Teaching in the Territory: says Eva Lawler & Hylton Hayes: it’s a ‘joke’ when we threaten you.



This is the NT Labor Party: Little Helpers Hylton Hayes’ Gun Violence ‘Jokes’ About Shooting his NT Department of Education Staff & Minister Eva Lawler’s ‘Jokes’ About Bashing Female Opposition Employees.

Shootings Are Real, They Are No Laughing Matter.


You’re A Bit Quiet There Now Natasha? (hint: more SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING this time)

When a perpetrator says sorry, it does not erase their actions,” Ms Fyles said at the time Mr Elferink said “he wanted to give her a slap”. “That was my workplace and I was bullied and I was threatened with a violent act. Yes our parliaments are robust and fiesty places but there is never an excuse to threaten violence.”

It seems the same set of standards do not apply if a Labor Member of parliament engages in similar actions. The same hypocrisy was shown by Labor in the Federal election when a key member of federal Labor Member Luke Gosling’s campaign team was responsible for an offensive meme linking his CLP opponent Kathy Ganley to the Ku Klux Klan. The perpetrator was lauded after Mr Gosling’s Federal election win. It’s time the Labor Government and its members live by the standards they demands of others.

Dont forget the Hylton Hayes & Eva Lawless “coffees for contracts” scandal reported by ABC News.  & Hylton sliming his way back into NT GOV somehow…..through his close friendship with Vicki Clueliss & Maree Garrigan (NT TRB, ex-Education bureacrap) maybe? – SEE PICS UNDERNEATH

Using her backdoor into his old rooting ground of Un-Education Department?

Enjoy some pics first. Later is coming the text…….

EL eat ur own words






HHow do you get a gun licence in the Territory






Education Department contract handed to friend of minister without undergoing tender process


Eva & Hylton coffees for contracts

Hello again Hylton, helping Eva:


There’s Hylton Hayes again, gunning for Gosling, friends with Michael Gunner, more special treatment for Labor crony mates:


Oh look, here’s Hylton again so close to that backdoor into Education:

vicki's backdoor aroma



Matt Cunningham,

we’ll answer your love of Eva soon:

Matt licking Eva's arse




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27 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: says Eva Lawler & Hylton Hayes: it’s a ‘joke’ when we threaten you.

  1. more people FIGHTING BACK! against corruption says:

    Democracy: The Fight Back


    Please support my investigation into data, disinformation and democracy

  2. let’s get the dirt out in the open so we can fight back says:

    Andrew Coulthard
    ‏ @AndrewCoulthard
    Replying to @Arfski @bones_andy and

    Same for me… it’s a pervasive evil. I accept that UK politics is a shit show across the board but let’s get the dirt out in the open so we can fight back.

  3. The fight back starts here says:

  4. Tony Sievers Fanny Club says:

    Every time I look at Tony Sievers’s stupid thumbs up I think of these asswipes:


  5. same says:


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  6. keep fighting! You're time will come! says:

    Another person who never gave up in her fight for justice…..finally sees her daughter’s killer in jail for 10 years. You go girl!

    Same as shithouse NT un-Education Dept: NO EFFORT TO INVESTIGATE.

    “His sentencing follows an 11-year battle for justice led by Scarlett’s mother, who said police made no effort to investigate what had happened.”


  7. Hylton's backdoor says:

  8. Ben and Jemima says:

    Pissing myself laughing at Eva getting some of her own medicine for a change.

    How many people working in NT Public Service are accused of bullying when they didn’t do it?
    Now you know what it feels like to have a small action blown out of proportion by everybody to make you look bad and label you a bully.
    This is what you and your pathetic rat infested Department of Education regularly did to employees they didn’t like. Guppy and Baylis are no different.

    Hylton Hayes did it for years, yet when he was caught conspiring and threatening to get a gun licence using official NT GOV emails you gave him a friendly slap on the wrist and then carried on regardless. Now he’s your best buddy with special mentions in your maiden Parliamentary speech! There you are Hylton, my mate Vicki will give you a no tender contract, you’re such a great friend.

    My wife and I really hope to see you voted out at the next election. Your whole political strategy seems to be: get my fat ugly face in as many photos as possible then flood Facebook with them.

    This is why people are leaving the NT in droves because of people like Eva Lawler and Hylton Hayes rorting the system in full view of everybody else.

    • Simon is also an incompetent says:

      What about old Simon at Charles Darwin, a good mate of NT Education Dept. How in the hell did he let a 21 million dollar black hole just creep up?
      Answer, like so many other senior public servants in the NT, he too seems to be an incompetent managing a public institution.
      Another question Simon might answer is, after participating in the Dagaragu Educational forum and hearing about the behaviour of the Cattle Prod Principal, what action did he take to alert the senior staff of NTDOE?

  9. Arse Lickers R US says:

    Hylton Hayes “A wonderful person” said Eva Lawler.

  10. Matt and Nicole turn a blind eye says:

    Poor Matt Cunningham at the NT News trying to make light of Eva Lawler’s bullying behaviour.
    Just like Eva, Matt it looks like you dont get it either.
    Do some research and discover for yourself what drives these behaviours.
    Just like shooting people, and threatening to shoot people (Mr Hayes), bullying comes from a position of power where one or more people use this power to hurt and control others.
    It was just a joke, I’m really a good person.
    Eva’s friend Nicole even tries to persuade us that Eva is not a bully by claiming Eva is the most beautiful person she knows. Sorry Nicole that wont work either.
    Matt if you of all people cant recognise that this kind of bullying is endemic in the NT Public Service then maybe you need to reevaluate your own personal outlook and ethos!
    Even better speak with people who have been bullied and find out the truth for yourself.

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