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Jo Jerome, courageous wife of Queensland teacher who was bullied and suspended for speaking out about teacher safety.  Her YouTube video:

Her blog:

Don’t forget the famous ‘BadAppleBullies’, the one-stop-shop for Queensland Education Dept bullying:

Dr Robert Bartholomew’s tale of NT Educ Dept’s lies against him and his wife which forced him out of his job for complaining about asbestos in schools:

Bullying NT Dept of Health Blog is no more….for now….One of the many archived copies is: here.  We’re eagerly waiting for the follow up……

South Australia (Paul Newman’s new home):  – Sound familiar?

“Dear Mr. Premier,
This letter is addressed to you in the final hope of action on a thus fruitless merry-go round of political inactivity.
I have been the victim of sexual assault, as have my son and daughter on the grounds of a DECD school. I was an employee of DECD at the time. These assaults occurred in the APY Lands; an environment that children exist in, that is so prolific, abusive and depraved in sexual nature.”

“I and my baby daughter were sexually assaulted in the school grounds by a student, while I was under the employ of DECD. No action was taken by the school toward my welfare. No disciplinary action was taken toward the student.”

“I also feel significantly wronged by DECD – the culture of bullying, the lack of disclosure about what its employees will face, and the inability to provide a safe work environment has gone on long enough. Make no mistake that I will persue this further. I’m prepared to make my story public if it will help prevent another family going through what we did. But for now, today; I’m sitting here crying into my lukewarm coffee because the gravity of what we’ve been through, and what is still to come is too much. But this is a conversation that needs to be had and a fight that needs to be fought.”


Last but not least, Hannah Curran’s even more courageous whistleblowing-YouTube videos here:

Facebook page here: