Philip Brennan (ex-GM of DoE HR) moved from Education to Health

Under the RadarPost by email

CFB Team right again. Philip Brennan is being protected by NT GOV. No longer working in Education but is now listed in Health Dept.

Health Dept is already the bullying capital of NT yet they have decided (or been told?) to take Phil Brennan under their wing. Good luck with that Len.

Is Education worried that Phil is going to poison their negotiating position with the teachers (just like we reported below)?

Is he going to be moved back over to Mitchell St once the dust has settled or the EBA is over?

Is Health ready for the fight?

Does everyone in Health know exactly why Mr Brennan the ex-General Manager of NT Department of Education Human Resources has been moved to Health House 1?

Why is Mr Brennan allowed to continue getting his fat tax-payer-funded salary after he (allegedly) broke the law?

Where is the announcement from Catherine Weber or “her sidekick” Ken Davies – why the “under the radar” move for Mr Brennan?

What happened to that “investigation” you told us about in NTNews Catherine? Don’t be shy now…..tell us what the outcome was


What is the OCPE doing about this? Has Craig Allen NT Commissioner for Public Employment been in on it all along?

Lots more questions to come… always, watch this space….


Proudly Sponsored by Northern Territory Government

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DoE Double Standards

Post by E-mail

The CFB Team have voted to suspend the blog till Catherine Weber names the SENIOR NT Education Department bureaucrat she made a statement about to NTNews at start of April titled: “Bureaucrat accused of weaving malicious web”.
Speculation is rife (see comments in previous post below) but we want it from the horse’s mouth.

If it really is Philip Brennan General Manager of HR then the integrity of the whole EBA negotiations he is part of for the NT Government side must now be lost. Creating and spreading false info during wage negotiations is a dirty dirty trick.

AEU NT take note – demand your own answers from DoE!
Electoral Commission needs to be asked questions too!

Simon Cox was given 1 day to fight his corner and was officially terminated in less than 6 days after he made his fateful Facebook comment (yes, we’ve seen all the documents).

Why does this SENIOR bureaucrat get more than 3 months (from date of NTNews article)….and counting?

Attached is some of the reasoning for firing Mr Cox. We all wait with baited breath to see if same NT Public Service rules are applied to SENIOR persons.

CFB Team.
(passing on belated birthday wishes to Phil from your friends at NT DoE)

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Another Facebook Flop for NT Educ Dept?

Quick Edit: the tech team informed us that we got a site visit from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) – check out the photo below.  Hopefully they are taking an interest because NT Government/Education employees on our blog are doing things that are serious and potentially illegal.  Criminal?  We’ll have to let the Federal Police decide that one:


Hopefully NT bureacraps can't get away with this kind of stuff forever.

Hopefully NT bureacraps can’t get away with this kind of stuff forever.


We’re all wondering who the mystery SENIOR NT Education Department male bureaucrat is in this NT News story?

If anyone knows anything about this please email the journalist at: or call 8944 9724

We’re sure Mr Simon Cox (and all those people who publicly defamed him on the Internet by confidently claiming to know of his guilt without any proof – the Educ Dept’s Catherine Weber and Educ Union soon-to-be-ex-president Matthew Cranitch spring immediately to mind) will be watching this space.

How ironic would it be if one of those people who rushed to sack Mr Cox during the media feeding frenzy was the mystery male bureaucrat?

Like we said, watch this space……

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Paedophile Paradise – NT Educ Dept not keeping our kids safe!

Quick Edit number 2.

“Northern Territory teacher Simon Cox sacked over Facebook post after student committed suicide”

Interesting point number 1: How do they know it was written about the poor kid who committed suicide?  If it wasn’t, can you legitimately sack the guy?

Interesting point number 2: Writing the wrong thing on Facebook can cost you your NT Public Service job.

Interesting point number 3: We’re assuming that Ken Davies looked at section 49 ‘Breaches of discipline’ of the Public Sector Employment Management Act, possibly:

(f) in the course of employment or in circumstances having a relevant connection to his or her employment, conducts himself or herself in an improper manner;

when he made the decision to apply section 50:

50 Summary dismissal

(1)…..where a Chief Executive Officer is of the opinion that the action or omission constituting a breach of discipline amounts to misconduct of such a nature that it is in the public interest that the employee be immediately dismissed from the Public Sector, the Chief Executive Officer may terminate the employee’s employment.

Interesting point number 4: Sack a teacher for some comment on Facebook but don’t sack a teacher who was (allegedly) found in a sleeping bag with an underage female student.  Give yourself a ‘Keeping Kids Safe’ award.

Interesting point number 5: The school the sacked teacher was at, Rosebery Middle school, lost half their staff (more than 20) at the end of 2013 in one go!  Director of School Performance for that school is……wait for it……Hylton Hayes.

Facebook is a dangerous arena to play in. 
Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Quick Edit 1: Ken Davies announced that Roger Newman – just as we predicted below – was going to review the Dept’s handling of them allowing sex offenders to get away with molesting NT children in their care.  What a sick joke Mr Davies. 

You can access the NT Ombudsman’s damning report on Roger’s previous investigation techniques here:

Important quotes from it:

“Complaints received by parents questioned the reliability and accuracy of the final report”
“Mr Newman told the investigation officer that DET provided him with the freedom to ‘follow his nose'”
“Mr Newman acknowledged the emphatic denial was not captured in a transcript or statement and agreed that it should have been.”
“The Clinical Psychologist raised concerns about Mr Newman’s investigative report”
“The first misrepresentation was….”
“The second misrepresentation was……”
He goes on “However, despite my statements, which were omitted from the final report, it was determined by DEET….”
“Mr Newman could have improved his technique”
In Conclusion, “The DET investigation undertaken by Roger Newman concluded there were no breaches by the chaplains [just what DET wanted at the time of course]. In part this conclusion would have been formed due to lack of information, reliance on unverified witness statements, time restraints and lack of robustness by the investigator.  Some breaches…were not found by Mr Newman.”


We wonder what Mr Newman will find was wrong with NT DoE’s handling of this mess?  Our bet is NOTHING and that’s exactly why they’ve employed him again, to continue getting them the results they want and FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE (and their children).


Desperate Davies (current NT Educ Dept CE) is not fooling anyone with his limp letter in the NT News – see below.

His Dept had definitely NOT dealt with these allegations seriously.
It takes stories in the newspaper before something gets done.

We all want to know who the appointed investigator is.  Tell us Ken.

Is it Roger Newman, already disgraced by his previous ‘investigations’, by the Ombudsman and many people who have been on the wrong end of his oops-I-forgot-to-include-that-important-part-that-would-have-saved-you-but-it’s-not-what-the-dept-wants-to-read-handiwork?
We sincerely hope not.

Why has it taken serious sexual assaults on children for this dept to suddenly take an interest in reviewing their (mis)handling of such sickening problems?

This is beginning to sound like the Catholic Church paedophile priests cover ups.

Stop the broken record about teachers being ‘fit and proper’, what about the bureacrats and management who are supposed to be in charge?

A letter in the NT News is a pathetic response Mr Davies.  We need much more than that.  Stop insulting our intelligence and get your house in order before more children are abused under your watch.

Ken Davies NTNews

Our children are not safe here in the NT!!!

Our children are not safe here in the NT!!!

The NT Educ Dept allowed a convicted Sex Offender in and around their school.

The NT Educ Dept allowed a convicted Sex Offender in and around their school.

What the fuck are these NT DoE people doing while they’re supposed to be keeping our children safe in NT schools?!!!

Heads need to roll.  This is getting BEYOND A JOKE now.  This is bordering on criminal negligence.  The heads of these departments need to be held to account, preferably in a court of law.

Those on high seem to believe here in the NT that they can just do what they want to teachers and now their children too.

People in high positions in NT DoE appear to spend a lot of time doing nothing or chasing down teachers with their own petty vendettas INSTEAD OF KEEPING SEX OFFENDERS AWAY FROM OUR KIDS!!!!

Please someone, ANYONE, sue them for their utter lack of duty of care towards our families and allowing these sexual predators to attack our young people in their care.  Find out who was in charge at these places and who made these decisions and let’s get ’em.

The Whole CFB Team.

*(huge congrats to the ‘source’ helping the NT News expose this disgusting  and indefensible cover up)

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Snakes in Suits

Post by email.
Welcome back everybody – sorry for the slight delay.

It’s unsurprising that we’re already hearing that the NT Dept of (un)Education has started the year by giving out instructions to principals to ‘remind’ their staff that they shouldn’t be talking negatively about NT Education and its hallowed beings on high who misdirect the show. And what a show it is…..if it was so terribly tragic it might actually be funny.

The NT must be the only Education Department whose employees are forced to get their own legal counsel in order to try and stop corrupt and incompetent bureacraps from harassing them or forcing them through illegitimate performance management procedures using false and damaging information to secure their dastardly goal.
Who are the people ultimately driving all of this? The Solicitors for the Northern Territory (SFNT) aka ‘Snakes in Suits’.

These government employed solicitors regularly peddle in lies in order to maximise your discomfort while at the same time protecting bullying management from the fate they really deserve. In fact ‘Snakes in Suits’ is the polite version of what some of these SFNTs should really be known as.

psy·cho·path (sī′kə-păth′)n. A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

The previous director of DoE Legal Services, Mrs Lee Rayner, has left an ugly legacy in the NT DoE Legal office and it appears there are others who have simply slithered into her den and are acting just like she did: relying on false information, writing more arrogant and ill-informed letters to intimidate hard working teachers and generally throwing their weight around just because they can. They’re just like prostitutes: they’ll fuck anyone for a few dollars.

Let us remind all of our readers: DoE Legal work to protect the government and their corrupt cronies. Don’t take anything they write on face value, challenge all of it (because they will write whatever they want if they know that no one is going to take them to task over it, just the way they like it of course) and don’t be frightened by big words and

references to Acts that they often don’t read properly or deliberately put their own warped interpretation on to…..Simon Weise (pronounced Wee-zee….but we prefer ‘Weasel’) is a master (we use the term loosely of course) at it – we believe he would love to be sitting up in that little DoE Legal office with a brown wig and middle aged woman’s clothes on, stroking Tim Barrett’s hand if he had half a chance, if he isn’t already.

The only people who can stop him and those like him are US. So let’s get in there and fight back! Any way you know how……

CFB Team Member 04

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We’ll make that hypocrisy hurt

This will be our last post until school starts back on 28 Jan (unless something really juicy comes our way that is)…but in the meantime, feast on these, little hungry followers…suckle on the teets of mother pig as she gets down and dirty with the running joke that is the NT Education Dept:

1. Lovely to see Gary Barnes and the Yellow Haze supporting us over at this other site:







2. We wish everyone who helps the cowards in the NT Education Dept in their attempt to destroy hard working teachers and their families a (not so) Merry Crisis and an (Un)Happy New Fear.  Be safe in the knowledge that our Campaign for Accountability and Responsibility in DoE is gaining friends by the day and becoming stronger every week.  Look out, we’re gunning for you next (sorry to steal your ideas Hylton):


3. We almost fell off our chair laughing at the UNFair Work Commission’s labelling of NT teachers’ decision not to input data into SAMS (*hears gunshot of AEU NT President Matthew Cranitch shooting himself in the foot) as “endangering life etc”.  We simply read down a few posts on our site and read aloud how Hylton Hayes didn’t inform the Police when a principal REALLY DID “endanger life etc” when she threatened to kill and harm her staff, then when Mr Hayes was caught asking – brazenly using his NT Government email – “How do you get a gun licence in the Territory????” to most likely shoot one of his staff (“endangering life” for sure, duh!), Mr Hayes (just can’t keep a good man down) was back at it again while being ‘responsible’ for the Palmerston schools with no one in charge (much worse than not doing SAMS in our opinion) and then lastly the audio file below that shows another principle openly abusing her just-back-from-stress-leave-because-of-bullying staff member with kids voices clearly audible nearby.  FairWork Commission you have ZERO credibility:

Fair Work order

4. Speaking of the Education Union NT, while they’ve finally jumped on the Internet bandwagon, they’ve neglected to tell all their members (all 35% of registered educators in the NT – a poor membership turnout when they’ve got a total monopoly in what Union teachers can join) of their Dirty Little Secret.  Everyone loves to use Aboriginal people to sell their product, none more so than the Federal Govt who rake in tourist dollars by the bucketload while shoving ‘The Intervention’ and those lovely racist ‘Basics Cards’ down Aboriginal people’s throats….and the Educ Union are no different.  They use black faces to promote their struggle when it suits them (see the utterly pathetic bandwagon-jumping-on that they’ve recently done, along with most of the planet, in bastardising and abusing the image of Nelson Mandela to further their NT educational cause) but we would bet our deceased Granny’s secret lifetime savings that if you did a search of their web site and their symbolism-over-substance Facebook page you wouldn’t turn up the fact that they assisted, supported and gave money (your Union membership money!) to fund the legal bills of the Aboriginal principal who threatened to kill her Union Rep and other staff at her bush school for doing their Union business in complaining that she was not only stealing money from staff but breaching a whole lot of Union issues at the same time….but she’s Aboriginal, well known in the Territory, friends in high places etc and a Union member, so what to do? We know: Secretly support her and hope that no one brings it into the public arena.  Well, bad luck, it’s time to lance the secret boil…..

Thankfully some of the people who were there at the time in the Union Executive want to clear their conscience and speak up now – better late than never.  Documents seen by CFB Team members show how she got OUR membership money to fight her legal battle against the very Union Rep she threatened to kill and burn down his house.  Shameful?  Wait until we tell you the whole story, early next year.  Shameful won’t cover it, it’s much worse than that.

On the left an Aboriginal person who is used to further the cause.  On the right, the Dirty Little Secret:

A      SN











5. Just in case you’ve forgotten what we’ve been telling you about how ‘select people’ group together to cherry pick what rules and regulations they apply to you and how they collude with Govt Solicitors for the Northern Territory (SFNT) Legal people to fuck you behind the scenes, and then how they also meet in person/secret to keep any trail of this out of reach of those pesky (wabbits) Fweedom of Infwormation requests that Lance Follett has to try and fend off for his masters in the Legal Services Dept of NT DoE…’s a snippet of some of the kind of stuff you should expect to be happening in the background, more to come next year.  No surprises when you read who’s involved… the last email, where it states: “I feel the damage such action will cause is not in the best interests of our students and staff” is because someone is trying to tell other staff about the bullying bullshit that is going on behind the scenes.  Of course, the bullies don’t like everyone knowing what they’re doing which is one of the reasons why they hate our blog so much (Maria Pikoulos is a Govt lawyer/SFNT):




6. This is what you’re doing – silently bending over en masse to be royally arse fucked by the NT Educ Dept/NT Gov – every time you don’t speak up when people do shitty things.  Learning to FIGHT BACK by becoming knowledgeable about the tactics used against you by bureacraps like Gary Barnes and his bullying legal buddies and finding ways to retaliate is just one important way that you can start to redress the balance.  Alternatively just stay bent over and continue taking it up the bum:


7. Next, “Hilton + getting a gun” must be catching…just when you thought you were King Dick, Dick:

YouTube Gun

8. We just liked this sticker.  We hear it’ll be making an appearance around the NT, along with many others (see top of post) on sometime soon:


9. Lastly, some stats.  November’s visitors (very impressive), Posts people viewed in the last 30 days, Search Terms people have put into a search engine in the last 30 days and found our blog – looks like Lee Rayner is looking for work again, what with an increase in people searching for her name and finding out some of the stuff she REALLY got up to before she was demoted and left in a huff…. and finally another visit from otherwise known as “Department of Parliamentary Services” in Canberra.  It’s about time the FEDERAL GOVT was back taking an interest again in what the rest of Australia has known for well over a year about the NT Education Dept and its government officers and the shit they get up to hidden away from the public’s eyes:

nov CFB views

view posts 30days

search stats 30days


CFB Team.  Merry Shitmas and a Crappy New Year Everybody (working in NT DoE HQ)

Teachers, support staff, ATs, students, families etc – Have a great time and come back ready to fight for your rights for a decent education and protected teachers.  Other countries can do it, why not here in the NT?  It’s just a matter of choosing not to accept the crap dished out by toddlers like Barnes and his mini-me Hayes.

PS: We heard that HR consultant Donna Holmes has left to go to Victoria.  Good fucking riddance to you Donna.  You will always be remembered, amongst other things, as the person who said (reportedly), when asked why you couldn’t have done it earlier and why you waited until the person came back to work on day 1 of the school year to tell them that they were under disciplinary sanctions that forced them to be suspended: “We don’t work like that, we’re the Education Dept, we can do what we want.”  What an absolute cunt you are for doing that and thankfully no one in the NT has to deal with your soulless vitriol anymore.  Go and hang out with Lee Rayner, please, you’re well suited.

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Kids in danger at Palmerston schools + (more Hayes)

Edward Snowden's call to armsPost by email.

The CFB Team recently received this email from a scared and concerned teacher.  It is published below as is.  Thank Mr Chandler (whose electorate covers Palmerston) and his government’s cuts for putting students (and teachers) in danger.  Does he even know what’s going on in his own back yard?  Who’s (ir)responsible for this?!  If this was a school any of our children went to we’d be absolutely livid and would be demanding some answers, fast:

“From: ***************************************
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2013 10.30 am
Subject: Palmerston school

Hylton Hayes and one of his Palmerston principals bullying several staff in
a big way. They always pick on those who are good at their jobs and
elevate those who are ‘yes men’ and only been teaching 3 or 4 years.

One school in Palmerston has no principal or assistant principal for the
coming week, but they are pretending that the assistant principal is the
acting principal, but she’s not even in town. The principal is principal
at another Palmerston school for three weeks whilst still controlling what
happens at her substantive school. This coming week, there will be a number
of different people ‘in charge’; each taking a different day. The
instruction has been given that Sue is only a phone call away, meaning that
the principal who is at another school for three weeks should be called.
What happens if both schools have major incidents at the same time? This
is a school where assaults are common place. People are being placed in
charge, but they have no authority to do anything or to contact anyone
except the substantive principal who is currently not their principal but
the principal of another school.

Is this legal? Rather than place someone into the assistant principal’s
position for three weeks, they want to keep power. My question is: If a
school can manage by itself without a principal or assistant principal for
a week, why are they being paid so much money to sit in a job when we can
actually manage without them?

Small story underpinning some much bigger ones.

Signed – Don’t Feel Safe”

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Screaming Lord Hayes of the Hylton Hotel

A quick ‘Ed’ post: Thanks to people like Hylton Hayes, Gary Barnes, Lee Rayner and a whole host of others in the NT DoE (and NT Government) we get a self-congratulatory pat on the back for the CFB Team as we’re past 10,000 11,000 page views and getting stronger every day.  This month had over 500 unique visitors to our public interest blog!  Visitors regularly come from all over Australia, through all levels of Government, in every State and Territory.  Thanks for all the support and emails you send us too, the CFB Team is growing all the time and so is our support base obviously.   We genuinely hope that all the other Education Departments who visit the CFB blog are treating their staff a lot better than the NT treats us.

Post by email.

There you are ladies and gentlemen. Click on this link >>>> this recent post in the NTNews has hit the nail right on the head:

“Keep calm everybody. All you contract teachers who were told your services were no longer required, all you support staff who are now left with no job… safe in the knowledge that the Education Department is cutting bureacracy for you while continuing to pay the salary of the gun threat director . He’s getting your wages. You’re getting told you’re too expensive to keep. Nice work if you can get it.”

Posted by: Screaming Lord Hayes of the Hylton Hotel 3:28pm Monday
Comment 2 of 48

We at Cardfightback are assuming that this comment is pointing to Director of School Performance Hylton Hayes (read our posts about him here: and here: who used to work in NE Arnhemland and who was responsible in large part for the Aboriginal principal death threat farce (along with the now departed Director of Legal Services Lee Rayner – read our post about her here: He was then moved to the Palmerston & Rural area, where he still is now. You can read some of his emails – including the gun threat ones – over at our sister site here >>>>>> – in case you missed them before.

It truly is DISGUSTING that many, many hard-working, honest teachers and support staff are being told right now that there are no jobs for them anymore but yet the NT Education Dept sees fit to pay this man more than $150,000 a year plus benefits for the last 18 months since they knew of him making those threats and also paid an Out of Court settlement to keep it out of Court/the public arena….thankfully the NTNews stepped in and told us all about him and his cowardly actions. Who knows what else he’s been doing to others that hasn’t yet been uncovered through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests…yet….actually WE KNOW and we’ll report on it in the near future….not to mention all the money spent on legal fees protecting him, at least enough to pay for 5 teachers for another few years.

How will Mr Chandler ever be able to face the public if Mr Hayes is given another 4 year contract? How is he going to answer all those angry teachers and their families who have done nothing wrong but yet find themselves on the scrapheap while Hylton is Lording it up all round Darwin, smugly safe in the knowledge that he is apparently untouchable? Did someone say total waste of money?

Demand answers from Peter Chandler, his electorate covers Palmerston after all….maybe he’s protecting him?!
Maybe Mr Chandler is saving you from being threatened by Mr Hayes by chucking you out of your job? What a caring and compassionate man.

Get on to it and let’s hear your stories!
CFB Team.

ps: now we’re hearing he’s getting Marion Guppy: checkin in at the Hylton Hotel? to do his dirty work this time. Good luck with that Marion, be careful signing those letters on any advice from his Little Lordship, it’ll come back to bite you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you….just ask Vicki Baylis and Maree Garrigan (2 of Hylton’s previous bosses) how that went…..(hint: they eventually ‘got relieved of’ their Executive Director position, he kept his job).

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SURVEILLANCE DEVICES ACT As in force at 1 March 2011

Post by email:

Just to clear up some misunderstandings we’re reading on this blog about the legality or otherwise of recording private conversations.
The best way for someone to check is of course to ask a lawyer; don’t ask Halfpennys, get someone like Ron Hope.

Alternatively you could read the appropriate NT legislation yourself but of course ask a lawyer to check your interpretation before you act on it.

You can find all the current NT Legislation here:

Click on “View Legislation Alphabetically”, which will take you to a rather tawdry looking website with letters down the side.
Click on the letter of the legislation, in this case “S” then go down the list to “Surveillance Devices Act” and click on it.
This will open up the Act with options to download your own copy in PDF or Word format for you to read later.

The important parts for readers of this blog are the following:

“11 Installation, use and maintenance of listening devices 9”


“15 Communication and publication of private conversations and activities 12”


41 Definition – In this part:

public interest includes the interests of national security, public safety, the economic well-being of Australia, the protection of public health and morals and the protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens.”

Basically, IT IS AN OFFENCE TO RECORD A CONVERSATION YOU ARE NOT PARTY TO: If you’re part of the conversation you can legally record it.

With regards to sharing or publishing said recording of a private conversation, if it satisfies the definition in 41 – namely: being in the public interest – then you can share it or if it is shared for “protecting the lawful interests of the person making it”.

We at Cardfightback firmly believe that sharing a recording of a stressed-out, bullying, aggressive, intimidating principal, who is in charge of a school full of kids and who is also in charge of teachers who are in charge of kids, is DEFINITELY IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST, ON SO MANY LEVELS. We’d definitely want to know about this if any of our kids went to this kind of school. The same way we’d like to know if the someone in authority at the school was threatening to kill staff or was threatening to get a gun licence to shoot them.

However, we encourage you all to go and read and download the Act for yourselves. Have a look around the NT legislation site, read up on other Acts, particularly the Information Act which is what Lance Follett uses to try to help NT DECS “prevent stuff from getting through” to people when you do your Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. And remember to involve the Information Commissioner’s Office if you smell something fishy from Lance.

We’re hearing of a new tactic to try to stop people people submitting FOI requests in the first place by trying to scare them away with the promise of huge fees. Don’t be put off so easily because THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT.  They don’t want us digging around because it’s costing them a fortune in legal defence bills (from the huge amount of stuff involving Hylton Hayes alone!)  We dream of the day that they start changing their behaviour which is what we all want.

Good luck, keep recording and keep us posted.

CFB Team.

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An open reply to the departing Lee Rayner

Another rat deserts the sinking ship.

Dear Lee, thank you for the email alerting us to your departure. We wish we could say we’re sorry to see you leave NT DECS but we’re not.

In the four years you’ve been in charge of DECS Legal we’ve seen many aspects of what should be a positive public education environment in which to work, go straight down the toilet quite frankly.

We’ve witnessed your arrogant, aggressive side and we don’t like it. We feel it has no place in NT DECS which should be in the sole business of educating our young people but sadly it seems is far from that ideal at the moment. We’ve seen you pursue people in the most vindictive and bullying fashion and we’re worried that the next place you end up will have the same problems that you created here in the NT Education Department for us.

The direction you took the Legal Services Unit was an embarrassing disgrace to many of us and we were glad that it wasn’t our own teachers you were intent on destroying seemingly at all costs. Their job and ours is difficult enough without you bearing down on them as well for things that could easily have been dealt with in a much better (and much less expensive) fashion for everyone.

Let us remind you – and any government people who are reading this blog – that protecting perpetrators, no matter where they are in the organization, from the mechanisms of the NT Public Service (and the law for that matter) does no one any favours in the long run. You might think that the higher up the tree you go the more virtuous the person but we’d say that we all often find that to be quite the opposite.

It costs everyone a heap of time, energy and money that we as principals would like to see better spent in our schools supporting our students. Your petty games at the public purse’s expense should have been stopped a long time before they were. However, even after every mess you created, if indeed it is true that were offered another 4 years working for the SFNT department somewhere, then it looks like the people making those decisions haven’t learned very much either.

We’d like to think that Mr Ken Davies, from a more money orientated background, will have his financial eye on the expenditure coming from the Legal Services Unit in future and that he might put a stop to any action that appears to have your stamp on it.

Maybe a smoking ceremony after you’ve vacated your office up there in Mitchell St will exorcise the demons that you might have left for other SFNTs who follow in your footsteps. It was sad for us to see other lawyers coming in and in no time at all beginning to act and sound exactly like you.
Your position carried with it an impressive amount of responsibility yet from where we were standing you seemed like many others in NT DECS to have used it to abuse those beneath you.

Mr Chandler, this is your Education Department, please remove the cancer of bullying from the organization and allow us to do the job we all signed up for, free from victimisation, harassment and intimidation. It’s not much to ask, is it? How many more teachers do we have to lose in this fashion before someone has a lightbulb moment up there?

We are not your friends Lee, it’s not “us versus them” as you commonly made it out to be, it should instead be “all of us together”.

Now that you’re gone, we at least have a fighting chance of drawing your disastrous reign to an end and starting afresh, working towards the same simple vision of making Territory students some of the best educated in the country.

Lastly, saying “sorry” is very powerful. I think you owe a lot of people an apology Ms Rayner, not just for harassing them unnecessarily but also for all of our tax dollars you wasted doing it.

Principals with Principles

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The principal problem with NT education is….

Principals who have a lack of principles:

There are a multitude of problems with education here in the NT but one common theme that keeps rearing its ugly head is that of ‘problem principals’.
Almost everyone has worked with one at some time in their teaching career: aggressive control freaks who micro manage you to death, lazy daisies who do absolutely nothing and then everything in between.

Mismanagement makes things 10 times worse:
Remote bush schools are particularly vulnerable as their geographical isolation can often cultivate petty dictatorship-like qualities but they don’t hold a monopoly on these terrible tyrants who terrorise teachers.

Having a principal with no principles is bad enough but when they are supported by their Director of School Performance (DSP) boss then it’s double trouble for the poor teacher below. Add to that an Executive Director (DSP’s boss) who also allows the equivalent of professional waterboarding and it can quickly become game over for the unlucky staff member on the coal face.

This regularly costs the Educ Dept a ton of money and pisses the educational outcomes of the children up against the wall at the same time…but NT DECS people don’t care about either of those things.

Action Plan:
So what’s a person to do when they come up against a bully in a position of power (often directly over you)?

>Firstly and most importantly – DON’T EVER EXPECT NT DECS TO DO ANYTHING TO HELP YOU. You’re just a teacher – you’re expendable.
>Make sure you do not suffer alone and see that your psychological wellbeing becomes your No.1 priority.
>Document as much as you can, either write it all down and/or audio record angry outbursts, threats and insults *see below
>Tell all your friends, inform your doctor, take time off on stress leave and talk to a counsellor.
>Get everything in black and white as a timeline can come in very handy further down the line.
>Tell the Union however don’t expect them to do very much for you. Apart from having no balls, the organisation lives in fear of NT DECS and its senior officers. Be wary what you tell them though, some of your enemies are their personal friends.
>Send lots of FOI requests and gather as much data as you can. >Speak to a lawyer on your own for specialist advice – we don’t recommend the Union’s choice of Halfpennys, we find them uninterested and unsympathetic.
>Continue to send Cardfightback your stories, files and documents. We’ll help get your story out to the public.

Finally, for all you government decision makers out there reading our blog, here’s some of the knock-on effects bad principals and the constant mismanagement of them are having:

~NT loses another great educator:

“I think she just wanted to leave in peace in the end. It’s a shit story though….she’s a strong woman and a great teacher, valued by her kids. 6 months with a new, totally incompetent and bullying shitty principal made her feel unsafe for her career so she’s decided to leave altogether. The principal doesn’t care that her kids will miss her, the principal doesn’t care about anything really other than herself.”

~NT loses more great teachers:

It was ‘every man for himself’ when this principal decided to cut the teacher loose when asked to support them in the face of more cowardly and potentially illegal actions – in the background as usual – from senior NT DECS staff. Not forcing NT DECS senior staff to be responsible for such actions only means that more and more teachers suffer from this kind of behaviour in the future….but some people don’t care about that:

“This can only severely damage my professional reputation. I have no memory of your quote.”

~NT Govt wastes over a million of your tax dollars dealing with the mismanagement:

Of course, who can forget the Aboriginal Principal at Gapuwiyak who took money off her staff for years and years then threatened to kill anyone who dared to complain about her doing so.

And Alyangula’s principal who called her staff a “trained tattooed monkey”, “vermin” and conspired with the DSP to withhold the teacher’s reference so they couldn’t get a job easily elsewhere while calling them “mentally unstable” in official emails *see below

A common attack in the background, see this other principal without principles who did the exact same in an email to her boss:

“I am concerned about *******’s state of mind”.

~NT principal could invite more legal cases:

We’ve also heard of a principal who encouraged his staff to try to circumvent Freedom of Information requests and legislation – potentially career ending and illegal. If anyone has the emails please pass them to the relevant authorities.

~NT loses more teachers and spends a fortune on medical bills as a result:

Lastly, these little nuggets of bullshit from the screaming principal in the audio file below:

“I am trying to develop a culture of care and safety, mutual respect and acceptance of differences in the school.” – THEN CUE PRINCIPAL SHOUTING AND SCREAMING.

“This morning ****** came to clarify an issue with me regarding yelling in the classroom indicating poor classroom management. She asked if I believed that, which I affirmed.” – THEN CUE PRINCIPAL SHOUTING AND SCREAMING.

Protect yourselves fellow teachers because as you can read, no one else is going to do it for you.

Next up, the NT Teacher Registration Board’s Kangaroo Court. Boing, boing, boing……

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NT DECS internal phone book

This is a post by email, please excuse us if the formatting doesn’t work.

NT DECS refuses to give it out, instead we are going to publish it here for download. Give a copy to all your friends and encourage them to use it in their quest for government accountability. We all know that DECS senior officers lie a lot and that people feel safe hidden away behind their computer monitor. Give them a call, it’s much harder to lie directly to the person you’re trying to make life difficult for – download by clicking on the gray DOWNLOAD button, ignore the big orange one:

Everyone should by now know how to unzip a file: download it first then simply ‘extract’ the contents to a folder (usually right clicking on it will give you this option in the menu).
There is a phone directory for each of the 5 floors in the Mitchell Centre, depending on who you want to talk to directly. Just double click on the .mht files in the folder and they should open nicely in Explorer for all you Windows users.

Next up, we offer a little hors d’oeuvre for your delectation. This is one of many recordings – see, we told you recording stuff was fun! – that’s been forwarded to the Cardfightback Team. It really is an absolute shocker.

This just shows you the sorry state of principals here in the NT (pun intended). Of course, after hearing some of the stories that we’ve heard, it is not surprising to us. Followers of our site will already know what can happen when principals get to do what they want (threaten to kill their staff for example) and are then protected by their boss and then often by their boss’s boss. More on this later too.

We believe this should be reported to the Teacher Registration Board, as we hear they just love prosecuting people with so-called anger management issues. The truly ironic part of this terrifying ordeal, just at the end, is when this screaming woman calls her staff member “crazy”. The staff member had just returned from stress leave due to bullying and got this for her trouble. What a basket case. More easily preventable wasted money that could be better spent on educating our kids.

You can’t make this stuff up! But here in the NT, you don’t have to, sadly. What kind of education are the kids getting if this is how the people in charge are treating their staff on the ground? A crap one. Listen here – download by clicking on the gray DOWNLOAD button, ignore the big orange one:

Next post…..The principal problem in the NT is….?
Watch this space.
CFB Team.

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Accountable leaders? FOI can help.

Your Right To KnowIn the book ‘Your Right To Know’ crusading journalist Heather Brooke urges us to ask our leaders questions through platforms like Freedom of Information (FOI) requests — to finally get some answers.

We stumbled across her excellent video talk on TED:

and it reminded us of the few determined and “courageous” people who are taking the fight to the dark and dirty corners of NT DECS and the rest of the government up here.

Actually we hear them labelled as “courageous” but simply using Freedom of Information (FOI) requests should never be called this.  It should be just “normal” and “expected”.  What is “courageous” about submitting applications to try and keep our elected – and some non-elected – officials in check, accountable to the public they are supposed to serve and responsible for their actions, often using our hard-earned tax dollars as their ‘throwaway holiday spending money’? (see Govt lawyers Lee Rayner and Tim Barrett for details below)

Following Heather Brooke’s example: It’s easy to do, takes only a few minutes of your time and can yield all sorts of interesting things, sometimes even what people are doing behind your back while using Government computer equipment, Government email addresses and on Government time when they should really be working to help our children become better learners, get a taster here >>>>

That’s assuming of course that the FOI Officer Lance Follett isn’t helping NT DECS senior executives “prevent that information from getting through” to you (see here>>> for details) and definitely something that the NT Information Commissioner’s Office should be immediately notified about if it has happened to you.

We thoroughly recommend buying her book and using the wonderful tips and tricks within it to delve deeper into the world of the Nepotistic Traitorous Government machine.  Remember, they are there to work for us.


When Gary Barnes can do such a terrible job with our children’s education (according to the many other teachers and DECS employees we’ve spoken to) and his wife Claire-Gardiner Barnes has 3 kids die on her watch as boss of Children’s Services, then both win other positions in the upper levels of NT Government, something really smells bad.

Follow your nose people…..start asking questions, submit FOI requests and demand answers, proper answers.  Then tell us here at Cardfightback all about your story.  You can email us (anonymously if you want) or just start your own blog.

CFB Team: Like a can of air freshener in a backpackers’ dunny.

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NT teacher settles out of court again

We hear Mr Ferguson settled his long-running Anti-Discrimination issues out of court (see below) and a Fair Work case that was pending.  More soon…..

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Blow yourself out the water: Lee Rayner sinks in NT Supreme Court (again).

* Ed – Quick note Sun 9th June: The Tech Guys have informed us that during the two days of 7th and 8th June, the NT Gov visited our site 161 times.  Looks like everyone’s getting ready for: Velké finále (Susie Hayes, hopefully there to support her husband Hylton, will be able to translate for you). Les lunatics ont pris le contrôle de l’asile….

The recent NT Gov -v- Ferguson & ADC case in the NT Supreme Court has finally yielded the judge’s written remarks.  Now that it becomes a matter of the public record, you can download it and read it for yourself here>>>> NTSC 24 Kel13007 NTA v Ferguson 3 May

The judge has totally thrown out the NT Government’s claims of the ADC not following proper procedure in the upcoming Ferguson Anti-Discrimination case as well as giving the Government team a good old-fashioned ‘slap in the face’ for wasting her time.

It’s an interesting and useful document for a number of reasons. Here are some gems from it:

Mrs Rayner was using the NT News as part of the basis for arguing her case. Quality.

There are 4 named respondents in this case: Hylton “gun licence threat” Hayes (no surprises there), Shirley “I’ll kill you, hang you from the trees and burn down your house” Nirrpurranydji, Jennie Birch (assistant principal no.1 at the time in Gapuwiyak) and Lindall “I’ll help you get rid of him” Watson (assistant principal no.2 at the time in Gapuwiyak). And NT DECS (that’ll be Gary Barnes) being vicariously liable for not stopping it when they had the chance.

The judge uses the term “perverse outcome” twice in describing Rayner & Barrett’s (and therefore NT DECS’) ideas of what they want done to prevent Mr Ferguson gaining the justice he rightly deserves.

Mr Barrett sent a threatening letter to the ADC informing them in so many words ‘that if they didn’t change their mind on their decision – and make it much more palatable for him – he was going to take them to the Supreme Court to make them do what he wanted’.

This sounds a lot like Rayner’s usual ‘scary monsters routine’ but now we know that they probably share the same house we’re beginning to wonder who is the puppet and who is the puppet master in this tremendous double act.

The judge wrote, “If there had been jurisdictional error demonstrated [by the ADC], I would nevertheless have been inclined to refuse to intervene on discretionary grounds” meaning that she really thought that Rayner & Barrett’s behaviour stinks. She’s not the only one.

We at Cardfightback really love the last line: “The plaintiff’s claim is dismissed.”

So here we find ourselves again, Mrs Lee Rayner (and Mr Barrett) using wasting Government money to fight school teachers in Court. And losing. This is the second time in the last 12 months that she has been at the steering wheel of a train wreck (of her own making) that has ended up crashing into the NT Supreme Court. How much more money is she going to be given to flush down the dunny in her continuing attempted destruction of NT teachers we wonder? Fret not, we can always cut another teaching position and give the cash to Rayner. It’s much easier gambling when it’s someone else’s money you’re throwing away, isn’t it Lee?

Let this serve as an example to all NT public service workers of what can be achieved with a bit of resilience, determination and the truth in your pocket. Government lawyers like Rayner, Barrett and Wiese and all those other SFNTs get away with their dubious legal threats letters in DECS because they are rarely challenged outside in the real legal world. People get the letters and just blindly accept them and that suits Rayner et al just fine thank you very much. Be scared no more, challenge them at every turn, force them to be scrutinised by outside legal people and jurisdictions. Show them up for who and what they really are. Give them enough rope and then stand back and watch them hang themselves with it.

We’ve said it before but this would be a good time to say it again:

Courts, (some) outside jurisdictions, the Police, lawyers like Ron Hope and Bill Piper, Commonwealth bodies and the mediaESPECIALLY THE INTERNET – are all things that we ‘little people’ can use to keep rampant abuse of government/NT DECS behaviour in check. As you can read in this judge’s written opinion: it works……but it’s up to us to use them.

Believe us, the NT Govt/NT DECS would like nothing more than for all of us to stay silent and accept everything and anything that is thrown at us without question so that they can continue to run riot, make stuff up as they go along and get away with doing whatever they like to whoever they like, ruining people and careers into the bargain.

Oh and Mrs Rayner, the next time you (reportedly) arrogantly threaten to “blow [someone] out of the water because you are a great discrimination lawyer who has won over a hundred cases” you might want to think twice before changing it from your ‘inside voice’ to your ‘outside voice’, if you get our drift.

Not just because it could quite easily be construed as gross professional misconduct amongst other things but also if you happen to lose and are then taken off the case, you are going to look extremely stupid, as you must look now since you’ve recently been taken off this case, according to a friendly source in the governmentbut not before you cost both sides more than $100,000, none of it your own personal money of course (again).

Hopefully that’ll teach you to keep your bullying mouth more firmly shut in future.

up ye

So it’s onwards to the Hearing in 2 weeks’ time….roll up, roll up, come see Hylton Hayes, Shirley Nirrpurranydji and Lindall Watson and hear what they have to say to the viewing public about their past behaviour.  Oh and bring a note pad and some pens, you can sit beside the NT News and other journalists.

CFB Team. Definitely still very much IN the water.

Ed – This just in from the NT News (thanks Ellie):

NT News 6.6.13

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How to win friends and influence people…over 700 people in one month.

Editor’s note: a lot of people have been trying to access DECS’s “Bullying, Harassment & Violence” Policy, both here and on their gov website.  They’ve taken it down, no one can see it or access it. (usual sneaky behaviour, read more about other devious DECS behaviour over at the NT ED Dept Dirty Tricks blog>>> NTDECSDirtyTricks)…..except us.  Here it is, to give you an idea of how blatantly they’ve been breaching their own policy: >>> download it by clicking on the link>>> BullyingHarassmentViolencePolicy

A picture speaks a thousand words (or page loads).  Let’s hope that those 700+ people (in just the month of April) are also speaking about “teaching in the territory” and telling everyone the truth about what really goes on here.  Tell the NT News, the ABC, all your friends, interstate blogs, interstate teachers, lawyers, courts, parents, children, your Union, the OCPE, the Ombudsman, the Anti-Discrimination Commission, the Information Commissioner, the Office for Public Interest Disclosures, the Police, your granny, your dog and the postman.

CFB April stats

Below, one of our best customers: either very keen or extremely paranoid and worried.  We’d prefer extremely paranoid and worried:

Friends of CFB

Big wave to the Australian Broadcasting Commission… there an investigative documentary in the wings???  Could be……

ABC visit CFB

We tip our hat to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, (DEEWR), Canberra, hopefully they’re taking notes:

Deewr Canberra

Nods to News Interactive in Sydney, hungry for stories no doubt:

News Interactive

And last but of course by no means least, the Good Ol’ NT Gov (aka Hypocrite Central), proving: yes, the site remains blocked to teachers but not to other NT government workers.  We don’t lie here at CFB.  Ever.


A quick note: bye bye Eva Lawler, hope you enjoy your extra long Penglase-like holiday.  Wonder who’ll be next to go……get those bets on!  We know who we’d like to see blown out….

CFB Team

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NT Gov -v- Ferguson & Anor (NT Supreme Court 10) Monday 10am

Director of Legal Services DECS Lee Rayner, her barrister and the NT Gov/Educ Dept lost in the Supreme Court.  Another monumental waste of Government funds ESPECIALLY NOW THAT TEACHERS ARE LOSING THEIR JOBS DUE TO FINANCIAL CONSTRAINTS.  More soon……

Ed – Supreme court judge will give written ruling on May 2 (and we’ll publish it here) but suffice to say that one side did far worse than the other (well done boys), the only surprise being that Lee Rayner was allowed to turn up today fully funded by the NT Gov.  Maybe Gary Barnes has arranged a blank cheque for her from the Chief Minister’s Office?  Horse Dead A Flogging?  Watch this space….

The NT Gov & Education Dept continue to throw more and more money at Court proceedings against their employees: Check the Court Listing here: Supreme Court 22.4.13

People are losing their jobs due to financial cut backs, Territory Education is vastly under-resourced due to supposedly ‘lack of funds’ and its outcomes are a national embarrassment, Aboriginal Health, Welfare and Education are (still) in the toilet yet the Education Dept and its legal team (see below) are happy to spend thousands and thousands of your tax dollars fighting their hard working remote school teachers in court.  So far to date this one case, having gone on for more than 3 years now, has cost one side at least more than $50,000…..and there’ll be more to come.  You can probably guess that it’s cost the other side even more.

Money well spent?  Ask our politicians.  Tell our newspapers.  Demand answers from the new CE of NT DECS and Mr Gary Barnes, the previous CE since he was the person in charge (we use the term loosely) of this mess at the time – throwing valuable Education dollars away while telling you he had no money for extra support teachers or new school books.

We, the Cardfightback Team, urge you to take a trip down to the Supreme Court this Monday morning and see how the NT Gov and their expensive barrister from down south behave.  You might just learn something for when they do it to you next.  Good luck.

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“My client is going to deny those comments and deny that conversation.”

Ed – a quick thank you to all our readers again, even with the silly NT DECS network ban in place we still had 712 views from 432 unique visitors in March!!  Hoo-ray!!  But that is eclipsed by the 189 views on one day (a new record) following the NT NEWS article on the latest teacher attacks >> click here

A quick word on that ban: our Tech Team inform us that while schools and teachers are blocked from looking at our truth telling public interest site from the NTSchools network, it seems it’s perfectly OK for other NT Gov employees to be reading it daily, many of them from their Gov issued iPads.  That smacks of hypocrisy to us but is not at all surprising.  The people at the top of the tree get to do and see whatever they want while telling those below (and who usually work harder) that they’re not allowed.  Sounds like North Korea or Saudi Arabia.  Hope you teachers are happy about that and if you’re not, then do something about it.

Now onto some other hypocrites: Lawyers from the SFNT (Solicitors For the Northern Territory) populate NT DECS Legal Services Unit, a small pond indeed with only 3 or 4 staff but a decent place to start your fledgling legal career we think.  The boss for the last 3+ years is a middle aged woman called Mrs Lee Rayner who left NSW to come and help save the NT Government from its own employees, amongst other things. Even though she embarrassingly often throws her toys out the pram (like a woman with a fork in a world full of soup), we still think she’s a great lawyer for the government to have on their team.

Another lawyer in the SFNT pool, who works under her, is Simon Wiese. Simon WieseHe used to work for the Anti-Discrimination Commission assisting people (we hope) in their fight against discriminatory and bullying employers but somewhere along the way he decided that he’d instead rather HELP those same bullying employers try to justify the harassment and intimidation of their staff  become a government lawyer so he switched sides.  Now he plays for the other team.
Big round of applause for Mrs Rayner and Mr Wiese everyone.

Some of you might be under the illusion that when something goes majorly wrong in the course of your employment that you can call on NT DECS Legal to help you.  THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE and one that is made often according to our research.  Just because you work for DECS doesn’t mean their legal team is going to help you, no Ma’am.  The hint is in the name: Solicitors FOR the NT, not solicitors FOR YOU!  This is a very important distinction.

SFNT exist to minimise the damage done to the Government and also in bodies like the TRB for example.  Information is shared in the background between them and can and will be used against you if you ever happen to cross any of their paths in your fight for accountability and justice, as a number of DECS employees have informed us.  They also spend a lot of their time up there on the 14th Floor in Mitchell Street writing letters for senior executives, who then put their name at the bottom and pretend they wrote it themselves (yes you know who you are).

These lawyers don’t care about what you’re fighting for or what actually happened to you, they only care about protecting the government from legal liability at all costs.  Some tactics they might use include: trying to bully or intimidate you, using complicated legal jargon, coming down to a school to ‘get the story straight’ for someone they are protecting, big words longer than 9 letters, legal threats (usually just more Scary Monsters hot air), belittling you in front of other people, deliberately narrowing the Terms Of Reference for an investigation to protect the government while covering up the truth, writing long letters outlining many ways to try to block legitimate Freedom of Information documents from getting to you, stretching out legal proceedings to try to bleed you dry financially, labelling you a troublemaker, accusing you of wasting everyone else’s time or just flat out lying uttering the quote at the top of the post: “My client is going to deny those comments and deny that conversation” or “My client has denied the allegation and is unaware of the conversation [you had with them]” or “That never happened, my client has no recollection of that” while hoping that you’ll get scared, scuttle away and drop your complaint.  All of the above tactics often work because NO ONE ELSE IS WATCHING When everything is kept inside NT DECS it means that people like Mrs Lee Rayner and Mr Simon Wiese can write whatever they like and deny whatever they like – no matter how ridiculous it sounds to reasonable people outside of the organisation or other lawyers  – because they think it will never be tested outside of DECS.   Fellow teachers, we have to show them that they can no longer rely on this kind of nonsense – we encourage you to challenge them at EVERY OPPORTUNITY, Ed – give them lots more work to do.

Of course we all know that people lie to protect themselves and lawyers are no different.  However these guys are getting paid a lot of money, from our taxes, to parrot the lies their clients (usually DECS senior executives) tell them and hope that you swallow it.  They will deny something was said even when you show them a copy of it, written verbatim in front of the person at the time it was said, if they think they can get away with it. And if someone threatens to “blow you out the water” then calmly write it down, date it, make a copy and give it to someone else for safekeeping and keep yours safe so you can show a court sometime in the future.

With these kinds of devious legal tactics used against us with increasing frequency there is EVEN MORE REASON TO RECORD EVERYTHING IN AUDIO FORM AS WE SAID BELOW <<< (click link) that way, the liars and cheats of the world (and those SFNT employed to protect them) will never be able to win.

If you don’t believe us, then maybe you’ll believe Mrs Rayner, in her own words: “Here, we work on giving advice to schools, assisting the department on matters in which it is a defendant, give advice on situations about family law and matters involving students. I enjoy it because every day is different.”

Note: *it’s more important to note what she doesn’t say is her job: not helping us hard working teachers who are victims of crime or destructive bullying behaviour – based on many bad experiences we’ve heard about, we here at Cardfightback don’t believe DECS legal people, respect them nor trust them to protect us.  Shielding the truth and the government is their No.1 priority, everyone else (us teachers) is treated as stupid and is expendable… this space for more details soon!

This is what Lee Rayner (reportedly, cough, cough) told one of the teachers who had actually witnessed the threats spewing from Nirrpurranydji and Lindall Watson at the time, during the Gapuwiyak death threat debacle: “Lee Rayner phoned for police report details…trying to get info, using it to undermine the teachers – she said “Good it’s only hearsay then because the Police won’t do anything.”  How wrong she turned out to be, thankfully, but it again clearly illustrates how NT DECS lawyers are not there to help you, they are there to save the Government and stuff everyone else.  Please remember that.  If something happens to you we recommend you don’t speak to them and get your own legal representation instead.

Not content with making sure NT DECS and their senior employees escape accountability Mrs Rayner also wants to legislate your behaviour – you cheeky remote school teachers out there with all those “extra benefits such as free housing”; not you city or urban teachers thoughoutside of school too, so as to make it easier for her and Mr Wiese and people like them to prosecute you…as she wrote in 2010 at a lawyer’s conference:

“Maybe it is time for the PSEMA and other similar public servant legislation to consider the geographical location of employment. The legislation could spell out what is expected of teachers in a remote community as opposed to those in cities or urban areas. In the Northern Territory teachers in remote communities have extra benefits such as free housing and they receive a remote allowance. If the specific standard of behaviour required in remote communities was legislated, it would greatly assist with the running of any disciplinary matters for out of hours behaviour.”

We wonder if this includes legal professional misconduct in arrogantly spitting out that “you are going to blow you [their teacher opponent] out the water” then telling them, “you know nobody in DET likes you, don’t you?  Everybody hates you.”

However, SelF-iNflaTed views don’t stop there, check this out:  Two lawyers from the same SFNT pool but one appears to be claiming to be a Director “at NT Department of Justice”  Ed – that’s a big difference: one is in charge of many, many lawyers, the other is in charge of 2!!!, not an SFNT lawyer working for NT DECS as she signs her emails: (“Lee Rayner Director Legal Services SFNT Lawyer based in: Legal Services Unit,  Department of Education and Childrens Services”).  False advertising?  Artistic licence?  Mere semantics?  Bare faced lies?  Bloated ego?  We’ll let you decide for yourselves:

lr link

sw link

Full marks to Mr Simon Wiese for getting it right, this time.  Our judges score “nil points” for Mrs Lee Rayner.

In summary: learn to protect yourself by RECORDING EVERYTHING IN AUDIO FORM as well as written form if you can, get your own lawyer (Ron Hope has won many times against NT DECS already, he knows what he’s talking about and exactly who he’s dealing with – contact details down the right hand side of this blog) because NT DECS legal staff will try to stomp all over you if you give them the chance.

Always keep outside jurisdictions informed, send follow up FOI requests and ask for a review (remember NT DECS’s FOI guy Lance Follett has already tried to withhold information from at least one person that we know of and maybe a lot more too – again read >>> the post below) and remember just because someone is a government lawyer it doesn’t mean they never: chuck a wobbly in front of other lawyers, interpret Acts wrongly, withhold documents, give wrong advice, have a high opinion of themselves, lie, call you a liar, make stuff up, waste government/your tax money, bully you or intimidate you.  In fact we’re finding that’s exactly what they spend a lot of their time doing.

Keep up the good fight everyone and keep keeping us informed.

CFB Team Sticking-it-to-the-Man For New Teachers.

Blow us out the water?!  We’d like to see you try, Mrs Angry Pants.

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Banksy, eat your heART out (and your bus stops).

One of our supporters recently spotted this on a Darwin noticeboard.  Excellent.  Wonder if any more will turn up?  Ed – See below: we just got word of other signs turning up on bus stops round Darwin!!!  Quick, ban the site! Oops, too late.

Darwin Noticeboard

Friends and helpers everywhere.  Good job NT Gov.

We’ll open up the password protected post below after we start back school next Monday.

A hint: “Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”

CFB bus stop

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NT Education Dept BANS us. Hylton Hayes threatens to sue us (for telling YOU the truth).

Monster University

The NT Education Department is full of scary monsters but just like Monsters Inc they are all bark and no bite, a façade.  They look scary, some more than others, and they routinely act scary – verbal threats, written threats, wonky legal reasoning (sometimes due to incompetence or arrogant complacency, sometimes it’s just simply made up to scare you and has no real legal basis if you test it out in Courts or Tribunals), abuse of position – but most of it is just BLUFF.

Recently we’ve heard of Solicitors for the Northern Territory (SFNT) demanding that Cardfightback be shut down, not copied, permanently deleted.  These are the same people who protect NT DECS senior executives when they bully us and harass us in our already difficult job of classroom teaching.  They also seem to think that they own the Internet and want to prevent anyone from having a critical opinion of them.  Yes we burst out laughing at that one too.

Then we heard from our friends at the Education Union that Mr Hylton Hayes – he of previous “gun licence” fame: read more about him here: – decided that for telling everyone the truth about what he did, he too wants to close down our site while suing us for alleged defamation.  Slightly cheeky there Mr Hayes but definitely gave us a giggle.  Ed – actually here’s a sneak peak at Hylton discussing with his principal Coral O’Neill (who wrote her teacher was a “trained tattooed monkey” amongst other things), how he’s going to get his revenge “every dog has it’s [sic] day”  on the teacher : CLICK ON THE LINK> sharpen your claws more Hylton – all done ON SCHOOL TIME AND USING GOVERNMENT COMPUTER EQUIPMENT – the rest will be uploaded soon we hear…..

When that all failed, the NT Education Department then BLOCKED ACCESS to our site through their NTSCHOOLS network.  Of course this simply means that you have to read us from home, not a huge problem.  Same old pattern of destructive behaviour: try to bully people into submission, threaten them with more SCARY MONSTERS techniques then when that doesn’t work, stick your head in the sand and hope the problem goes away….without ever properly dealing with what caused it all in the first place.  Ed – Classic!!!  Dr Rob Bartholomew knows exactly what we’re talking about, buy his book here:

head in sand again

We’ve said this many times before but we’ll say it again: there are individuals, over the decades and the centuries, who stand up to be counted, who are vocal, who do brave things to talk about what is uncomfortable and what others don’t want to hear. And history tells us that those individuals will, by the states/organisation/people who consider their voices should not be heard, be in some way attacked. It’s part of the narrative that’s perpetuated, the false narrative that makes people an enemy and removes their protections under due process but the way the organisation reacts is actually identical in each case. It’s to perceive the person telling the truth as the enemy and try to take them out.

Protest is highly useful: either verbally in meetings or on the Internet (the great leveller) or demanding that other groups of people help – Union, Whistleblowers, other outside jurisdictions, direct action, Ed – see our ‘Contact Others’ link at the top of the page – in that it informs us that it is right and appropriate to keep saying what is happening here in the NT is quite wrong, intolerable, that people are punished as they attempt to assert a defense, when they attempt to argue back and re-frame the debate and that it has to stop if education ever wants a chance to succeed here in the Northern Territory.

PS: Note to predictably blinkered NT Education Department people: Banning us will just make us stronger and show the world that you have lots to hide.  Can’t you ever think of another way to act or are you just going to stupidly repeat the same problematic behaviour over and over again, that coincidentally wastes a lot of our tax money and which would be better spent on educating young Territorians.  Wake up FFS!

CFB Team.

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806 page views, new blogs, more threats, scary monsters.

feb stats CFBThere you are ladies and gentlemen, from the Tech guys: in the 4 weeks of February, 806 page views from 454 unique visitors to our public interest site – obviously the truth is a very interesting read for a lot of people out there.  WE thank you for your continuing support and all the messages you’ve sent for us to do more and to keep on going.  We’re listening and we’re going to act.

Speaking of keeping on going……


There are some people out there who want to shut down our site Ed – it’s everybody’s site!!! They are angry because things are not going their way for a change.  Other people want to censor us, they want us to go away and never come back.  They want to kill Cardfightback, destroy our freedom of speech and make sure that all of our readers around the country are kept in the dark about what is actually going on in the NT Education Dept and who’s responsible.   Our friends in the Education Union tell us that some Lilliputians continue to threaten our site because sadly they don’t know any other way to behave.  Their arrogance is truly breathtaking at times, their lying knows no bounds.

Looking down from their self-proclaimed moral high ground, they don’t like us telling YOU the truth.  They get upset when we dare to have a different opinion to them.  They would rather you – all the parents, teachers, Union members, principals, students, members of the public and media people who read this site – didn’t know what’s really happening behind the scenes of the NT Education Dept: they would rather you were lied to, they would rather keep their bad behaviour secret so they can continue to get away with being unaccountable.  Is Mr Elferink going to be any different to Gary Barnes?  We sincerely hope so as Mr Barnes allowed all sorts of bad things to happen to teachers under his watch.

They want Cardfightback neutered, silenced, repressed, restricted and sanitized but you can’t hide the truth for ever, no matter how uncomfortable reading it makes for some people.
“Truth is the ultimate defence” remember and we only publish the truth. We also give people the opportunity to get their stories out without fear of retaliation or retribution (something NT DECS is very good at) and advice on how to keep yourself safe in the workplace.  Ultimately we offer an alternative to the propaganda dished out to a compliant media by people like Gary Barnes and Eva Lawler who seem to get far too much unchallenged newspaper space and air time in our opinion.   We also give people the tools to help them make proper informed decisions.  For example, we educate new teachers who are thinking about coming to work in the NT about some of the things they can expect to see once they arrive.

Nobody ever changed the world without making enemies. If you’re not pissing anybody off, you’re probably not doing anything useful to make the world a better place to live in.

There’s an important corollary to that observation: when participating in ‘activism for change’ as we all are here, nobody should fear criticism from the privileged. Those people like things the way they are, with them in the seat of the privileged, thank you very much. Therefore, changing the world with a passion for justice has always drawn opposition from the so-called powerful.

But powerful ideas, such as the immense benefit to NT children’s education from having a controlling Institution like the Education Dept being held accountable for the damage they do to the educators of those children, have a tendency to take on a life on their own. Once they gain enough momentum, they tend to snowball.  And you can help them snowball by telling everyone you know about our humble site.  Encourage them to visit us, to comment, to write to their newspapers (see the extra page added with contact details under the header photo), to post it around the Internet and on Facebook and Twitter.

As an ‘activist for change’, you will always get flak and harsh words for trying to make the world a better place. Challenging the status quo in unthinkable ways (unthinkable for the privileged that is) is always met with hostility.

Change the world around you in any way you can.  Doing nothing ensures nothing changes.  One single person CAN change big things, just look at history for numerous examples.

And have fun. Have fun making defenders of the status quo angry. That’s important too.

Help us keep Cardfightback alive.  Just in case something does go wrong, we encourage you to copy it and seed it into the blogosphere or start your own.  It’s easy.  Happy typing.

CFB Team.  Here to stay.


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Digital Recorders are your best friend.

First of all, this is a momentous occasion.  Two important milestones have been reached as of today:

1. We had 107 page views yesterday, a new record, with people coming from all over the country and the world, including through Facebook, Twitter and yes, you’ve guessed it, all our friends scattered throughout the NT Govt.

2. Today we reached 3000 page views in total.  Actually the Tech Guys inform us that in February alone we’ve so far had over 500 views Ed: make that 620 and counting…, that’s more than the best monthly figure and still 10 days to go until the end of the month!  Give yourselves a huge pat on the collective back from generating such interest and spreading the word and a round of applause: click here>

Next just a quick word about a good ‘friend’ of ours.

digital recorderThese little guys can fit snugly in any pocket, are lightweight and have large amounts of storage for your audio files.  As an accountability warrior you will come across many devious and sneaky people who will say bad and potentially damaging things about you.  They might even try to ruin your career with some things that they say to others and think that they can get away with such cowardly and malicious behaviour.

RECORD EVERYTHING.  It might be your only safety net when forced to recall events (of course hand written notes are OK but an audio recording is much better) or Heaven forbid if someone catches that awful affliction called ‘selective amnesia’ or simply blatantly lies and then later denies that a conversation even took place or that they were somehow suddenly misquoted or  just intentionally and offensively calls you a liar and claims that you just made something up even when you have written notes to prove it – Ed: yep, this kind of bizarre stuff happens a lot!  You might be reading this thinking: “These people are paranoid, I would never need something like that.”  Fine, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.  We’ve seen it happen to so many people and if you ever have to go to Court for something it could mean the difference between winning a case and losing one.

The way the NT Education Dept has been going lately (since well before Gary Barnes exited stage left) so we hear from our friends in the Education Union, more and more people are heading down the legal/Court route in their fight for justice.  It’s pricey but can work in your favour.  NT Education Dept senior officers have a history of immunity from accountability – yes we all have at least one or two terror stories to tell round the staffroom – and one of the only ways to attempt to get any is to find a way to take them to Court.  They don’t like Court because that’s the Real World and their friends across the open plan office or a couple of floors up are not there to protect them anymore.  Of course they will have the help of government lawyers like Lee Rayner Head of DECS Legal Services as an ‘SFNT’ but don’t let that scare you, in our opinion there are many, much better legal practitioners than SFNT lawyers out there willing to help you get the outcome you’re looking for and will be more than happy to take on what they see as a corrupt government official or four.  Public exposure upsets them too, don’t forget.

Think we’re being too harsh?  We’re not the only ones to think this, as this particular comment in the newspaper underlines:

The cronyism, bullying, intimidation and harrassment is across the whole of DET not just the teachers and those in remote communities, I am talking about every single corporate division across the agency at ALL levels. I have come across ALOT of people that agree. DET has alot to answer for and the whole department needs an overhaul not just a change of Chief Executive.

Posted by: DET has issues 10:35pm Sunday 18th July

CFB Team 

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Upcoming Anti-Discrimination Hearing: Ferguson v DET & Ors

The NT Anti-Discrimination Commission does a wonderful job, we’ve linked to it on this web site (down the right hand side there).  There is also a link on their site to upcoming hearings:

This particular hearing, now in the public domain, we understand harks back to a fairly long time ago and no doubt, bearing in mind who’s involved, has some very juicy stuff in there.  We’re quite sure these Hearings are open to the public unless there is some definite public interest served in keeping it ‘closed’ but just to check you might like to ask the NT Anti-Discrimination Commission themselves.  If it’s ‘open’ then all us teachers would do well, as would the Education Union, to come along and see what’s been happening.  You never know, you might just get to see some old friends in there…..and bring a friend or two, like a journalist.  There are lots out there interested in getting the truth out too.

Write it up on your calendar: JUNE 2013: Hearing – 17-21 June 2013: Ferguson v DET & Ors

Just a word to others out there who’ve had to unfortunately also had endure any of the things mentioned on this blog.  WE know you are not alone, even though many of us feel like we are (that’s the way the Power Structure wants it of course because it keeps you atomized and lonely and more susceptible to bullying and intimidation).  One way to redress this is to START YOUR OWN BLOG.  

We’ve already put a link in the “Kill the Messenger” page but we’ll post it here again so you can download it and read it at home:  – it aims to explain some of the finer points of blogging with tips on how to stay safe if you’re posting things that might upset certain people.  REMEMBER THOUGH, it would be better to use it for public interest subjects – like Cardfightback – not petty vendettas that might get you in legal hot water.   Be safe and BLOG ON comrades!

**EDIT – From the Anti-Discrimination Act:

ANTI-DISCRIMINATION ACT: Hearing to be public

“The hearing of a complaint shall be in public unless the Commissioner directs otherwise.”

The tech people tell us that 7 people have downloaded the blogging guide (linked above) so far and 3 of those have emailed us and are promising their own blogs.  Fantastic work and we’re sure all our viewers will be looking forward to reading them.  Watch out for CARDFIGHTBACK Facebook and Twitter pages coming soon too…..  CFB Team.                  Done.

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How to keep your NT DECS job -v- how to lose your NT DECS job.

Very very disturbing news coming down the grapevine with regards to a couple of whistleblower teachers. We couldn’t believe what we were hearing so we put together a simple comparative study to highlight the utter absurdity of the current situation.

We think the emperor has no clothes but again we leave it up to you to decide and discuss with your work colleagues, your local newspapers, your politicians and the new NT Education Dept CE.

Senior Personnel: Person A, Person B, Person C, Person D, Person E

Junior Personnel: staff member 1, staff member 2 (both government whistleblowers)

According to documents seen by Cardfightback and various newspaper articles:

Person A: (Principal): admits to threatening to kill, spear, hang from the trees and burn down the house of her school Union Rep: staff member 1 (who became a government whistleblower after NT DECS did nothing) – he assisted numerous staff in initiating complaints about her abusing her position over many years to coerce money from staff (and other separate alleged discriminatory actions), she was stood down and suspended for 6 months by NT DECS under investigation, formally disciplined in writing, paid fines for 2 police infringement notices related to those threats, restrictions placed on her teacher registration after a formal NT TRB investigation, many staff left the school because of her behaviour resulting in the community’s children’s education suffering due to high teacher turnover, brings NT DECS and the whole NT Public Service into gross disrepute: GARY BARNES ALLOWS HER TO KEEP HER JOB.

*side note: The NT Education Union “gave assistance” to this principal to fight the Education Union Rep at the school who she admitted to threatening to kill…..yes you read that right….more on this one later.

Person B: (Director of School Performance and boss of Person A): undermines NT DECS’ own investigators’ decision to return stolen non-contact time from staff members 1 & 2 by demanding that only half the amount be returned instead, initially attempts to cover up those threats by not telling HR or the Police as soon as he finds out about them, later colludes with another principal to withhold a work reference from staff member 1 so that he can’t get employment elsewhere, inquires about getting a gun licence to deal with staff member 1 – Ed: see previous posts below on this blog – calls staff member 1’s mental health into serious question on 2 separate occasions – ironically someone actually qualified to make those judgements, a top NT psychiatrist, had already reported that staff member 1 was ideally suited for working in remote community schools and was an intelligent and unique individual, threatens to get his revenge on staff member 1, jokes about staff member 1’s increasing legal bills incurred while fighting perceived NT DECS corruption, Karma then forces him to pay an out of court settlement for writing those highly unprofessional, inappropriate and potentially defamatory emails about staff member 1, accuses staff member 2 (also a government whistleblower) of “lacking loyalty towards NT DECS” for supporting staff member 1 and tries to have staff member 2 put staff member 1 on a bogus ‘performance improvement plan’ (he refuses) – as retaliation for that refusal he then attempts to put staff member 2 on a secret inability procedure (officially called ‘fitness to teach’ proceedings) behind his back and without his knowledge, helps to ruin the career of both staff members 1& 2 while degrading the reputation of the hard working and honest people working for the NT Education Dept, brings NT DECS and the NT Public Service into serious disrepute: GARY BARNES ALLOWS HIM TO KEEP HIS JOB.

Person C: (Principal): later in a different school – conspires with her boss Person B and his boss Executive Director Person D to exaggerate fake performance management issues against staff member 1, is cautioned by Person D several times for her “inappropriate use of email” prior to her emails regarding staff member 1 in which she calls him a “trained tattooed monkey” when writing his reference, calls him “a varmitt (vermin) problem”, encourages her boss Person B to “sharpen his claws more” in order to get his revenge against staff member 1, Karma steps in again and forces her to also pay an out of court settlement for her role yet again in writing highly unprofessional, inappropriate and potentially defamatory emails, this time about staff member 1 (all the time telling him to his face: “how terrible it must have been for him to have gone through such things in the recent past” – Ed: you can take the knives out of your back now): GARY BARNES ALLOWS HER TO KEEP HER JOB.

Staff member 1: (experienced remote school classroom teacher of 8 years) After 4+ years of putting up with the emotional and mental abuse, lies told about him and multiple malicious and cowardly attacks on his reputation, staff member 1 writes an email to people who he believes have a history of trying to poison his career asking them to stop, files 2 formal grievances (1 against Person B for his ‘alleged’ long running and sickening attempts to disrupt staff member 1’s working life and destroy his personal and professional reputation) after being informed that that was the correct way to exercise his workplace right to complain about treatment in employment in NT DECS, refuses to accept then being called “vexatious” by Person E for filing that grievance – Person E was caught previously intimating to a school he was about to work at that staff member 1 had “performance issues” (without evidence of course) and “a cloud hanging over him” and then she secretly phoned the NT Australian Education Union President to “discuss staff member 1’s so-called mental health issues and bad attitude” as she labelled them and tried to persuade the President to convince staff member 1 to shut up and stop complaining about this constant barrage of workplace bullying, harassment, dangerous gossip and intimidation that he has had to endure since becoming a government whistleblower, staff member 1 dares to have a different opinion to some of those in power, says: “I don’t trust some senior officers to be fair” – Ed: we wonder where he got that idea from ?! – receives a glowing reference from his principal who desperately wants him to stay and continue his hard work at the remote school, is supported by all the staff and students: Gary Barnes visits staff member 1 at that remote school, shakes his hand, wishes him well and congratulates him for doing a good job in doubling classroom attendance in his first 2 months (all captured on a digital recorder), then 3 months later labels staff member 1 “unsuitable for further employment in NT DECS” at the same time reassuring him that his teaching performance is fine….but GARY BARNES THEN TELLS HIM HE HAS LOST HIS JOB and waits until he is on his Christmas Break overseas before telling him.  Nice touch Mr Barnes.

All of the above are ‘suitable for further employment in NT DECS’, except, according to Gary Barnes, staff member 1 who complains that he’s been targeted for special treatment by a multitude of senior NT DECS personnel and that very little is ever done to discipline them appropriately – “counselling” them is considered rather weak by most people’s standards.

Is this the standard of senior officer that we want here in the NT?  Is it fair?  Do you trust these people?  Ed: A big cup of DOUBLE STANDARDS anyone?  Comments please: Let rip.

*And no, we won’t label you ‘unsuitable for further comment on CFB’ if you happen to have a different opinion to us.  This is not China, it’s Australia, supposedly.  We’re not that arrogant.
CFB Team

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“normally DECS will prevent things like this from getting through”

Sad to say that the Cardfightback Team has recently learned of some very disturbing comments coming out of the mouth of the NT Education Department’s FOI Officer which for us cast serious doubt on his ability to do his job properly.  Freedom of Information is a legal right of every citizen and we should be able to expect that the government departments delivering the documents and the people inside the organization searching for them do so with honesty and integrity.  Everyone knows that this is often not the case however – people delete emails, shred paper, lie and say they don’t have anything when they do, hide documents on different drives – and Lance’s comments to applicants recently (both on the phone so there is no paper trail) begin to show some of the ways the Education Department has been possibly withholding documents and/or information from applicants.  This is a serious breach of trust but maybe also of the Information Act itself.  Dangerously murky waters….according to notes, here is what Lance said:

1.  “I can’t give you the document but I can read it out to you”.  The applicant asked if their name was mentioned and Lance replied “No”.  On further pushing the document was eventually released as it should have been according to the Act and the applicant’s name was definitely mentioned in it.

2.  Another applicant received some documents with disturbing comments made about them (behind their back) from one of their superior officers (wow, where have we seen that before….cough cough, tattooed monkey, cough, get a gun licence, cough, tell them you have a vermin problem).  Lance spoke to the applicant again on the phone and said to them: “He was surprised with some of the content of the emails because normally DECS will prevent things like this getting through and he didn’t know if these things had been said to my face.”

If this is true then what else has been withheld from people and for how long?  How does ‘DECS prevent things like this from getting through’?  Is Lance himself doing this or is he being pressured from ‘up above’?  Is this legal?  Write to the Education Minister and ask.  More importantly, treat everything with a healthy dose of skepticism, never accept the first answer given to you, always push for a review of your FOI decision and if you hear of anything else like this: tell us, the Authorities, the Information Commissioner, the Education Minister and/or even the Police – don’t trust others to do it for you.

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Festivities are afoot!

From the Cardfightback Team: A healthy dose of good tidings to all educators and teachers out there in classrooms manning the trenches in the face of attacks from all sides.  You are an inspiration to us all.

Whether from your students, your bosses, parents or senior executives, for all those teachers who have: been bullied, had bad things written about them, had emails ignored, had requests turned down, been blocked from getting a job, been fought for compensation, been lied to, been targeted for retaliation, been harassed for trying to gain some accountability, had your reputation poisoned, been put on fake performance management procedures, had information deliberately withheld from you, had your mental health questioned or any other number of deliberate tactics used by some people in positions of power – keep up the fight!

There will be many people out there who feel threatened by your new found empowerment and who will stop at nothing to make sure you don’t succeed.  Remember that they love the status quo because it gives them a feeling of superiority and privilege.  They don’t want you to fight back because it threatens their position.  Common  things we hear from contributors to this site are: “you brought this on yourself”, “you should just shut up”, “you’re ruining it for everyone”, “you’re the only problem in this school”, “you’re just a troublemaker”, “you’re just whining all the time”, “everybody hates you”, “you deserve what you get”, the list is long but they are all comments made to weaken your resolve and determination so that the status quo is resumed.  Master doesn’t like dissent in the ranks.

Victim blaming can be powerful but only if you let it be so.  Refuse to accept that which is wrong and continue to stand up for that which is right, no matter whose nose is put out of joint on the way.  The more noise coming from certain quarters will let you know how well you are doing.  If people are confident they are generally quiet.

So well done for seeing out another year and best of luck for those like us heading back into battle next year.  We are here to help anyone that needs it, we don’t pick and choose because we know how dire the consequences can be.  Happy New Year and let’s start with a bang in 2013!

CFB Team.

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The small man.

This is an important man, his name is Hylton Hayes, he works for the government and for such a man he works very hard.






Some people are scared of him but not us, even though (in emails we’ve seen) he did discuss ‘getting a gun licence’ after he’d run out of other stuff to do to his staff .  Anyone who has ever worked with him, even if it’s only been for a day or two (or his wife Susan Hayes), needs to be sending in Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to DECS immediately with his email address in it (see above).   Don’t let him get away with being legally accountable in giving up all the information he or DECS has on you, either by leaving the NT (a common ploy) or by being surplus to requirements in the shake-up, meaning his email account will be closed to the public forever.  Get yours in today!  An FOI form is available on this web site on the links down the right hand side there.  It only takes 2 mins to fill out and send off to Lance and remember IT’S FREE! – you might just get an early Christmas present, thank us later.

Here are his contact details:

Lance Follett,

Senior Policy Officer

Freedom of Information and Privacy

Department of Education and Children’s Services

Northern Territory Government

GPO Box 4821, Darwin NT 0801

tel: 0457 514 988


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Does the ‘punishment’ fit the crime? You decide…


Read the ‘punishment’ here.


Thank you to the people who sent us these, they just go to show what’s really going on.  If you ever receive a warning letter or some other form of disciplinary sanction by someone in DECS then you can use this example as a ‘fairness benchmark’ against which to judge your own treatment.

Leave your comments below.

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Rob Bartholomew, PheroD

This gallery contains 2 photos.

We were sent a copy of Rob’s wonderful new book titled: “Australia’s Forgotten Children – The Corrupt State of Education in the Northern Territory” and it makes truly grim reading.  Not in the sense of writing style but in the … Continue reading

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The public complains but where is the Union response?


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Previous ‘death threat’ teacher insulted and threatened AGAIN by DET/DoE senior management.

No wonder the NT is the laughing stock of Australia with these kinds of people in charge of schools.

We were sent this newspaper cutting recently and it has a number of interesting points to address.

1: Freedom of Information (FOI) requests are more important than ever – send yours to DET/DoE today!

2: Do you as parents, want people like Coral O’Neill, Shirley Nirrpurranydji and senior executives like Hylton Hayes running your kids’ school?  If they’re threatening the staff with spearing, burning down their house, getting a gun , calling them “a trained tattooed monkey” and “a varmitt (vermin) problem” then how safe are the other teachers and the students?!  Remember that DET/DoE is legally liable since they have obviously known about this but done nothing.

3:  We give more congratulations to Mr Ferguson for fighting on in the face of such cowardly acts. How many threats and insults should one person have to put up with before something is done?  He is a modern day hero, a true credit to his profession, unlike those senior managers.

4: Why weren’t O’Neill and Hayes fired (or Nirrpurranydji)?  Write to Gary Barnes and ask him: C/- Dept of Education, Level 14 Mitchell Centre, 55-59 Mitchell Street, Darwin, NT.

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It’s just an illusion.

WAKE UP. You’ve been sleeping.

According to the Public Sector Employment Management Act 2012 (PSEMA), view or download it here: CEO (currently Gary Barnes), when dealing with any grievance, formal complaint or disclosure you may send his HR people, has the ultimate power to:

49C Disciplinary action
(1) If permitted under section 49A to take action against an employee, the Chief Executive Officer may:

(a) take no further action; or

You read that right – he has been given the power to do absolutely nothing if he so chooses: Nada. Zip. لا شيء. 没有. Niets. Zéro. τίποτα. Tidak ada. ничего. Kitu. ไม่มีอะไร.

Sweet. Fuck. All.

FORGET all your silly notions of fairness.

Behold accountability warriors, the tools you’ve all been waiting for.  This is not an exhaustive list down the right hand side of this page, yes over there! If you know of any others, please don’t be shy in sharing them on here for the collective good. 


TROUBLEMAKER. Can you wear it? Does it make you proud?

combat. circumvent. expose. defeat. change.

It’s time.

The myriad of policies and procedures, codes of conduct, ethics and professional standards don’t in and of themselves prevent corruption, abuse of power, harassment, bullying, retaliation, people writing bad things and telling lies about you, etc etc – they have to be enforced, therefore WE HAVE TO BE THE ENFORCEMENT ARMY RESPONSIBLE FOR DOING SO (see tools on the right hand side of this page)

To fight back.

Watch this space….

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