for Contracts says:

      Your the april FOOL Vicki Baylis/Ms ChokesOnDick! : https://cardfightback.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/3-amigas.jpg

      Your whole Department is a CROC OF SHIT.

  12. The only lever that you can use to force domestic change in the Public Sector sewer of the Northern Territory is to put it under the international gaze.


    • The truth will set you free! says:

      One Nation NRA scandal: Calm down, Pauline. It’s called journalism

      Every journalist has done it at one time or another.

      Set up a fake Facebook profile to get your way into a group that might have good information. Called a restaurant pretending to be a guest registering a dietary requirement for an event, when you’re actually just trying to confirm that it’s happening.

      Of course, it’s not always that easy but if a journalist isn’t already following up a lead or using information from a whistle blower, sometimes they have to get creative. Which raises an interesting ethical dilemma: where is the line between reporting on a story and creating one?

      We saw it this week with the explosive investigation by Al Jazeera into One Nation and its links to the gun lobby in the United States. Investigative reporter Rodger Muller spent three years as an undercover journalist, carefully creating an identity as an Australian gun advocate. In an article, timed with the release of his documentary ‘How To Sell A Massacre’, Rodger Muller describes how he was originally recruited to infiltrate the NRA.

      Rodger Muller says he was then asked by Al Jazeera to contact Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, to find out if any connections already existed between One Nation and the US gun lobby. While they didn’t before, with Rodger Muller’s help they soon would.

      He writes: “When I approached One Nation Chief of Staff James Ashby and mentioned my NRA connections, he told me he wanted to visit the US to meet them. I set up meetings in Washington and soon Ashby and One Nation’s Steve Dickson were on a flight to the US.”

      One Nation has accused Muller of entrapment, saying, “Al Jazeera are a state owned propaganda arm of the Qatari government that supports Islamic Extremist groups and are not a legitimate media organisation.” While they’ve further accused them of foreign interference in the lead up to the election, there’s nothing new about journalists infiltrating organisations to report on a greater story.

      The horrors of the slave trades of the 1880s were first brought to light by writer George Morrison, who worked on a ship for a month where he witnessed, and facilitated, the horrific trade.

      More recently, News of the World’s undercover reporter Mazher Mahmood has claimed to have secured more than 100 convictions in elaborate stings, often disguised as a ‘sheik’, leading to his nickname the “fake sheik”. He’s responsible for breaking huge stories including a spot-fixing scam in the Pakistan cricket team and Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson selling access to her former husband Prince Andrew. In 2016 he was sentenced to 15 months in prison after being found guilty of tampering with evidence in relation to the collapsed drug trial of a British pop star.

      German reporter Gunter Wallraff is revered and heavily criticised for his work assuming the roles of marginalised people including alcoholics, the homeless and most controversially a black man. He became so notorious the Swedish invented a word in his honour: ‘Wallraffa’, meaning to expose misconduct from the inside by assuming a role.

      Is it honest work? No. But what can be more honest than the truth?

      And the truth is if Rodger Muller had walked into the office of almost any other member of parliament he would have undoubtedly been shown the door.

  13. Lead by example says:

  14. The King of Grooming: Michael Jackson says:

    “I’m shocked by those who still won’t accept Michael Jackson as abuser”
    Dan Reed: The director of Leaving Neverland on the polarised reaction to his landmark film.

    Leaving Neverland has been seen by his many wild-eyed defenders as a “j’accuse” aimed at the legacy of Michael Jackson. It is not. It is a detailed, four-hour study of the psychology of child sexual abuse, told through two ordinary families who were groomed for 20 years by a paedophile masquerading as a trusted friend. It’s a mask that is often used by predators, whether a priest, a teacher, an uncle. This time the man behind the mask just happened to be Michael Jackson.

    I had only a foggy idea about all this before starting work on the film. The complex, counter-intuitive and repugnant truths of child sexual abuse that Wade Robson, James Safechuck and their families have courageously unravelled on camera came as a shock to me.

    In particular, the repellent but undeniable fact that a powerful attachment often forms between the predator and the child, who experiences the adult’s sexual advances not as abuse, but quite the opposite: as love. Equally disturbing to any parent is the child’s subsequent urge to shelter the abuser from parents or police. This misplaced loyalty often persists into adulthood, even though the adult knows by now that child sexual abuse is a crime. “I felt anointed,” as Wade puts it.

    And then there’s the fear of consequences. “Michael told me we’d go to jail for the rest of our lives,” said Wade, describing a conversation that he had at Neverland when he was seven, but was repeated many times. The combined weight of love, shame and fear can lead to a lifetime of silence. The psychological strain of keeping the secret corrodes the soul, resulting in depression, feelings of worthlessness, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts. And the victim doesn’t connect these symptoms with the childhood sexual relationship. I am no psychotherapist but this all started to make a dreadful kind of sense to me. As James observed poignantly in a recent interview: “Your whole childhood is a lie.”

    And here is the saddest truth of all. We trust our children to warn us of any unwelcome physical contact by an adult. But what if – sickening though it sounds – they do enjoy it, and do feel special? Oprah Winfrey, herself a survivor of child sexual abuse, goes so far as to say that child sexual abuse is a misnomer; it should be called “child sexual seduction”. When Wade tells his mother that Jackson molested him, she turns to him: “How could you not have told me?” Wade chokes up as he describes this. “That’s a really complicated question,” is all he can manage to say.

    Wade was in love with Jackson and cherished that relationship even more than the bond with his mother. That situation persisted for years. It wasn’t until after he became the father of a little boy that Wade “woke” and began to look for a way out of the accursed mental Neverland he’d entered 22 years earlier.

    Everything about child sexual abuse is complicated, but that’s where the documentary form comes into its own. I’ve always believed that less is more and shorter is better, but what I realised – as the talented editor Jules Cornell and I put together the story over many months – was that this anatomy of two families’ ordeals demanded a far bigger canvas than any other story I’d tackled in my years of presenting complex stories of trauma through intimate personal testimony. This one takes four hours to tell and, until you’ve watched all of it, you’re in the dark about whether to believe James and Wade or not. Few who have watched it without prejudice are left in any doubt by the end.

    By contrast, the counter-narrative from the Jackson camp has been aggressively reductive. “It’s all about the money,” they intone every time a new accuser emerges. This time though, there’s a second cudgel their legal and propaganda machine is using to beat the children that Jackson raped.

    Wade was the first defence witness in the 2004/5 criminal trial of Michael Jackson. His testimony helped to acquit the King of Pop of molesting Gavin Arvizo, a child cancer survivor. Wade states in my film that he had perjured himself because he could not bear to see Jackson, the man he loved, go to jail. Telling the truth was out of the question. He had never told a soul, not even his mother. So the Jackson camp now call him an admitted liar. This argument falls apart when you apply even the merest dusting of common sense. Was he lying then? Or is he lying now? You can’t have it both ways.

    The evidence of perjury of course comes from Wade himself. Part two of the documentary leads all but the most hard-bitten fan to an understanding of why he lied then, and is telling the truth now.

    The charge that James and Wade are in it for money is equally flimsy. In 2013, Wade (joined later by James in a separate, but similar case) launched a lawsuit against Jackson’s estate, claiming that Jackson’s business associates knew he was molesting little boys but turned a blind eye. Their cases were dismissed on technical grounds, but the judge made no ruling on the validity of the abuse claims. The cases have both gone to appeal.

    So where will this “gold” come from? The answer is that Wade and James would have to win it in a hotly contested court battle. A jury would have to weigh up evidence – of which there is plenty – and decide that their claims were valid. And damages would then be awarded against the Jackson estate. Some people would call that justice. The most extraordinary thing in all this is that no one denies that Jackson took little boys to his bed, night after night, for many, many years. What did his family and business associates think he was doing with these little boys behind a locked door? Did they believe he was actually a child in the body of a man and therefore somehow needed to sleep with little boys? That makes no sense if you think about it for more than a second.

    Why has it taken 30 years for Jackson to be unmasked? Here in the UK we were all asking the same question after Jimmy Savile.

    The answer has something to do of course with the dazzling glare of celebrity and our instinctive deference to talent and wealth. But it also has a lot to do with collective ignorance. Joe Public – that includes me before making this film – has no idea what grooming by a predatory paedophile looks like. Why didn’t the kid go running to mummy as soon as he was groped? This is partly why so many victims take their shameful secret to their graves.

    Leaving Neverland is a humble attempt to change that, and light a beacon for those who, when the time is right, may wish to break their silence and confront their abuser, alive or dead.


  15. come on tabby says:

    A vocal parents organisation, wouldn’t COGSO be such an organisation?
    A quick search on facebook will demonstrate how Tabby likes to cuddle up to Politicians and CEO’s instead of ensuring those same Politicians and CEO’s actually protect the children in their care.

  16. Hannah Curran says:

    Very well written team…NT Government Education department go to Barrister Bronwyn Haack has many answers but won’t tell. I wasn’t allowed a copy of her ‘report’ which was about my case.

  17. Dont put up with them nt says:

    We can feel a trip back to Darwin for the next election coming up.
    There are many ways active people can influence elections in the NT.
    One that comes to mind was that lady who door knocked ‘Lenny the Lip’s’ electorate with devestating results for that moron from the Labor Party.
    Come on supporters of Cardfightback, get organised and prepare your resources. Car windows at shopping centres and letter box drops are a means to diseminate information.
    Follow the weekend tent campaigns with truth tents and loudspeakers to ensure voters get a balanced view of these sham politicians.

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