Teaching in the Territory: NT teacher Nathan Barrett becomes CLP ‘Wanker Politician’.

BREAKING: News just coming in of a ratings BLOG WAR!


Tickets now selling as CLP ‘wanker’ Nathan Barrett https://nathansfacebookwank.wordpress.com

goes (dick)head to (dick)head with CLP crony Phil Brennan https://philsfacebookflop.wordpress.com

Is sending unsolicited masturbation videos to female constituents a kind of sexual assault? We hope NT Police are asking this same question. Is promising someone you’re fucking behind your wife’s back a job once you become Treasurer, corruption? We hope the Office for Public Interest Disclosures is asking this same question.


facebook-tipsNot because we’re on it but because of who else is on it. 🙂


A Facebook account is a sort of quick and dirty indicator of so-called normal social behaviour these days but as everyone knows Facebook usage can be dangerous for some people under some circumstances.

Here in Darwin we have 3 NT GOV gold medal examples of this: Nathan Barrett, Phil Brennan and Robert Clerke.

These 3 NT Public Servants show us how much Facebook is associated with a culture of shallow information processing coupled with a lack of ‘stop and think’ skills that might facilitate uncritical acceptance of problematic social attitudes, such as white-privilege-based racism, unsolicited masturbation videos (what a wanker you are Barrett) and going after whistleblowers your NT Education Dept boss doesn’t like (what a wanker you are Brennan).

They also show what a bunch of dickhead losers NT GOV is willing to put up with and employ.

Social media provides people with an outlet to express their opinions on any subject they like. As a result, racist memes and rants on Facebook are not uncommon – see NT Educ Dept employee Robert Clerke. Victim blaming racist arguments often go unchallenged. As a result dumb fuckheads like Clerke think it’s OK to spew their Aboriginal-victim-blaming nonsense all over the internet. Of course, after we broke the story, Robert went back and deleted all his offensive posts like the true coward he is.

Let’s revisit those enlightened pearls of wisdom from Cultural Anthropology Professor Dr Robert de Clerke:


Facebook usage also degrades the quality of a person’s information processing capacities and because individuals who are prone to shallow information processing have a high preference for using this medium we create more cowardly NT GOV employees – see ex-General Manager of Human Resources for NT Education Dept Phil Brennan, aka NTNews’s “Malicious Bureaucrat” who set out to destroy whistleblower and classroom teacher Stephen Ferguson who he had never even met personally. He did it to keep his bosses in NT Education Dept happy.



After being found out Mr Brennan was given time to take all his paid leave to find another job – no public sacking for him, like NT Educ Dept did to some other poor employee previously – then walked down Mitchell St and into NT Health Dept, parked his pathetic arse down there and continued getting the big bucks.

This all raises the possibility that Facebook might be a particularly apt medium for spreading poor quality information generally…or videos of yourself wanking – see “married father of three”, “deeply committed to his local church crotch”, CLP candidate Nathan Barrett.

anigif_enhanced-27150-1391077749-4Wankers, all of ’em.

See more reports of Nathan’s wank-fest here: https://nathansfacebookwank.wordpress.com


So what do other countries do with their public servant Facebook Flops?

The USA fires theirs:

For spewing the same crap as Professor de Clerke, this Texas teacher was fired for her sickening victim-blaming racism:


Bank of America next:


More victim-blaming just like Robert Clerke did, they lose their jobs, he keeps his.

robert clerke

If you happen not to work for NT GOV, just ask Chris Nelson what happens to you:

NovaNelson guilty FB

More double standards for CLP NT GOV cronies.

NT GOV is the lowest of the low. They should be treating their FB fuckwits the same as USA does.

If we citizens and educators stay silent then this is the kind of worker and politician we get and deserve.

Vomit out more anti-Aboriginal racist bile and get charged with using a carriage service to harass someone. Do it while working for NT Educ Dept, keep your job that us tax payers fund. And if you lose one job don’t worry we’ll just give you another in Health Dept. We don’t give a fuck who we employ or what they do to bring the NT Public Service further into disrepute.

This is the type of government we have come to put up with here in NT but we don’t have to, we have a choice.  If UK can vote for Brexit then us Territorians can and should vote for a CLP-Exit.

Thankyou CLP, thankyou Peter Chandler, thankyou CatherKen Dav-L-ies, thankyou mini-me Weber and all the other wankers who you allow to work for you.

Really looking forward to voting you mob out at the 2016 August election.  Let’s clean up our own back yard NT!

CFB Team.

PS: Want to know how to completely discredit your award-giving organization?  Get Hayes’ old boss Marion Guppy to give an outstanding leadership award to Hylton HayesFUNNIEST THING WE’VE READ IN YEARS, thanks for that John Laing Awards.  More hilarious NT Educ Dept stuff.🙂🙂🙂


PS2: Lots of Southerners checking us out.  *waves


PS3:  Nathan’s God shined on him and delivered some warm comments of support on his own Facebook page.  It would be rude not to share:


B1B2Saving the best till last:


Misty: things turned out this way because Nathan Barrett made certain choices and decisions…and then hit ‘Send’.  The only “unfortunate” thing for him while he was lying and cheating on his wife and family was that he got caught.

Danielle: People who judge him include those who don’t cheat and lie.  Stuff them?!  Really?!!  You’re more of a moron for saying that than Barrett is for doing it.  Laughing at small business owners going out of business using a fake FB profile?!  Get fucked.



Vicky: It was your and Nathan’s God that oversaw Nathan’s wank videos (and his lying and cheating), the same God who is going to ‘fix things in time’.  Thankyou for proving: you don’t have to be smart to be religious.

Did we say WE LOVE FACEBOOK? 😉



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Teaching in the Territory: NT Education Department’s psychopaths & sociopaths-the banality of evil.


Psychopathic and sociopathic traits are not reserved for prisons or psychiatric hospitals – they are alive and flourishing in NT Department of Education.

Has NT Department of Education ever lacked empathy in certain situations or for certain people? What about when their managers lie, cheat or break the rules for the fun of it? Almost all of us NT educators can identify with at least some element of psychopathy and sociopathy coming from NT Department of Education bureaucraps.

In NT Department of Education world, manipulating and cheating others while promoting yourself is the No.1 strategy to reach the top. By doing nothing to stop it Ken Dav-L-ies and mini-me Weber endorse psychopathy and sociopathy in their organisation.

Peter Chandler, by keeping Dav-L-ies and Weber in their high paying NT Department of Education jobs, also endorses and supports this kind of behaviour.  Has he instructed his NT Department of Education to treat us educators with kindness and professional respect?  We haven’t seen a change yet if he has.

SociopathicIn its full-blown form, psychopathy is a highly destructive personality disorder. It combines antisocial and sensation-seeking behaviour with cold-hearted social and emotional traits, such as a lack of empathy or guilt and a willingness to manipulate others. It is this cold emotional persona combined with no consequences for their actions that makes individuals in NT Department of Education with psychopathy and sociopathy traits so dangerous.  Just look at how many broken people Hylton Hayes left on his way out the door for example.

The things that commonly stop people from committing crimes – victim empathy, guilt, fear of punishment – do not serve as “brakes” in this group. Individuals with psychopathy and sociopathy are entirely unconcerned by the effect their behaviour has on others. They present a charming front whilst manipulating and abusing others to get what they want, and then readily drop anyone who is no longer useful to them. We’ve seen these kinds of people many times here in NT education.

When we read about individuals with very high levels of psychopathic traits, we are frightened and fascinated by their behaviour: who are these creatures, so inhumane, so different from us – and what allows them to treat others the way they do?

lecterWhat allows them is the crappy Leadershit of NT Department of Education combined with our inaction.

Here’s a scary statistic: The vast majority of us NT educators have endured at least some element of psychopathy and sociopathy coming from NT Department of Education management.

But here’s the scariest thing of all: The vast majority of us NT educators also do nothing about it.  We suffer in silence while principals like Max Aggro and Jeff Parker run riot (with or without his cattle prod).

We naively put our faith in the system – NT Department of Education and the AEU NT – to help us…..but NT Department of Education doesn’t care and the AEU is more interested in cosying up to Ken Dav-L-ies than it is to helping us fight him and his cronies when we really need them.

Unless of course you are the husband of the Treasurer, then you get all the help you need, no questions asked.  More on this later….

friends club

We know that some people are born with a predisposition towards developing psychopathic and sociopathic traits. That’s not the full story though. Environmental factors are also important – things like how much violence there was in your community as a child, or the kind of parenting and friends that you had.

Or if your workplace encourages and rewards such behaviour like NT Department of Education does.  And without any consequences for doing so – and no, moving principals around to other schools like the Catholic Church does to paedophile priests is NOT A CONSEQUENCE – this kind of destructive behaviour continues.

DoE same as Vatican paedophile priests blind eye

At present, however, there remains a great many people in NT Department of Education who exhibit very high levels of psychopathic and sociopathic traits and who wreak havoc on those around them. With our help those victims will finally have a voice, we have approached some people to ask for their help and we will announce more on this soon.

But it is critical to remember that these bullying individuals are not being stopped – instead, they are being supported to do this to the rest of us.

Psychopathy and sociopathy is the predictable and awful endpoint of a line which we can trace right up to the top of NT Department of Education.

Ken Dav-L-ies and mini-me Weber continually look the other way while we suffer.  They support and reward (with keeping their job, huge salary and other benefits) toxic, control freak bullies like Max Aggro, Jeff Parker, Hylton Hayes (when he was at work, now he is on Workers Compensation!) and Lorraine Evans.

We say it again: It is up to us to stop them and refuse to accept this kind of Bullshit anymore.

Legal cases are a powerful weapon (they don’t care about the payout, it’s the bad publicity that really scares them), so is the Fair Work Commission for Stop Bullying Orders: https://www.fwc.gov.au/resolving-issues-disputes-and-dismissals/workplace-issues-disputes/anti-bullying

FWC Stop Bullying

Remember too that public shaming is one of the most effective tools in your Teacher Toolbox. We fully support that!

This is a good article explaining some recent cases in POMMIEland where public shaming changed bad business practices:

“Strong unions are clearly part of the answer” – but we don’t have that here in the Northern Territory unfortunately…..unless you know who controls the membership fee money then you can get thousands of our $$$.  A ripper of a post on this coming soon.

A committed group of politicians is missing too.

Peter & Ken off to book another Singapore spa together.

Peter & Ken off to book another Singapore spa together.

“So all that’s left is shame. Public shaming.  That’s the power of forcing people simply to explain themselves in public, to look the rest of us in the eye and defend what they have done.”

Couldn’t agree more.
CFB TeamKeep up the fight!


PS: keep stopping by, the more outside people who see what’s going on in NT Dept of Education the better.

NSW Police CFB

Media CFB

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Teaching in the Territory: Giving Victims a Voice, a documentary is coming.

Giving Victims a Voice – we hope that those who suffered as a result of the Northern Territory Department of Education’s actions can take some comfort that their personal accounts are now going to be recorded and published on the Internet for ever. We also hope that the stories and information will be useful to outside organisations as they continue to take steps to ensure that similar bullying and offending to that being recorded and documented for this site is not currently happening and won’t go unnoticed or unchallenged in the future. All States and Territories take note: we will not be ignored and your government officers will be held to account.

Watch this space…..

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Teaching in the Territory: STUNNING-As NT Police taser a child at school, NT Educ Dept shocks the rest of us.

Edit 1: Hello Laurie Andrew & a verrrrry interested VIC Dept of Educ. 🙂


While trigger-happy NT Police were busy pumping a child full of electricity another faceless Education Dept ‘spokesman’ showed us all where their real focus LIES.

taser4Click to read about it here

Never mind the kid, the NT Education ‘spokesman’ was more interested in trying to LIE about how great NT Education is:

“It is unfortunate that a disturbance occurred at the school as Casuarina Senior College is leading the way, delivering high quality teaching and learning programs and achieving fantastic results.”

This stinks of the same SHOCKING bullSHIT Tony Considine tried to STUN us with below.

And the whole Cardfightback Team cried tears of laughter after we were sent this photo.
Yep, Casuarina Senior College teachers leading the way, delivering high quality teaching, achieving fantastic spelling results (check photo below – pump that fist Sergeant Spelling!) for our lame-ass POLITIANS”.

Inept Casuarina Senior College Teachers Can’t Even Spell!

inept teachersWhat a joke.  NT Dept of unEducation strikes again.

Listening to paedophile priest protector George Pell yesterday reminds us of listening to Educ Dept Executives protect their teacher-abusing principals.

The Catholic Hierarchy leads the way in negligent, wilful blindness  (just look at how many MILLIONS of $$$$$ they’ve had to reluctantly pay victims) – NT DoE follow their example to the letter.  Get them into court and they’ll have to pay too.

The NT Educ Dept Executives are paid millions in total and are having a party while abuse continues in their schools unchecked.  Why?  Because they don’t care about you or your kids – just about themselves.  The ABC comment above says it all!

party time

Cardinal Pell testified he knew in 1974 that Brother Ted Dowlan was alleged to have sexually abused children but he did not tell the bishop or police – same as the Educ Dept when they found out about the teacher who was recently found guilty of indecent sexual behaviour towards NT students in his care – more on this soon….

When asked if he felt any responsibility to inform the bishop about the allegations of abuse, Pell responded: “No, I didn’t”.  Compare this with:

Tasmania’s Education Department’s Laurie Andrew has defended a decision not to inform parents about allegations that a school volunteer tried to procure a child for sex.

=NO DIFFERENCE.  If like us you condemn George Pell then you must equally condemn Laurie Andrew and every other Education bureacrap who hides serious allegations from us parents & educators.

As we continually say, it’s an Institutional problem, the structure has to change from the top and CatherKen Dav-L-ies has made it very clear he does not have the ability, the power or the interest to change the way his managers bully and harass staff so we need to speak to the boss.

But the NT ‘boss’ is Peter Chandler, who holidays with Ken Dav-L-ies and licks his arse clean whenever he gets into trouble so unless we become more aggressive in questioning Chandler, can we expect much to change?

VOMIT: “As Minister for Education I have 100 per cent faith in Ken Davies to continue on the good work he is doing in Territory Education.” – maybe he was smoking some of Brandon’s meth when he said that?!


lickOr just vote him out in the upcoming elections.  Easy.

Jeff Parker’s STUNNING admission: yes I RESTRAINED a small child by taping her to a desk because she was “naughty and wanted to go to the bathroom too often”, reported in the NTNews and in many other news outlets, click to read one here.

NTNews cattle prod headline


More on Mr Parker in our next post….

While you wait, here are 2 interesting articles about bullying principals and the damage they can do:

blase&blase 01


Enjoy, stay informed and keep fighting back!
CFB Team.

Don’t forget: If you see educators sexually assaulting kids or restraining them against their will with tape or chasing them off school property like a feral animal with a cattle prodderWE MUST TELL THE POLICE & MEDIA BECAUSE NT DOE WILL TRY TO COVER IT ALL UP TO SAVE THEMSELVES.

Even when NT Educ Dept said that Mr Parker is being investigated now – which he is – they neglected to tell us that this incident was brought to their attention a while ago. More cover up & Ken Dav-L-ies.

There is photographic evidence.  There are witness statements.  Friends of the principal in the school knew but did not report it – they are now complicit.  This is an assault charge waiting to happen – AGAINST A CHILD.  We hope someone had the decency to tell the family and get them to speak to the media & Police.

report them all

When it was first reported Mr Parker mysteriously disappeared from the school for 3 weeks….then suddenly reappeared and carried on as usual.  Now he’s chuckin’ a tanty because it’s back in the news and he thought he’d gotten away with it.  Think again Jeffrey.  Think again NT Educ Dept.

PS: we see Lorraine Evans of Rosebery Middle School-Hylton Hayes fame has been moved to Malak Primary School: https://directory.ntschools.net/SchoolProfile.aspx?name=Malak%20Primary%20School

– we predict chaos, staff leaving and lots of PIPs (used as a bullying tool: Performance Improvement Plans)…..just like the mess she left RMS.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you…..

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Teaching in the Territory: Max Agnew, real name Max Aggro!

Edit 2: The Cardfightback Team thinks someone should report Max Agnew and Jeff Parker to the Teachers Registration Board.  Or lots of us should.  Gather your evidence and submit a formal complaint about any/all of their NEGLIGENT and POSSIBLY CRIMINAL behaviour.  Especially if it has to do with kids and kids’ safety.  DO NOT TELL THE EDUCATION DEPT FIRST, DON’T GIVE THEM ANY WARNING.  Remember, it is Educ Dept that is allowing this to happen.  THEN TELL THE NEWSPAPERS, GET THE STORY OUT!

Agnew, Maxwell Graeme: Full Reg No. 10777  Expires: 31/12/2016

Parker, Jeffrey Raymond: Full Reg No. 5057  Expires: 31/12/2016


Edit 1: A new CE (we wish!): Captain Embarrassment (sorry Phil Brennan, you’re now in 2nd place), click on it to read the story.  Extra points if you manage not to gag at Chandler’s terrible arse-licking:

Department of Education chief executive Ken Davies fined after being caught speeding in a school zone


A new Twitter follower caught the Team’s eye recently, Steve Edgington.

We think Steve, ex-copper from Tennant Creek  – now working in Dept of Chief Minister – might be keeping watch on us making fun of another famous Tenant Creek resident, Dan Bourchier.  A big CFB welcome for Steve everyone!

Twitter followers
Steve Edgington Dept of CM-GilesSteve Edgington DB-Tennant Creek connection

The Cardfightback Team are following the great advice of NT GOV.  It’s called ‘Name and Shame’:
NT Gov Name & Shame

Just like the Catholic Church moving paedophile priests from parish to parish to continue their abuse of children, so too NT Dept of Education moves career-destroying principals from school to school to continue their abuse of teachers.



Following the NT GOV lead, say hello to Max Agnew.  Or Max Aggro as his staff call him.

Max Agnew

Max used to work at Lajamanu.  Some of the staff he rooted (not in the Hylton Hayes way) were George Evers, Margaret Jones and Sonja Blaskovic and there are many more.  We know they complained about him to AEUNT and DoE.

The Aggro got so bad the community were discussing Max with NAAJA and the CLC about how to get rid of him.

There were other teachers and support staff that were done over, for example with him dishonouring promised conditions after they travelled thousands of kilometers for a job, but they’re afraid to speak up – A common problem we find.

Senior DoE managers visited Lajamanu to try and stem the bleeding. The school was full of young new graduates who had contracts because he drove out the mature experienced staff. Many other former staff wrote to DoE senior managers and the AEUNT about this principal’s inappropriate and unethical behaviour. In two years he had driven out at least 16 staff in his quest to ‘reform the school’. The arrogant bully even boasted about it on his LinkedIn page:

Max Agnew LinkedIn

Did you catch the BULLSHIT-propaganda? Same as Ken Dav-L-ies tries to do here: https://teachingintheterritory.wordpress.com

“As a result of performance management increased attendance has been a feature of the school…”

  1. How does Max Aggro measure this?  2. Does he tell us?  3. How does he know it is solely because of this so-called “performance management”?

The answers: 1. He doesn’t.  2. He doesn’t.  3. He doesn’t.  HE’S BULLSHITTING US.  Same as Ken Dav-L-ies tries to do: https://teachingintheterritory.wordpress.com

Does anyone else in NT Dept of Education try to BULLSHIT us?  Oh yes.  Here is Tony Considine

Tony Considine

BULLSHITTING us about Direct Instruction at Max Aggro‘s latest school in Borroloola:


After bringing the ABC to witness the latest DoE attempt at teaching a foreign langange (English) the wrong way – AKA Direct Instruction – Mr Considine said:

“It was clearly evident that students with good attendance progress in their literacy quickly when studying using the Direct Instruction technique.”

Clearly evident Tony?!  Show us the figures.  Explain your methodology.  Let’s see your evidence.
The CFB Team think the only thing “clearly evident” is: even after 29 years in education you don’t have a fucking clue what you’re talking about.  Just feeding us more BULLSHIT & SPIN.

How ironic that it was the ABC who came back to Borroloola to see Max in action, now with the whole community against him.  Read what the community have to say about Max Aggro, IT’S POWERFUL STUFF:

“Elders in the community have complained to both the Education Department and Minister about what they describe as a culture of bullying at the school.”

“We will have to stop the kids going to school until we get an answer back from both the Education Department and the Minister,” Mr Rory said.

“This is the first principal to ever come in here and do this stuff now. We never had that in our life.”


He even got rid of Ken Duncan, long time Assistant Principal, and his wife who worked for the NLC, both were loved by many in the school and community.

So what did wanker Aggro have to say to defend himself?

“The principal was not available to comment but the Education Department released a statement through a spokesperson.”

Max is available to talk about Direct Instruction and how he gets rid of teachers he doesn’t like….but nothing to say about community threatening to keep their kids at home because of his bullying!!!

“A Dept spokesperson said”….  WHAT AN INSULT.  You can’t even put your name to it anymore Weber, you sick little coward, hiding behind “spokesperson”.

The department defended the current principal as an expert in his field, and cited successful tenures in schools across the Northern Territory and Queensland.”

Does that include Lajamanu we wonder?

Yet again NT DoE is destroying our kids’ education in their continuing support of another bullying principal.  But it doesn’t matter because it’s just more blackfellas….right Mrs Weber?  Would you let Max get away with this CRAP if he was at Casuarina Senior College or Darwin High?  No fucking way.  But Lajamanu and Borroloola, they’re just blackfella country, who gives a shit about them, right Mrs Weber?

This is not the first time of course…Max Agnew had similar problems at Lajamanu and just like those paedophile priests he was moved somewhere else.

Will anything happen to Max for all the problems he is causing?  Not according to his wife who was advising everyone that nothing will happen to her husband because “he is good mates with Trevor Watts and they worked together in Qld.”

try & stop us

Now that Trevor Watts has retired….and with Laurie Andrew taking over….maybe something will be done?

Not likely, Laurie Andrew has a history of covering things up for his employer, hiding sexual assault against children allegations – you’ll fit right in at NT Dept of Education seeing as they did it for years:


How many complaints have to be received about this bloke and how many times will Laurie Andrew have to go and support him before anything is done to help those being bullied?

And to Hell with the kids’ education….who cares about that?!

Here are some questions we’d like answered about MAX AGNEW:

How his wife was able to access a teachers aide position at Lajamanu and how she again was able to get a teachers aide postion at Booroloola even though these positions were only for Indigenous applicants.

How he restricted staff to one business day per term and only if the other teachers covered your class while he and his wife were able to take three business days combined with a public holiday to purchase a retirement property in Nth Qld.

How he lured the last four annciliary staff who worked in the school kitchen to Lajamanu and then changed their contract conditions when they got there. Both couples wrote to management about him.

How the three grievances lodged against him…and counting….are going.

Why it was OK to pressure a long standing remote teacher into a nervous breakdown in an effort to force her out of the school. This was a lady who had worked in Lajamanu for 13 years and was loved by the community. She taught sunday school and sang with the children. She also opened her classroom in the afternoons to teach music.

He took her off early childhood class and gave her the middle school girls who she had already taught in early childhood. He gave her the hardest class in the school with the worst behaviour and worst attendance patterns. She also supported her aged mother and disabled sister. Other staff witnessed him bullying her. The office administrator and senior teacher witnessed his actions and raised their concerns.

What did Laurie Andrew and Trevor Watts do about this teacher.

Why he felt it was ok to denigrate Indigenous staff at meetings when they were not present.

Why a new building with two classrooms was used as a gym while the high school classes were next to Primary classrooms.

What the CLC rangers co-ordinator will tell us about his planning for the 2014 and 2015 bush camps.

And then there’s all those serious pool safety breaches that will be reported shortly….

We hear that ABC national reporting team and Koori Mail are asking questions about Mr Parker and his cattle prodder at Kalkaringi.  And so they should be.  Another dangerous principal?…..Jeff Parker, if those allegations are true then you should be put in jail & your Best Principal award chucked in the bin.


Fingers crossed the truth comes out.
CFB Team.

ps: this story above is a good example of wilful blindness.  It’s also called negligence for all you legal eagles out there.  Looking the other way when you know things have turned to shit and people are suffering.  Classic NT Dept of Education behaviour.

If only we could vote career bureaucraps like Ken Dav-L-ies & Catherine Weber out like we do with pollies!  Or even better….drag them into Court for their behaviour!!!

Here’s a great TED talk about it and the damage it causes.
The best bit comes from about 5m 57 secs in.  Enjoy and share!


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Teaching in the Territory: 4 years, 50,000+ views, lots more work to do

Edit no.1: We’ve added a new page on the banner above called “Yes! Download our site” – it has all the updated links for downloading copies of the blog and others.  Share with your friends (and enemies if you like), keep a copy safe, seed the Net!

Rumour mill tells us that Dan BourShit and Klingon Karl are running away to Canberra in a day or two.  And the Brennan Adams Family are fucking off soon too.  We hope you crash your motorbikes into a tree.  Darwin feels lighter already.  A Happy New Year indeed!


Well done everyone.  The numbers speak for themselves:


If you want to change something, YOU have to DO something. Stop staying silent, speak up, fight back. Every person who has suffered or seen someone else suffer at the hands of these cowardly NT Education bureaucraps must refuse to accept it as the norm anymore.

If we ignore, it just gets worse. Looking the other way is not an option.
Therefore the CFB Team urges EVERYONE to put in a submission to this Inquiry:


As the disgusting stench of yet more NT GOV corruption has shown us in the recent fraud trial of Darwin travel agent Alexandra “Xana” Kamitsis where Crown prosecutor David Morters stated “It’s pretty clear from those communications she is ingratiating herself and doing favours for senior police officers, one of whom she admits having an intimate relationship with, all at the expense of Territory taxpayers” (this sounds to us like local taxi whores who blow cabbies hoping for a free ride) – it is much needed….and exactly why the CLP voted not to have one here in the NT.  Get yours in today!


A while ago we were told that Dan Bourchier and his “big unit” hanger-on-in-chief loverboy Karl “You scratch my back, I’ll steal your job” Lijnders went to the Police claiming we were cyberbullying them by publishing how they fraudulently got Karl a job in NT Dept of Health. We haven’t laughed so hard… ever…..until we found out they also attended a Dept of Health workshop on cyberbullying.

bullying bs

We’re so sorry you were upset when we told everyone about your job stealing scam (and Philsfacebookflop Brennan’s too)….we care, we really do……..nah, just kidding, we really really don’t give a fuck:

so cute

We can only imagine how embarassing it must have been asking the Police for help then being shown the door.  How self-absorbed of you both.

Here’s the important rockstar cockstar connection that has now prompted the Dan and Karl show to roll on down to Canberra: BourShit was moved because of the political heat got himself a job, Karl got himself something more valuable: Dan’s nob.

db psag pshelicopter

Hopefully you’ll drag Giles (and the Brennans) with you guys…..like piss stained loo roll stuck to the bottom of your shoe after you come out the shitter.


We read this headline with interest:

r1And noted his integrity:


This is the headline we’d prefer to see (and so does Mini-me Weber apparently):


But we all know Catherken Dav-L-ies doesn’t have that level of professionalism or integrity.  A Team can dream though…..


Lastly, we had no information about the Health Blog’s sudden disappearance.  But this message from the Mister Men will explain everything.  Sounds like more fun times ahead.

Happy New Year and let’s all keep up the fight in 2016!!!

CFB Team.

From the Mistermen:

The mister men took the decision to close down the blog for the time being. This has nothing to do with the bullies at the northern territory department of health intimidating us in any way. We are not scared of them The truth is that they are scared of us. Barely an hour after they marched purposefully into the elevators in police headquarters, central Darwin to demand vital resources be directed away from high level criminal investigations in the NT such as corruption inside the NT public sector we knew all about it. So there you go. We have spies everywhere. These people will do anything to protect their high paying high status jobs. Forget about the police chasing paedophiles distributing disgusting images online. No. The management of the NT department of health would prefer to have the truth about their sleazy, illegal antics crushed instead. That was enough to let us know they are worried. The subsequent deluge of honey trap emails we received confirmed it. We’ll post them all along with IP addresses and the identities of the managers who attempted to set those traps for us. Those stupid pathetic idiots. We’ve harvested your IP addresses and know exactly who you are. We have the hard evidence to justify our stance. Everything we say is the truth. Unlike them, we do not lie to the work force. And we are not going away. Barely a week after the police meeting we received a message from a senior health department manager requesting to meet with us. The carrot was a supposedly huge collation of highly confidential health department documentation. We arranged the meet in a public place, set up our counter surveillance points and got what we needed – a great photo opportunity from several angles. Did they really think we would be so stupid as to accept stolen documents? Apparently so. Unlike them we are not criminals. We’ll post the photographs and the emails at an appropriate time in the future. And so to the future. We decided to take this up a level and produce a web site with documents, links research and so on. A blog is all very well but it does not have the gravitas of a web site and the propensity to put up our evidence in the volume we would wish. Making it work how we want it to work is proving to be very time consuming and all our efforts are now directed into it. In addition we are pleased to announce that we’ll be providing an education service and links to decent lawyers rather than the jokers at Halfpennys who have a dodgy deal with the dodgy nurses union in the NT. Neither in our view can be trusted. They are in it for themselves. So its back to work for us. Building our own server, washing bitcoin, learning code, using i2P (see https://geti2p.net/en/) and creating a great site on the WORLD WIDE WEB to out the bullies past and present at the northern territory department of health. Thank you to all who enjoyed our blog. We hit 50,000 plus. We saved every article and comment and it will all be found on the new web site in a specially designed ‘retro corner’. They don’t call the shots. We do. see you soon namaste the mister men


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Teaching in the Territory: NT Educ Dept: quality leadership = quality outcomes.

Edit no.2: We received this message after someone who knows Dave Arnold read below Catherine Weber’s comments continued lies:

“What Weber called “changes” are in fact benefits the department discontinued without notice or explanation. She referred to entitlements, to changes, but made no reference to change in law, so it is the department’s interpretation of the Act that has changed. Or a desperate need to limit financial damage.
2 department bods have remained friends with Dave, one is *******  ***** at the time of the assault. The other has a position at **** ****** office. Both were firm friends with Dave prior to assault.  A third public servant expressed her disgust at the department’s treatment of Dave by refusing to sit on a committee dealing with an aspect of Dave’s situation.
Current Now ex-regional manager, Trevor Watts, has not contacted Dave nor done anything tangible to support Dave. Same goes for predecessor in that role, David Cummins.

Neither CEO nor his predecessor, Gary Barnes, has made contact with Dave. Ken Davies was contacted at the time of the death in plane crash of a leader in Indigenous education and apparently asked to include Dave in his expressions of compassion – no reply. Hypocrisy.
Principal Anne White had never asked Dave about his welfare, nor expressed any support.
TIO have been paying the bills.

These bureaucrats really make me sick with the way they treat people who work for them.  They should be ashamed of themselves….hopefully there’s a Hell for them when they die, full of employees they fucked along the way.


In the end, public exposure is a tactic that the powerless can effectively use against the powerful. It can be used for whistleblowing. It can be used as a vehicle for social change. And it can be used to embarrass, harass, and make us all aware of what’s going on behind our backs: secret government jobs for boyfriends, free holidays with the Minister, lies & weBerShit, targeting of whistleblowers, retaliation from Public Servants, etc etc etc.
There’s a good solution for this, right now. Those in the public eye (or those who make their thoughts public on Facebook – looking at you Robert Clerke) have no choice but to rethink their online data shadows.

CFB Team have said it before and we’ll say it again: the best antidote to this blog and others like it is to simply stop doing the stupid shit you’re doing and behave like decent human beings.  Otherwise, expect this kind of reaction.  It’s not rocket science.


Edit no.1: We’re following Maria Billias’s advice, she broke the Phil Brennan Malicious Bureaucrat story in the NTNews that Fred McCue followed up here:


(Of course, we all know Mr Brennan now works for the Health Department but so does Fred McCue….as their media spin prostitute)

Maria said: “I want to encourage people — particularly our younger generations — to call out behaviour that is unacceptable, disrespectable and unjust. Whether it’s happening to them or if they see it happening to someone else.” — so here you are folks:

NT Education Department LEADERSHIT = the worst educational outcomes in Australia.

The Northern Territory of Australia has the worst educational leadership in the whole country.


Don’t just take our word for it, read the results for yourselves:


2013and again in


2014and again in



Mr Chandler said “Everyone should be proud of those results”!!!!!!

and the results were a “great platform to build off” in coming years.

Holy Fuck. With Ministerial Leadership like that, no wonder NT Education is so SHITHOUSE.

More FANTASY ISLAND NONSENSE.  This guy is in charge of Education.  Pathetic.

Nothing like having high expectations for other people’s kids.

But lucky us, we’ve got the Dream Team, working together for years, to better young territorians themselves. Beginning in 2010:


Here’s the Government propaganda bullshit they try to sell us:

26the important bit TRUTHthe results above – speak for themselves. So does that free holiday in Singapore the NTNews uncovered for everyone to see, thanx for that.

“NT Education Dept provides quality education…so you can experience the best possible life and job opportunities” with an extra helping of the worst Naplan results in the country for years =


If you read carefully Ken Dav-L-ies released it as a “Message from the CE” ages ago but we all missed it!


While the Education Dept Executive Team can’t stop laughing at how much money they make for doing so badly, chucking our kids future under a bus


CatherKen Dav-L-ies just keeps giving us


Fuck you all, I’m taking the fattest salary home and there’s nothing you can do about it…and then I’m going on holiday with the Education Minister. How dya like dem apples!!!

Here you go, have some weBerShit from mini-me instead while me and Peter Chandler skull cold beers in Singapore:

This was what the tiny troll said about Dave Arnold, the teacher who lost his leg after being attacked by students while he was teaching:


What the lying little runt forgot to tell you: the NT Education Dept HAS NEVER APOLOGISED to Dave Arnold for what happened while they were supposed to be looking after him as his employer.

But who cares about Dave, as long as Catherine Weber has her fat salary too, then everything is just fine and dandy. Look, Pissin’ Myself Laughing!!!

Cha-ching, there goes another $250,000+ in my bank account for being worst in the country!!!  Luv you Ken.


Speaking of funny……remember Dirty Little Dick Hayes? He (used to be the one who) was laughing at us. Getting $213,000 plus benefits to fuck everyone and everything around him….and what a good job he did of that!

Here is the Love Pad that Mr Hayes lived in, in Fannie Bay….recently put on the rental market.












Note the “Bali hut for pure relaxation”:


Someone else was just back from Bali too (wink wink nudge nudge):


Rosebery Middle school…..the Hylton & Lorraine show, fruits of their labour being left all around town:


Maybe Little Dick Hayes is downgrading now that Mrs Hayes is gone and he lost his job…. Best Buddy Bryan Hughes took it over.  Don’t they look so cute together?


We think this continued race to the bottom should be the wake-up call which illustrates that we’ve been on this destructive course for many years under Dav-L-ies & Weber. Sadly, allowing for the present trend, it seems we will continue to allow our own territory children to get more and more stupid as long as these two career-bureaucraps are in charge to drive the Titantic disaster that is NT Education into another iceberg.


Next post……a follow up on Robert de Clerkewho a couple heard recently on a bus in Darwin crying and throwing his dummy on the floor after the roasting he got from Educ Dept Execs for the CFB Team making his public-on-Facebook racist tirade famous on our blog….and how “it was sweet as because he got away with lying to them”.

We wonder what Adam Giles, Indigenous Chief Minister thinks about your words Robert?  We’ll email his office and ask him for you because we’re nice like that.



If you want a wee taste, head over to ntbully.blogspot.com.au and read about it there.

Support the long suffering NT Health employees who now have to listen to Big Mouth Brennan and his wife all day…droning on about their paid trip next year to get away from it all. Yaaaaaawwwwwnnnnnn.  And don’t believe Megan Howitt’s lies:

Brennan didn’t voluntarily downsize, he was sued and lost his job for being caught as the “Malicious Bureaucrat“.

He even tried to hide it all from his wife before she eventually guessed something was wrong.  That says it all about the man piece of shit.  He lies to her and then she lies to all of you.  Perfect for each other.


CFB Team.

ps: great to see some movement over at the sticker blog>>http://iheartcfb.wordpress.com

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