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A generous reader shared their book with us.  Its a fantastic book to read & for help with your legal cases against NT GOV.  You can download it in 2 parts, click on the links:

part 1: Part 1

part 2: Part 2

*The content of these articles is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter, don’t rely on them instead of speaking to a lawyer.  Specialist legal advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.  The AEUNT should pay for it since they gave away our membership fees to help AEUNT Treasurer Julie Danvers & touching little girls – ASK HER ALL ABOUT IT – click here to read details>>>> LEGAL FUND THIEVES.

Use this OCPE Investigations Handbook to set the limits of any investigation BEFORE you start trying to defend yourself against the content of any allegations: OCPE NT Workplace Investigation Handbook

Some useful articles on dealing with the most common issues dumped on you by incompetent, clueless, bullying NT Dept of un-Education Management/Principals (like Laurie Andrew & Tony Roberts & Liz McDowell & Marion Guppy used to do) & how to start building successful legal challenges against them.  REMEMBER to look at the PSEMA, click on this link>>>>(Public Sector Employment & Management Act) because this is where NT Dept of un-Education & their legal help from Solicitors for the NT are taking their disciplinary action from:

Workplace bullying_An employer’s liability for damages

So this is workplace bullying!

Watching the watchers_workplace surveillance

Workplace bullying_An employer’s liability for damages

Bullying & harassment claims in the workplace – employers need to be aware of risks

Anti-bullying vs disciplinary process_ Fair Work Commission asked to find the balance

Australian boss fined AUD$12,500 for workplace bullying

Big Brother in the workplace_ Know your rights & your wrongs in NSW

Can you or can you not_ Directing an employee to attend a medical assessment

Covert recordings in the workplace_ What do employers need to know

Employee bullied by CEO receives $1.4 million compensation

Employees behaving badly – what can you do as an employer

Interim order in FWC anti-bullying jurisdiction stalls a workplace investigation into employee misconduct

Privacy settings on social media not so private for employees

Managing risk & avoiding victimisation when responding to workplace complaints

Fair Work Commission suspends investigation & disciplinary process to hear bullying claim

Employees should know their legal rights in the workplace

Termination hits a bump in the road – procedural fairness necessary in employee safety investigations

Unlawfully obtained evidence cannot be used for disciplinary action

Keep your cool – a review of the approach by the Commission to workplace aggression

The real cost of workplace bullying

Workplace surveillance – is big brother (legally) watching

Surveillance and Publishing Corrs-Cheat-Sheet-Aug-16

4 legitimate reasons to terminate an employee

Am I really a bully in the workplace

Appropriate performance management crucial for businesses dealing with underperforming employees

Bullying investigations_when to engage an independent third party

Disease caused by reasonable administrative action not compensable

Employer not liable to compensate employee for stress caused by stand-down meeting

Health & Safety compliance is the personal responsibility of company officers

How formal does performance management need to be

How to manage workplace stress & minimise the risk of mental illness claims

Just doing our job_reasonable management action not bullying

Managing Fair Work Act complaints_When is a workplace complaint more than a mere discussion or consultation

Medically certified sickness_When can a medical certificate be called into question

New anti-bullying tools introduced for Queensland public servants

Obese employees & safe workplaces_is the fat lady singing

Performance management cheat sheet for employers

Performance management, alleged bullying & volatile workers

Performance management contracts_What can we learn from Portsmouth City Council v Ensign

Performance management in the Australian Public Service

Performance management in the Queensland public sector

Performance management, alleged bullying & volatile workers

Pitfalls of performance management

Poor performance management equals Poor defence to unfair dismissal claim

Psychiatric claim against an employer dismissed due to failure to establish reasonable foreseeability

Reasonable management action – it’s just not bullying Reasonable management action_What is reasonable

Social media & bullying in the workplace_To friend or not to friend, that is the question!

Social media misconduct & the right to reinstatement

Stress claim on appeal in WA District Court – Meaning of Discipline, Wholly or Predominantly and Unreasonable & Harsh

The long arm of adverse action_independent investigations & performance reviews

What’s up, Doc_A practical guide to directing employees to undergo medical assessments

When is a worker bullied – at work_Full Bench defines key terminology

Workers comp lessons – ironing out the creases in performance management

Workplace Relations & safety – Key discrimination cases 2015

Workplace bullying & the reasonable response

Workplace policies & procedures – are they really necessary

Workplace rights update_lessons in vigilance for employers

10 Tips For Successful Workplace Investigations

10 key principles of fraud & the requirement of specificity_Nadinic v Drinkwater [2017] NSWCA 114

Avoid findings of unfair dismissal_When is redundancy genuine redundancy

Drug dismissal upheld despite lack of procedural fairness

Employees behaving badly in 2016

Fair Work Commission criticises HR process for dismissal

How formal does performance management need to be

NT Self_Represented_Civil_Litigants_Handbook

Self-represented litigants – New guidelines from the Law Society of NSW

Swearing in the workplace_Where should you draw the line

The Channel 7 covert recording_your questions answered