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Here are the updated links for downloading copies of some blogs.  The content in them will be updated soon.  Seed the Net!

  • most up 2 date CFB version 9/9/16 16/9/18
  • just import this xml file into new empty WordPress blog for your own Cardfightback Copy! >>>>> DOWNLOAD HERE

Phil Brennan’s Fake ‘Philip Morgan’ Facebook page:!HMdBAYrQ
Philip Brennan losing his job on ABC TV News (NT) 27-12-2014.mp4:!XYVm0DqT
Phil’s facebook flop blog:!XV9CXRTA
I heart CFB photo blog:!ScdRDajB
FOI for dummies blog:!XdMXjLJJ
Cardfightback blog as it is on 16/9/18 morning :
NT Health Dept internal phone directory:!iB8WWDAY
NT Education Dept internal phone directory:!eAcz0Bha

NT Movers & Shakers FB Connections:

click on this link to download NT Department of un-Education Web of Friends folder of all Facebook connections we showed, just unzip file when downloaded:!aAsnjIIR!HW_xyDaB2nRimpKbTf0fbTafF1HiMICb8_GzSb65Kic