Teaching in the Territory: Happy 6th Birthday to us, Eva Lawler’s dementia, more DoE lies

Today is Happy 6th birthday to Cardfightback!!!!! 

A little  present for u all: check out ‘Workplace Relations’ link at top of page or here.  We updated other links on de page & new journalists too….& uploaded many easy to read employment cases so u can learn to help urself if u get into sum employment trouble.  More updates are coming too.

The NT Education Union is a joke Union, u cant rely on them to help u becoz they all work for NT Dept of un-Education still. 

U cant be the Union & work for the employer at same time…but u can in NT! 

Save ur money, boycott the Union & spend it on something else which is good for u.  Dont worry, if ur not in the Union u can still get all the pay rises & extra benefits etc. 

They are greedy & gutless & only work for themselves & their friends. 

Julie Danvers is back on Executive sniffing for more $$$$$.  Watch this space…..

Even though not much has changed with the current clowns in charge of NT GOV, life here has never been more hilarious, just ask the new un-Education Minister Eva Lawler.

Once again, NT Dept of un-Education has a problem. This time the top heavy Agency noticed dey still cant retain staff (no surprise) which includes principals (no surprise). The data on retention has been laughable for many years, long before Eva was in the top job.  But…..its partly her fault as it was worse while she was desperately trying to become the Chief Executive, before Kalamity Ken Dav-L-ies stole her job for the boys & then got rid of her whiny face to replace it with Catherine Mini-me Weber‘s whiny face.

Wot is Eva Lawler’s new genius idea to retain principals this time?  Wait for it…….

Give em $600 to spend at the gym: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-01-17/nt-education-minister-eva-lawler-cash-to-stressed-principals/9336174

Here u go fatso, some pennies to spend on the treadmill.  Go lift sum weights while we continue to shaft u from Mitchell St HQ.  Swim a few laps while u try to forget how incompetent we are.  We’re going to keep on fucking over ur teachers & causing stress for u but we aint gonna take any responsibility for that, no way, never, its all up to u to fix ur mental health. 

“The principals can use it to manage stress; it might be attending [or] learning about how to have a difficult conversation with a staff member or parent,” Ms Lawler told ABC Darwin.

Save the money & spend it on gin, u can get those courses for FREE online @ the Fair Work site that forEva Dementia is trying to sell u:

Free courses

Cant do ur job properly becoz ur a fool, like Jeff Parker?  No worries, here’s 600 bucks to spend on more electric toys.  Pump that arm Jeff:

cattle prod patent 3

U dont need to be Einstein to see that Eva Lawler has obviously got dementia. 

No rational person in their right mind would think this is going to retain principals….well maybe the Pathetic Parkers of the world it will.

It just shows everyone how totally lacking in ideas this un-Education Minister really is.

All that bullshit about having Education people in top Education jobs because dey know wot its like in the trenches. Wot an embarrassment Eva Lawler (still) is.

The corporate culture in NT Dept of un-Education doesnt appear to have any clue wot dey are doing, as usual. As long as wotever GOV is in power retains the executives who were part of the problem in the first place – like moving Phil FacebookFlop Brennan & then Catherine Mini-me Weber down Mitchell St to give em another cushy job in NT Dept of un-Health – there is no likelihood that any of em will learn to act like a responsible organization with real solutions to very real problems that dey cause. 

Thinking of sexually assaulting more random females while on a PD Darren?  U must be stressed, hang on a minute, we’ll pay for a trip to the gym first to boost those manly pecs before u try to rape someone:

Darryl Bullen sexual assault 2013
Even the dependable NT Educ Dept dick sucker Henry Gray broke ranks this time. Dick firmly out of his mouth for this one ‘Gray Matters’ finally used his own grey matter & correctly criticised this joke of a policy.

If anyone needs to go to the gym Eva its u by the looks of things, all that standing around getting ur photo taken for ur Facebook page is taking its toll.  Thanx BLABNT blog for ur amazing research work on Eva’s ballooning stats here:

lawler_eva 02
The data is bad enough but its been compounded by NT Dept of un-Education regularly hiding it from all those new young recruits from Interstate dey annually entice to NT using the old & tired photos of Kakadu & tales of amazing bush trips.  Speaking of which, here is CFB’s assessment of one of their shiny new websites full of bullshit & lies as always (click on photos to read small text):


15 - Copy

Here’s sum recent Police crime stats too from NT Police web page, nearly everything is increasing:

Maybe Darwin CBD is better?  No Ma’am, its full of SHIT too, literally:

poo pole cbd

For 3rd year in a row Darwin’s CBD is deserted, rats from a sinking (& stinking!) ship (shit):

CBD office spaces

Maybe work will be stress free?  No Ma’am, BULLYING is RIFE & has been for many many years.  Is the Education Union able to help u?  NOPE…..unless ur the significant other of someone on the AEUNT Executive, then no worries…..more on this soon. 

If principal Jenny Sherrington at Millingimbi slapped a teacher then why does she still have a job, why isn’t Eva on TV telling us how she’s reported her to NT POLICE for assault?  Give $600 to the teacher Eva wrapped up in an apology, u idiotic twat.  Oh wait, we shouldn’t say that until after Roger ‘follow ur nose’ Newman has finished his latest cover-up report right?

-same old same old NT Educ Dept bullshit: protect the principals, & who gives a fuck about teachers….quick put up a web site with photos of Kakadu & turquoise water stories, that will distract them for a while!



& dont forget the regular flooding:

daly river flood

& the deadly melioidosis bacteria in the soil everywhere after the monsoon rains:


Or having ur house constantly broken into forcing u to leave:


Forcing u to leave…..along with all the other bored with the bullshit teachers, the highest rate in the whole of Australia:


But then there’s always the pedophiles in schools to keep u company if u have no friends.  In fact if u are one then the NT is the best place to be.  NT Dept of un-Education dont care if u get into bed with a girl on a school trip (when ur 51 yrs old), touch em when u think theyre sleeping, or wash 13 yr old girls’s legs in ur classroom with a soapy cloth then tell em “Nice legs girls” (when ur 61 yrs old), yes THE SAME GUY!

We know somewhere u can get free $$$$$$ to help ur case, right Jarvis Ryan & Stephen Pelizzo?

Then another, hugging little girls all alone in ur classroom.  Wot did the principal Rob Presswell do when ur case was about to go to NT Supreme Court?  He retired early & ran away Interstate, very very suspicious Rob, read here


& another:


Lastly, for now, the pot plant scandal hits the newspapers all the way to the UK & back.  NT Dept of un-Education, a laughing stock around the world again. 

Big clap for Vicki Baylis & Eva Dementia everyone.

Yes un-Education bosses admitted their mistake but if u cant even get the basics right then how can anyone trust u with the lives of young people?



Teach in the Territory.  Its the best. 

As NT GOV says:

“An experience like no other” 

U got that right!

CFB Team.  We are everywhere.  😉

we are everywhere

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4 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: Happy 6th Birthday to us, Eva Lawler’s dementia, more DoE lies

  1. stats says:

    happy sixth birthday, 94,879 hits, bloody phenomenal work
    94879 divided by 6 years = 15813 hits per year
    6 years x 12 months + 72 months
    94879 hits divided by 72 months = 1317 hits per month
    1317 hits divided by 30 days = 44 hits per day
    an average of 44 hits per day over six years
    how do these stats compare with Eva Lawler’s Facebook page?

  2. its a secret says:

    talking about parker
    does anyone know what happened to the trb investigation of parker and his cattle prod?

    • Eva lies says:

      It seems its a secret that no one wants to discuss.
      Talking about Parker, while we at it what happened to the Clyde Fenton newsletters?
      They were so enlightening, especially his strategy involving a special class for students who had difficulty completing work in class time. A really original and effective idea, NOT.
      Here’s an idea Eva, why not have a special course of study for Principals who have no empathy for indigenous children who have trouble engaging with school.
      Here’s an even better idea, why don’t you recognise you are of the same ilk and just like all your mates in Northern Territory Department of Un-Education, your ideas and policies have not worked and will not work, just like Parker’s special class.

  3. Gloria says:

    happy birthday CFB
    another great post
    keep up the good work
    we also noticed that
    some of Eva’s outfits are getting a bit tight
    maybe she should organise a gym membership

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