A retrospective ICAC for NT Educ Dept/GOV – CFB will send them to find u.

From: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-23/northern-territory-passes-laws-to-set-up-icac/9184496

“How will ICAC work? Labor’s proposed ICAC will have:

broad and retrospective powers to investigate anyone involved in the expenditure of public money.

The Government said the ICAC would be able to investigate public servants, judges, police, statutory officers, contract service providers, recipients of government funded-grants as well as politicians.”

gunner & guppy

This will be CFB’s thankyou for all NT Education Dept people who thought they can get away with years & years of behind the scenes bullshit & lies. Liz McDowell & ur poison pen friend Marion Guppy. Guppy’s husband getting favours for his Chinese company thru NT GOV conflict of interest, we send ICAC to u & ur joke moustache, check out THIS BLOG>>BLABNT.WORDPRESS.COM for more details. Eva Lawler & ur morning coffee lover Hylton Hayes, Gary Barnes ex-CEO, we know where u work now, ICAC is visiting u.  Ur all rotten.

We make sure the new 2018 NT ICAC is busiest the world has ever seen. The Catherine Webers & Vicki Baylis’s of the world, Hylton Hayes’s & Phil & Megan Brennans & all who supported them, we send ICAC to be coming for u. The Roger Newmans writing report after report to please ur Educ Dept masters – another one about – STILL THERE! – principal of Milingimbi Jenny Sherrington: we hear she slapped a new graduate teacher among many other things including bullying AEU Rep, another Newman cover up report will be hidden to protect NT GOV of course…..but ICAC will look into all ur previous work Roger including to protect this lady>>> Everyone who protected death threat Aboriginal principal Shirley Nirrpuranydji, ur time will come. Laurie Andrew’s handiwork under the microscope, Parker’s Prodder & everyone who helped him get another job they knew what he did to assault kids under his care in the Harris Report, ICAC is coming becoz we sending them to ur door next year. Anthony Roberts, we don’t care u ran away to Qld, ICAC can go interstate to get u. Disappearing Dr principal Anne Tonkin, runaway to VIC, ur illegal surveillance cameras recording kids, ICAC is coming for u too. Rob Presswell, another runaway principal before NT Supreme Court came looking for u to be a witness, ur not safe. We send ICAC for u too & we send them to ur old school. Support Max Agnew? Talk to ICAC. Ken Dav-L-ies & ur many cover ups. To be ICAC-ed.

Many many more to be on the list…….CFB very happy happy happy 🙂 🙂 🙂

It’s a pity AEUNT cant be under ICAC becoz they worse than NT Educ Dept corruption. Julie Danvers & BD, who look away while BD fiddling all that time? ICAC will find out. We send them.

Get ready everyone who complain before but nothing done to help u: Hannah Curran is ready, teachers who work for Pathetic Parker Jeff is ready, all Arnhem Land teachers is ready for Hylton Hayes stories. Darwin Middle School ready. Anyone who work for corrupt Lorraine Evans, ready. Old whistle-blowers prolly ready.

Busy busy busy busy busy ICAC.


Read more here: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/jun/28/first-northern-territory-independent-commission-against-corruption-icac-announced

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Teaching in the Territory: NT Educ Dept doing the Full Monty (naked truth)….Python with new blog: ‘blabnt’ Bullshit Lies and Bullies NT.

Edit: we updated the Contact Journalists page, sorry it took so long!  Here is another satisfied customer review, glad we can help u!  If u know any more journos pls email cardfightback@tuta.io & we can update again!:

I love it that your boot is up the Education Depts rear!

Industrial Relations people are quoting Phil Brennans fantastic treatment (getting a new job in NT Health after his PhilsFacebookFlop attack on a government whistle-blower) when they are defending their clients against the bimbos in HR departments across the NTG!

All the best and keep up the excellent work.


Every sperm blog is sacred:

You don’t have to be a six-footer.
You don’t have to have a great brain.
You don’t have to have any clothes on. You’re
A new blog the moment you came (on the scene keyboard),


Every blog is sacred.
Every blog is great.
If a blog is wasted,
NT teachers get quite irate.

Every blog is wanted.
Every blog is good.
Every blog is needed,
In our neighbourhood.




HUGE round of applause for BLABNT blog, it looks great!  Please support our new NT Educ Dept (& NT GOV) accountability warriors with info & comments.

We will put more info underneath soon to other posts.  Don’t worry we don’t forget. 🙂

More and more lies & secrets from AEUNT specially….


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Teaching in the Territory: NT DoE beats Monty Python with new marketing strategy: Life of Brian(s) “He’s not the teacher-Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!”

Cheer up, Brian. You know what they say:
Some things in life are bad.
They can really make you mad.
Other things just make you swear and curse.
When you’re chewing on life’s gristle,
Don’t grumble. Give a whistle.
And this’ll help things turn out for the best. And…
Always look on the bright side of life.  Doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo.


Did someone say there’s a new blog to read???

Have u been a naughty boy again Bwian?


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Teaching in the Territory: Paul Newman – a bully can’t change his spots

Big HELLO to new Education Dept blog from South Australia:



No shock of NT Educators to read Paul Newman doing getting away with same bully-crap in SA, thats why he didnt get promotion here in NT then leave to SA.

Years of misery for us, look like same for you.  😦


This post is a place holder, more later, keeping reading about AEUNT below, more is coming underneath.


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Teaching in the Territory: NT Education Union, Julie Danvers (JD) & BD v The Queen (No 2) [2017] NTCCA 8

Edit 1: CFB Team see almost 1000 visits in 1 week for this septic tank of a Union.  Now we add more info to post below at end of post >>> read at bottom >>>

The 2-faced-NT-Educ-Union-membership-fee-stealing-love-triangle exposed.

CFB Team now list AEUNT Executive Members who voted to give our Union membership money to their friend pedophile teacher > BD.

(JD) Julie Danvers DEMANDED our money, everyone else voted to give it to her.  They didn’t ask members if they’re happy about giving our money to JD who give it to BD.

She was Union Treasurer at the time – MASSIVE CONFLICT OF INTEREST……..same as Stephen Pelizzo & Anita Jonsberg, friend of BD (& JD).

But NT Education Union Executive don’t give a shit about that.  Maybe the Courts will?

Secret vote behind our backs – AEUNT IS SAME AS NT Educ Dept dirty bastards.

Now pedo teacher BD is appealing his conviction & Union lawyers Halfpennys are helping him again, u can read about it underneath.  The rest of story is coming soon, here is some:

Julie Danvers spoke with passion to Executive members about how BD was being “shafted” by the Education Department and by others and how he was a hard working Union member and had a right to support. She professed his innocence and said that there was no merit to the allegations by students who were out to destroy his reputation because they were “Evil lying little bitches.”

There were many other allegations too made against BD including that he purchased and supplied alcohol to students at the School for parties and had been texting them and using language that was inappropriate for a teacher to use to students.  And don’t forget the allegation of him being in a girl’s sleeping bag published in NTNews too.


& think how many are still there today!!!!!


Teachers are not protected becoz same cowardly people are running AEUNT to help themselfs, only their friends get help.

Stephen Pelizzo OINK OINK Vicki Baylis & Eva Lawler’s Best Friend

Glynis Winslade

Julie Danvers OINK OINK

Cassandra Brown OINK OINK

Carly Phillips

Dean Parkin

Bernie Small & Melanie Baldwin

Judy Boland

Mike Sandford

Paula Thornton

Sheryl Fotakis OINK OINK

Peter Hardcastle

Liam Phillips


BD Appeal Case no.1: here

BD Appeal Case no.2: here

More BD-NTNews & CFB reported almost 3 years ago READ>>> HERE & Kalamity Ken Dav-L-ies said he would do something about it, but NOTHING HAPPENED AS USUAL becoz NT Education Dept & NT GOV ONLY CARE ABOUT THEIR OWN ASS, they don’t care about kids.  U think something change becoz Eva Lawler is Education Minister?  hahaha, this means NOTHING WILL CHANGE BECOZ SHE IS USED TO HELPING NT GOV COVER UP EVERYTHING, OF COURSE SHE WILL DO SAME THING AGAIN

This is BD from above, same BD Education Union NT gave our $$$$$ to.  They knew everything but still gave our $$$$$ to Treasurer Julie Danvers:

The CFB Team are really excited about this post because in the end……

Someone emailed us:  “not everyone vote to give membership money to JD & BD.”  If its u pls email CFB & we put on the post.  Here is more info >>>

When JD & BD returned in January they discussed “getting free legal assistance for BD.” (Julie’s words.) At that point he hadn’t been charged but was seeking to clear his name and Julie was very pushy and aggressive in wanting the AEU to spend membership money supporting him.

The AEU later found out about an investigation by Dept of Education into historic allegations against him at a school camp where he was alleged to have touched a student in her sleeping bag. It was at that point they were given one initial free legal appointment with Halfpenny’s Lawyers (Cathy Spurr) to give him advice. This was available to all AEU members. Any further legal assistance was to be approved first by the AEU Executive following a written application for assistance. Julie did not want to go to Halfpenny’s with BD and said she thought Cathy Spurr wasn’t good enough and she wanted the AEU to give approval for BD to go to another lawyer, paid for by the Union. That never happened and soon after this she began to canvass and lobby other Executive members to support BD.

At the February Executive meeting BD’s application for legal assistance was presented for support and consideration. Mat Crantich spoke passionately against it as did Peter Clisby other than for the initial one hour advice session with Halfpenny’s. Eventually, the application was deferred until it was clear what support was being requested.

Executive generally weren’t interested in anything other than feathering their own nests or helping their mates.

Sometime in 2012, Peter Clisby and Mat Cranitch thought that it would be invaluable to have Stephen Ferguson come and address Executive members about FOI’s and how to fight Dept of Education decisions more effectively. This was aggressively opposed by several Executive members who had a pre-determined opinion of Stephen in part based on the views of Cass Brown, our Executive member representing Indigenous members. She hated Stephen with a passion as she had worked with him previously and was quite open about her distrust of him, a belief that he was weird, mad and a crap teacher. We didn’t take much notice of this part as everyone knew Cass had been moved from a number of remote schools for abusing and assaulting staff and generally being a lazy pain in the ass.  Despite this, I made it clear that Stephen was going to present to Executive. Following that presentation, Cass Brown deliberately did all she could to act like the spoiled angry brat she really is.  She opposed motions brought to the table to more actively pursue FOI education to members and have Stephen active in this campaign. She was supported by others (including Stephen Pelizzo) who claimed that to actively bring Stephen Ferguson on to any campaign would be folly and not grow membership and give us a bad look.

There had been criticism of some Executive members from Peter Clisby and Mat due to them coming to Executive meetings not prepared to participate effectively. Readings were not looked at, engagement with their regional members was not occurring and they were using the Executive time in Darwin like quasi-business days where they would attend to their own affairs. This meant that many (Cass Brown in particular) would arrive late to meetings, leave throughout the day to attend to personal affairs and not be there for the majority of the two day meetings. On more than one occasion meetings had to stop as we no longer had a quorum with so many Executive members not returning from lunch break.

As a result of insisting members not leave the meetings, Mat and Peter weren’t popular with some in Executive who would take great pride in scuttling strategies, passing motions to prevent forward movement in campaigns, etc.

Mat and Peter also decided that the Executive dinners would not occur anymore. These dinners historically were for Executive members and their partners, where the AEU would foot the bill for the food for the night. Their costs were rising dramatically, in the vicinity of $30000 per annum. As a result of the freebies, several Executive members would engage in gluttony…Cass Brown being the perfect example. She would always order the most expensive items on the menu, always order all 3 courses and cost the Union plenty. Many remote members brought friends along as free “partners.” Dinners were cancelled and Executive members from outside Darwin got a meal allowance only. This made them very angry and created even more tension for the March meeting.

After Mat and Peter were kicked out the first motion passed was to reinstate Executive dinners….the first fucking thing they did was to give themselves free meals – what cunts. They then approved legal funding for BD.  The Minutes for this meeting which I later saw were a mess and not at all easy to follow. But all members of Executive were responsible for BD getting access to Union coffers. Every last one of them. There was no evidence on the minutes of any dissenting voices.


More coming soon……PIGS IN THE TROUGH!!!!!




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Teaching in the Territory: Farewell Rob Presswell, ur timing smells fishy to us.

Edit 2: here are some interesting visitors in last 2 weeks: Dept of Parliamentary Services ACT, Dept of Justice VIC, Dept of Education NSW, NTNews, Workcover Corp, ABC, Dept of Education VIC & Dept of Finance WA.  We hope VICTORIA visitors are chasing Disappearing Dr Anne Tonkin (read about her below).  Time will tell….




Edit: if u know any parents of kids at Leanyer Primary School last year 2016….tell them their kids maybe been secretly recorded on a hidden surveillance camera.  CFB hear it was installed in a classroom without telling anyone.  Contact the media, Police, Education Union (who knew about it but didn’t tell parents), un-Education Dept (who knew but didn’t tell parents either) & the school….who is recording kids & wot they doing with the recording???  U need to find out…..(some more info in Anne Tonkin post below).  Good luck & email CFB when u know something.

First this: World Teachers’ Day Oct 2015:
With the NT celebrating World Teacher’s Day this Friday, We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Driver Primary School. Every day, all staff strive to provide opportunities to give our students extraordinary learning opportunities and support them to become positive contributors to their community. Thank you to each and every one of the Driver Primary School staff for this commitment. Thanks also to the parents and carers who make this school a truly multi-cultural and diverse place to learn together and to achieve great results.  Two members of our staff have been nominated for this year’s World Teachers’ Day and Teaching in the Territory Excellence Awards. Bryan Downing, very deservingly so, has been nominated for the ‘Upper Primary Teacher of the Year Award’ and Kelly Sutherland, also extremely deservingly so, has been nominated for ‘Support Person of the Year’. We wish Bryan and Kelly all the very best with their nominations.  Then this below:

Another NT Principal jumps (?) from the sinking ship.  This time its a surprise early retirement.  Usually the excuse is a sick family member.

Announced leaving one week later & LEAVING NORTHERN TERRITORY….. when sexual allegations about teaching staff on ur watch will be in court soon.

Shhhhh…..secrets secrets everywhere….shhhhhh……

Thanx AEUNT Executive member who alerted us. Maybe ur not all cunts after all. 🙂

The plot thickens…..

NT Bureaucraps will say they can’t see anything wrong with NT Schools.  Jeff Parker, Anthony Knights, Lorraine Evans, Hylton Hayes, Laurie Andrew, Max Agnew, Tony Roberts, Paedo teachers touching little girls, Anne Tonkin, death threat Principal, Coral O’Neill, Brian Collins, all Alice Springs schools etc etc…of course there’s nothing wrong, look we can’t see anything wrong:

Noooooooo….Nothing wrong here….

Told you

Nothing wrong here

Noooooooo….nothing wrong at all…we cant see anything wrong

Ur not listening…..nothing wrong here, this has nothing to do with Lorraine Evans & Hylton Hayes fucking everything up, noooooooooo….u have to believe us

Rob Presswell reminds us someone else we know running away resigning when sexual allegations on their watch was getting too close:

If ur God is busy u could get Pope Francis to do it instead:

Well well Mr Presswell.  Co-incidence? Bad timing? Deliberate? Told to get the fuck out fast?  We’ll let our readers decide.

All readers on this blog know about NT Dept of un-Education COVER-UPS. Especially how they look away when it suits them. This PUTS OUR YOUNG KIDS AT RISK.

Helped by NT Education Union secretly giving him our membership fees to fight his case with an expensive QC barrister Disgusting sexual predators already caught in NT Schools. We GUESS there are more to come.

Catholic Church covered up paedophile priests for years & years & still does.

NT un-Education Dept is the same. Hylton Hayes is not a paedophile but his reign of terror in NTSchools is legendary. Same as Max Agnew.  Same as Jeff Parker.  All supported by Eva Lawler & NT GOV Solicitors for Northern Territory (SFNT). Now she thanx him in Parliament!!!! U should be Embarrassed forEva. We are….for u.

NT un-Education Dept knew wot he did. They chose not help teachers or kids in their care. After causing many many problems, bullying & threatening staff. NT un-Education Dept moved Hylton Hayes  from NE Arnhem Land into Darwin. Just like Catholic Church move paedophile priests when they get caught.

We read this in NTNews & thought NT Health Dept’s Philsfacebookflop Brennan was at it again.

Phil & wife Megan Howitt returned a few months ago from a years paid holiday. Back to work in NT Health. All supported by NT GOV.  Paid by our tax $$$$.

Time will tell……

ICAC consultation – go to Public Meetings, harass NT GOV people, make sure ur opinions are heard, email too, get ur friends & family to email, support victims of NT Dept of un-Education & NT GOV bullying, lets CLEAN UP the NT Public Service.


Every Voice & opinion is IMPORTANT, no voice is too small.

Its taken some time but lots of brave people who keep fighting.  There is light at the end of the tunnel:

Bill Cosby

George Pell

Rolf Harris

Pommies Hillsborough Stadium disaster, 28 years later finally corrupt lying Police officers charged with manslaughter & other things.

Some very important words from the survivors & families of dead relatives:

“Never give up.  Carry on fighting……for the campaign for accountability.”


Others are fighting back too:

Its OK for others to FIGHT BACK (supported by NT GOV hahaahahahaa) but not CFB?  Here’s wot we think about that:

There are lots of ways to fight back.

Or u can use legal ways.

Fair Work Commision has some GREAT videos on YouTube to help us.  Watch these & many others.  Inform & Educate urself, tell ur friends & work colleagues.  Knowledge is power:

unfair dismissal hearing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGELQap78bw

anti-bullying hearing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh66BLPMeGs

workplace bullying: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7j7NBIEhqg


Last but not least a web site for Freedom of Information (FOI) requests: https://www.righttoknow.org.au/

Don’t forget the usual way for FOI:

NT Information Commissioner website:

General forms: https://infocomm.nt.gov.au/resources/forms

FOI form to make application request: https://infocomm.nt.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/193359/FOI-Application-Form.pdf

Go here then click “Public Sector” to find a list of all GOV Agencies u can send ur FOI request to: https://infocomm.nt.gov.au/contact/public-sector-organisations


CFB Team. xoxo

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Teaching in the Territory: Anne Tonkin, NT Educ Dept’s Disappearing Dr.

The Anne Tonkin (ex-principal of Leanyer Primary School) story is coming soon even though she fled to Victoria in a terrible hurry.  Why the rush Anne?  Not running away from something were you?

VICKI BAYLIS, HYPOCRITE & LIAR.  We see nothing has changed with you in charge, no suprises.  

No to bullying?  or more empty immature gestures?

Your a dangerous hypocrite Vicki Baylis becoz some people might really believe you care about teachers especially all those new graduate teachers your desperately trying to recruit from Interstate.  No wonder teacher leaving rate is so high in NT with you lot in charge.

Adam Giles: King of Cockheads

Think Government Ministers don’t lie & keep on lying?  Think again.

Lying King of Cockheads Giles is now working for Billionaire Gina Rinehart.  We hope you fall into one of her mine holes and never get out.

Read about his embarassing show at NT Royal Commission: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-28/former-chief-quizzed-over-what-he-knew-of-detention-conditions/8480284

People in power lie, we have to hold them accountable any way we can.

This is why CARDFIGHTBACK was started: Campaign for Accountability & Responsibility in Dept of Educ: Fight Back!

‘Citizen Journalism’ is on the rise around the world as technology and social media are making it easier to share documentation of first hand accounts of events.

People in Power lie all the time.  Any of us working for NT Education Dept knows all about this!!!  We have to EXPOSE them all.

Ken Dav-L-ies, Catherine Mini-me Weber, Liz McDowell, Marion Guppy, Tony Roberts, Jeff Pathetic Parker, Eva Lawler & her suck-up morning coffee lover Hylton Hayes, Vicki ‘Ms Choksondik’ Baylis, Stephen Anal Plug Pelizzo, Laurie Andrew, Max Agnew, Phil Brennan, Megan Howitt, Adam Cockhead Giles, Nathan Wanker Barrett, the list in the NT is endless.  This mob are septic tank bottom feeders.

Think Police don’t lie?  Think again.

Yes The Police lie too, here is the story of the white Police Officer in United States who lied about shooting a black guy dead in the back.  Then some citizen recorded him & uploaded his film to the internet & everyone could see the truth.  The truth contradicts his lying claims about the situation & now he is going to prison.  GOOD.

The officer, who was fired after the video became public, testified at his murder trial that he feared for his life because Scott was trying to grab his stun gun.

The video showed Slager picking the Taser up off the ground and dropping it near Scott’s body in what prosecutors suggested was an attempt to plant evidence. Slager denied that, testifying he was following his training in accounting for his weapons.


Link to story here: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/white-officer-pleads-guilty-in-black-man-s-fatal-shooting-in-south-carolina-1.3394905

Citizen Journalism told us about the Ngukurr Police story when a teacher phoned the Police becoz a 7 year old was naughty.  Wot a Fucking Joke.  That teacher is a disgrace and should be suspended, theyre not fit to be in a classroom full of kids.

Of course Police said their own actions were fair.  We say Bullshit to that.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for NT Police said no disciplinary action had been taken.

“The actions taken by the police officer were lawful, fair and in the interests of the safety of all involved,” she said.

Read about it here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-11/police-officer-apologises-for-putting-child-in-back-of-van/8432482

This is the same Police who think its OK to taser kids at school, read about it here: https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/2016/03/02/teaching-in-the-territory-stunning-as-nt-police-taser-a-child-at-school-nt-educ-dept-shocks-the-rest-of-us/

Think Education Dept bureacraps don’t lie?  Think again….we’re told Marion Guppy lied in NT Supreme Court recently about what she knew before she & Liz McDowell ganged up on & tried to end the career of NT Educ Dept’s latest whistle-blower teacher.  More to come on this story.


Anne Tonkin…..Dr of Secret Surveillance Cameras….watch this space (legally of course)

Citizens and employees of NT, of Australia, in order to help keep people in power accountable we need to record things on our phones, take photos, tell someone, leak documents, DO NOT GO TO EDUC DEPT FIRST AS THEY WILL COVER IT ALL UP AND HIDE IT then bully you for complaining, report NT Educ Dept officers to Police and Whistle-blowers and newspapers, take them to Court, EXPOSE their BULLSHIT….all in the Public Interest.

CFB, watching your back. xoxo


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