Teaching in the Territory Trainwreck: Happy 10th Birthday CARD:fightback! & NT GOV lawyer Craig Smyth lies in NT Supreme Court against whistle-blower teacher

10 Happy Years of CARD:fightback! Public Interest Blog!

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Our first post was on 31 January 2012:

CFB first post 31.01.2012

Today is 31 January 2022, 10 very happy years later. 🙂

Before you read more, please take a note of TransparentNT.wordpress.com new email for contact them:

TransparentNT new email

CARD:fightback! have some extra juicy information for the public we’d like to share because its our birthday today.

This is Northern Territory Government lawyer & liar

Mr Craig Smyth:


Craig is a senior lawyer liar for NT Government who protects friends & employees NT GOV likes & who does their dirty work for them – HYLTON HAYES IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF THIS –  & Craig goes after complainers & whistle-blowers who NT GOV doesnt like.

Craig should be in a heap of trouble.

But Craig is protected by some very powerful friends in high places with heaps & heaps of our tax dollars to spend on helping him.

Proverbs 26:23-28

Like the glaze covering an earthen vessel are fervent lips with an evil heart. Whoever hates disguises himself with his lips and harbors deceit in his heart; when he speaks graciously, believe him not, for there are seven abominations in his heart; though his hatred be covered with deception, his wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.
Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and a stone will come back on him who starts it rolling. A lying tongue hates its victims, and a flattering mouth works ruin.
Don’t think you will be caught not, Smyth of Craig.

Some naive people, Hello Shaun Andre, says no-one lies in court. Especially him.

But we all know different.

Even lawyers lie in court from time to time. YES they do.

Reasons Why Some Lawyers Lie In Court.

The statement that lawyers are not liars does not mean that lawyers cannot lie. Lawyers are human beings and are quite capable of lying. Any lawyer, who will say that no lawyer lies in or to a tribunal or court, is a liar.

To lie means to say something that you know beforehand is not true or according to the fact. To deny that some lawyers lie in court is like playing the ostrich.

The following are some of the reasons why some lawyers lie in court.

To Avoid Sanctions.

Judges and courts have enormous powers to regulate proceedings in court. To avoid the court’s sanction, some lawyers, when boxed into a corner, lie to extricate themselves.

The sanctions meted out to lawyers for breaching the rules of court and professional conduct range from fines, monetary costs, suspension, and disbarment.

To Win a Case.

Every lawyer who has a case in court expects to win. The winning of cases is one of the yardsticks of measuring successful lawyers.

Some lawyers, therefore, resort to dishonest conducts to win a case at all costs

To Protect a Client.

Lawyers sometimes lie to protect their clients. This is especially true in criminal matters where the defendant must be in court.

Also, in civil cases like the recovery of premises, some lawyers advise their clients to deny owing rents to the landlord to avoid the punishment of immediate possession ordered against them.

To Discredit A Whistle-blower.

Government lawyers to protect their client – the Government – will try their best to discredit whistle-blowers in order to not only win the case but also to discourage other whistle-blowers from alerting the public to the wrongdoing by their client.

To Frustrate a Case.

There is absolutely no practicing lawyer who has not met an opposing lawyer whom he thinks is not eager to have a case heard.

Now and then, we see lawyers writing to the court to ask for an adjournment on the ground of illness or accident, only for it to emerge that the lawyer in question is hale and hearty and appearing in another court.

While some smart lawyers use technical loopholes in the law to frustrate a matter, others resort to outright lies and dishonesty to make a case not see the light of day.

Dishonest Clients.

Lawyers who do not carefully choose their clients may find themselves influenced by dishonest people.

Many lawyers usually find themselves stuck between upholding the interest of their clients at all costs and upholding the interest of justice.

Some lawyers go to the extreme of sticking with their clients even when they know their clients are lying.

Work Pressure.

The pressure and stress associated with lawyers’ work can be enormous. Lawyers are always working to satisfy both their clients and the court.

To meet up these demands, the temptation to cut corners becomes more pressing. In legal practice, time is of the essence. Failure to meet deadlines can bring a premature end to a matter. Some lawyers are known to lie to great havens to get a reprieve from the court.

Because they can.

Don’t Forget However.

Lawyers all over the world protect and support their clients’ sides for money. This is their job, sometimes they have no conscience only a desire for more and more money. If their client pays well the lawyers will do everything possible to make sure they win and receive further big pay packets further down the line. This includes lying.

Evidence coming soon.

In the meantime, please sue us Mr Craig Smyth if you disagree with CARD:fightback! opinions above. 

You can contact us on the email address at top of page: cardfightback {at} tuta.io

Happy Birthday CARD:fightback! xoxo

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Teaching in the Territory Trainwreck: We want to hear from you, yes even you Shaun Andre!

EDIT 1: you can contact TransparentNT.wordpress.com at this NEW email:


CARD:fightback! Putting the ‘Public’ back into Public Interest.

We think the 30 year anniversary of this famous 1991 cartoon is a moment for reflection & action.

The Northern Territory Government is still a cowboy outfit.

The reason it hasn’t changed for 30 years is because we, the voting public, the families, the mothers & fathers, haven’t done enough to change it into something good.  We need to do more.

Now more than ever CARD:Fightback! & others have heaps more work to do.

Do You Or Did You Work Directly For The Northern Territory Department of unEducation?

Had A Close Friend Or Partner Who Was & Who Shared Information With You On Dodgy & Unethical Stuff Going On In Their Schools Or Offices?

Or Maybe You Were A Contractor, Consultant Or Visitor For Some Other Reason?

Then CARD:fightback! Wants To Hear From You.

We’re doubling down on our coverage of the Northern Territory Department of unEducation.

With your help, we can dig deeper & expose more.

That cat wants out!

First up: the whole CARD:fightback! Team wish you a happy & prosperous 2022.

Keep all your information flowing to us & our friends at:

https://NTindependent.com.au & https://transparentnt.wordpress.com

Second up: in these strange times we urge you to protect yourselves & be safe.

Get vaccinated, wear masks & so on. You all know the drill by now.

Third up: be safe online when you help expose the Northern Territory Trainwreck that is the Northern Territory Department of unEducation.

We do our best to protect you.

No method of protection online is guaranteed to be completely 100% secure but below are some suggestions for how to communicate with media, journalists & blogs more safely & more privately.

What method you should use depends on your personal circumstances, the type of information you are sharing & the level of risk it entails.

CARD:fightback! is a Public Interest blog. We exist to inform you: the tax paying public, families, students, politicians, journalists, other bloggers, teachers & educators about what your tax dollars are being spent on by the Trainwreck that is the Northern Territory Department of unEducation.

Also, who the Northern Territory Government & their lawyers are protecting, giving your tax dollars to & who they are bullying & pursuing in their expensive & pathetic pay-back ways.

As it is the start of a new year it feels like the right time to ask for your help again:



* if you are in the private sector & you too become aware of behavior that you believe is unethical, illegal, or damaging to the public interest, consider sharing your information with our friends:

https://NTindependent.com.au & https://TransparentNT.wordpress.com

CARD:fightback! Team loves leaks:

Not those leeks!

These kinds of leaks, which show corruption, lying, fraud, cover ups, environmental damage, cruelty to animals & so on:

IF YOU’RE A public servant in the Northern Territory Department of unEducation, or anywhere in Australia really, you may be worried that you’ll be asked to do things that are illegal or immoral. Or to look the other way & stay silent when others in your workplace do those kinds of things.

You may be thinking you have no choice — or that your only alternative is to quit.

Remember Jenny Sherrington, Brian Danvers, Jeff Parker, Max Agnew, Phil Brennan, NT Palmerston Police Sergeant Paul Ranford, Bryan ‘Chuck’ Downing, Hylton Hayes, & so on. 

They’re all here on CARD:fightback!

They all had support & extra help when others looked the other way for a while.




But there is another option. If you become aware of behavior that you believe is unethical, illegal, or damaging to the public interest, consider sharing your information securely with us or our friends at:

https://NTindependent.com.au & https://TransparentNT.wordpress.com

History shows the enormous value of government workers who discover abuses of power, then collaborating with journalists & blogs to expose them.

Without leaks, journalists would have never have uncovered a wide range of important public interests stories to tell the world.

We said not those leeks!

These leaks sites are the best places for high quality leaks:

The no.1 site for leaking is of course Wikileaks, the other articles below will give you a flavor of the importance of leaking information about bad things to the outside world:





Those scandals only came to light — & led to reforms — because conscientious employees passed evidence of wrongdoing to journalists reporting in the public interest.

CARD:fightback! was created around the vision that sunlight & whistleblowing are vital to holding powerful Northern Territory Departments & their employees accountable.

Fuck proper channels, your complaint gets flushed down the toilet & then so does your career as you get bullied out of your job. 

In Northern Territory Government Departments, which are so full of secrets, cover ups & lies, truth-tellers are the strongest check against the abuse of power. The era of access journalism — where reporters treat NT Government officials as deciders of truth — is reaching its end.

Should have been much earlier but NT Government advertising dollars in newspapers such as the NT News – which helps to spread NT Government lies & spin in return for that advertising cash – pays for these positive stories & lies from NT Government officials.

The editor knows this well as they were caught spiking stories for their NT Government pay masters previously.

This is the reason Chris Walsh, now winning journalism awards with https://ntindependent.com.au lost his job at NT News.

He uncovered it so they sacked him.

Read here: https://ntindependent.com.au/telling-the-difficult-stories-that-need-to-be-told-nt-independent-recognised-by-national-judges-with-two-nt-media-awards/

Thank you NT News for being the worst example of that.

Whistleblower journalism & public interest blogging on the internet are far better suited to the challenges facing the press & the citizenry today.

How to Proceed: if your whistleblowing is very serious

Before deciding to bring your story to a journalist or blog, you might want to consult a lawyer to better understand the risks. If you do, be careful not to write any details in emails & try to discuss everything face to face. 

There are some whistleblower legal protections but all the reporting CARD:fightback! Team have read shows they are not nearly strong enough in the NT.

It’s so bad even the ICAC Commissioner was complaining about it for fucks sake:


If your whistleblowing is less serious & you choose to share your information with others, there are key steps you can take to increase your safety.

Firstly, think if you need to share the actual documents or just the information in them. You could take a photo or screenshot but these often have metadata in them that may identify you or your phone/computer. It’s easy to clean the files & delete the metadata. Read here for details & programs to use:


If your unable to do this then someone in CARD:fightback! Team can do it for you.

Send us the files & we’ll do it on our end.

One of the best contact options is to use a newly created, throw away, single use, or ‘burner’ email address. Details to set one up are below.

A perfectly good alternative to all of this, if you have a postal address – is to simply send physical mail. Be careful of putting your handwriting all over it as this might identify you.

Drop it in a mail box (do not send it from home, work or a post office) with no return address obviously! You would be surprised…..

NTIndependent has one. Their private contact details are here:


Good idea to use Signal Private Messenger too.

It’s the safest & most secure & it’s FREE for everyone:

We agree with NTIndependent when they say:

There are several ways you can share confidential information with the NT Independent. Importantly if you are a whistleblower providing us with sensitive documents you can do so anonymously. If you want to remain anonymous don’t use a phone, computer or email address that is connected to you unless you take some of the precautions below. Please be aware there is no 100 percent secure system but methods listed below will help protect you in dealing with NT Independent journalists. You should do you own research into the security of these methods.


  • Don’t contact us from work. Most corporate & government networks log traffic. Even if you’re using Tor, being the only Tor user at work could make you stand out.

  • Don’t use any of your personal accounts to email us, call us, or contact us on social media. From the standpoint of someone investigating a leak, who you communicate with & when is all it takes to make you a prime suspect.

  • Don’t tell anyone that you’re leaking if that’s possible & practical to do.

Our CARD:fightback! Team Members & friends across the political spectrum & beyond are dedicated to investigating the Trainwreck that is the Northern Territory Department of unEducation: its corruption, lies, cover ups, fraud, jobs for mates, persecution of whistleblowers, abuse of educators & lack of care for students.

Most of our reporting is fueled by people who share our values.

People also share experiences, advice & inside knowledge with us. Knowledge which NT Government bureacraps & NT Government solicitors – SFNT: Solicitors For The NT – wish we wouldn’t share.

Who can forget those asshole Northern Territory Pollies trying to exempt themselves & their Government friendly judges from the ICAC when it was being created:

When that was stopped, arrogant Northern Territory Government Departments just stopped co-operating with the ICAC.

Those fuckers hate sunlight:

They think their shit doesn’t stink.

They think they are above public scrutiny.

CARD:fightback! Team loves sunlight on those fuckers:

We think they stink like shit.

We think they deserve more public scrutiny.

So how can you help us find more sunlight?

CARD:fightback & Friends are looking for both specific tips & broader expertise. If you’re a current or former NT Department of unEducation or a Northern Territory Government employee, please help us by sharing information with our blog.

Over the last 10 years CARD:fightback! has reported on many important public interest stories the NT Government & NT Department of unEducation wanted to cover up & hide from you all.

Email us in confidence: cardfightback [at] tuta.io & sorry, we don’t talk on phone to anyone.

If someone speaks to you on the phone claiming to be from CARD:fightback! THEY ARE FAKE & LIARS.


We say it again: It’s better to use an email address that is NOT your own personal private email.

However if you can’t do that for some reason CARD:fightback! will maintain your privacy, if you’re doing the right thing & not supporting pedo teachers like Ruth Billiter did at Driver Primary School for her pedo teacher mate:


Make a secure new one for free using one of these encrypted email providers. Try not to use your phone to do this.

Again, definitely DO NOT use your home or work internet account – ASK PHIL BRENNAN HOW THAT WENT FOR HIM – read all about his funny stories getting caught impersonating & defaming an NT Government whistleblower & being made to apologize in the NT News, in CARD:fightback! Blog below:

READ MORE ABOUT HIM HERE: https://philsfacebookflop.wordpress.com

When creating a new email account the providers store your IP address used to connect to the service. Keep that in mind:




Sunlight is the best disinfectant, so please come inside to read our public interest blog. Bring your sunnies. 🙂

Lastly – If you attend the annual NT Touring Circus Scam which is NT Department of unEducation sending smiley people around Australia to lie about how good it is to Teach in the Territory then beware.

CARD:fightback! has already reported on this massive scam here:


After this if you believe all the lies & think about teaching & working in the Northern Territory Department of unEducation then SURE AS SHIT YOU NEED TO READ & SHARE OUR BLOG.

Peace out for now.

Shaun Andre post is ready to publish, coming soon. We’re so excited.

CFB Team xoxo

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Teaching in the Territory Trainwreck: Seek & Ye Shall Find 3 – Hylton Hayes slithers in thru the backdoor

Edit 1: CARD:fightback! follows the model of jouralists around the world who report on leaked documents & matters of public interest.

As TheGuardian.com says: LET THE LIGHT IN:

In deciding to publish wot we do, CARD:fightback! began from the starting point of NT Department of unEducation deserves extra scrutiny & that information of this kind has in the past proven a major public service.

Holding the powerful to account

CARD:fightback!, TransparentNT & NTindependent believe highly paid Northern Territory political figures & their mates rorting the system deserve particular scrutiny, not least so voters, parents & families can make informed choices.

It is right & proper for journalists & blogs to hold politicians & their backers to account over their promises & work rate & jobs for dodgy as fuck mates like Hylton Hayes.

We will also be reporting on the role played by the NT bureaucraps who prefer to remain in the shadows.

Bryan Hughes & Hylton Hayes

Some Status Quo dies: https://news.yahoo.com/alan-lancaster-status-quo-bassist-230100816.html

Some Status Quo stays the same: HH Cuntsultancy: https://hyltonhayescuntsultancy.wordpress.com/

More jobs for mates in NT GOV.

in 2018 Hylton Hayes got a heaps dodgy $19000 secret tender contract given to him by mates in NT GOV without anybody else applying.

Hayes is a close friend of Minister Eva Lawler & ex-CEO NT Department of unEducation Vicki Baylis.

Ms Lawler worked with Mr Hayes when she was deputy chief executive of the Education Department in 2012 and praised him in her maiden speech to Parliament as a “wonderful person” who “assisted and encouraged” her during the 2016 election.

Dodgy Contract was publicly withdrawn by NT GOV after Chris Walsh reported on it for the ABC.

Education Department contract handed to friend of minister without undergoing tender process

By Christopher Walsh

Education Department sources told the ABC that Mr Hayes’ employment was ended in 2016, and he was also reprimanded in 2012 for engaging in disparaging emails about Ferg Ferguson a teacher in East Arnhem Land that resulted in an undisclosed payout by the department.


And Yingiya Mark Guyula MLA https://www.yingiya.net/ asked questions about it in Parliament:

CFB Team all ROTFLOAO to read this. NT Department of unEducation asking parents & everybody:

We want to know what schools, early years programs and the department can do to engage all children and young people in learning.


The part of NT GOV whose job is to educate kids.

They get paid to educate kids. Heaps of money too!

Millions of dollars budget every year.

Why they asking parents & public for tips about how to educate kids? Wot a joke.

If u dont know how to do ur job u should be fired.

Why is ur shitty Performance Management Plans only for teachers u dont like eh?

Even more ROTFLOAO: if Hylton Hayes is an attendance guru. A consultant. An expert in his field. To get that secret $19000 tender contract for fixing Arnhem Land low attendance & low engagement,

Why not ask him about Education Engagement Strategy?

Why waste more time & more money to ask parents & public all over NT?

Do ur fucking job NT Department of unEducation.

Stop asking others how to do it.

Heres NT GOV answers to Mark Guyula, CFB added some better answers:

The secret tender contract for Hylton-project had been commissioned by the joint school attendance taskforce* to study recent declines in enrolment and attendance in the Arnhem region and was to include analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data across 15 Arnhem schools (12 government and 3 non-government).

The objectives of this project were to:

– identify any trends and patterns in the Arnhem schools’ enrolment and attendance data

dont need Hylton Hayes for this, use someone already in NT GOV who deals with data or learn how to make graphs & tables urself in Microsoft Word.

– gain community insight behind the recent declines in Arnhem schools

dont need Hylton Hayes for this, get schools to ask parents & carers in the community in open meetings, listen & be respectful of their opinions for a change.

– provide recommendations to the taskforce to respond to the issues identified as driving the recent declines

dont need Hylton Hayes for this, schools can make recommendations from wot parents & carers in the community tell u after listening & being respectful of their opinions for a change.

Speaking of Chris Walsh @ https://ntindependent.com.au, hes been nominated for another award for his high quality journalism.

Of course NT GOV banned him for asking questions. Wot a bunch of cowboys & amateurs:

The NT Independent has been nominated for three NT Media Awards at the upcoming awards ceremony to be held on November 6.

The nominations are the first for the independent online publication that started in March 2020, and was quickly banned from attending press conferences and accessing information by the Gunner Government.

The illegal ban has been widely condemned by media rights organisations across the world.

Despite the condemnations, the ban remains in place to this day, with the attack on the free press exacerbated by Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker’s announcement in June that the NT Independent was under investigation for how it obtained the information that exposed massive police executive failings in a series of articles that it has now been nominated for.

Editor Christopher Walsh was named as a finalist for Best News Coverage (print/text) for his investigative series on the failings at the NT Police College that revealed the institution employed unqualified instructors, failed to keep proper training records and graduated recruits without properly assessing them for competency.

Hayes is same as Lee Rayner sneaking back into NT GOV from Tasmania, read here.

TAS GOV really interested in CFB lately:

NT GOV still looking at CFB heaps too:

NT GOV looks like still chasing Ferg Ferguson, friends in SA send us these pics of NT GOV crawling all over SA APY Lands blog. Ferg used to work there too:

Maybe some NT GOV employees job is to read blogs all day.

Public humiliation doesnt matter to Hayes. He has mates in NT GOV to give him more jobs.

Hylton’s good mate is Bryan Hughes.

They attended NT GOV award ceremonies together in 2014.

Dont they look so cute in their little bow ties.

Bryan was a principal in Arnhem Land in 2011, heres wot he said about attendance:

Of course No need for Hylton Hayes in 2018 then, everybody knows about attendance problems for long time before that.

Even his best mate knew.

Thanx to Craig Danvers for the magazine online. Craig is a son of Brian Danvers.

More new stuff coming on Brian Danvers soon. U can read previous CFB posts while u wait.

Bryan Hughes’s wife is Virg Hughes.

She is now principal Nemarluk School in Darwin.

Virg is on the left

Hylton & wife Susie Hayes live in Fannie Bay.

Its not far to slither from Fannie Bay to Nemarluk.

How much did Hylton get paid for his new expert cuntsultancy work CFB wonders?

What was his specialized job this time?

Hes Making a new school Vision for Virg’s school.

Wow-wee! Must be a ripper Vision if guru Hylton is doing it.

Lets see what parents & kids got for all money from Virg’s school budget gifted to Hayes this time:

There u have it ladies & gentlemen, the Great Hylton Hayes has been paid heaps of money to come up with this new vision:

“we will work collectively so that all students may achieve their best.”

Shit, the guys a genius.

Were so sorry Hylton, all this time paying u out, we didnt look really hard at ur work.

If wed seen this years ago we wouldnt say anything bad about u.

Please take our humble apology.

…..& stick it up ur ass.

Wot a fraud.

We hope Nemarluk parents are happy losing money for their disabled kids education to give to u for doing nothing.

U make us sick NT GOV & ur mates.

In other news CFB receive another bullshit complaint from Shaun Andre.

So becoz he like us so much we make Shaun the next post.

While u wait Shaun u should read about this Effect:

& try not to be accused of playing with little boys junk this time, thanx NT News:

CFB Team xoxo


Looks like Carly Phillips may be following the Maddie Evans playbook, if true.

If u know more pls email us at: cardfightback[at]tuta.io

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Teaching in the Territory Trainwreck: Jenny Sherrington, Shaun Andre, Brian Danvers, Samantha Baker

Sorry for delay…..We’re BACK now!

Edit 1: CARD:fightback! wonders if NT GOV will try to destroy Milingimbi whistleblowers too.  Same as they tried AND FAILED to ex-teacher Ferg (Stephen) Ferguson.

Ferg was an official whistleblower against NT Department of unEducation & NT GOV.  

NT GOV & their friends really hate Ferg. 

CARD:fightback! Team really LUVS Ferg. He’s brave & honest & has integrity. 

NT Department of unEducation & NT GOV doesnt have any of these things.

NT GOV lawyer Craig Smyth give evidence against Ferg in NT Supreme Court case last year. Craig still complaining about CARD:fightback! blog & Ferg. 

We’ll report on sum lies Craig Smyth said in Court in a later blog post. 

Or maybe Craig just forgot Truth when lawyer asked him.  We let u decide later.

Looks like sum peeps in NT GOV dont like Craig & his Obsession with whistleblower Ferg.

Thanx for all the info  Send more if u have it.  😉

OMG. So many juicy stories to choose from.

Northern Territory Department of unEducation: A chaotic situation where everything seems to go wrong

clusterfuck definition

AKA (Also Known As):

car crash, CF, Charlie Foxtrot, comedy of errors, debacle, dysfunction, fiasco, FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) , goatfuck, goat rope, imbroglio, omnishambles, quagmire, SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fucked Up), trainwreck, scrum, cluster foxtrot, hairball, massacree, perfect storm, shitstorm, hot mess, cesspit

Then we have more peeps involved: Alf Leonardi, Karen Weston, Craig Smyth, AEUNT, Jodie Ryan, Adam Lampe, the list goes on & on.

We bet BIG DOLLARS everybody is heaps happy Lee Rayner is back working for NT Dept of unEducation. She’ll know how to fix this mess. All CARD:fightback! Team Members are looking forward to seeing Lee Rayner’s hoof prints all over this current disaster.

We’re heaps excited too to watch this new DVD that came to our office:

sex lies corruption

CARD:fightback! will  report on these stories one by one in next few months. The order is nothing to do with importance:

Jenny Sherrington’s ICAC corruption findings.

Very stinky.

She’s not only one of course but she become a sacrificial lamb for slaughter this time.  We expect a “bad apple” or “rogue operator” excuse soon from NT Dept of unEducation CEO Karen Weston/NT GOV. 

Jenny Sherrington was kicked out of Gapuwiyak then went to Milingimbi, NT Dept of unEducation knew about how bad she was BEFORE giving her a new job in Milingimbi.  Gapuiwiyak staff tell everybody she was doing same shit there.  This was covered up by unEducation Dept too as usual.  They only unCover sum things when ICAC arrived. 

If ICAC never arrive Jenny Sherrington would still be there thanx to Dept of unEducation helping their mates first & fuck Aboriginal communities, families & their kids second & fuck everybody else third.

front cover


Shaun Andre’s attack on our CARD:fightback! blog after we reported his dodgy past in blog post below then he runaway to Interstate. Smells fishy, same as Rob Presswell’s runaway to Interstate

We share Shaun’s FAILED complaint, for Transparency.

Shady Shauny never contact CARD:fightback! to ask to remove anything.

The notice we received from the complainant follows.


First name: Shaun 
Last name: Andre
Company name:
Address: ******** ***

City: *****

State/Region/Province: QLD

ZIP: ****

Country: Australia (AU)

Phone number: **********

Email address: ********@hotmail.com

Copyright holder: Shaun Andre

Location of unauthorized material:

Location of original materials:


Description of original materials:

I created the self-portrait of myself.
It's my own art/photography, which I can prove with the original files.
This website has never asked permission to use my photo nor do I give them permission.
I would like this removed.

I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials described above as allegedly infringing is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.

I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in the notification is accurate and that I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.
I acknowledge that a copy of this infringement notice and any correspondence related to it, including any contact information I provided above (address, telephone number, and email address), will be forwarded to the user who uploaded the content at issue.
I also acknowledge that a note may be placed on the site in question detailing the name of the copyright owner who submitted the takedown notice.
Digital signature: Shaun Andre Signed on: 2021-06-25 06:10:21


Brian Danvers’s trying to get back his NT Teacher Registration after being released from prison on a legal technicality lawyer says.

Here’s Brian Danvers & his wife Julie Danvers who works as Treasurer for the AEUNT Education Union NT.  It helps to have friends in certain places in Northern Territory, Australia’s capital of corruption


12 April 2021

Case number: 2020-04086-CT

Brian Danvers v Teachers Registration Board of the Northern Territory Teacher Registration (Northern Territory) Act 2004 Directions Hearing

BD NTCAT v TRB-highlight1

BD NTCAT v TRB-highlight21b


Samantha Baker’s despair at NT Dept of unEducation bullying her becoz she want to protect & support her son who has some disabilities: global development delay, is non-verbal & has limited mobility & vision. NT Dept of unEducation think best way to help her family is send her letters with fines instead.


Read about her sad sad story here:


NT DoE Infringement letter 2

Karen Weston is current CEO of NT Dept of unEducation, she come from SA Dept of Education


Ur a fucking brainless compassionless bureaucrap clone.

Ur same as other pathetic shitheads who used to run NT Dept of unEducation.

If u think sending fines to this family is right way to help their disabled son then ur perfect fit for working in NT GOV.

Watch this space……see u all soon with updates & more info.  Thanx again everybody who email us with tips & info.  Keep em coming!

Lets keep these highly paid Public Sector vampire-leeches covered in sunlight:


CFB Team xoxo

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Teaching in the Territory: Seek And Ye Shall Find Part 2 – Lee Rayner returns (under the radar) to NT GOV

Edit 1: we publish link for to help a reader for petition of class action against NT GOV. 

We always say:


Please join & contribute to petition & class action if u can.  Make them PAY!


Edit 2: We promote Kelso Lawyers who sue institutions for $$$ millions if kids are abused in their organization. 

They strongly believe is suing enablers & people who cover up crimes against kids – same as NT GOV does:


If ur squeamish look away now.

If u hates nasty turquoise eye shadow on an elderly ginger look away now.

Lee Rayner is baaaaack!

Thanx all Card:fightback! readers who alerted us.

She is working in Operational Policy Section, Co-ordination Unit.

Her new NT GOV phone number is: 8944 9226

Seek And Ye Shall Find

Of course she been following Card:fightback! from her job in Tasmania too because she luvs us so much

NT GOV quietly brings back failed NT GOV lawyer Lee Rayner from Tasmania.

Big Tassie announcement from The Premier when Rayner arrived from NT.

No announcement this time from NT GOV or Tasmania TRB, everyone is very quiet.


Even Tassie don’t change their TRB web site so it looks like Lee Rayner still there.

If you emailed then u will know:

If you are trying to contact the Registrar of the TRB please call (03) 6165 5977 and ask to speak to Ann Moxham or email ann.moxham@trb.tas.gov.au

Thank you.

Lee Rayner


Card:fightback! predicts more trouble ahead.

Look out all NT Department of unEducation employees.

We reported on Lee Rayner before when she try to destroy Whistleblower teacher Ferg Ferguson



& we know she hasn’t changed.

Probably worse than before. Her NT GOV lawyer sidekick & lover Tim Barrett (they used to live together – see PUBLICLY AVAILABLE DOCUMENT) >>> https://ntec.nt.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/578754/Summary-of-candidates-donor-returns-2012-General-Election.pdf

Looks like Tim staying in Tassie.

His legal firm web site lists him still there. Unless they play same game as Tassie TRB?

Can’t wait for Big Angry Bear Adam Lampe going into meetings with Rayner, fighting his ass off for his AEUNT members.

Remember how much Adam protect teachers from white savior principal Tracy Hamill? Read here if u forget:


Previous CE Vicki Baylis told everyone she was retiring in February 2020 to her rural Far North Queensland birthplace. Guess what? IT WAS ALL BULLSHIT AS USUAL…..then she pop up a few months later working for a consulting firm which got NT GOV contract for helping NT Department of unEducation.

Our taxes pay for this revolving door for NT GOV friends.


We call her Vicki Clueless, she involved in another juicy story, our readers helped with this one. They went seeking & they found heaps. Card:fightback! story is different to one published here:



Sum important characters: Vicki Clueless, Maddie (Madeline) Evans, Lorraine Evans, Paul Nhyuis, Shaun Andre & more Google censorship.

Shaun Andre was a teacher @ Nakara Primary School from 2010 – 2016

He was also under-12 NT Footy Team Manager, going on excursions with lots of young kids, up to July 2015 at least.

Some time in 2015 this happened:

Shaun Andre, then 30, is accused of indecently touching a 12-year-old boy in the bedroom of his Jingili home on an unspecified date between June and September 2015.

The child, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was not a student of his.

The story was in many places online if u did a search

Later, everything disappeared.

Late in 2016 when the case was in NT Supreme Court We hear Shaun’s lawyer made heaps of pressure on young boy & his family.

The court said Shaun not guilty because lawyer pressure made young boy look bad in court.

All us women know how to feel like this & happens in rape cases most of the time.

Rapist Man’s lawyer attacks woman, make her look bad, judge says not guilty to Rapist.

We don’t know if Shaun did something bad to young boy in his bedroom – only Shaun & young boy know what happened in that room.

Is Shaun another Downing in the Dumps? U have to think…..Its a strange allegation to make from young person if nothing happened.

After this Shaun moved to a new school.

The principal @ Bakewell Primary School was Paul Nhyhuis.

Before working @ Bakewell, Paul Nhyhuis was @ a different school.

He was married & had an affair with a younger woman.

The affair woman’s name was Maddie (Madeline) Evans.

She’s on the left of this photo, next to her mum Lorraine Evans.

After the affair Paul Nhuhuis moved to Bakewell Primary School.

Maddie is daughter of Lorraine Evans.

Affairs happened again in Evans family so the story from NT GOV goes.

Lorraine was a principal who worked HARD ON pleasing her boss: Hylton Hayes.


After allegation of Lorraine & Hylton having an affair too, Lorraine was moved to a new school & Hylton Hayes lost his job @ NT Department of unEducation.

Vicki Clueless’s personal assistant was MADDIE EVANS.

When Vicki got CE job at unEducation, Maddie got better job with more pay in same Department.

Heaps of people were angry about this.

But as usual, friends win everything first in NT GOV.

Then CE Vicki Clueless give Lorraine Evans a principal of the year award because her daughter worked for Vicki.

And Vicki good friend of Hylton Hayes.

Ask any teacher who worked with Lorraine & Hylton if Lorraine Evans is principal of the year.

Let us know how long they laughed before answering.

Lorraine got a John Laing Award too in 2018 for some other BULLSHIT.

Card:fightback! readers already know how much respect John Laing Awards have after they gave one to Hylton Hayes.


Vicki also friend of Paul Nhyhuis.

She give Paul a promotion to Senior Director School Improvement and Leadership Darwin Palmerston Rural on 08 8944 9216 or paul.nyhuis@nt.gov.au

& we can’t forget, Vicki Clueless tried to give her friend Hylton Hayes

a secret NT GOV contract with no other tender but media found out & Hylton lost his $19000 for doing nothing.



HaHaHaHaHaHayes. At least people still read his Director of School underPerformance Manual:

Famous all over the world:

See more free advertising here: https://iheartcfb.wordpress.com/

& can’t forget Hylton Hayes’s part to play in Brian Chuck Downing, Palmerston Paedo teacher:



Shaun didnt last long @ Bakewell Primary School.

Card:fightback! wonder what happened there – if u know something please email us: cardfightback@tuta.io

Shaun left @ end of 2018 to start his own photography business in Sunshine Coast.

ps: one last Seek And Ye Shall Find moment.

We reported on Palmerston Paedo teacher before:


& Runaway Rob’s Smells Fishy post:


Paedo teacher’s principal was Rob Presswell, Rob was/is very good friend of Eva Lawler (Lawless), same as Hylton Hayes.

Rob didnt take paedo teacher behavior in his school seriously sum teachers there told us.

Same as Ruth Billeter from Driver Primary School didnt take it seriously & give her luv (& maybe panties) to paedo teacher. 

For the record Ruth & others, HE WAS FOUND GULITY of the charges:


When paedo teacher story started to break into public after little girls got touched up, hugged & kissed all lunchtime by Downing.

Rob ran away, he said “early retirement” in middle of his last year to work.

@ this time Lee Rayner was head of Tassie TRB.

It turns out Rob didnt retire same as Vicki Clueless.

Wot a surprise.

We think he was hiding for long enough for paedo teacher story to be forgotten.

Then Rob ends up as another principal in a school in Tassie.

He’s the top left person in the back row in the school photo:

Mmmmmmmmm…….feel the warmth of all that sunlight.

NT Department of unEducation & NT GOV think they can tell Card:fightback! to be quiet, SHHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

Well, Card:fightback! has a message to NT Department of unEducation & NT GOV who try to shut down our right to tell the truth.

We know u complain to Google, complain to WordPress, complain to lawyers, try to hack our site (WordPress tell us IP addresses come from Darwin who try to access it with password guessing):& even senior NT GOV lawyers complain in NT Supreme Court about our blog last year. 

Soooo funny ur still complaining about us.  Hooray!

…..but we’re not going away.

Remember, its U – NT Department of unEducation & NT GOV – who is doing wrong things, Card:fightback! and others blogs, Facebook pages, media organizations are only telling the world about them.

Theres an easy way to fix things, we’ve told u how to do it heaps & heaps of times.

Stop doing all ur stupid shit.

However if u don’t like it, NT Department of unEducation & NT GOV, then u all know what to do:

Happy 2021 from Card:fightback! Team & Reader-helpers xoxo

Some content on this page was disabled on 2021/06/25 for the publication of private information. You can learn more about this guideline here:


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Teaching in the Territory: Seek And Ye Shall Find Part 1

Dear NT Department of unEducation & NT GOV enablers. After independently investigating your behaviour for many years we find: you are a bunch of sick bullying liars who destroy people’s lives for fun.

So we are going to continue telling everyone about it.

People have every right to highlight and expose you.

If you don’t like it you can

CARD:fightback! Believes that Sunlight will help you with your sickness.

CARD:fightback! is like a cross to every protected NT Department of unEducation vampire

They don’t like us because we don’t do as they tell us.

They want to censor everything so it’s only their story you hear about.

More NT Department of unEducation cry babies.

Getting a taste of their own medicine.

Cry baby cry

Make your employer sigh

They’re old enough to know better

So cry baby cry.

CARD:fightback! always smiling

And publishing your shit for all to see

NT GOV having problems

While readers laugh so hard they pee.

Cry baby cry

Make your employer sigh

They’re old enough to know better

So cry baby cry.

So why are they crying this time?

Because CARD:fightback! published their bad behaviour. They ran to NT GOV and asked them to remove it. When that didn’t work they ran to lawyers. But the lawyers couldn’t help either. So they ran to Google and asked them to remove it from the internet. But Google only removes some things from their search engine not the actual material from the internet.

This one is our favourite from Robert Clerke

the racist guy publishing his philosophical thoughts on Facebook for all to see:

You can read his comments here, still on CARD:fightback! for all the world to see:


We think this one is Jeff Parker.

So funny when people say “an independent investigation conducted through the Department of Education NT”. LOL.

We will show you how to find the content using alternative search engines at the bottom of this post.

CARD:fightback! has many threats in the last 8 years.

We understand certain people annoyed when their bad behaviour is published on the internet for all to see.

If you just have to use Google, another way to get around Google’s censorship is to search for:

“jeff parker” cattle prod

We understand the keystone cops who call themselves NT Government don’t have any clue what to do about it.

Just keep running around bumping into each other. Complaining about the terrible CARD:fightback! blog, how dare they inform the public.

Everyone who thinks they have been wronged wants to do something about it. This is normal so why should CARD:fightback! not be able to do it too?

Speaking of FIGHTING BACK We luv this video of young Casey Heynes (heaps more about him on YouTube), punched by some pathetic little worm who thought he was protected. Then Casey snaps and almost snaps his tormentor’s back with a wicked body slam. That’s how you FIGHT BACK! Congrats Casey for not taking the shit anymore.

Some people in Department of unEducation are protected by NT GOV lawyers

other people are attacked

They spend heaps of their time feeling like this

This reminds us of many protected employees in the NT Department of unEducation. Protected by their friend the principal: you’re being harassed and falsely investigated but they do what they like to you without any consequence.

Protected by the Regional Director: a teacher hugging and kissing little girls in his room at lunchtime. Regional Director doesn’t care, starts harassing you for reporting it.

The list goes on and on but its not only dodgy bullying NT Department of unEducation staff who are protected in the NT.

If you are well connected with powerful friends you can do almost anything without any serious consequences. Especially in the corruption capital of Australia, the NT.

Enter lawyer Matt Hubber with a new bio we wrote for him, for his website:


A PROMINENT Darwin lawyer “ought have known better” than take part in two shady carpark cocaine deals, a court has heard.

Matt Hubber pleaded guilty in Darwin Local Court on Friday to two counts of drug possession stemming from drug deals, but his “exemplary” character saw him walk from court without a conviction.

The court heard Hubber twice purchased a gram of cocaine from admitted drug dealer Alexander Hatzivalsamis, whose phone was being tapped by police and whose car had a listening bug planted in it.

The deals went down in the carparks in the Darwin CBD and at Casuarina.

Hubber was supported in court by his father-in-law and former Director of Public Prosecutions Rex Wild QC, and wife, Beth Wild, also a respected lawyer.

Mr Wild comes here today … well known and extremely well respected.”

Through Hubber’s defence lawyer, Jon Tippett QC, Mr Wild attested that Hubber was a “decent, reliable, honest and honourable young man”.

Character references were also provided to the court from James Paspaley and executive director of the Department of the Chief Minister, Hayley Richards.

The court heard Hubber was charged last week after Hatzivalsamis — who has pleaded guilty but is on remand awaiting sentencing — gave a statement to police identifying Hubber as a customer.

Hubber, who declined to comment outside court, was handed a 12-month good behaviour bond ordered to pay $300 in victims levies.

“I accept this matter itself will attract attention and that will be a sort of punishment,” she said.

Well connected white people your punishment for being a criminal is Attention.

Black people, go straight to jail.

with these alternative search engines:







Our favourite Hylton Hayes search is through Bing:

Most of these have been removed and censored by Google.

Seek And Ye Shall Find Part 2 coming soon….

Happy Holidays from CFB Team.

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Teaching in the Territory: Freedom of Information -FOI- is your friend



Northern Territory refusing one in four FOI requests – seven times Victoria’s rate – because we, the NT public let them get away with it!

NT’s refusal rate above 20% for four years running, which experts attribute to deeper problems

The Northern Territory is by far the most likely jurisdiction to block FOI requests.

The Northern Territory government is refusing one in four freedom-of-information requests – a rate seven times higher than Victoria’s and eight times higher than Western Australia’s.

An analysis of state and territory FOI data shows the Northern Territory is by far the most likely jurisdiction to block requests for government documents. Last financial year, the NT government granted just 292 of the 900 FOI requests it finalised, and partially granted another 298. Read the report here:


It refused 246 FOI requests, or 27%. Victoria refused 3.89% and Western Australia 3.2%. It is also significantly higher than the commonwealth’s refusal rate of 17%, which is itself a record high. Data for other jurisdictions in 2017-18 is not yet available.

The year prior, the NT had by far the highest refusal rate (28%) of any jurisdiction. The next closest was Queensland at 20%. The commonwealth refused 10% of FOI requests in the same year.

Complaints about under resourced FOI system spike by 72% in a single year

The total volume of FOI requests received in the NT is low compared with the rest of the country, making the refusal rate more susceptible to change than larger jurisdictions. There can be legitimate reasons for refusing an FOI request, including that the documents are legally exempt or do not exist, or that the application itself is deficient.

But the NT’s refusal rate has now been above 20% for four years running, and experts believe there are deeper problems inhibiting the release of information.

Ken Parish, an NT-based legal academic at Charles Darwin University, said there was no obvious reason for the high refusal rate, given the territory’s FOI legislation is no more restrictive than other jurisdictions.

Parish believes the result may partly be a cultural problem within the NT public service. He also believes the NT’s status as the last Australian jurisdiction to introduce FOI may also have played a role.

Parish said the territory had a huge public-sector workforce, relative to other states and territories. The workforce was also top-heavy, he said, with almost half the workforce being made up of managerial or administrative staff.

I hypothesise that what we’ve got therefore is a very large public service culture.” He said the public service was dominated by managers who were “very much politicised because of the senior executive service and a large and still-growing set of ministerial advisers”.

It may well be that the rate of non-response to FOI requests is in one sense a part of that,” he said.

The territory’s large public-sector workforce also ought to mean refusing FOI requests on practical grounds was less likely, he said.

The Gunner government is deliberately quiet on FOI reform. Why is that? Something to hide Michael?

FOI - Your Right To Know

A FOI guide (by people who file FOI requests)

Top tips on how to Freedom of Information requests from people who actually file FOI requests.

Key points

  • Check what you’re looking for is not already out there
  • Know who you are sending to
  • Keep it focused, if it’s too broad they’ll reject it
  • Speak their language
  • Be prepared to be patient as NT GOV is an expert at stalling the FOI process so you get bored and give up.

The internet is filled with guides on how to file a Freedom of Information (FOI) request. The Global Investigative Journalism Network has an excellent list of FOI resources available in many countries across every continent. We recommend you take a look at it, many of the FOI guides CARD: Fight Back! luvs are in that repository:


NT GOV also has an FOI page which you can read for help if you prefer:


The CARD: Fight Back! Team has educated many people about how to submit FOI requests. We have some useful links on our page, here they are again in case you’ve missed them: here here .

foi writing

We thought we should share some of the challenges and lessons so far.

So, first things first… What’s a FOI and why should you be filing one?

A Freedom of Information – aka FOI – request is a formal request you make to a public body (your Local Council, the Police, a Government Agency…) in order to access information that should be accessible to the public or is your personal information. Personal Information is any information a public sector organisation holds from which a person’s identity is apparent or is reasonably able to be ascertained. For example if they’ve written emails or letters about you, your personnel file, disciplinary complaints, gossip between your principal and Education Director etc. Or you may be trying to obtain a contract they have signed or simply obtain an answer to a question you have or even request other documents such as a documents relating to how close friend and campaign volunteer for Minister Eva Lawler, Hylton Hayes, got his no tender juicy NT GOV contract days after setting up a ‘consultancy firm’ in his own name:


The more people file FOI requests and publish the information they get, the better informed we are as a society and the easier it is to demand changes. You can publish them here on CARD: Fight Back! or make your own blog to publish them: https://foifordummies.wordpress.com/

Once documents are released under FOI they are public knowledge. There is no one to stop you publishing them anywhere you like.

So here are our lessons learned:

1)    Check what you’re looking for is not already out there

Before you spend time filling out an FOI form, spend time doing research to make sure what you are looking for is not already publicly available. Your government might have a website where they publish the contracts they sign with companies or individuals like Hylton Hayes for example.

Your first step could be checking websites like https://www.righttoknow.org.au/ A website that lets you file FOI requests and makes the results you get available to the public. This way you can check if what you are about to ask has been asked before.


2)    Familiarise yourself with the FOI framework in Australia

You do not need to be a lawyer to file a FOI request. In fact, Freedom of Information laws were passed with journalists and citizens in mind. However, it helps to know the basics about the freedom of information law: how long can the government body take to answer your request, what information are they entitled to refuse and on what grounds etc. The Information Act is here:


This is helpful because, if a public body is not giving you the information you have been asking for, you need to know if their refusal can be justified or not.

If it’s not, you often have the right to ask them to re-consider and then appeal against the decision to the Information Commissioner’s Office: https://infocomm.nt.gov.au/freedom-of-information/overview


3)    Format matters

You can write a letter if you prefer as a way to request information through FOI. Or you can just fill out the normal NT GOV form.

There are not necessarily clear rules on formatting or what your letter should look like, and if you rely on a platform like https://www.righttoknow.org.au/ the formatting will be done for you. However, we have found that formatting can help, especially if you are going to file a complaint eventually. Clearly flag the case number if you are replying following an initial response they gave you and keep a record of the letters you sent. Write down your contact details, including your address, so they know how to respond.  

An FOI application must:

  • be in writing
  • give your name and address
  • describe in sufficient detail the information that you want
  • include payment or a receipt for the application fee (if applicable)

You must also provide proof of your identity before your application can be accepted.

Please give as much detail as possible about the information you are seeking when you make your FOI application as this can help to reduce the costs to process it.

4)    Know who you are sending to

When you are asking for information make sure the government body you are writing to is the one that has the information you are after. Do not mix up, for example, your local government and your local police forces, although, they should be able to point you in the direction of who might have it. Once you are sure what the body you need the information from is, check their website to see if they have a specific email address for FOI requests. If they do not, give them a ring or email their general email address to find out who you should be sending the FOI request to.  

5)    Keep it focused

This is the most important advice we would like to give, do not ask for too many things at the same time. Here is what may happen if you do. Let’s say you ask the NT Department of unEducation for A, B, C, and D and that they have 30 days to respond. They might wait 30 days to simply reply with a letter saying “sorry we cannot reply to D” because the request was too long and would require the authority to exceed the designated by law time to respond. They can reply to A, B, C but you now have to reply to their letter to say “please send me your response to A, B and C” and potentially wait another 30 days before you get the answer you were after. By then you would have wasted a few months to get what you were after. We have been there, and it sucks. So, while you can (and should) ask for more than one question at a time,  think carefully about what the information you really want is and consider keeping the rest for a separate FOI request or a follow-up question after.

Remember too that you can FOI specific government employees’ email accounts if you think there might be some behind the scenes dirt being shared about you. Find out their email address then write something as simple as: I would like all emails which mention me by name or by my initials in all of the email addresses used by and connected to ‘Name Of Government Employee’.  Because they often have more than one email government email address, with a “1” or “2” at the end of their name.

6)    There is more than just answers to your questions

Remember you can ask questions (e.g. “How does the Department of Workers and Pensions identify the cases that should be investigated for fraud?”) but you can also ask for documents (e.g “Please provide a copy of any data sharing agreements or similar such agreements with recently ex-CE of NT Department of unEducation Vicki Baylis and her new Government Consultancy firm”):

Remember Vicki told everyone she was retiring at the end of February? Apart from being the fishiest time to retire in the history of retirements, it was BULLSHIT of course, exactly what we’ve come to expect from our highly paid NT GOV executives:


While answers to questions will usually be succinct, documents will often give you more to reflect on and potentially give you new and unexpected lead for your investigation…..

7)    Speak their language

A very common way for your request to be rejected is if the government body does not understand what you are asking for. It is not necessarily unwillingness from their part, it may simply be that they are using different terms internally than the ones you are using. Or it may be that they are just playing dumb to stall you. This is particularly true when it comes to requests related to technology. The first thing you should do is to provide a definition of what you are asking for (e.g. If you FOI the NT Police, instead of using the term “IMSI catchers” use: “devices that fake mobile towers to collect mobile phone information in their vicinity, often referred to as IMSI catchers”).

Another way to address this is to spend time reading the documents they have previously released, so you can identify the terms they use and even point to them in your request (e.g. “as mentioned in your annual report”). You can also consider making an initial FOI request asking for documents like minutes of meetings to find out how they may be referring to what you are investigating. Once you have obtained those documents, they are considered public and you can refer to them in your future communications (e.g “as per the minutes of the meeting you held on May 23rd 2020, please give me a copy of the contract referred to by person X”).

One last thing on language: keep it simple. Separate each question clearly, use very simple and explicit language.

8)    If at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again… But don’t become vexatious.  

If you get the answer to your question following your initial letter, congratulations and consider yourself very lucky. Often though, you might get a response asking you to further clarify your questions or to limit your request (more on that below). Don’t give up. Follow up by replying and remember you can file more than one letter or application although if you ask the same government body for the same thing over and over again they might try to label you as “vexatious” and not reply. If this happens you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office for help:


 9)    They may have a duty to tell you how to refine your request, take advantage of it.
Depending on the jurisdiction you are in, governments may have an obligation to tell you how to refine the application. So if you ask for example for “all emails between Amazon and the Department of Health” and they tell you they cannot give that to you because it would take them too much time (fair enough), then you can request from them that they make suggestions as to how you could limit your request to make it manageable for them while still allowing you to get at least part of what you want. They may then say: “We could answer if you asked us for all emails between Amazon and the Department of Health over a one-month period.” Remember, they will not necessarily “volunteer” that information and tell you immediately how you should refine your request but it is worth asking and if they have the legal obligation to tell you and they refuse to do it, you have the right to file a complaint to the relevant regulator.

10)    Be prepared to wait, don’t give up

Filing an FOI request is not difficult, nor in and of itself particularly time consuming, but it does take a long time before you get what you are after. Investigations based on FOI requests sometimes take years of waiting. Governments may usually extend the time they have to respond for various reasons, and they will often use that time. Sometimes you will need to start from scratch with a new FOI request.

But having said all of this, take note of the exact day you filed the request and do not hesitate to complain if they do not reply in the time frame allocated to them.

NT GOV only get away with headlines like this: “Northern Territory refusing one in four FOI requests – seven times Victoria’s rate” because we let them.

Fight Back! Accountability warriors. Make them work for their salary.

File heaps of FOI requests, then internal reviews, then external reviews.

They are PUBLIC SERVANTS. Not MASTERS OF THE PUBLIC like they think they are.
FOI - Your Right To Know


ps: for all those who have asked about ex-NT GOV Whistle-blower Ferg Ferguson. He has been attacked again by NT GOV and their friends in high places.

Watch this space while NT GOV continue to search CARD: Fight Back! during work hours.  Must be another slow day at the office with nothing better to do.  Click on the image to see it bigger size:

More NTG CFB May-June 2020

The poor guy should write a book!

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Teaching in the Territory: Did Jarvis Ryan finally grow some balls?!

Jarvis balls

“While the Government is happy to give the option for parents to keep their children at home to protect them from the threat of coronavirus, it has given no consideration to the welfare of teachers and classroom support staff who may not be comfortable with having a classroom full of up to 27 students in complete disregard of social distancing guidelines.
“The AEU NT cannot and will not support such a decision, and nor will we continue to co-operate with a Government that fails to consult with key stakeholders before making decisions.”

He said allowing each Territory school to decide how it delivers education in Term 2 would put pressure on already struggling teachers.
“The union will be seeking legal advice as to whether it breaches the major change consultation and workload provisions of the teacher enterprise agreement and on that basis, considering lodging a dispute with the Fair Work Commission,” he said.
“The AEU NT will be insisting to the Department that there will be one program of teaching and learning prepared by teachers for each group of students they teach, whether those students are at school or at home.”

As of early this afternoon, Mr Ryan said the union had not been contacted by the Department of Education.
The AEU NT was set to join other stakeholders, including the NT Council Of Government School Organisations, in a consultation meeting with the Department of Education today but the union chose to boycott the meeting.
“As the decision on Term 2 arrangements has been made unilaterally by the Minister, we see little point in further participation at this time,” Mr Ryan said.
“We will turn our energies to advising our members on how to manage their workload and protect their health and safety.”
In a letter sent to teachers last night, Ms Uibo said all decisions were based on local and federal recommendations.
“All Northern Territory students are expected to attend school from day one, Term 2, in line with the current advice of the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPCC) to the National Cabinet that schools are safe to remain open,” she wrote.
“The Department of Education will continue to act on advice from Australian and Northern Territory health experts, which is currently that schools and early childhood education and care services are safe to attend.
“To my fellow educators, I am aware of the many challenges you are facing on a day to
day basis and I take this opportunity to affirm my respect and extend thanks for the resilience and commitment you demonstrate in these unprecedented times.”


Jarvis & Adam

Toys should be out the stroller for NT DoE’s COVID19 Lies:

Jarvis toys

More NT Dept of unEducation lies in Nhulunbuy.  Cleaning not happening as told to parents. page 1 paragraph 7 “professional cleaning across the school throughout the day” is a blatant lie.   Read letter here: NHS Letter to Parents

Professional cleaning NT Style.  Looking after your kids. NOT.


Ferg in Court


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Teaching in the Territory: Darwin High School Part 3: teachers drowning in shit, executive team are a joke.

Edit 1: Thanx TransparentNT!    Medals For Mates:

A Public Service Medal for Kalamity Ken Dav-L-ies ex-Dept of un-Education boss, now sinking along with Territory Families.  Everything he touches turns to shit.

& A Public Service Medal for Greg Shanahan working for NT GOV Justice Dept harassing whistleblowers, intimidating parents & protecting pedos in NT Schools.

The biggest joke.  Funniest thing CARD:fightback! has seen in years & years & years. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ken Dav-L-ies & Greg Shanahan

drowning in shit

In this part we deep dive into Darwin High School Staff Responses.


Just like this recent story in the NTNews about more Jobs For Mates, the same happens in the rats nest which is Darwin High School:

Government appointed more than 200 people to jobs without advertising.

The Northern Territory Government last year appointed more than 200 people to public service jobs without publicly advertising the roles.

*THIS IS SIMILAR TO HYLTON HAYES, LABOR PARTY ‘VOLUNTEER’ SETTING UP HIS FAKE CONSULTANCY BUSINESS IMMEDIATELY BEFORE HE WAS AWARDED A NO-TENDER CONTRACT FROM VICKI BAYLIS FRIEND OF LABOR PARTY MINISTER EVA LAWLER!  How lucky was that?!! Strewth.  You’d just finished creating a brand new consultancy business to change your career.  Not long after you got sacked from your NT Department of un-Education Director job.  Then WHAM! a new contract from NT Department of un-Education drops in your inbox.  What are the chances?!

HHC fake

READ ABOUT IT HERE: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-30/education-department-contract-handed-to-friend-of-nt-minister/10049186


January 15, 2020 2:54pm

Independent Member for Araluen Robyn Lambley was appalled by the appointments.

THE NT Government last year appointed more than 200 people to public service jobs without publicly advertising the roles.

The appointments were made under a legislative loophole which allows the Commissioner for Public Employment to give permission for departments to hire without publicly advertising positions, if the candidate fulfilled the requirements of the role.

This comes as the NT News revealed this week Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s ex chief of staff Alf Leonardi was appointed to an executive position in the Education Department which was never publicly advertised:

top job

didnt know

*Edit: this is the same ‘comment’ Eva Lawler said publicly after her ‘coffee morning Labor volunteer’ & personal friend Hylton Hayes got his no-tender contract. 

We know this is false.  Your chickens will come home to roost Ms Lawless.  CLUCK CLUCK!

Chief Minister Michael Gunner said the appointments followed protocol.

*Edit: Michael Gunner thinks because something is ‘legal’ or follows ‘protocol or policy’ then its the right thing to do.  That we shouldn’t care if there’s a protocol to hide behind.

We think about Nazis in Germany & Apartheid Government in South Africa.  They had laws & policies too. 

Does that make it right?



Is that the best you’ve got for us Mr Gunner?  Looks like it!

Anyway back to the Darwin High School Shithole:

Staff Data Analysis

The following are some of the survey responses to questions in the staff survey. Note that there is no data from previous years in this section to assess. It’s likely just as bad as everything else.

Staff are drowning in mistrust, frustration, overwork and bullying


Teachers at this school trust each other (Pg 51)  

53% of staff agree here, while 26% said neither and 21% disagree. This data accurately reflects the state of Darwin High School. The principal and her management team have carefully cultivated a toxic workplace culture founded on dysfunction, distrust and disrespect. The teaching staff segregate themselves by faculty with little incentive to associate. The feeling among the school is, stick with your faculty, keep your head down and keep working to avoid any unwanted attention from the executive team. Darwin High School will never build relational trust when its staff are subjugated by exclusivity, bullying and elitist attitudes from Jill and her management thugs.

Example 1) Darwin High School holds an annual Christmas Party in which attendance is mandatory and you must sit at an allocated table with your faculty. Each table brings their own food and drinks. There’s no mingling or camaraderie other than what you are permitted at your faculty table. In more than one instance a husband and wife had to sit apart at the Christmas Party because they worked in different faculties. How is that in the Christmas spirit? The event begins once everyone is seated allowing the executive team to make their ‘grand entrance’ as if they are royalty (Yes this is real and we’re still not joking). The principal makes an opening address making sure to thank the executive team for their work throughout the year before handing over to the MC for further proceedings.

Example 2) The ‘executive team’ as it’s called at Darwin High (which includes Jill, Annette, Yashodara and Morgana) is an elitist club. If you’re not in it, you’re part of the peasantry. At least 3 staff members (2 of which are teachers) ‘disappeared’ in 2019. They essentially stopped showing up to work one day. No official communication of departure to new job or otherwise, nobody knew anything. When management were asked, they deferred with a peculiar “you have to talk to Jill.” When someone finally managed to talk to Jill, she suspiciously implied it was none of their business to know where their colleague was and said they were forbidden from trying to contact them. A simple query rapidly spiralled into multiple cover ups orchestrated by the principal herself. Everyone is expendable to her, except her mates obviously. Note, that the word ‘executive’ is derived from the word ‘execute’ which is certainly what they will do to you (figuratively speaking) if they don’t like you.

This school takes staff opinions seriously (Pg 51)  


58% of staff agree, while 22% disagree. The teaching, support and administration staff have a comprehensive understanding of the issues they face on a day to day basis. However, whenever they try to raise issues, suggest improvements or stimulate discussions they are shut down by management. You are dismissed, silenced or labelled a whinger. Things that should be common sense are endless struggles and arguments with managers that would rather maintain the status quo (which they control) than think for themselves or admit the systems are flawed.

Example 1) In 2018, a teacher’s login details were stolen by a student. The miscreant in question filmed the teacher logging into her computer and slowed down the footage to extract the password. They used the login to access an upcoming maths test on the server and cheat it. The school only caught them by an absolute fluke because accessing the test locks it for editing. A maths teacher was making final preparations at the time and knew something was awry when she couldn’t access the test. The school made some changes to the test on the day and caught a few students for cheating.

It’s important to take a moment to understand that a staff login has access to wealth of information in the school. This includes personal information regarding ALL staff, students and parents including names, residential address, medical conditions, phone numbers, email addresses, attendance records and so on. It includes the servers where all coursework, assessments and tests are stored and the marking systems where final grades are entered. All of it was compromised and could have been tampered with or deleted.

While the students wouldn’t immediately know how to use the systems, given enough time they would have figured it out. And if they had used the login cleverly, they likely would not have been caught for a long time. Jill’s response was to ignore the theft of the password and focus on the fact they had caught the students for cheating. They were suspended (for only a week!) and that was the end of it. The outstanding issue of the stolen password was completely ignored regardless of how many times teachers tried to have the conversation.

Example 2) Tutors at Darwin High are forbidden from carrying travel mugs around the school because of an asinine rule in the ‘Tutor Handbook’. After some arguing with management, it became apparent that the presence of a travel mug itself was the main issue. They would never have been spoken to if they were carrying a water bottle, regardless of the contents. A travel mug filled with water was not ok but a water bottle filled with tea or coffee was ok. (Good luck trying to make sense of that). This is also blatant discrimination since this ‘rule’ only applied to the casually employed support staff. Teachers are free to take food and drinks to classrooms, with the exception of the science labs.

As the Study Centre Coordinator and supervisor for the tutors, Fiona Foran created a document to manipulate and control people but leave herself exempt from the rules. At the bottom of the handbook it states: Please comply with the above. Failure to do so may result in termination of contract. By the handbooks’ own rules, tutors can potentially be terminated for taking a travel mug to work. This self-imposed dictator believes she can do as she likes and is protected by the principal. How many workplaces around the country forbid their staff from carrying a travel mug with tea or coffee to work? Almost none.

Example 3) Darwin High School covers many of its teacher absences with an internal relief roster. Regular teachers teach 4 lines (4 classes, 20 hours per week of teaching time) and have 2 lines off (10 hours per week) for marking, administration work and to prepare for future lessons. If another teacher is absent and you have a free line on that day, you may have to cover someone else’s class rather than attending to your own duties.

So some teachers have decided to take this time back in order to maintain their wellbeing. Their personal policy became, if they undertake 6 relief lessons in a week (the equivalent to a day’s work as there are 6 lessons in a given day) they would take a day off. Who can blame them? The time that they are allocated for making and preparation is being cannibalised purely to save money. And since many of the administration positions have vanished over the years, teachers under additional pressure to complete that work as well.

Teachers like so many others in the workforce recently are expected to undertake two to three people’s jobs for the same salary. When some teachers wanted to discuss the equity of workloads, they were immediately shut down, in part by Annette Pedersen. She has Darwin High School Elitist Club Membership, so nobody else matters.

It’s ok to discuss feelings, worries and frustrations with each other (Pg 51)  

58% of staff agree while 24% said neither and 17% disagree. If you’ve read down to this point it should be pretty clear why staff are uncomfortable in their workplace. What hasn’t been mentioned is that the walls have ears at Darwin High School. Ears that exclusively serve the managers, collecting workplace gossip to use against the staff. (Just read the section in Part 1 regarding the tutors being too helpful to see for yourself). It’s amazing that students and parents don’t see this side of Darwin High much given how prevalent the problems are. The core of the school has been poisoned by people that are rewarded for their disgusting behaviour. The principal protects the thugs and bullies, throwing everyone else to the wolves and the NT DoE protects her. Same as they do for all their dysfunctional and incompetent principals.

Our school has a clear vision and direction for school improvement (Pg 51)  


66% of staff agree. This is down from 91% in 2016, a 25% drop over 2 years. In recent years, the NT DoE has incorporated the buzz words of corporations across the globe into their disjointed vocabulary. They have notably added the ‘roadmap’ to their usual jargon which has filtered down to Darwin High School. The ‘roadmap’ is intended to be the term that describes the plans for development and improvement in both the short and long term. However, with misguided goals and a flawed methodology held together by ambiguous language, none of these roadmaps ever seem to lead to any change. That’s why we call them ‘Roadmaps to Nowhere’ and Department of Education has plenty of them.

This along with the above data is why agreement with the statement “Our school has a clear vision and direction for school improvement” has dropped 25% over 2 years. And when you look at the Annual School Improvement Plan (ASIP) for Darwin High School it’s easy to see why.

One of the deliverables under ASIP Priority 3 for 2018 (Pg 16) was: “Better understand the needs of students, staff and parents. This should seek to recognise cultural heritage and to value diversity, for example Aboriginal and International students.”

Let’s just revisit the summary of student survey data Darwin High itself collected for a second:

  • Just under half of students do not feel safe at Darwin High School
  • Most students do not believe behaviour is well managed
  • Most students do not believe their cultural backgrounds are valued
  • Just under half of students feel as though they are not treated fairly
  • Only half of students have an adult at the school that cares about them and knows them well
  • Just under half of students feel they can talk with their teachers about concerns

Job well done, gold stars for all!

In all seriousness, they’ve failed in the most spectacular way. This is one of many examples highlighting the enormous disconnect between the so called ‘goals’ and ‘actions’ taken by Darwin High School and the NT Department of Education. They only pretend to care about their staff, a false narrative given verisimilitude by lip service exercises. It’s all one giant roadmap to nowhere.

To see how, let’s look at what action they took to address the aforementioned deliverable and its alleged impact:  

Action: Carry out “The Buzz” training with Tracey Ezard at a whole-school across whole school pupil-free day to activate staff voice.

Impact: The staff Buzz PD resulted in the development of a cross-school Buzz Action Group that identified a series of short-term goals including – staff morning teas, a staff-led professional learning schedule for Term 1, 2019, a staff handbook, whole school calendar and feedback mechanisms for performance development.

What is being described in the impact section is accurate. Staff morning teas, staff-led professional learning sessions, a staff handbook and calendar were all introduced. But when you consider some of the more pressing issues that are raised in the SAME REPORT such as student safety, bullying and a lack of staff trust, these changes represent nothing. They are so insignificant and ultimately pointless but allow management to stroke their own egos as they run some of the PD sessions and control the feedback mechanisms. The key to ‘activating staff voice’ that Jill Hazeldine doesn’t understand is that you need to actually be listening to what they have to say. 

The Childish ‘Buzz’ 

buzz off

The Buzz PD the school is so proud of needs some extra attention. The seminar involved separating staff into mixed table groups for the day’s activities. It utilised many concepts from Tracey’s book designed to get the workplace “buzzing with ideas, collaborating on solutions and transforming your organisation” or so she hopes. The day itself could be summarised up by imagining someone blowing up a balloon only to let go and watch it fly around the room making fart noises. The staff cohort inflated the balloon with practical ideas and improvements. Then Jill snatched the balloon and let it go. 

The number one issue raised by every group on the day was ‘communication’. With their ‘voices activated’ the staff cohort were screaming for more communication, cross-faculty meetings, new and functional I.T equipment, new textbooks and proper classrooms to teach out of. All of which is reasonable considering Darwin High School is 53 years old (in 2019). But instead they received staff morning teas, staff-led professional learning sessions, a staff handbook and a calendar.

Never mind the bullying, staff mistrust and dwindling resources or facilities.

Ultimately, Jill and her ‘executive team’ endeavour to maintain the status quo which they control and exclusively serves them. All the while deceiving everyone into thinking management prioritises their wellbeing or has the school’s best interests in mind.

Bursting the Joy Bubble


One of the more garbage ideas from ‘The Buzz’ that management and the faculty seniors have latched onto was Tracey’s concept of ‘joy bubbles’ (Still not joking, even this far in). It’s basically a tool to encourage colleagues to share positive experiences with each other (called joy bubbles) on a regular basis, promoting positivity within the workplace. Tracey’s ‘great idea’ is having the adult staff cohort resort to sanitised ideas and absurdly childish language used with primary school kids.

And so, sharing ‘joy bubbles’ latched onto to staff meetings like an unwanted plague. It’s almost as though Jill collectively views the staff as children and organised the PD accordingly.  

There is some inherent value in sharing positive experiences with your co-workers. Rather than sitting around the coffee table venting or complaining with your colleagues, share some nicer and often undervalued things that are happening in the local or school community. However, it’s difficult to find something to be positive about whilst working out of a 53-year-old building that’s falling apart, internet and air-conditioning that malfunctions daily, dilapidated classrooms, decaying resources and a management team content on pretending everything is fine. 

Now here’s the dirty little secret:

It’s all a scam.

One giant distraction designed to make you feel just good enough to maintain a state of complacency and acceptance for the increasingly worse treatment at the hands of the same people telling you to share your ‘joy bubbles’.

This is one of many examples highlighting why Darwin High teachers are so frustrated and exhausted. They have to bash their heads against the gargantuan brick wall of stupidity, also known as The Northern Territory Department of un-Education. 

Concluding Judgment

Everything described here is real and it’s happening now. The school is an absolute disgrace to Darwin and the ‘executive team’ should be ashamed of themselves and what they’ve become.

We hope that our fellow staff at Darwin High School can take some small comfort in reading this.

The rug hiding what you have to put up with on a daily basis is finally being lifted and the entire Darwin community gets to see what crawls out.


CFB Team. oxox

We’re Luvin’ It:  A new video of Eva Lawless pushing constituents out of her office.  Maybe she was joking again?

Watch it here, & please share:

ps – NT GOV & Minter Ellison lawyers spending heaps of time on CFB even on XMas Eve!  Someone is keen!



Minters gets heaps of business from NT GOV.  Check out this list of outsourced legal work.  Full list is HERE.


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Teaching in the Territory: AEUNT’s Adam Lampe sells out teachers again.

Adam Lampe should be fighting FOR your rights, instead he’s shite-ing ON your rights.

His emails are published below. 

While Jarvis Ryan rallies the troops with his stock-standard empty words: “in tough times it’s more important than ever that we stand together“. 

Adam’s speech to the comrades tells the real story: “in tough times it’s more important than ever that Vicki Baylis tickles my balls while she’s rooting me in the ass“.


see below for details.

what really goes on behind closed doors

A few weeks ago the newest white saviour from Interstate, principal Tracy Hammill, bullied six teachers out of Nhulunbuy Primary School. Crash, Bang, Gone!

tracy hammill-another white saviour

Proper processes were not followed. No evidence was offered after being accused of ‘under-performance’. No Performance Improvement Processes started. Thanx for the lovely Christmas present of no job.

What did the teachers do? They ran straight to the Australian Education Union NT for help. Most people would make this the first place to start to fight for your job…..

…Unless you’ve been reading Card:fightback! then you would know the AEUNT will never help you in this situation.

Why won’t they help?

Adam Lampe was voted back in as AEUNT Branch Secretary this year. Out of approx 1800 1900 members (from more than 5000 registered teachers, you do the math!) Adam got 172 votes (9% of 1900) Rachel Helliwell got 58 votes (3% – didn’t know you had that many friends) Julie Danvers got 39 (39 more than you deserve), Michael Pearson 22 (no comment).

Jarvis claimed at Conference there are more than 2000 members.  Maybe he likes rounding up?

Adam Lampe election

Why is nobody voting? Because nothing changes in Darwin AEUNT.

Same shit different day:

Jarvis Bullshit stand together

Same old tired feces….sorry faces, doing & saying the same old tired CRAP.

AEUNT more shit responses

Danvers, Pelizzo, Lampe. Like changing deckchairs on the Titanic.

Everybody is friends with Eva or Vicki and don’t want to rock the boat.  Eva would sink the boat on her own now.


Vicki’s executive contract didn’t get renewed we hear.

She leaves another clueless legacy same as Margaret Banks, Gary Barnes, Ken Dav-L-ies: highest levels of bullying, shit NAPLAN results, secret tenders for mates, pedos in NT schools, kids sexually assaulted and raped in NT schools, a dysfunctional organization, Hylton Hayes sniffing around, principals that should be locked up in jail for chasing disabled Aboriginal students with a cattle prodder, Adam Lampe’s broken heart, a trail of employment destruction in her wake, see the latest Tracy Hammill disaster for details, the list is endless.  This is Vicki Clueless’s resume. 

Here’s some of the mess she made:

byebye baylis 4

This is Teaching in the Territory.

byebye baylis 1

byebye baylis 2

byebye baylis 3

Remember Card:fightback! web of friends picture:


Eva and Vicki don’t care about you or education, they only care about looking after their mates like Hylton Hayes Cuntsultancy.

Giving him free lunches and photo oportunities:


And a juicy no-tender contract for bringing Eva Lawler coffee in the morning & helping out Labor as a volunteer:




Also check out https://transparentnt.wordpress.com for more details on life in the NT.

Jarvis is too busy with his hand down the front of Selena Uibo’s pants.  

Trying to make sure he has a job back in NT Department of un-Education after he’s finished with the AEUNT.

jarvis & selena2

Here’s what the 2019 AEUNT Katherine Conference really thought of Jarvis:

AEUNT Katherine conference 2019-2

AEUNT Katherine conference 2019-1

Meanwhile, we all keep paying our AEUNT membership money.  They keep taking it then doing FUCK ALL when we really need their help.

Don’t believe us? Read this, this is Adam Lampe in the NTNews this year talking about bullying:

Branch secretary Adam Lampe said the number incidents of bullying reported to them had risen to critical levels, with an average of two made each month last year.

However, Mr Lampe said many teachers do not report incidents directly to the Department out of fear they will upset the hierarchy.

Adam Lampe knows better than most people how to NOT do something for fear of upsetting the NT Department of un-Education hierarchy.

Here are Adam’s emails after he “went in to bat for those bullied teachers”, “standing up together, defending what we have” just like Jarvis said the AEUNT do….”the AEU will never give up on that vision”,

but came out with dildo burns on his ring piece:

Lampe Let Down 01

Lampe Let Down 02

Here are some headlines from the last 2 years just from NTNews.

This is the reality of teaching in the Northern Territory.  Its a madhouse.

Forget the Boundless Bullshit about how great it is. Here’s some of the real story:


Read these stories then think hard about what Adam Lampe is doing when he does whatever the NT Department of un-Education tells him to do.

And remember who’s paying his wages.

Department refuses to reveal teacher discipline

The Department of Education has refused to reveal how teachers were punished for the alleged targeting of a student.

RAPHAELLA SAROUKOS, NT News November 18, 2019

The Department of Education is refusing to revealed what disciplinary action was taken to teachers who allegedly assaulted a student. Source: iStock/Getty Images

TEACHERS involved in the alleged targeting of a student with a mental disorder have been disciplined – but the Department of Education has refused to reveal how the teachers involved have been punished.

The Sanderson Middle School student, Jahmarl Hutcheson, 14, was targeted by teachers and students in three separate incidents on school grounds.

Northern Territory Teacher ‘watchdog’ refused to investigate allegation of serious assault of a special-needs child

THE Territory’s Teacher Registration Board turned a blind eye to a complaint alleging a serious physical assault by a teacher on a special-needs child

CRAIG DUNLOP, NT News October 11, 2018

Shocking statistics reveal one-in-eight NT teachers abused at work

VIOLENCE against teachers and school staff in the Northern Territory has surged to ‘shameful’ levels, new data ­reveals

NATASHA EMECK, NT News October 17, 2019

Union figures reveal almost half of members are concerned about bullying

A GRADUATE teacher was the victim of an alleged assault at the hands of the school’s principal in what education union officials fear is a worrying trend of internal staff bullying cases

JUDITH AISTHORPE, Education Reporter, NT News January 23, 2018

Education staffers in the NT made 24 complaints of bullying to the union in 2017.

A GRADUATE teacher was the victim of an alleged assault at the hands of the school’s principal in what education union officials fear is a worrying trend of internal staff bullying cases.

Education staffers made 24 complaints of bullying to the union in 2017, a figure that is consistent with previous years.

An education union member survey last year revealed almost half of the 800 respondents felt that bullying and harassment was present at their workplace.

In one incident a graduate teacher was allegedly assaulted by the principal at the school they were teaching at last year.

NT union reveals teacher distress

TEACHERS across the Northern Territory are facing bullying and harassment from frustrated parents on an ­regular basis according to Australian Education Union NT

NATASHA EMECK, NT News January 27, 2019 1:54pm

NT Teachers: Let down by the NT Teachers Union… again and again and again.

As we said before: stop paying your Union membership money and use it to pay for a lawyer instead. Card:fightback! recommends Ron Hope. Contact details:



Keep those stories coming in. Email us at:


Confidentiality guaranteed….unless you’re a pedo supporter like Ruth Billeter.

CFB Team xoxoxo

(ps: we’ll finish Darwin High School story next time, thanx for your patience)

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Teaching in the Territory: Darwin High School Part 2: students not valued & feeling unsafe

In this part we deep dive into Darwin High School Student Responses.

In part 3 next time we’ll discuss Staff Responses.


The DHS student ticking time bomb. Everyone knows, no one cares.

Ignore this, same as you do for all the other problems of child rape, sexual assaults and pedos in your schools (read CFB posts below for details) at your peril NT Department of un-Education:

  • Just under half of students do not feel safe at Darwin High School

  • Most students do not believe behaviour is well managed

  • Most students do not believe their cultural backgrounds are valued

  • Just under half of students feel as though they are not treated fairly

  • Just under half of students feel they can talk with their teachers about concerns

  • Only half of students have an adult at the school that cares about them and knows them well


Darwin High School Annual Performance Report 2018

In early 2019, Darwin High School released its annual performance report for 2018 and is available for everyone to read on the school web page but we also attach it>>>> 2018 School_Annual_Performance_Report_FINAL if you want to download it now).

Among the report is a whole school survey with data collected from students, parents and staff. This is a collaborative effort between Darwin High School and the NT Department of Education (Pg 32) as it collected information using:

  • mandated nationally agreed questions for students and parents;
  • mandated department questions for students, parents and staff; and
  • school specific, contextually relevant questions for students, parents and staff

They are both just as responsible for this mess. The purpose of the following analysis is to expose this rats nest by examining and contextualising the data with examples and personal accounts.


The main problems highlighted in the Survey Data of the 2018 Annual School Report can be summarised as follows:

  1. Concerning responses to survey questions from both staff and students regarding key workplace areas
  2. Downward trends in responses from staff and students from 2016 to 2018, with responses dropping anywhere from 5-35% over the 3-year period
  3. The Assistant Principal of Teaching and Learning who prepared the 2018 report (Anne Donnelly), trying to dismiss or explain away the troubling data with some incredibly un-intelligent phrases which show her true NT GOV potential and is why she now works at DoE HQ with the rest of the Empty Heads.


Student Data Analysis

The following are a selection of the responses to questions in the student survey.  Parent responses are not discussed as only 5-10% of parents responded to the survey.  It’s almost as if they knew it was a total waste of effort.

I feel safe at this school (Pg 40)

Only 63% of students agree with this statement.


This is down from an 82% agreement in 2016, a 19% drop over 2 years. Anne Donnelly had essentially nothing to offer with her comment:

Students feel less safe at school than they have in previous times. This may be due to the proximity of this survey to the student assault and its media coverage”.

It may have contributed but it’s clearly not the main cause when you consider the other data collected regarding behaviour management, culture, fairness and staff-student relationships.

Of similar concern is that approximately 22% of students selected ‘neither’ regarding this statement. When considering core aspects of your school such as safety, students should not have mixed feelings in their answer, it should be simple and automatic ‘agree’. These students may as well have selected ‘disagree’ since they cannot decide whether they feel safe enough at their school. It should be alarming that currently 481 students DO NOT FEEL SAFE, a number that has approximately doubled since 2016. (Calculated with the 19% drop since 2016 plus the 18% that didn’t feel safe in 2016).

This should be a major red flag for anyone at Darwin High School or the NT DoE but it doesn’t register.

In the report’s ‘Areas of Strength’ (pg 32-33) they celebrate the fact that more than 85% of parents agree: this school supports my child’s social development and this school supports my child’s wellbeing.  Sorry to break the bad news to the microscopic sample size of parents that responded to the survey but you’ve been swindled.

Darwin High School is pulling the wool over your eyes just as it tries to deceive everyone else. These issues are overlooked in favour of praising the school’s academic results and it’s appalling. Look over here at how many people completed their NTCET, look how many scored 90+ on their ATAR. Never mind the bullying and unsafe environment.

Darwin High School might be achieving some strong academic results but at what price?


Student behaviour is well managed at this school (pg 48)

Only 36% of students agree with this statement. This is down from a 58% agreement in 2016, a 22% drop over 2 years. Again, the vapid Anne Donnelly could only state the obvious:

Students feel that behaviour is not as well managed as it has been in previous years.”

There is much to be said about student behaviour at Darwin High School. The use of mobile phones, social media, schoolyard fights and bullying has already been discussed in Part 1 as some of the main problems yet to be addressed in any meaningful way.

What hasn’t been discussed is the swearing. Students across all year levels, especially the year 10’s (14-15 year olds), casually hurl profanities on daily basis between each other with disturbing frequency. If you had a swear jar at Darwin High School, you’d be a millionaire by the end of the week. The students’ favourite words are ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ used with the naivety of a teenager. This language is also directed at staff members. One unfortunate tutor was told to ‘fuck off’ and called a ‘cunt’ among other things by a year 10 student with no repercussions. With no real consequences for their behaviour, being spoken to in a feral manner, even without swearing is standard.

Let’s not forget the drugs and alcohol. Bring out the old jokes about putting the ‘high’ in high school because Darwin High is no different. The school has always had a problem with drugs and it’s still the same now in 2019.


Staff discover small packets of marijuana from time to time that have fallen from a student’s bag or pass by toilets smelling foul from someone having recently smoked weed in there. Students have their smoking spots on campus or down near Mindil Beach. They are surprisingly forthcoming with details of their extracurricular activities including underage drinking and use of illicit substances. Many among our staff are aware of at least some of the drug users and dealers but the school does nothing.

It’s all part of Jill Hazeldine’s exceptional leadership strategy copied from the muppets in Mitchell Street: SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

Even the students understand how much the school lacks in behaviour management and have answered the survey accordingly. It should be obvious to have and consistently enforce a behaviour management policy but it doesn’t happen at Darwin High School.


My school values the cultural background of all students (pg 41)

Only 36% agree of students agree with this statement. This is down from a 73% agreement in 2016, a 37% drop over 2 years.


Once again, Anne Donnelly only had the obvious shithouse management-speak to offer:

There is a significant negative shift in response to the school valuing the language and culture of all students. This needs further investigating.

Darwin High School is far too consumed with perpetuating its soulless academic results factory that it abandoned community engagement long ago. In turn, the community have abandoned them as highlighted by only 5-10% of parents responding to the survey.

The Report’s own overview (Pg 5) breaks down the backgrounds of the school community with the following. “One of the strengths of our school community is the linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds of our students. 43% of Darwin High students in 2018 identified as having a language background other than English, with over 60 different language backgrounds being represented. The most common languages were Tagalog (15%), Greek (9%), Indonesian (8%), Filipino (8%), Chinese (7%) and Vietnamese (5%).” 

The linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds of students are presented as a strength, yet they aren’t valued, an interesting contradiction. The school acknowledges its diverse community of students but cannot seem to figure out how to respect them.

Here are some basic ways the school could improve that a 9 year old could think of:

  • Issue newsletters and other information in additional languages (The annual report is good place to start for which languages to include and language teaching staff could assist with translation)
  • Have the option for student reports to be issued in additional languages (The layout and contents of student reports do not change much so once templates have been created it’s a straightforward system)
  • Promote cultural community events throughout the school (Lunar New Year, Greek Glenti, Italian Festival, Japanese Festival etc.) and support those events where possible with fundraising or volunteering for example
  • Simplify the layout and User Interface of Compass so it’s easy to understand for parents (This could include additional languages as part of the User Interface)

That’s all you’re getting for free Department of un-Education, go do the job you’re paid for.


Teachers at my school treat students fairly (Pg 40)

62% of students agree while 14% disagree. There has been little shift between 2016 and 2018. This time, no comment was written regarding this statement. We’re just flogging a dead horse at this point but our Darwin High School needs some consistency in how its tackles student behaviour, bullying, mobile phones etc. These are all connected to how students are treated, so of course only the slim majority agrees here. You don’t need to be an Assistant Principal of Teaching and Learning to understand that. You were paid a considerable salary each year Anne and this is the best you can do? SHHHHHHH SAY NOTHING (& KEEP TAKING THAT FAT NT GOV SALARY).


I can talk to my teachers about my concerns (Pg 40)

Only 47% of students agree with this statement. This is down from a 52% agreement in 2016, a 5% drop over 2 years. Another one for the mounting list of issues alongside safety, fair treatment and behaviour management and they are most certainly connected.

Sadly, we teachers are handcuffed by policies and curriculums regarding what we can and cannot say or do with assignments, feedback, course structures and reports.

Example 1) This is old news but we teachers are not permitted to write comments on student reports anymore. We have to choose sanitised, politically correct sentences from an approved ‘comment bank’ for each student. The absence of communication through useful feedback is contributing to the disconnect between schools and their local communities.

Example 2) Yashodara McCormack (Assistant Principal of Teaching and Learning in 2019) has enforced strict governance of what kinds of feedback are acceptable. For example, we are no longer permitted to highlight issues with written work as part of the drafting process. Instead we are encouraged to provide vague, sanitized comments such as “consider some restructuring”, “does this phrasing sound ok?” or “does this make sense?” Students are then expected to interpret this nonsense in a vain attempt to improve their own work. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the majority have given up.


There is an adult at my school who cares about me and knows me well (Pg 41)

Only 51% of students agree while 31% responded neither and 18% disagree. This is one of the few that have actually improved (by about 8%) since 2016. Even with the broader use of the term ‘adult’ rather than ‘teacher’ to encompass non-teaching staff, they still only managed to drag themselves to a slim majority in 2018.

There isn’t much more to be said that hasn’t been already. Darwin High School needs some major reforms and soon. What will probably happen is the usual idiotic SHHHHH SAY NOTHING NT Department of un-Education response or else we’ll get BOUNDLESSLY BULLIED to suicide like they do in the NT Health Department: BULLIED INTO SUICIDE

Let’s recap:

  • Just under half of students do not feel safe at Darwin High School

  • Most students do not believe behaviour is well managed

  • Most students do not believe their cultural backgrounds are valued

  • Just under half of students feel as though they are not treated fairly

  • Just under half of students feel they can talk with their teachers about concerns

  • Only half of students have an adult at the school that cares about them and knows them well



CFB Team.

PS: Matt Cunningham of NT News recently complained about people complaining about Eva Lawler’s threats.  He said there were more important things to focus on. Leave poor Eva alone.  And poor Hylton Hayes too.  Give him another no tender contract for bringing Eva coffee in the morning while you’re at it.

He wanted people to FIGHT BACKWe agreed!

Then we read his story was about whether his local cafe had some outdoor tables for him and his dog.  Great to see our journos focussing on all the important matters in the NT.

MC fight back

Good onya Matt, fighting back there to protect NT workers from being BOUNDLESSLY BULLIED into suicide by their Dept of Health work colleagues, ensure transparency and stop the rampant corruption in NT GOV, stop whistleblower retaliation in the NT, find out how kids got raped at an NT school but no one wants to talk about it in NT Department of un-Education cover up.

A call to action for FUCKING OUTDOOR TABLES:


It’s time for Darwin to fight back against the rise of the objector, writes MATT CUNNINGHAM

QUIET Territorians, this is your call to action. It’s up to you to start a movement and fight for the lifestyle we love in the Top End – Matt Cunningham, NT News

ON Monday I took my dog for a walk through the streets of Nightcliff and Rapid Creek.

I walked along the beautiful Nightcliff foreshore and up Rossiter Street to the Café Central.

Thanks to the best dry season in living memory, I wasn’t even sweating when I arrived.

I tied Bessie up out the front, sat at a table outside and grabbed a coffee.

The friendly staff were soon on hand with a bowl of water for the dog.

A fellow customer pulled out some treats and fed her.

This was Darwin living at its best.

A simple experience that summed up why I — and I presume many others — have decided to call this place home.

As a longtime Territorian said to me this week, “people come here for the work, and stay for the lifestyle”.

But this lifestyle appears to be under threat. A place that once prided itself on its have-a-go attitude now risks being strangled by bureaucracy.

You can see the evidence of this in a sign that now sits in Café Central’s window.

“Hey everyone,” it reads.

“We just put in for approval to have alfresco dining at Café Central — exactly what we always had but we needed to apply for approval.

“Some of the neighbours are objecting to us having this outdoor dining at the café. If this outdoor dining was to be rejected, then we would have to unfortunately CLOSE the café as it would not be viable.”

So a café that for close to a decade has happily existed with a few tables and chairs out the front, is now at risk of closing due to the handiwork of our overzealous regulators.

The café’s owners will now be subjected to a process that favours the whines of a noisy few over the views of the quiet majority.

Earlier this year I wrote a column venting my frustration at the road blocks faced by young businessman Dom Wundke who was trying to open a bar in Nightcliff.

The reaction was interesting.

For days I was met with quiet nods of agreement.

Whispered support from people who you’d never find at a protest rally or penning an angry letter to the editor.

People too busy getting on with their lives — working and raising children — to bother joining a campaign.

But perhaps it’s time for these quiet Territorians to stand up.

The note on the window at the Café Central went on to say this:

“If anyone has anything positive to say in reference to having outdoor dining and what the café brings to this community we would really appreciate it, it can be really brief or detailed.

“This would help to prove to the Development Authority that there are positive opinions and not only negative.

“Send anything to:

I’ll go first:

In 2013 I lived in a house at the end of Rossiter St. We had two kids under three and I had a stressful job. But the Café Central was my happy place. Somewhere to enjoy a more-than-decent cuppa and — if just for a moment — escape the chaos of life.

Our community would be much the poorer for its absence.

Now, quiet Territorians, I urge you to follow. Send an email, write a letter, post on Facebook, call talkback radio, start a petition or put a sign up outside your house. Not one of protest, but one of support.

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Teaching in the Territory: Darwin High School Part 1: bullying, ignorance, mistrust, fear. Welcome to another NT DoE rats nest.

Darwin High School: https://darwinhigh.nt.edu.au

dhs rats

Darwin High School Part 2 will deep dive into the school survey data. Watch this space!

First: Thanx to current staff & others who worked on this post. Cardfightback can’t do it without ur help. U all know who u are! 🙂 

https://transparentnt.wordpress.com also wants emails: transparentnt@protonmail.com

Second: Some eagle-eyed reader spotted this:

Ferg Ferguson lawyer

Ferg Ferguson changed his name from Stephen Ferguson.

He’s the ex-teacher NT GOV’s favorite Aboriginal principal threatened to kill and burn down his house after he blew the whistle on her. Read about it on Crikey web site: https://blogs.crikey.com.au/northern/2015/01/04/lies-death-threats-and-personality-theft-the-nt-education-department-and-the-trained-tattoo-monkey/

Eva Lawler’s best friend Hylton Hayes, who NT DoE awarded him the secret “no tender contract”, wanted to shoot Ferguson a few years later. Read all about it on Cardfightback below & on ABC web site: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-30/education-department-contract-handed-to-friend-of-nt-minister/10049186

His sad story of NT GOV bullying and harassment is in our earlier blog posts a lot. Is Ferguson making a comeback as a lawyer in NT?

Looks like it!!! With his experience we think he’ll be an amazing lawyer to fight NT GOV. We’re sure NT GOV can’t be happy about this.

What’s next? A nuclear bomb under his bed? Time will tell……Boundless Bullying the NT GOV way.

Third: There’s a party at Ruth Billeter’s house everybody! Somebody has moved ‘hostel’ recently.

Is it a year already?!!!

downing the dumps

Now back to the rats nest.  Here is our Darwin High School responsible team. Below are some names that need shaming for their contribution to the toxic workplace culture and detrimental attitudes of disrespect, bullying and harassment at the core of Darwin High School. Notice how all of them are in positions of management or senior management within the school and mostly likely rewarded by the Department of Education hierarchy:

Jill Hazeldine (Principal) – Primarily an enabler of bullying within the workplace, committed to inaction despite being aware of numerous issues. Jill and Annette are pals:

Jill Hazeldine

Annette Pedersen (Assistant Principal for Yr12) – Workplace bully who uses her position in management to manipulate things to her advantage:

Annette Pedersen

Morgana Weller (Business Manager) – In the pocket of management:

Morgana Weller
Yashodara McCormack (Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning) – In the pocket of management :

Yashodara McCormack

Jenny Jenkinson (SIEU Faculty Senior) – Uses the staff in her faculty as informants collecting workplace gossip from around the school to her advantage:

Jenny Jenkinson
Fiona Foran (Study Center Coordinator) – Workplace bully who is known to harass staff and students alike. Fiona and Annette are pals:

Fiona Foran
Anne Donnelly (Former Assistant Principal of Teaching and Learning) prepared the 2018 Annual Performance Report and attempts to dismiss and hand wave the issues highlighted by the data she herself collected. Anne has since moved into a job within the Department of Education, funny that!

Anne Donnelly
The principal herself and management are just paying lip service to the idea of fairness, equity, equality and respect without having to demonstrate any of it themselves.



The Darwin High School Board employs several Tutors amongst its support staff that primarily work with students that are identified as ‘with additional needs’ (SWANs). These include students with ASD, ADHD etc. The school also receives funding from the government to support its SWANs based on an assessment which outlines their capabilities and needs in the context of education. (Keep that in mind as you continue reading). What is often a challenging job is made more difficult by the same gang of thugs in management who often interfere with the support staff to the detriment of everyone.

The Tutor Team

Darwin High School tries to maintain 7 Tutors which includes a supervising Coordinator. The Coordinator only attends 1 class some of the time as they have their own workload to complete so it’s far more accurate to say there are 6 Tutors. There are approximately 20-30 SWANs attending the school during a given year for 6 Tutors to assist. With some basic mathematics it’s very clear that not all of them are supported despite the fact that they are funded.

Now let’s add in the fact that when Tutors leave during the school year, they are not always replaced immediately as it allows the school to “save money” (The Business Manager’s words). The team was down to 4 Tutors in late 2018 for this reason and is still understaffed in 2019. One member of the Darwin High School Board informed us the school has enough money in the budget to employ 10 Tutors.

DHS Board

So where is the money really going? 

Petty Interference

In early 2019 a complaint was made by Jenny Jenkinson (SIEU Faculty Senior) to Yashodara McCormack (Assistant Principal of Teaching and Learning) that the Tutors were being “too helpful” when supporting SIEU students in the school’s Homework Centre. (Before you ask, this is not a joke). The Tutors had been undertaking their jobs in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the school and those of the SACE Board (South Australian Certificate of Education). Nobody was doing their work for them or anything of that nature.

The crux of the complaint was that Jenny Jenkinson was unhappy with the way the Tutors supported the SIEU students and she had no control over how they did their jobs, so she sought to change that. Rather than investigate the issue, Yashodara arbitrarily decided Jenny must be correct. No examples or evidence of this extreme helpfulness were provided in order to facilitate a proper conversation regarding the support of students. In fact, there was no conversation of any kind. It was just dictated that the Tutors were being ‘too helpful’.

To remedy this situation Yashodara decreed that all of the Tutors were to attend in house professional development sessions on how to basically not be too helpful. These sessions were to be ran by (you guessed it) Jenny Jenkinson. This meant that EVERY Tutor would NOT attend classes and support any students but instead attend these PD sessions. Money and time well spent in their minds.

It’s important here to stop and revisit the highlights of our first paragraph. Darwin High School receives money from the government to support SWANs but decided that it would instead spend that money having Tutors attend mandatory PD sessions because somebody made an unsubstantiated claim they were somehow being ‘too helpful’. This example of internal bureaucracy and petty power struggle is one of many that occur on a daily basis at Darwin High School at the hands of these morally bankrupt thugs. It’s just that this one has government money attached to it and is impacting negatively on the educational support of our most vulnerable students who have additional needs. If only the parents knew…..

The Students

On the first day of school for 2019, two year 11 male students at Darwin High School were involved in an altercation (full on fist fight) on school grounds. Both students attended Darwin High School in 2018 completing year 10 and were starting year 11 in 2019. They were well aware of the school rules, values and expectations from their first year at the school and not only continued to exhibit aberrant behavior but the aforementioned rules and values did not quash this behavior.

Darwin High staff were made aware of the altercation during a staff briefing the next morning. Little information was offered regarding the incident from the principal, who runs the meeting (Jill Hazeldine). One teacher asked if all teaching staff could be made aware of the students involved in the interest of keeping the school yard safe since all teachers are required to perform yard duty on a weekly basis. The principal denied her request, stating that the situation had been handled and management were resolving it. The principal wanted to keep the issue quiet, hesitant to discuss anything other than what she disseminated. The feeling in the room was that information was distributed on a need to know basis. There has been one other altercation in 2019 but details are similarly limited by the attitudes of Jill Hazeldine and her management cronies to cover up the bullying at the school.  

There have also been at least 3 instances in which (Casuarina Senior College) CSC students have threatened to come onto Darwin High School grounds to cause trouble that we are currently aware of. In one instance, a threat was made from a CSC student to come onto the school grounds and attack a Darwin High student. Management decided to send the student home for their safety. This was despite having school based constables on grounds solely to protect students from bullying.


The message was the school could not guarantee the safety of the student despite having 2 members of the NT Police stationed on campus. These are just low level examples that we are aware of. Behavior comes in patterns, where there’s one, there’s probably more.

Darwin High School held its annual school survey in 2018 which collected data that highlights these issues. Below is a selection of responses to survey questions from students. There are several alarming downward trends that are being ignored:  

  • I feel safe at this school (63% agree, down from 82% agree in 2016)
  • Student behavior is well managed at this school (36% agree, down from 58% agree in 2016)
  • My school values the cultural background of all students (36% agree, down from 73% agree in 2016)
  • Teachers at my school treat students fairly (62% agree, 14% disagree)
  • I can talk to my teachers about my concerns (47% agree, down from 52% agree in 2016)
  • There is an adult at my school who cares about me and knows me well (51% agree, 31% neither, 18% disagree)

Additionally from the survey, the Darwin High School Counselor saw students for approximately 1500 sessions during the 2018 school year. That is a significant number of sessions considering there are approximately 1300 students at the school, just over one session per student. Of those 1500 sessions, 48% were regarding ‘mental health and wellbeing issues’ with an additional 11% regarding ‘relationship / peer issues’. All of this data paints a concerning picture of student life on campus.

Mobile Phone Use

The rampant use of mobile phones is by far the biggest behavioral problem within Darwin High School. With a lack of policy or even a basic stance on the issue, Darwin High currently has zero hope of tackling this monumental problem. The students know this and take advantage of the lack of consequences and understanding their phones cannot be taken from them.

In class, phones are an addiction for these students, produced from their pockets at a moment’s notice. It didn’t matter whether it was during teaching time or a test, students constantly have their phones out. Most of the time from what teachers witnessed they were checking Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. Snapchat is the most important application of note, since many of the students observed were messaging other students within the school. Anywhere from 25-50% of a class were messaging other students in other classrooms around the school. It’s amazing that any work gets done at all!

The students’ reactions when their mobile phones are temporarily confiscated or removed are even more bizarre. It starts with the usual whinging, sulking and pleading to have them returned. After 45 minutes it has descended into negotiation, name calling and exaggerated begging. This looks very much like someone suffering from withdrawal. The initial sulking and whinging could be palmed off as typical teenage behavior but when you hit the 1 hour mark, they start acting very weird. The moment they get their phones back, the room falls silent as heads dip into digital screens.

Social Media

We need to talk about AirDrop here for a moment. Allow the Apple product to introduce itself with quote from its website. “With AirDrop, you can instantly share your photos, videos, documents, and more with other Apple devices that are nearby.” This application is used to distribute photos and videos en mass throughout the school and since most students have Apple devices, it’s far reaching. This is one way that photos and videos of schoolyard fights, mischief and other mishaps are instantly spread amongst the school community. 

Of equal concern is the Darwin High School Meme Page, a private invite only student operated Facebook group. From what students have told us, they all take photos and videos of other students and staff when it suits them, add some graffiti in the form of devil horns or captions and immortalize it with a quick upload to the page. Most teachers have never seen the page but we know enough to confirm that the group exists but it’s set to private and invite only so it ends there. However this is potentially a Police matter but the school seems like it just doesn’t care to protect its staff (and students).

Many of staff are aware of the inappropriate behavior and disgusting use of social media but the school does nothing. When staff petitioned management to tackle the issue, they refused, citing some social media policy that prevents the school from taking action. It’s horrible having photos and videos taken of you and your work colleagues without your consent to be shared like that. Many staff especially the female ones feel very insecure moving around the school on a daily basis not knowing where the next camera was going to come from.

It’s also mind boggling, that an asinine policy overrides not only the Darwin High School values (respect being the first one) but also people’s own moral responsibilities. What kind of example does it set to students that it’s ok to manipulate the tools of social media into a rogue surveillance system for their own amusement? The claim that Darwin High School values (Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Cooperation and Achievement) are important is nonsense until they take some responsibility themselves and deal with this affront to people’s privacy. We’re just hoping that someone sues the Department for doing nothing about this, then parents and everyone will finally be informed and staff might start to feel safe at work again.

The Problems that the school created

The Department of Education has backed itself into a corner with the introduction of Compass in recent years. Compass is a whole school administration package that is supposed to replace SAMS one day. Parents have access to their child’s attendance, the newsfeed, a student schedule and timetable and student reports. Students are expected to use Compass on their phone or computer to access their timetable, check for homework, download their assessment sheets and submit draft or final copies of assignments.

So if Darwin High School ever manages to figure out a way to tackle the rampant phone use, they now have to navigate an extra hurdle they created. Students’ access to Compass disappears if the phones do (outside of having a computer during school hours). Not everyone can afford a laptop to bring to school but most students at least have a phone. Let’s add to the mix that Darwin High School is planning to become a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school in the near future, formally permitting and encouraging students to bring their own electronic devices to school for class work and assignments. Management is continually compounding the issue and demonstrating they have no idea what they are doing now and moving forward. We’ll see if anything changes in the near future, our money is on no.

More head in the sand NT DoE behavior, more SHHHHHHH SAY NOTHING. SILENCE IS BEST.

All it’s going to take is for some kids to bring porn in on their own device and all Hell will break loose!

There is something to be said for the irony of the Darwin High School motto “Esse quam videri” (To be, rather than to seem) and the current state of the school. It serves as a reminder that the inverse is true (to seem rather than to be) as smoke and mirrors are everywhere. The management team that is supposed to be caring for its staff is now filled with snakes and cockroaches dedicated to concealing its corruption.

snakes and cockies

Part 2 will deep dive into the school survey data. Watch this space! 

CARD:fight back! Team xoxo

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Teaching in the Territory: says Eva Lawler & Hylton Hayes: it’s a ‘joke’ when we threaten you.



This is the NT Labor Party: Little Helpers Hylton Hayes’ Gun Violence ‘Jokes’ About Shooting his NT Department of Education Staff & Minister Eva Lawler’s ‘Jokes’ About Bashing Female Opposition Employees.

Shootings Are Real, They Are No Laughing Matter.


You’re A Bit Quiet There Now Natasha? (hint: more SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING this time)

When a perpetrator says sorry, it does not erase their actions,” Ms Fyles said at the time Mr Elferink said “he wanted to give her a slap”. “That was my workplace and I was bullied and I was threatened with a violent act. Yes our parliaments are robust and fiesty places but there is never an excuse to threaten violence.”

It seems the same set of standards do not apply if a Labor Member of parliament engages in similar actions. The same hypocrisy was shown by Labor in the Federal election when a key member of federal Labor Member Luke Gosling’s campaign team was responsible for an offensive meme linking his CLP opponent Kathy Ganley to the Ku Klux Klan. The perpetrator was lauded after Mr Gosling’s Federal election win. It’s time the Labor Government and its members live by the standards they demands of others.

Dont forget the Hylton Hayes & Eva Lawless “coffees for contracts” scandal reported by ABC News.  & Hylton sliming his way back into NT GOV somehow…..through his close friendship with Vicki Clueliss & Maree Garrigan (NT TRB, ex-Education bureacrap) maybe? – SEE PICS UNDERNEATH

Using her backdoor into his old rooting ground of Un-Education Department?

Enjoy some pics first. Later is coming the text…….

EL eat ur own words






HHow do you get a gun licence in the Territory






Education Department contract handed to friend of minister without undergoing tender process


Eva & Hylton coffees for contracts

Hello again Hylton, helping Eva:


There’s Hylton Hayes again, gunning for Gosling, friends with Michael Gunner, more special treatment for Labor crony mates:


Oh look, here’s Hylton again so close to that backdoor into Education:

vicki's backdoor aroma



Matt Cunningham,

we’ll answer your love of Eva soon:

Matt licking Eva's arse




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Teaching in the Territory: Boundless Bullying NT: we won’t give up until you commit suicide – thanx Craig Allen.




First to Useless Uibo….

Yingiya Mark Guyula is the BEST!!!



CFB thinks Yingiya Mark Guyula should be Education Minister, not Selena Uibo classroom teacher of nothing, hand holder of Jarvis Ryan, being paid for doing ZERO for Aboriginal language & culture.

Here he is asking questions about Eva Lawler’s best friend Hylton Hayes after Hayes was awarded a contract with no tenders for writing a report any first year out bush school teacher could write during their non-contact time:

Just to be clear:


He is a failed NT GOV bureaucrap who lost his job becoz he was rooting principal Lorraine Evans who worked under him in more ways than one (allegedly).


Read Yingiya’s questions & piss weak un-Education Dept answers here:


or the pdf is here: Aqst-428-Guyula-Hilton-Hayes-Consultancy


When NT kids are raped in her schools, whats the official statement from Selena Uibo? SHHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

When caught laughing & spending “assistant minister” tax payer money junkets to Canberra instead of making NT schools safe, whats the official response? SHHHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.


Thanx again Chris Walsh at ABC: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-03-30/taxpayer-funded-travel-for-territory-labor-backbenchers-revealed/10954716

When someone rightly calls u out on ur BOUNDLESS USELESS record as NT un-Education Minister, (Useless Uibo as NT Education Minister is almost as funny as Eva Lawler’s little lover boy Hylton ‘coffee for contracts’ Hayes Consultancy:


knowing anything about remote school attendance), whats the official response?



Crappy Uibo in the NT.

(Coincidentally an Aboriginal woman.)


Thankfully Craig Allen best friend of Government Clown Gary Barnes,


ex-boss of NT OCPE & responsible for the worst Public Service in Australia finally leaves NT.

Mr Allen, who has worked for the Territory Government for five years, has taken a job as deputy director-general of industrial relations in the Queensland public service.

He said his resignation was for “personal and family reasons”.

“I think the NT public service is a great public service. I think it’s time for a new person to come in and do that job,” he said.

This is Craig Allen’s NT Public Service, this is Craig Allen’s idea of how our Public Service should be:



“Welcome to the Northern Territory:

we won’t give up bullying you until you commit suicide”



Wilfully blind, incompetent NTPS vampire Craig Allen’s NT un-Education Department is no different.

Thanx Stephanie Zillman: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-25/nt-families-department-bullied-worker-before-suicide-coroner/10033402

Damning Coroner’s Report about NT Health Dept here: https://justice.nt.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/548075/D01782016-Paula-Schubert.pdf


No apology before you slipped away in the middle of the night Craig?

Of course not.

Ur not man enough for that.

Same old same old NT GOV response:


(but keep taking ur big fat NT GOV salaries while we’re all drowning in debt).


*Hat tip to Transparentnt.wordpress.com

Someone said Eva Lawless might be Chief Minister becoz she has a good mind.  Really?

Is that why the born & bred long time Territory education bureaucrap lost her life’s dream of being Minister for Education after less than 2 years?

ROTFL’CFBs’AO!!!!!!  bring back Adam Giles all is (nearly) forgiven.



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Teaching in the Territory: NT GOV knows paedophilia in NT schools is not new. SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

A Guest Opinion Post.

Look at this Dripstone High School briefing note from 1993:

Greg Knights

Sounds very similar to a situation involving a teacher ‘BD’ who was touching the thigh of a female student during a school excursion sleepover approximately 10 years after Mr Knights.

After a slap on the wrist ‘BD’ went on to keep touching and washing the legs of young girls in his class later in his NT teaching career. Protection of him in a criminal trial was financially assisted by the NT Education Union (and covered up by them)

What did NT Department of Un-Education learn from the Greg Knights paedophile situation? Nothing.

(‘BD’ was initially only given a letter telling him not to do it again) SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

What did NT Department of Un-Education do when they found out Leanyer Primary School principal Dr Anne Tonkin had installed a secret camera in a classroom which recorded all the children there? Nothing.

(after being found out Dr Anne Tonkin ran away very quickly to Victoria, Department of Un-Education covered it all up) SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

What did NT Department of Un-Education learn when dealing with paedophile teacher ‘BCD’? Nothing.

(after the shit hit the fan, principal, friend and supporter of ‘BCD’ Rob Presswell too ran away mid-school year Interstate very quickly) SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

What have NT Department of Un-Education learned with the latest school employee who raped little girls during school time? Nothing.

(read below after this post)


Cardfightback recommends everyone watch the new Michael Jackson doco called ‘Leaving Neverland’ to see a great example of child abuse and grooming hiding in plain sight.

MJ holding hands

Paedophiles, teachers, and the NT GOV Shuffle

For NT GOV, the Department of Un-Education paedophilia problem is nothing more than a plot to smear the good friends of those in power in the Northern Territory.

With their silence, NT GOV treats stories about pedophile teachers and education workers with dismissive aplomb, as little more than defamation directed against the NT GOV. That stance remains strong to this day.

More and more sexual abuse of children in NT schools is slowly surfacing. Even when teachers are put on trial and found guilty the public must reluctantly acknowledge that NT GOV is not prepared to really deal with such transgressions. The paedophile teacher defence clubs spring into action pretty quickly, right Ruth Billeter?

Paedophile protectors such as Ruth Billeter are just as dangerous and should not be allowed to work in schools either. There will be many more like her: enablers of paedophile friends, always looking the other way, assisting in attacking those who raise awareness, gaslighting the brave people who speak up, helping their friends continue the abuse of children unencumbered by any adverse attention.

While NT paedophiles still enjoy a relatively safe haven in NT schools things are starting to break open. Today we unearth revelations going back decades. When will NT GOV and the Un-Education Department hierarchy take some responsibility for the shocking history of paedophilia in their schools?

We will revisit the 1993/94 paedophile scandal that rocked Dripstone High School thanks to the words of revered ex-principal Vicki Stokes published in a 2014 book (page 7 & 8) and available online at:


Ironic that Ken Dav-L-ies wrote the foreword but his NT Department of Un-Education while he was in charge still did not protect children in his care.

Not ironic that Michael Gunner moved him to Territory Families to continue his pattern of incompetence there, resulting in more child abuse. Same as the Catholic Church. Same as the NT GOV.
Protecting the Predators

As everyone now knows, for decades school superiors repeatedly chose to ignore complaints about dodgy teachers or principals (Max Agnew and Jeff Parker spring to mind immediately). In many instances, accused employees were quietly ignored while the people who complained about them were targeted instead. Sometimes they were bundled off to other schools where they could prey anew upon unsuspecting employees and sometimes students. This practice of denial and concealment has been so consistently pursued as to leave the impression of being a deliberate policy set by NT GOV lawyers and bureaucraps.

And indeed it has been. Unofficial instructions coming directly from the upper echelons of NT GOV have required every principal and regional director to keep matters secret as long as they can so that NT GOV lawyers can come in and assess the liability of NT GOV before making the matter public, if indeed they ever do. These instructions were themselves kept secret; the cover-up was itself covered up.

Meanwhile, the brave teachers and families who raised the complaints were treated like lepers. They were bounced around from body to body being ignored at every turn. When they refused to keep quiet they were threatened, sometimes by the NT Police themselves, sometimes by angry supporters on Facebook (which NT Police also ignored) and sometimes by powerful people in the schools where the teachers worked, such as principals who were friends of the child abusers.

Department of Un-Education spokesmen and women employ a vocabulary of ignorance and distraction. They treat the child rapist as a ghostlike figure while repeating the tired and emotionless mantra of “we take the safety of students to be our highest priority” or some other equally empty platitude.

While this approach might bring comfort to some families, it proves to be of little therapeutic efficacy when dealing with the darker appetites of paedophiles. A far more effective deterrent is the danger of getting caught and sent to prison. Absent any threat of punishment, the paedophile is restrained only by the limits of his own appetite and the availability of opportunities in NT schools, which are many.

A Law Unto Itself

NT Department of Un-Education leaders seem to conveniently forget that paedophilia is a criminal offence most times. Better to shoot the messenger instead of having to try and deal with the fallout should their friend be arrested for sexual abuse under their watch, right Runaway Principal Rob Presswell?

Unfortunately this dangerous disease of the mind is not confined to the NT. This principal was the one in charge of paedophile teacher Greg Knights in QUEENSLAND before he came to the NT to continue his child abuse in schools here.

Principal says child abuse not criminal

Schools repeatedly have made themselves accessories to the crime, playing an active role in obstructing justice, as if raping little children were just a weird hobby.

NT GOV lawyers tell employees not to talk. They offer hardly any proper assistance to young victims and their shaken families. We’ve been told they do the bare minimum to investigate to see if other children have been victimized by the same teachers or workers in schools. This is a pattern repeated over and over again. Directed from the top by NT GOV lawyers.

Just a Few Bad Apples?

Years ago the NT GOV hierarchy would insist that paedophilia in NT schools involved only a few bad apples and was being blown completely out of proportion. In private, Department of Un-Education employees regularly and scornfully denounce the media for “sensationalizing” the issue. The guilty and their accessories often direct more fire at news outlets for publicizing the crimes than at their own teachers for committing them.

See Nathan Barrett’s attack on the NT News for a perfect example of such comical behaviour. Cardfightback is also routinely attacked by NT GOV in this way for exposing the truth.

Have NT GOV lawyers or Department of Un-Education executives ever met with victims to voice any apologies or regrets regarding sex crimes against their children and the cover-ups which kept it secret for years? Any public comments to reassure families and voters?

Not that we know of, quite the opposite in fact. MORE SILENCE. SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

Is this a new phenomenon in NT Schools?
Of course not and NT GOV have known about it for many years. Enter Vicki Stokes and the Dripstone paedophilia scandal of 1993/94. Here is just a taste:

During my leadership at Dripstone I had to address issues involving paedophilia. As the result of some harsh experiences, I would advocate that any aspiring Principal take the time to read about the manipulative power of paedophiles in order to protect children from monsters who may target schools; regardless of the colour of the cards staff need to carry.”


The Department and NT GOV seems determined to learn nothing from its transgressions, preoccupied as it is with avoiding legal action, bad publicity and victim blaming.

Really Not All that Serious

There are two ways we can think of child rape as being not a serious problem, and the NT GOV hierarchy seems to have embraced both these positions. First, paedophilia is not that serious if it involves only a few isolated and passing incidents. Second, an even more creepy way of downplaying the problem: child molestation is not all that damaging or that important. At worst, it is regrettable and unfortunate; it might greatly upset the child, but it certainly is not significant enough to cause unnecessary scandal and ruin the career of an otherwise great principal or regional director who claimed not to know at the time.

It is remarkable how thoroughly indifferent the NT GOV bigwigs have been toward the abused children and their families.

They claim it their duty to protect “every child” but offer little to no meaningful protection to the children in NT schools. It’s been this way for years and years as Vicki Stokes’s comments show us.

The damage done to sexual victims continues to go deliberately unnoticed by NT GOV bureaucraps: the ensuing years of depression, drug addiction, alcoholism, panic attacks, sexual dysfunction, and even mental breakdown and suicide-all these terrible aftereffects of child rape seem to leave principals, NT GOV lawyers and Education Ministers more or less unruffled, especially when SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING is the official response.

Circling the Wagons
NT GOV should cooperate fully in the first instance as soon as a complaint is made, with law enforcement authorities and stop obstructing justice by their SILENCE; it should ferret out abusive education workers and not wait until cases are publicized by others; and it should make available the NT GOV’s secret reports on suspected paedophile teachers in NT schools.

If we look back at what happened at Dripstone after Greg Knights was found guilty, we see a familiar pattern for NT GOV and the NT Department of Un-Education (usually Roger Newman does this job perfectly for them): investigate ourselves, find nothing wrong, it’s not out fault, unsubstantiated.


We guess there’s an exact same report for Driver Primary School kicking around somewhere.

The NT Teacher Registration Board which is just another arm of the Department of Un-Education must do more too. More secrecy is not helping anyone Maree Garrigan. But Maree is just there to help deflect any blame from her Un-Education friends, we all know that. Well nearly all of us, Jarvis Ryan is still playing catch up with that kind of stuff.

We must personally and collectively declare that we very much doubt the veracity of the Education Minister and her friends in the Department of Un-Education. It is beginning to become evident that for decades, if not longer, NT GOV leadership covered up the abuse of children and minors to protect its institutional image and the image of its Un-Education Department.

We here at Cardfightback have severe doubt about claims of innocent ignorance. If by any slimmest of chances Vicki Baylis or Eva Lawler or Ken Dav-L-ies or whoever was in charge at the time and all their underlings didn’t know–they all should resign on the basis of sheer and complete ignorance, incompetence, and irresponsibility.

Children are not safe in NT schools as this recent child rape case has once again shown us, it’s time we really did something about that.

Maybe we need a vocal parents organization to take the fight directly to the ballot box? We could do much better than our current crop of incompetent politicians. Let’s get active! Move off Facebook and into the real life world of protecting our children.

The Eva Lawlers, Vicki Baylis-es, Selena Uibos and Ken Dav-L-ies are not able or willing to do it for us and should lose their jobs. At the very least have some integrity and resign.


CFB Team

Refusing to keep quiet.

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Teaching in the Territory: Want ur kids raped & sexually assaulted? Enrol them in NT schools. SHHHHHH SAY NOTHING.

Edit 1: look at Natasha Fyles BULLSHITTING US in February 2018: Northern Territory Attorney-General Natasha Fyles has made it clear that “restoring trust in government” is a key goal for the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption.

She said this & other BULLSHIT knowing about latest kiddie rapes in schools.  Follow her advice: REPORT THEM ALL TO ICAC BECOZ NT GOV LAWYERS WONT HELP US.


NT GOV safety rape lies

As the toll of the Northern Territory’s  brutality in schools keeps climbing, truth telling is long overdue……help us spread the message. 

Report NT GOV employees to ICAC, including names of any NT Police u told but did nothing.  Shine the light of truth on deliberately-kept-dark recesses of NT Department of Un-Education & their protectors, enablers, cronies & friends such as Hylton Hayes.


The silent arrogance of NT Department of Un-Education has been laid bare once more.


There is an unpleasant parallel between the language used by President Donald Trump to feign empathy at gun violence & the weasel words used by the Catholic Church when confronted with ongoing evidence of high level & systemic child abuse.

Taking the lead from the Pope,


Northern Territory Department of Un-Education when confronted with yet more evidence of kid rape & sexual assaults in their schools, the response is as usual:




It is a struggle to find a more devastating & disgusting response than NT Government SILENCE.

Kids are being raped in our schools yet u say NOTHING again.


Solicitors for NT & Attorney General’s Department give legal advice to this EMBARRASSMENT of an Un-Education Department.

The legal advice is:


Who are the lawyers keeping NT bureaucraps quiet?

Who is advising NT Department of Un-Education to hide away & ignore families again?


Natasha Fyles:


Meredith Day & Craig Smyth:




Where is the public outrage from “classroom teacher straight to Education Minister” Selena Uibo?

She already been told: SHHHHH SAY NOTHING.


Why arent kids in NT schools protected from pedo teachers like BD & BCD?


Partly becoz dangerous pedo-denial fan clubs like Ruth Billeter tell everyone it doNT happen here:


Why arent kids in NT schools protected from kid rapists like this latest one?


Ur all in charge when this happened: Vicki Baylis, Eva Lawler, Ken Dav-L-ies, Marion Guppy, Jarvis Ryan, Stephen Pelizzo etc: u are insincere frauds who has no intention of embracing change & keeping kids safe in NT schools.

Child abuse in NT Schools is a human-made problem. It is a problem we are capable of tackling, if not erasing.









In light of the revelations of the guilty verdict against Cardinal George Pell, the peak Catholic cleric, Archbishop Mark Coleridge, President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, issued the following short statement:

“The news of Cardinal George Pell’s conviction on historical child sexual abuse charges has shocked many across Australia & around the world, including the Catholic Bishops of Australia.

(but not anyone who know what Catholic Church is really like for years & years).

“In the meantime, we pray for all those who have been abused & their loved ones, & we commit ourselves anew to doing everything possible to ensure that the Church is a safe place for all, especially the young & the vulnerable.”

At least Archbishop Coleridge did better than Tony Abbott, who in his dreadful interview on 2GB on Wednesday said the Pell case was “a grim time”.

Even with some helpful coaching from interviewer Ben Fordham, the former PM identified this as a grim time for George Pell, his friends, & for people of the Catholic faith, fully excising the victims from the equation.

The one minor saving grace to the Archbishop’s vacuous statement is the suggestion in the last paragraph that things have changed. But that begs a fundamental & unanswered question — how have things changed?




What is the UN-EDUCATION DEPARTMENT doing, exactly, to make itself a safe place for the young & vulnerable kids?


Say what u like about the banks, who like the churches have just endured their own withering ordeal by royal commission. But there have been signs from the banks during the past couple of months, with some high-profile dismissals & the embracing of some key commission recommendations, that they have finally if belatedly come to understand the public anger at their conduct.

The same cannot be said of the NT DEPARTMENT OF UN-EDUCATION OR Catholic Church.

The entire focus of the Catholic Church has seemed a highly legalistic wagon-circling exercise aimed at repudiating damaging testimony. Indeed it’s an approach that was perfected by none other than George Pell, with the so-called “Melbourne response” to abuse allegations.










FUCK U KIDS. (literally in NT schools!)


Thanx Natasha, Meredith & Craig.

Child Protection whistleblower was threatened by NT GOV in 2010 for speaking out to protect kids:

Was Meredith Day & Craig Smyth supporting NT GOV to threaten that lady?

What changes have they made?




Here is the story of what happened, thanx NTNews:


Parents’ ‘worst nightmare’ unfolds as school worker molests students


February 14, 2019

A NORTHERN suburbs after school care worker who sexually abused four young children in his care in a parents’ “worst nightmare” scenario has been jailed for 16 years.

The Supreme Court heard the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, molested the girls during the course of a year in 2012-13 but was not investigated by police until January 2017.

The 31-year-old pleaded guilty to luring two of the girls, aged between six and seven at the time, into a shed, where he carried out the abuse.

He also pleaded guilty to two charges of touching the other two girls, aged between eight and nine, inappropriately in a classroom.

In convicting the man on three counts of sexual intercourse without consent and two counts of indecent dealing, Justice Anthony Graham was scathing of the “failure” of school authorities and police to act on “warning signals” as early as November 2013.

“The matter was raised with the child’s mother and a report was made to child protection services but there was no complaint so the matter was not referred to police and stopped there,” he said.

“Subsequently and even more troubling, in November 2014, Victim 4 disclosed to her teacher that she had been touched in a private area by the offender, a report was made to police but the matter did not proceed further, more should have been done at that time.”

Then in April 2016, another of the girls told her parents about the abuse: “However, due to the age of the child at the time of the offending a decision was made not to proceed with the complaint — again, more should have been done,” Justice Graham said.

“Teachers, trained police officers, should be alert and vigilant to early danger signals and act on them.”

In setting a non-parole period of 11 years and 73 days, Justice Graham said after the “horrific” offending, one of the victims had attempted suicide and now “likes to keep a knife under her bed”.

He said another of the girls remained angry and afraid it could all happen again.

“Her anger also relates to the failure of staff to protect her, she says that she asks herself ‘Why did it happen to her? Why wasn’t she protected by staff?’,” he said.

“In this case, as is often the case, offenders seek to silence children by telling them not speak out and one can only imagine the emotional trauma these children suffered, going to school each day, seeing their abuser, knowing what he did to them and not being able to talk about it.

“Effectively he shattered their innocence and now he has to pay the price.”


Police, departments silent on rape of young girls in Darwin’s north


February 25, 2019

POLICE, the Education Department and Territory Families have all gone to ground following revelations two young children were raped by a staff member at a northern suburbs primary school.

The abuse occurred in 2012-13 but was not investigated by police until 2017, a “failure” called out by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Graham in sentencing the man this month.

Justice Graham said a report was made to child protection services in 2013 and further reports made to police in 2014 and 2016 but nothing was done to protect the girls.

An Education Department spokeswoman said while she was “unable” to comment on the case, all staff were required to undertake mandatory reporting training.

“As part of this training, all staff are provided with the Traffic Lights Guide to Sexual Behaviours in Children and Young People that assists adults to identify and respond to sexualised behaviour in children to support them from harm and abuse,” she said.

“The department takes all incidents extremely seriously and does not tolerate inappropriate behaviour.”

A spokeswoman for Territory Families said she too was “unable” to comment on the case for privacy reasons but said all reports and allegations of child abuse were “thoroughly assessed”.

“Territory Families is enhancing the capabilities of the Central Intake Service to make sure that all reports about children receive a timely and appropriate response,” she said.

She said a new “professional reporting tool” was released early this year as well as a new triage system to improve response times.

A police spokesman would not comment at all, citing an ongoing appeal period.

National Association for Prevention of Child abuse and Neglect deputy chief executive, Leesa Waters, said everyone in the community had a responsibility to look out for children.

“Organisations need to take this very seriously,” she said.

“We need to make sure that we are recruiting the right staff, we need to make sure that our staff understand how to prevent child abuse, and we need to listen to children and — most importantly — act on the information.”

NT GOV safety rape lies


And dont get us started on the Ochre Card catastrophy:



Thanx Jarvis, really sticking it to ’em! NOT.

CFB Team

Telling it like it is.

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Teaching in the Territory: Keep Blowing The Whistle & ‘Name & Shame’ because our kids deserve to be safe!

Happy New Year to our Northern Territory readers & many thousands readers all over Australia too!

Today we talk about whistle-blowers again.

First thanx for all the visits! 

You can see how important this web site is for heaps of people all over Australia.

CFB Stats Years

For last 6 7 years:

2012: unique visitors 69, page views 1993

2013: unique visitors 2800, page views 10396

2014: unique visitors 4116, page views 13907

2015: unique visitors 6910, page views 23896

2016: unique visitors 8762, page views 23899

2017: unique visitors 7714, page views 19248

2018: unique visitors 8014, page views 19663

Vital to NT GOV & its assorted supporters in the NT & around the country is to depict whistle-blowers as destined to live miserable lives. Thats the key to their attempt to deter unwanted disclosure: the message that doing so will result in the full-scale destruction of your life.

Cardfightback says BULLSHIT to that!

Reality is only some of this has ever applied to people who speak up. Many famous whistle-blowers around the world speak at conferences & write articles for the media, & others are interviewed with their message of doing the right thing spreading online to millions. They have become an important voice in the global debate over right & wrong.

Think about Edward Snowden: he not only changed how the world thinks about a number of profoundly important political issues by defying its most powerful government, but then was able to build a happy, healthy & fulfilling life for himself. & if he can do that, so can other whistle-blowers, which is precisely why so much effort has been devoted to depicting him in all sorts of false lights & fake news about him.

Edward Snowden speak up

For 2019 Cardfightback wants to support & promote whistle-blowers & their important social function of whistle-blowing.

We already showed you recent disclosure about NT GOV/DoE stacking of jobs over Christmas – to get their mates in when no one is looking > https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/2018/12/03/teaching-in-the-territory-boundless-corruption-report-nt-gov-employees-management-to-icac/ – & now a fantastic Guardian article about recent whistle-blowers around the world


i had a moral duty

Here are their quotes:

I had a moral duty’: whistleblowers on why they spoke up

I considered it my duty as a public servant to report it’

Democracy demands information’

We don’t live in a transparent society’

It’s about following your conscience’

The peace of mind is priceless’

If judges can’t speak out, who can?’

I knew I was sacrificing my career’

I had a moral duty to bring light on every individual’

Companies offer people incentives to keep their mouths shut’

The law needs to be more user-friendly’

Politicians want healthcare staff to keep quiet’

If I looked away I would become part of it’

I have no regrets about the action I took’

READ whole article here > https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/oct/09/i-had-a-moral-duty-whistleblowers-on-why-they-spoke-up

CFB’s favorite quote from Guardian Whistle-blower article below:

I considered it my duty as a public servant to report it”

Imagine how better NT Public Service would be if everybody did this!

The trick is to report things to as many EXTERNAL BODIES as possible, not NT DoE or GOV controlled ones. When they try to stop you or try make you go away….. keep complaining.

ICAC > https://icac.nt.gov.au/make-a-report

Go to: journos (see our page at top or here > https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/contact-journalists/ ), opposition pollies, make your own blogs (see our page at top), do comments everywhere, reply to NT GOV consultations, go to their meetings & get in their face, make Facebook pages, put stickers everywhere, report serious stuff to Police, get Police officers name & follow up, report to ICAC, complain & complain.

Be the same as my 4 yr-old because I give up after she wont stop!

Start a YouTube channel like Hannah Curran did & then complain again. Demand your voice is heard….Dont give up & take them to Court if you have to. Submit Freedom of Information requests here > https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/freedom-of-information-foi/ then take your documents to a lawyer (CFB recommends Ron Hope every time – links down right side of our blog or here> http://northernlegalservices.wordpress.com/ ). Just do more & more & more.

Remember this: Craig Allen’s job @ OCPE (& NT DoE’s job) is to discourage you from complaining. So he does less work while filling up his Super & bank account.

The OCPE on purpose makes the appeal process frustrating, time consuming & 99% supports NT GOV employers.

He’s fucking with your mind.

He do this to make sure you give up in your head before you start.

Its a deliberate strategy to stop you hold them well paid lazy bastards accountable.

If you think “But nothing will ever happen if I complain, theres no point” this means THEY WON ALREADY & YOU LOST before you start.

This is EXACTLY what they want – dont give it to them without a fight.

The AEUNT dont want you fight back either, they just want lazy & easy life: “Dont rock the boat”, “nothing will change so dont try”, “its too hard”, “we have to work with these people so we cant challenge them”, “but our friends Eva Lawless & Vicki Clueless & Selena ‘Gunner’s Puppet’ Uibo will be upset” etc etc.

Bloody bullshit all of it.

The Joker strikes again

Cardfightback Team thanx for all your support & emails.

We look forward to supporting your fights against NT un-Education Department bullying, incompetence, cover ups, gaslighting, lies, protection of pedo teachers, intimidation, harassment, secret surveillance cameras, nepotism, assaults by principals on Indigenous kids & teachers, & zero transparency throughout the NT GOV as a whole.

We remind readers of a great comment on this post:


Brendan says:

2018/10/27 at 10:02 pm

Powerful factions, as part of their intimidation tactics, deliberately try to breed a sense of collective and personal impotence: you’re too small and powerless, and they’re too fortified and entrenched, for you to meaningfully challenge them. But human beings, all of us, have the power to move the world even a little tiny bit at a time. And the more that happens, the more the world moves in the direction it’s pushed.

We’re trained to think only grandiose, revolutionary overhauls have meaning. But tiny, isolated actions also matter – convincing a single person to change how they think or behave, helping or saving a single life, being an anonymous, unrecognized part of any campaign or movement. It matters on its own because of its inherent worth, and because of its cumulative effect. But so often your actions can reverberate in ways you would never expect. Impotence and hopelessness are a tactic, a lie told by those who wield power, to foster resignation, passivity, and acceptance.


See you again in 2019!!!!!  xo




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Teaching in the Territory: Boundless Corruption. Report NT GOV employees & management to ICAC.

Edit 2: More Jobs For Mates: Boundless Gunner Bullshit

As Michael Gunner sacks Ken Vowles for telling voters de truth (Labor Party is same as CLP = huge debts & more payback):

KV sacked Twitter