Teaching in the Territory: Anne Tonkin, NT Educ Dept’s Disappearing Dr.

The Anne Tonkin (ex-principal of Leanyer Primary School) story is coming soon even though she fled to Victoria in a terrible hurry.  Why the rush Anne?  Not running away from something were you?

VICKI BAYLIS, HYPOCRITE & LIAR.  We see nothing has changed with you in charge, no suprises.  

No to bullying?  or more empty immature gestures?

Your a dangerous hypocrite Vicki Baylis becoz some people might really believe you care about teachers especially all those new graduate teachers your desperately trying to recruit from Interstate.  No wonder teacher leaving rate is so high in NT with you lot in charge.

Adam Giles: King of Cockheads

Think Government Ministers don’t lie & keep on lying?  Think again.

Lying King of Cockheads Giles is now working for Billionaire Gina Rinehart.  We hope you fall into one of her mine holes and never get out.

Read about his embarassing show at NT Royal Commission: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-28/former-chief-quizzed-over-what-he-knew-of-detention-conditions/8480284

People in power lie, we have to hold them accountable any way we can.

This is why CARDFIGHTBACK was started: Campaign for Accountability & Responsibility in Dept of Educ: Fight Back!

‘Citizen Journalism’ is on the rise around the world as technology and social media are making it easier to share documentation of first hand accounts of events.

People in Power lie all the time.  Any of us working for NT Education Dept knows all about this!!!  We have to EXPOSE them all.

Ken Dav-L-ies, Catherine Mini-me Weber, Liz McDowell, Marion Guppy, Tony Roberts, Jeff Pathetic Parker, Eva Lawler & her suck-up morning coffee lover Hylton Hayes, Vicki ‘Ms Choksondik’ Baylis, Stephen Anal Plug Pelizzo, Laurie Andrew, Max Agnew, Phil Brennan, Megan Howitt, Adam Cockhead Giles, Nathan Wanker Barrett, the list in the NT is endless.  This mob are septic tank bottom feeders.

Think Police don’t lie?  Think again.

Yes The Police lie too, here is the story of the white Police Officer in United States who lied about shooting a black guy dead in the back.  Then some citizen recorded him & uploaded his film to the internet & everyone could see the truth.  The truth contradicts his lying claims about the situation & now he is going to prison.  GOOD.

The officer, who was fired after the video became public, testified at his murder trial that he feared for his life because Scott was trying to grab his stun gun.

The video showed Slager picking the Taser up off the ground and dropping it near Scott’s body in what prosecutors suggested was an attempt to plant evidence. Slager denied that, testifying he was following his training in accounting for his weapons.


Link to story here: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/white-officer-pleads-guilty-in-black-man-s-fatal-shooting-in-south-carolina-1.3394905

Citizen Journalism told us about the Ngukurr Police story when a teacher phoned the Police becoz a 7 year old was naughty.  Wot a Fucking Joke.  That teacher is a disgrace and should be suspended, theyre not fit to be in a classroom full of kids.

Of course Police said their own actions were fair.  We say Bullshit to that.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for NT Police said no disciplinary action had been taken.

“The actions taken by the police officer were lawful, fair and in the interests of the safety of all involved,” she said.

Read about it here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-11/police-officer-apologises-for-putting-child-in-back-of-van/8432482

This is the same Police who think its OK to taser kids at school, read about it here: https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/2016/03/02/teaching-in-the-territory-stunning-as-nt-police-taser-a-child-at-school-nt-educ-dept-shocks-the-rest-of-us/

Think Education Dept bureacraps don’t lie?  Think again….we’re told Marion Guppy lied in NT Supreme Court recently about what she knew before she & Liz McDowell ganged up on & tried to end the career of NT Educ Dept’s latest whistle-blower teacher.  More to come on this story.


Anne Tonkin…..Dr of Secret Surveillance Cameras….watch this space (legally of course)

Citizens and employees of NT, of Australia, in order to help keep people in power accountable we need to record things on our phones, take photos, tell someone, leak documents, DO NOT GO TO EDUC DEPT FIRST AS THEY WILL COVER IT ALL UP AND HIDE IT then bully you for complaining, report NT Educ Dept officers to Police and Whistle-blowers and newspapers, take them to Court, EXPOSE their BULLSHIT….all in the Public Interest.

CFB, watching your back. xoxo


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Teaching in the Territory: Onya Sonia Brownhill & Kalamity Ken strikes again.

Edit 1: Onya Sonia again, humiliating children for NT GOV becoz they haven’t been humiliated enough already!  Cardfightback would luv to see u forcibly stipped naked by 3 fat aggressive adult men like a skinny 13 yr old boy in Don Dale then see if u’re questions might change.  What “needs tested” Onya is ur brain.

None of this below would have gotten out if someone hadn’t leaked stuff or filmed it on their phone. Follow their example & get leaking & filming folks – all in the name of Public Interest Disclosures.

CFB Team hopes everyone can watch again the brutal Four Corners doco about Don Dale & NT Youth Justice. After watching it our post will make more sense.  The link is below & the pics speak for themselves.  Looks like someone likes touching little naked boys bums:

Here’s the link to the TV show: http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/stories/2016/07/25/4504895.htm

We all know the Royal Commission is still happening, you can read the interim report here.  Well done NT GOV looking after those naughty Aboriginal kids.  We hope lots of u get jailed for this:


Everyone in the world can now see & read how FUCKED UP NT GOV was…some people say “still is”.

CFB Team wants to give HUGE THANX to whoever leaked that info to Four Corners. You did a great service to Public Interest Journalism. CONGRATULATIONS.

NT GOV’s solicitor at the Royal Commission Hearings is a woman called Sonia Brownhill.

Looks harmless right?  Wrong. Don’t be fooled – remember Marion Guppy? Read about her HERE.

At one point Onya Sonia tried to deny the child victims a chance to tell their story. She was worried that poor NT GOV would have a damaged reputation. What a lovely lovely woman.

Most people around the world agree it’s important to give victims of abuse a voice, somewhere to speak about their horrible experiences (same as what we do here on Cardfightback Blog)….like the Jimmy Savile investigation for example:

but hey, not in Northern Territory. Fuck that.  Go Get Em Sonia!

This lovely woman GOVT lackey was also NT GOV legal help for NT Teacher Registration Board in the famous death threat principal from Gapuwiyak Shirley Nirrpuranydji investigation Star Chamber.

We hear u asking “Wasn’t the principal supported by Education Union money & barrister Jodi Truman?” Yes she was but Onya Sonia was supporting NT GOV (aka TRB – “assisting the Board”) in the Hearing to make sure NT GOV wasn’t liable for their favorite blackfella principal’s latest bullshit. Everyone knew it was going on for years & years.  Just like the Jimmy Savile show, NT Educ Dept looked the other way becoz she was useful in other ways.

When the media tried to report inside the public Hearing CFB have heard both Truman & Brownhill blocked them. Why would they do that we wondered? Their Answer > ”to protect the reputation of the principal.” Sound familiar? Onya Sonia seems very keen to protect the worst kinds of people & their reputations. It doesn’t get much worse than Don Dale.

A CFB Team Member contacted Mr Ferguson who confirmed he was offered Jodi Truman by AEUNT for his court action but he choosed a different barrister instead. Mr Ferguson also confirmed the money AEUNT spent on his legal bills was paid back from his out of court settlement money.

We want to ask if the recent Pedo teacher who AEUNT paid John Tippett QC to help got their money back from him? Someone should ask Julie Danvers – she was Treasurer at the time that bloke was secretly given our fees to help him.

Ms Truman represented the death threat principal at TRB Hearing….& we’re told by an Executive Member who was there at the time > AEUNT paid for her.  More secret payments to dodgy folks.

Onya Sonia & Onya AEUNT!

Kalamity Ken Dav-L-ies strikes again & again & again. Like Hylton Hayes & Phil Brennan, u can’t keep a good man down.

See his double standards: no pay for this worker but Phil Brennan got his while he was given paid leave to find a job after getting caught stalking an ex-employee

Then more Don Dale headaches under his watch as teens escape & go on crime spree. Nice one Ken, great to see u’re doing such a GOOD JOB in ur new role.

CFB did warn u Chief Minister, u’re Gunner regret keeping Kalamity Ken in any NT GOV job.

No surprise to any teacher working here in Northern Territory as Ken & Mini-me were responsible for shit like this:

Back to helping kids….One of Stephen Pelizzo’s Facebook Friends is ex-Attorney General John Elferink.  Here he is in his friends list:

He said this about Don Dale in Four Corners program:

Caro Meldrum-Hanna: “Well did you see the excerpt where you hear the guards laughing and say I’ll pulverise the little fucker?”

Minister John Elferink: “No I did not see that.”

Caro Meldrum-Hanna: “Well it did happen.”

Minister John Elferink: “Well that demonstrates a lack of training. I can only respond to those things which demonstrably say, show that there’s a short coming in training. What I do know is that when matters come to me I make sure that they’re investigated in accordance with the laws of the Northern Territory.

Sound familiar AGAIN?  Read on…..

Here’s Marion Guppy talking about teacher assaults & violence, try not to laugh too hard:

“As a department we respond seriously to any assault — be it physical or verbal — against our staff and we also invest heavily in providing additional support for those students who might participate in that sort of behavior.”

She’s lying of course. What really happens is this:

“And when we’re talking about teachers being injured and abuse, well OK, the physical injuries are one thing but the psychological injuries can be even greater.”

The teacher representative agreed with the union about a culture of non-reporting, and said he knew of one case where a teacher, who reported an assault, was herself blamed by the school.

Instead of the actual behavior and the problem being dealt with, the teacher was blamed for putting herself in that situation,” the representative said.

Reminds us of other victim blaming bullshit HERE.

Guppy should speak to Brave Dave Arnold about reporting violence. She too much of a fucking coward to do that though. Read about poor Dave Arnold HERE.

Speaking of violence in schools, here’s NT Police – remember how they tasered a child at school & un-Educ Dept only talked about how good they thought the school was?

Here they are traumatizing a 7 year old Indigenous kid – THEN HAVING TO APOLOGISE AT A COMMUNITY MEETING – by throwing them in their Police Van.  Big pat on the back for urselves NT Police – still haven’t learned anything eh boys?  Don Dale for u 7 year old criminal!

U can’t make this stuff up…..& u don’t need to when u live here in the Northern Territory! We strip naked children in small rooms with noone else there as our NT punishment…..then we get a NT GOV Solicitor-General to humiliate u at the Royal Commission becoz u swore….then we throw 7 yr olds in Police vans to scare them at school. NT GOV is the best in Australia!

LINK > Police filmed saying sorry for traumatizing 7 year old Aboriginal kid.

REMEMBER None of this would have gotten out if someone hadn’t leaked stuff or filmed it on their phone. Follow their example & get leaking & filming folks – all in the name of Public Interest Disclosures & Public Interest Blogs!

More soon….CFB Team.  xoxo

PS: Don’t forget the newest alleged pedo in NT Schools, we think this is the same one from Driver Primary School, see THIS POST FOR DETAILS. Keep ur eyes peeled everyone, should be in Darwin Supreme Court this month!



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Teaching in the Territory: NT Education Union (AEUNT), right up the arse of NT Education Dept.

As promised, more to come about NT Education Union (AEUNT) secretly funneling our membership fees to THEIR SICK FRIENDS.  The Cardfightback Team advises Union members to stop giving AEUNT your $$$$ becoz this is what they do with it BEHIND OUR BACKS!

WE think….in our honest opinion….Laurie Andrew looks like Jimmy Savile.  NOT act like Jimmy Savile, just look like him.  He (& NT Educ Union Vice-President Stephen Pelizzo) fixed it for someone to get another job……read below:

CardFightBack calls on all fellow teachers to Boycott The NT Education Union.

Butt-plugs forEva…..and Vicki and Marion….and Liz….and Maree….and Tony Roberts….and….

More cumming soon…….

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Teaching in the Territory: Stephen Pelizzo & Hylton Hayes forEva.

Please send us lots of juicy NT Educ Dept docs to our new official email: cardfightback@tuta.io

Schools & teachers in crisis but Eva is charging us money to have breakfast with her.  Good to see she has her priorities right.

We hope everyone made it to the Breakfast with a Bullshitter last month.

If you paid us $55 we still wouldn’t go.  Just more useless Brown Nosing, perfect for Hylton Hayes.

Eva has lots of friends as u can see if you download her Facebook Friends list here:


One of them is Stephen Pelizzo, NT Education Union Vice President.

Hayes & Pelizzo, peas in a pod. One sucks up at any opportunity (awwww how CUTE…little Hylton with his little coffee for Eva the new un-Education Minister), the other assists her Educ Dept’s relentless bullying of another ‘teacher with integrity’.

Pelizzo loves telling everyone who’ll listen how AEU lawyers could help but they’re too busy doing work for his own employment situation as a redeployee.

Pelizzo is also friends with Jeff ‘Pathetic’ Parker,

Here is Jeff in his Facebook Friends List:

Parker is the new principal at Clyde Fenton School (his only friend on NT Web of Friends):

Pathetic Parker was investigated for chasing a disabled child with a cattle prod – which Educ Dept later dismantled & removed it from his school so he wouldn’t chase another small child according to their own quote in NTNews:

Jeff likes to get close to his students as this photo shows & is that some tape on ur desk?  Looks like a bit too much physical contact for reading there Jeff.  But that’s just our honest opinion….

We hope this little girl doesn’t need the toilet too many times or else the next photo will be one like this:

& we’re laughing at ur values: ‘taking responsibility for your actions’?  Really?

Let’s look at Kalkaringi more closely…….someone else we know used to work there with Pathetic Parker & regularly tells people what a great bloke he was:

Oh dear…look at that….Stephen Pelizzo’s friend & referee is…..Laurie Andrew (read more about him hiding sex offence allegations in Tasmania HERE)

Why is this important?

Because Laurie Andrew was the Director who oversaw the disaster that still is Max Aggro & then…..yes u guessed it…..who supported Jeff Parker.  Dob in a Director everybody.

Who did the Education Union support more: Pathetic Parker or the teachers who blew the whistle on his assaults on his students?  With Stephen Pelizzo & Laurie Andrew’s help, Parker got more support.  We wonder why?

What did the Educ Dept do to help those teachers?  Nothing of course.

As they always do, they got the principal a new job where he licks arse in thanx at every opportunity like the good little boy he is:

While we’re on the subject of licking arse, a big clap for Anthony Knights (or Anthony Shights as he’s usually known):

Young Mr Shights was/is the plaything of Pathetic Parker…..a first time teacher for only 3 years who as a thanx for helping protect him is given a principal job!!!  Yes u read that right, from inexperienced teacher to principal in the blink of an eye.

It shows what u can do when u fall into line & support corruption for ur NTGOV employer:

From Kalkaringi: the young male teacher at the centre of inappropriate student behaviour management & his wife have been transferred to another school.
Two other young Parker supporters have gone back to Victoria.
New principal is Barbara Bran who Parker appointed while he took study leave in 2012, but in his annual report dammed for all the schools failings.

Nice work AEUNT Vice President Pelizzo! Ur Education Union membership money at work folks! Unlike Anita Jonsberg who recently quit after a fight with Jarvis I-helped-hide-that-your-Union-membership-fees-were-given-to-a-peadophile-teacher-friend-of-ours Ryan among other things.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the AEUNT really working for themselves the members when u need them most.  Money well spent.

CFB suggests a divestment campaign…..if u feel ur NT Education Union is not helping or is giving ur fees to their friends to help cover up their paedo-family members then STOP PAYING YOUR AEUNT MEMBERSHIP FEES.  Spend it on something better like ur own kids.

Educ Dept are still hiding the report into Pathetic Parker….it’s called the Harris Report.  We’d luv to see that report: cardfightback@tuta.io

Parker is telling others now he has ‘been cleared’ he is coming after those that reported him.  Of course, he hasn’t been cleared at all, Educ Dept covers these reports up all the time, releasing them will show their negligence because they knew it was going on but did nothing to stop it….until the NTNews came knocking.

The Gunner Government changes nothing…..he’s still in love with OCPE idiot Craig Allen who presides over increased bullying & does nothing to stop it:

Eva Lawler continues with her bullshit…only the wellbeing of protected staff of course…..right Marion Guppy?

As we told u, Catherine Weber has quietly left the building to work in the Health Dept:

meanwhile NT GOV (LIARS AS ALWAYS) are still checking out our blog, even after saying it was blocked:

but we have to welcome Dept of un-Education onto Facebook:

it can only be a SELF-CONGRATULATORY WANKFEST (No Nathan Barrett put ur smartphone away! or we’ll tell everyone about your nathansfacebookwank blog) but thankfully we know how good the Educ Dept has been in the past on Facebook – click on the picture below to check out their star performer:

Phil & Megan are due back soon…..good luck Health Dept.

Here is the value of public exposure, see how many people have viewed & shared some of Hylton Hayes’s emails as he tried to destroy poor Mr Ferguson in the background along with principal Coral O’Neill…. & hopefully they’ve shared them with many others.  You can read for urselves on the FOIForDummies blog:

Get the word out there!

The reality is, all governments lie and most government officers lie, some more than others. All governments break the law. And most frequently, this happens without us realizing it. The majority of us, right? People who follow this blog, people who study this blog will see it. They’ll complain, they’ll protest, but they don’t have critical mass because they don’t have control of the airwaves. They’re sort of shuttled off in the corner of the room where they talk amongst each other. But the average public servant  doesn’t care that much because these officers, these politicians, give them the space to deny it to themselves, right? To say, “Hey it’s not me they’re attacking.  I can go on with my day. I can go on with my life, and I don’t have to confront these issues. I can live in my comfortable life, I can go home after a hard day, right? I’ve got people to take care of. I’ve got bills to pay. I have obligations. I don’t have time to save the government, right?” We can’t do that anymore. That is no longer a luxury.

This is our challenge. This is something that requires effort. This is something that requires sacrifice. And this is something that, if you turn your back on, will not get better. It will get worse. It is not enough to believe in NT Educ Dept or Education Union helping you. It is not enough to believe in something. You must stand for something.  And increasingly you must stand on your own because even the Union is stealing your money and looking the other way when you need their help.
It’s OK u can swear & use bad language on our blog, we don’t mind, in fact we encourage it.

Because what Eva & Vicki & NT GOV all want the most is that we stay quiet

& only listen to their narrative, only read their Internet pages, only complain to them so they can cover it all up.

We say a big FUCK OFF to that:


The last word goes to Meryl Streep.

Powerful Education Dept bureaucraps are still bullying hard working teachers.  All the bullshit in the world coming out of Eva Lawler’s mouth won’t stop it.  Only action will.

As Meryl said: “When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose” – teachers, kids, families.  We know u & ur NT GOV buddies read this blog, so stop talking crap Eva & start helping.


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Teaching in the Territory: NT Whistleblower Protection Laws – public consultation

When the opportunity is there WE MUST TAKE IT.  Public Feedback needed, anyone in Australia can contribute.

Please submit to the NT GOV Whistleblower Protection Laws public consultation on or before 17 Feb, check web site:


Or Email your story or your comments to agd.whistleblowerfeedback@nt.gov.au.


As reported in NTNews & Koori Mail: Cattle prod chasing, taping little girl to chair, principal Jeff Parker moved from old school & given new job at Clyde Fenton Primary School in Kalkaringi, NT.  The lies, deceit, protect abusive principal, smash anyone who complains, puting new students & teachers at risk Merry-Go-Round continues.  Thanx Vicki Baylis & Eva Lawler for really changing things.  NOT.


Staff who blew the whistle about him were targeted for retaliation, by Pathetic Parker & NT Education Dept: Liz McDowell & Marion Guppy.

If ever you needed a reason to strengthen Whistleblower Protection Laws there it is….& remember how poor Mr Ferguson with his death-threat-principal whistleblowing (see link on right hand side of our blog & here) was attacked too!

More on this later….


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Teaching in the Territory: NT Educ Minister Eva Lawler gives her support to Cardfightback

Edit 4: Big thankyou to http://www.westmeadhospitalwhistleblowers.com for the link on ur whistleblowing site.  Their site has lots of very useful & interesting links eg: http://www.westmeadhospitalwhistleblowers.com/how-to-deal-with-bullying-by-diane-peters.html we suggest u head over, have a look & offer them ur support too.

One of the biggest challanges for sites like ours is to know about & network with each other, to share resources & strategies.  To share the good & the bad, tactics to watch out for, successes we have, results of court action, etc.

Whistleblowing Is Not Just Leaking — It’s an Act of Political Resistance!

One of the disappointments of being a whistleblower is living with the knowledge that people continue to sit, just as you did, at those desks, in that unit, throughout the Agency, who see what you saw & comply in silence, without resistance or complaint while still taking home their big salaries. They learn to ignore the untruths & the damage it does to others. It is a double tragedy……but we can all work together to help stop it & change the destructive & corrupt behaviour of NT Education Dept & many other GOV agencies around the country, including the NT Education Union.

Edit 3: See who is connected to who, in private, NT Movers & Shakers FB Connections: click on this link 2 download the NT Web of Friends folder of all Facebook connections we showed u in NT Web of Friends, just unzip file when downloaded: https://mega.nz/#!aAsnjIIR!HW_xyDaB2nRimpKbTf0fbTafF1HiMICb8_GzSb65Kic

***Special mention to Stephen Pelizzo (& Eva Lawler), check out who their Facebook friends are….is the smokescreen clearing for anyone yet?????


Edit 2: Another teacher (QLD) gets bullied by a protected principal, please show your support, sign her petition, link below:




Edit 1: NOTE TO THE AEUNT.  We’re not finished with u yet.  We will return to the post below this one after school starts back next year….

For all those teachers denied legal help or some who weren’t even offered, know this: Stephen Pelizzo who was part of the Executive who voted to give our money to a serial peado is using the AEUNT Legal team right now to fight his own battles at being redeployed in NT Educ Dept.  Must be nice to have friends (& our membership fees again) in the right pockets places .


Christmas presents everywhere, u just need 2 know where 2 look 2 find them.  😉

This is just a short post because even the CFB Team needs a vacation until Term 1 2017.

  1. Thank you Eva for reminding everyone of the reason this blog exists, (not that ur words are any better than anyone else’s but it was funny reading ur hypocrisy – it’s OK for u 2 fight but not for our blog 2 fight & help others fight you & your NT GOV bullies) – in ur own words below:


2. As predicted, HYLTON RICHARD HAYES, slithers back to suck up 2 Eva Lawler.  In our opinion you really are the slimiest creature we’ve ever come across.  Thanked personally by his old protector in NT DoE and now new Education Minister.

We can only imagine, like father like son:

hh1Not forgetting that young Hylton Hayes is also a Facebook friend of Maree Garrigan too:


The whole CFB Team and all our friends almost choked on our own vomit reading this:


3. Eva is already setting herself up 2 fail with more propaganda, BULLSHIT, & lies but then she really doesn’t know any different.

Hands up how many people knew Marion Guppy was caught telling fibs for NTGOV in NT Supreme Court recently?  More on this story next year.  Eva, your un-Educ Dept wouldn’t know “evidence-based advice” if it bit you on the arse & said “HI, I’m Evidence Based Advice, wot’s your name?” while wearing a t-shirt with I’M EVIDENCE BASED ADVICE written on the front.  Liz McDowell, you’re next for Court we hope.


4. Maree Garrigan, another old protector of Hylton Hayes, has been given a job back in Education, someone else is running NT TRB now.  Web of Friends anyone?

5. Last but not least (except in respect from fellow workers & height): Catherine ‘Mini-me’ Weber has been quietly moved to NT Health Dept (Alcohol & Other Drugs), just like PhilsFacebookFlop Brennan.  BYE-BYE-BYE!


6. The very last word for now goes 2 Vicki Baylis, new (non-acting) CE of NT Educ Dept.  Did we just hear a gurgle, gurgle, slurp?  Hope you choke on that one Weber.  🙂


ps: Former CLP MLA, cheater on his wife & kids, liar, sex pest, wank video maker, all round  embarrassment Nathan Barrett has renamed his Facebook Page.  Shame he forgot to change his blog’s name: https://nathansfacebookwank.wordpress.com/

Have a great New Year, we will.  CFB Team.


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Teaching in the Territory: how to misappropriAtE fUnds NT style.

How to misappropriAtE fUnds NT style.   Your Union membership fees at work.

Under construction…….







AEU NT Executive Member-pigs in the Trough of Union Members’ membership fees:

aeunt-pigs-in-the-trough*spot Cassandra Brown, win a special prize.

Mr Pelizzo said the immediate focus fell on the AEU annual conference across Friday and Saturday, where policy direction is discussed as well as listening to resolutions from teachers and schools.

“I think there’s a strong anticipation for the conference,” he said.

“There will be questions on what’s happened (when we stole got our mates to vote to give one of us thousands of dollars of your hard earned Union members fees and secretly gave them to our close friends on the Executive without telling anyone), but then the real focus is getting the best agreements for the students of the NT.

“That’s what we should be on about.”

Later Mr Pelizzo reiterated, when asked when the AEUNT was going to fight harder for members against the NT Dept of Education’s increasing bullying and harassment of teachers:

“WE’RE NOT THAT KIND OF UNION”….(the kind of Union we are is one that can secretly divert Union membership funds away from where they are needed most and straight into my own and our friends’ pockets using the legal fund as a cover).

*re-visit the WEB of NT FRIENDS ABOVE for some context.


More coming soon……




Serial paedophile gets a QC.  What do others get?

Is there even more to come……..?

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