Teaching in the Territory: Boundless Bullying NT: we won’t give up until you commit suicide – thanx Craig Allen.




First to Useless Uibo….

Yingiya Mark Guyula is the BEST!!!



CFB thinks Yingiya Mark Guyula should be Education Minister, not Selena Uibo classroom teacher of nothing, hand holder of Jarvis Ryan, being paid for doing ZERO for Aboriginal language & culture.

Here he is asking questions about Eva Lawler’s best friend Hylton Hayes after Hayes was awarded a contract with no tenders for writing a report any first year out bush school teacher could write during their non-contact time:

Just to be clear:


He is a failed NT GOV bureaucrap who lost his job becoz he was rooting principal Lorraine Evans who worked under him in more ways than one (allegedly).


Read Yingiya’s questions & piss weak un-Education Dept answers here:


or the pdf is here: Aqst-428-Guyula-Hilton-Hayes-Consultancy


When NT kids are raped in her schools, whats the official statement from Selena Uibo? SHHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

When caught laughing & spending “assistant minister” tax payer money junkets to Canberra instead of making NT schools safe, whats the official response? SHHHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.


Thanx again Chris Walsh at ABC: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-03-30/taxpayer-funded-travel-for-territory-labor-backbenchers-revealed/10954716

When someone rightly calls u out on ur BOUNDLESS USELESS record as NT un-Education Minister, (Useless Uibo as NT Education Minister is almost as funny as Eva Lawler’s little lover boy Hylton ‘coffee for contracts’ Hayes Consultancy:


knowing anything about remote school attendance), whats the official response?



Crappy Uibo in the NT.

(Coincidentally an Aboriginal woman.)


Thankfully Craig Allen best friend of Government Clown Gary Barnes,


ex-boss of NT OCPE & responsible for the worst Public Service in Australia finally leaves NT.

Mr Allen, who has worked for the Territory Government for five years, has taken a job as deputy director-general of industrial relations in the Queensland public service.

He said his resignation was for “personal and family reasons”.

“I think the NT public service is a great public service. I think it’s time for a new person to come in and do that job,” he said.

This is Craig Allen’s NT Public Service, this is Craig Allen’s idea of how our Public Service should be:



“Welcome to the Northern Territory:

we won’t give up bullying you until you commit suicide”



Wilfully blind, incompetent NTPS vampire Craig Allen’s NT un-Education Department is no different.

Thanx Stephanie Zillman: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-25/nt-families-department-bullied-worker-before-suicide-coroner/10033402

Damning Coroner’s Report about NT Health Dept here: https://justice.nt.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/548075/D01782016-Paula-Schubert.pdf


No apology before you slipped away in the middle of the night Craig?

Of course not.

Ur not man enough for that.

Same old same old NT GOV response:


(but keep taking ur big fat NT GOV salaries while we’re all drowning in debt).


*Hat tip to Transparentnt.wordpress.com

Someone said Eva Lawless might be Chief Minister becoz she has a good mind.  Really?

Is that why the born & bred long time Territory education bureaucrap lost her life’s dream of being Minister for Education after less than 2 years?

ROTFL’CFBs’AO!!!!!!  bring back Adam Giles all is (nearly) forgiven.



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10 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: Boundless Bullying NT: we won’t give up until you commit suicide – thanx Craig Allen.

  1. whataboutbaylis says:

    Oh Eva you just dont get it do you?
    For those of us who had to stand by and watch you let bullies like Parker get away with threatening children with cattle prods, we now understand why.
    If you cant see what was wrong with your comments in that lift please consider the following.
    You were in a greater position of power because of your status, but you also apparently enjoyed the support of others in that lift, that is called mobbing Eva.
    Using the mob scenario to make unwanted jokes is bullying and given your vast experience in the education sector this is a damming indictment both on you personally and professionally.
    Unfortunately your behaviour seems to be a common behaviour in the NT Public Service. The suicide death of a long standing public servant after extensive bullying by senior staff comes readily to mind. Mr Gunner’s lack of action on this matter is not surprising given the inaction over the coroner’s report that staff bullying contributed that woman’s death.

    Shame on you people.

  2. Disgraced NT Education Director who asked about getting a gun licence to deal with a 'troublemaker' employee says:
  3. No money now mick says:

    What happened Eva, no facebook crap post on the fed election?
    Looks grim for NT Labor now, no fed labor to bail out their corrupt mates in the NT!
    We all know what happens next _ fracking take off!

  4. Another fraud says:

    Can’t wait to see Jarvis Ryan try and get in on the Hawk legacy!
    What a fake you are Jarvis.
    What line are you going to try and spin over the teachers of Katherine losing their housing subsidy?

  5. Another grubby politician says:

    Check out Lawler’s facebook page with her trying to get in on Bob Hawk’s legacy.
    Lawler is a fake labor politician and is a disgrace to the Australian Labor family.
    Lawler has clearly demonstrated on many occassions her lack of morals by protecting unethical behaviours of NT public sector officers like the teacher at Driver and Parker at Kalkarindji, unlike Hawk who acted on his convictions many times.
    That is why Australians loved him and that is why Lawler has to use social media and her Hwy campaigns to try and convince her electorate to keep her in her position.
    If she showed some moral fortitude and stood for something the electorate would reward her.
    Come on Eva what about your support for fracking and what about the PFAS scandal?
    No one believes fracking is OK for the health of the NT. Why are you supporting it? Well that would be so you can pay for the new school that you said was not needed in your electorate wouldn’t it Eva? Can’t have the Catholics getting a strong foot in your electorate can we!

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