Yes! Download our site

Here are the updated links for downloading copies of some blogs.  The content in them will be updated soon.  Seed the Net!

Phil Brennan’s Fake ‘Philip Morgan’ Facebook page:!HMdBAYrQ
Philip Brennan losing his job on ABC TV News (NT) 27-12-2014.mp4:!XYVm0DqT
Phil’s facebook flop blog:!XV9CXRTA
I heart CFB photo blog:!ScdRDajB
FOI for dummies blog:!XdMXjLJJ
Cardfightback blog:!zINFEDia
NT Health Dept internal phone directory:!iB8WWDAY
NT Education Dept internal phone directory:!eAcz0Bha

NT Movers & Shakers FB Connections:

click on this link to download the NT Web of Friends folder of all Facebook connections we showed, just unzip file when downloaded:!aAsnjIIR!HW_xyDaB2nRimpKbTf0fbTafF1HiMICb8_GzSb65Kic