Who are we?

Who are we? We are you.

We are all of you teachers who have been fucked over by DoE, past and present. We are forming this collective to campaign for change, real change. We are not scared of your bully-boy tactics any more. It is our mission to help all of those teachers who think they are alone and can do nothing against The Big DoE Machine. We will give you the tools and the confidence to stand up for yourselves. Our combined knowledge, experience and expertise in this area is more than capable of empowering everyone for the good of education as a whole in the NT.

There are lots of little tyrants out there running around under a cloak of disciplinary immunity getting away with all sorts of immoral and unethical behaviour. We all know who they are.  It is our mission to expose them and the people protecting them. We will fight for the small man, the man at the bottom of the heap. We will fight those bullies in their Ivory Tower who happily shit on you from their air-conditioned offices with the stroke of a pen, an unanswered email, a well-placed lie and a poisonous phone call behind the scenes.  Don’t worry, we know ALL the tactics.

Too many  bitter and broken teachers.  The money spent on protecting bullies while attacking victims is well into the millions of dollars.  Think how much more functional education in the NT could be, if instead of trying to smash those who challenge the entrenched sense of entitlement Govt bureaucrats seems to have, all that time and energy was better channelled into looking after, not going after, teachers and educators.  What a novel idea.

Think you will be forever protected,  petty dictators and tiny totalitarians alike?

Think again.

Stand up.  Speak up.  Fight back.

Expect us.

Email us with your stories and documents: cardfightback@tuta.io



Workplace Bullying jacket 2015.cleaned

A generous reader shared their book with us.  Its a fantastic book to read & for help with your legal cases against NT GOV.  You can download it in 2 parts, click on the links:

part 1: Part 1

part 2: Part 2

20 Responses to Who are we?

  1. DB says:

    FYI, the NT News is covering up for some of the shenanigans this site is exposing. There is a cover up of union misdeeds getting in the way of workers needing help. Get a list of NT News journos, as well as from the other media outlets, and keep it handy. When Labor wins the NT election, see who gets a plum advisers job in State Square. Another reason is the NT News will get extra revenue from additional job advertising the current government cut back on when there is a change of government. Your tax dollars will be used to pay for favourable articles in the NT News.
    Please be aware and look after yourself and your work mates.

  2. RealityFrights says:

    Recommended reading/viewing for teachers contemplating a bush (or urban?) role should be Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now!

    Art imitates life? Quite sorely…

    The capacity of Education ‘managers’ to create their own versions of reality and vindictively screw others over is a terrible and continuing fact for many other employees.

    Furthermore, Education Ministers – past and present, have done little to reform the top heavy and compliance-based approach.

    Bravo the CFB team!

  3. help needed says:

    Hi, how do I contact the admins of this site? I need to find out some information about a manager mentioned on this site who has moved to another state and is repeating the same pattern of destructive behaviour

  4. Wow! Glad I was referred to this page, but don’t forget the admin staff that have also been F#&@ED over😒

  5. Stephen Ferguson says:

    Just an extra folks. As the publisher of this site I really encourage you to post stuff here. I am fearless and brave and will dish the shit on all those fuckers!

    • #whatFOI? says:

      Did u know the NT information legislation leaves it up to individual agencies on how an FOI is conducted?
      In the case of Education, persons named in an FOI request are responsible to furnish details of say their email archive. This leaves a question mark around the transparency of the process and surely is not a best-practice approach.
      This is NOT true freedom of information and leaves the door open for corrupting the free flow of required information.

      • Please do another post on FOI CFB! says:

        Ferg Ferguson (he used to be Stephen Ferguson – legally changed his name apparently) can tell you everything you need to know about FOI in the NT.

        What you said is only half right. Email Ferg, he’ll help you fill in the rest of the picture: ferg70[at]gmail[dot]com

  6. Stephen Ferguson says:

    Hi I’m Stephen Ferguson and I hate myself. I hate everybody in fact. Just a lonely hateful person.

  7. Stephen Ferguson says:

    This is great. I can read all about myself!

    • Stephen Ferguson says:

      And read all about myself reading all about myself. Amazing!!!

    • Stephen Ferguson says:

      Writing about myself reading about myself writing about myself.

    • Positive person says:

      You are a crazy person. Glad you are not educating the youth today. Stay sitting at home on your computer hating the world. I don’t know you but reading your posts can tell you are a negative person, waste of space and should be locked up in an institute. Get over the past you idiot-you are destroying any sort of normal future by being a nerd with a grudge.

      • Spoke Too Soon - who's the idiot? says:

        You must feel pretty stupid “Positive Person”, those are some of the lies and defamatory comments Phil Brennan admitted to writing while he was pretending to be Mr Ferguson.

        You can read about it here: https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/2014/12/30/philip-brennan-ntps-job-thief/ — check out his published apology in NT News for more details.

        You also have a lot of anger directed at someone “you don’t know”. Pity it was “malicious bureaucrat” Brennan who wrote them! Haha.

      • Whoopsiedaisy says:

        Slipped on a big banana skin there @Positive person. On your arse. 🙂 🙂
        Yeah Phil Brennan…..what a legend!

      • Is PP really PB????? says:

        Phil Brennan – the No1 guy “with a grudge”. Go read his crappy apology. Loosing your job for Facebook. hahahaaahhaaha

        We only see people laughing round here, at you PP (and PB of course!!!) hahahahahaaa

      • Harbourview Selecta in action? More like Harbourview Disaster. says:

        If you only read “Stephen Fergusons” (actually Phil Brennans) posts above how do you know anything about his past? Sounds like Hylton Hayes or maybe Susie Hayes is “Positive person”. Waaaaaay too annoyed to be someone who knows nothing. Excellent!!! 🙂

      • NT Department of Education is the real mental institution says:

        He was “locked up in an institute” – its called the Northern Territory Department of Education. They let him out after 8 years. Many people say he was more f*ckt when he came out than he was when he went in.

      • I feel sorry for positive person says:

        Those of us who have been f—-d over by senior staff are not surprised by comments like this. Uniformed and happy to support unethical and inappropriate behaviours by Public Office Holders. You could be one of two personalities, the one who is scared of standing up for themselves or you could be just one of those who happily go about your life without a care how your decisions cause damage to others wellbeing as well as their careers. After working in many different industries for 40 years I have seen your kind many times. I would not p–s on you if you were on fire. Oh and as far as educating our youth what we need are teachers with morals and ethos, teachers who stand up for themselves and show our youth how to stand up for themselves, definitely not individuals who freely pass judgement on others like yourself.

  8. William L says:

    What a superb site. Would like to start a version of it for the local Department of Health! Theirs an entire army of people who would love to Share The Love.

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